The Hunt For Highland was an operations carried out by The Republic Of America, Russia, and The 4th Battalion. The purpose of the cooperation was to find, capture, and execute Frederick Highland, the leader of The New Order during World War 3.

The Plan

The Republic Of America, and Russia had made an agreement right after the end of World War 3, to cooperate and find Frederick Highland, and put him to justice. The 4th Battalion, who had established territory in South America called the Federation Of Pravus, also wanted to join the search. President Rick Hayven and Prime Minister Alsy were hesitant to include The 4th Battalion in the operation, because of their history being part of The New Order. Although, they were eventually convinced to include them.

The Beginning

The team of nations began the search in 2026, by searching through the wrecked cities of West Europe. They were unlucky, but did find a few officers from The New Order, who gave them clues about were Highland escaped to after the war.


Throughout these 2 years, ROA, Russia, and The 4th Battalion scavenged throughout the middle east searching, until Highland and his officers were discovered in a secret bunker in the city of Balleet. Frederick and the officers were brought to Russia, were they were executed for their crimes against humanity.

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