The Hospital Palace Of The Future

The Hospital Palace (also called The Hospital of the Future) was a tall vertical building in Tok the biggest city in the world. It was the tallest building in the world, the job of the hospital was to upgrade humans with the latest technology developed inside the hospital and from external research organisations. The Hospital was able to offer long time cryopreservation, to wait for better upgrade. The hospital was also offering the biggest nurse/patient rate in the world. The biggest rate of post-doctoral students/patient. The best rate of survivality/patient over 1000 years from experimental developments on humans upgrade. The aim of the hospital is build a new planet which will be medical, transhumanism oriented. Walls in the hospital were in gold, doorknob were ormented of ruby and covered toilets ormented with diamonds. There was a highly intelligent sensor about to mesurate the happiness of any patient in the hospital. The system was feeding by an army of robots slaves who were working for the patient to help with happiness. The robots were bringing items to satisfy the wish of the patient.

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