Founded: 2018
Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
Political Position: Centre
Ideology: Elderly Interests, Social Welfare, Centrism
Colour: Grey
Seats in the House of Commons: 0/428
Seats in the Senate: 1/106


The party was a single-issue party founded in 2018. In the 2020 Senate elections, the party won 1.7% of the national vote, including 4.7% in the province of Ontario. This was enough to give them one seat in the senate, which was filled by 63 year-old Woodstock, Ontario doctor Murray Reeves. While in the senate, he aligned himself with the Liberal Party.


The party's primary focus in ensuring thorough access to healthcare and welfare for seniors. Besides these issues, the party is generally centrist. They lean centre-left on fiscal issues, and centre-right on social ones.

-Increase to senior's pensions

-More access to old-age homes

-Better quality old-age homes

-Tax cuts for seniors

-A national plan to fight seniors abuse.

-Universial access to perscription drugs

-Community plans to eliminate loneliness amoungst seniors

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