The Green Guru

A man came as the Green Guru which would give to humanity the perfect control over its environment. He was a striking good nanotechnologist able to control mass amount of materials. He studied ecology, environment, history of the environment, philosophy of ecology and everything related to politics and the word GREEN. A nice speaker, he studied chemical engineering and molecular manufaturing, did a master in aesthetic architecture, he finally did a Ph.D. on megascale engineering. His goal was to control, for a limited people population, matter arond the sun. He wanted to build a sphere around the sun which would be an ideal world where everyone could drink "water waste" for the most weak human created. Not only this sphere was for humans but also for biodiversity. The virtual world was as beautiful as the real world­, as easy to create. Vast amount of water, high density cities, big forests, easy energy, all were rich, planned, balanced, that was a paradise engineering. All humans, animals were set for not being able to suffer, no appetite, no diseases, no murders, travelling as fast as 0 seconds, the dream of the Green Guru, that was it. He wanted a sphere around the sun because it would maximize energy for the population. People there were living for discovering other animals, interact with them. For example the polar bear was no longer a predator and very easy to visit, everybody was smarter than that. The project started with the Noe Arch project, what Green Guru implemented with his relatives. It was a simulation of the evolution of our planet and DNA of all living people, animals, insects, plants. The simulation was able to revive all dead people acquired by the Jupiter Brain, the biggest and most powerful possible computer in our solar system. The project became very exiting to create as everybody were seeing the paradise ahead. Maximum population would be calculated to live in the balanced world, for another 15 billions of years. Green Guru suceeded to make our sun last longer, with his megascale engineering study. Putting Stellar husbandry into works. Humans were also very strong in nature, intelligently, ethicaly, amicaly when technology gave them immortality. Humanity would no longer be only a small dot in the vast ocean of space. Paradise Tools were implemented, the molecular signature of the invincible joy was created.

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