The Great Tidal Surge was an event combining a 135 centimeter rise in sea level with heavy rain in the Netherlands and China, therefore inundating 72% of the Netherlands, as well as several major cities across the world. As many as 227,000 people died, but it could have been much worse if not for evacuation systems put in measure across 58 different nations in the world. During and after the Great Tidal Surge, the Maldives, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Micronesia were completely wiped off the map.

Flooded Major Cities Edit

(D) means during the Surge. (D and A) means during and after the Surge.

  • Shanghai (D)
  • Amsterdam (D and A)
  • Venice (D and A)
  • New York (D)
  • Miami (D and A)
  • San Francisco (D)
  • Seoul (D)
  • Tokyo (D)
  • Guangzhou (D)
  • Hong Kong (D and A)
  • Taipei (D)
  • Bangkok (D and A)
  • Dhaka (D and A)
  • Calcutta (Kolkata) (D)
  • Dubai (D)
  • Washington DC (D)
  • London (D)
  • Hamburg (D)
  • Baku (D and A)
  • Jakarta (D)
  • Colombo (D and A)
  • Georgetown (Guyana) (D and A)
  • Belize City (D and A)
  • Thessaloniki (D)
  • Bissau (D and A)
  • Copenhagen (D and A)
  • Monaco (D and A)
  • Conakry (D and A)
  • Singapore City (D and A)
  • Panama City (D and A)
  • Monrovia (D and A)
  • Port of Spain (D and A)
  • Banjul (D and A)
  • Praia (D and A)
  • Algiers (D and A)
  • Suva (D and A)
  • Bandar Seri Begawan (D and A)
  • Libreville (D and A)
  • Gdansk (D and A)
  • Naples (D)
  • St. Petersburg (D)
  • Stockholm (D)
  • Helsinki (D)
  • Nassau (D)

Gallery Edit

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