US President Barack Obama (1961-2053) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (1952-2030) in 2013.

The Great Downturn is a term given to the deterioration of the relationship between NATO and Russia, along with Russian aligned nations. This period of time has been argued to have lasted from 2014 to 2019, when in which the Great Downturn became the Second Cold War.

The Great Downturn has been deemed by historians as the quickest deterioration of a multi-national relationship since the end of the second world war. The period has been the basis of much blame for multiple conflicts in the 2020s, as well as economic destabilization on a global scale and the reintroduction of nuclear weapons production in both the United States and Russia. The period has also been associated with the dissolution of Russia and the further deterioration of American and Chinese relations.


Pre-Crimea (1991-2014)

Crimea Crisis (2015-2020s)

Post-Crimea (2020s onward)

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