{{War|name = The Great Atlantean War|begin = May 3 2015 (uncertain)|end = June 12 2015|place = UC|result = Russophilic victory

Overthrowing of the Çanaj dynasty

More than 287 Illyro - Atlantean civilians killed during the war|commanders1 = Rubin Çanaj, Arbër Kote|side1 = Albanian Sultanate of Atlantis

Strength: 80, 000

Casualties: 30, 000 - 40, 000|side2 = Russophilic Principality of Serbia

Strength: 60, 000

Casualties: 20, 000|commanders2 = Igor Andjelic, Nikola Todorovic, Arturas Rulchyaskas|battles = Battle of Atlantis}

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