The Grand Korean War
Part of Global Unification
From top left to bottom right: A North Korean missile attack near Chuncheon, South Korean troops transporting barbed wire in protection of Seoul, released photograph of North Korean missiles (2023), The Seoul Bomb, the last recorded detonation of an atomic weapon.
Date July 29, 2022 - November 4, 2025
Location Korean Peninsula
Result South Korean victory, capture of Pyongyang, atomic destruction of Seoul.
Unification of Korean peninsula under South Korean government.
Flag of South Korea South Korea

Flag of Japan Japan
Flag of the United States United States
KoreanFlag Korean Unification Rebels

Arms Support by:

  • Flag of Canada Canada
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Flag of Germany Germany
  • Flag of France France
  • Flag of Poland Poland
  • Flag of Spain Spain
  • Flag of Norway Norway

Voiced Support by:
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Mexico Mexico
Flag of Egypt Egypt

Flag of North Korea North Korea

Flag of the People's Republic of China China

Supported by:
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of Iran Iran
Flag of Belarus Belarus
Flag of Mongolia Mongolia

Flag of South Korea 1,104,484

Flag of the United States 494,103
Flag of Japan 206,704
KoreanFlag 10,786

Flag of North Korea 8,985,432

Flag of the People's Republic of China 151,223

Casualties and losses
Total Dead: 3,181,944

Total Military Dead: 121,452 Total Injured: 537,223

Total Dead: 4,040,510

Total Military Dead: 972,433 Total Injured: 895,783

Conflict also referred to as 'The Second Korean War'

(In development)

The Grand Korean War (Korean: 두 번째 한국 전쟁) was a military conflict between July 29, 2022, and November 4, 2025 between South Korea and North Korea. The war is historically recognized as one of the largest events within the 21st century, and contributed to Global Unification, the progress towards world peace, and anti-nationalism.

The war was fought over a period of three years, three months, and six days (officially) and was provoked by the unprecedented invasion of South Korea by North Korea on July 29, 2022, an event in which was highly condemned across the world as a crime against humanity.

The war has been historically recognized as a turning point in the independence of Asian economics, national globalization, and the international attitudes towards American foreign policy. The conflict resulted in the creation of the Korean Democratic Republic of Korea, and the first unified Korean peninsula after over half a century of division. The war's effects, on a long term, included the end of nuclear weaponry, and the signing of the International Nuclear Banning Act of 2026. The Grand Korean War became the most deadly military conflict in the 21st century with over 7 million deaths.

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