CapitalJerusalem, Israel
Currency Biological BitCoins

The Global Community or just GC was an all powerful government that came out of the Euroneese Pact. 


On his last day in office Jan 9, 2028, during his Farewell Address, President Jon Huntsman, first used the word Global Community as it was to be known in the history books. it was used to describe a group of the world's most powerful countries where he outlined a blueprint for global stability and world peace. These countries included: China, USA, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Turkey, Latin America, and Mexico were added into the mix later on as Huntsman became an ambassador for peace.  


The Tri-National Union:

Due to the uncertainty of the stability of the EU and China. The USA became a sole backer in a new Tri-National Union that consisted of these three countries. Open trade, dialogue, and an end to cyber warfare between all three nations were the foundation for this new global partnership.

A United World  

The Global Community was founded in the year 2045 and Japan was it's main backer and voice. World Peace had been a serious talking point for nearly twenty years before Global Powers recognized that it was time to come together and throw their differences as well as their old fashioned patriotism aside. 


The two major political groups in the Global Community were the Libertarian Party and the Authoritarian Party.

The Libertarian Party:

The Libertarians Party gained popularity around the year 2050 when populist and ideal children learned that AIs were taking over human society. They did not want machine based overlords and wanted humans to create laws for other humans. That was only right. The libertarians maintained a free society, civil liberties, separation of church and state, and non-violence was the only path! 

The Authoritarian Party:

The Authoritarian Party, enjoyed rules and regulations. It was first founded by a select group of Democrats and Republicans in 2034. Most of the party slogan's were later adapted by the AI political network in the 2060s. The AIs did not understand their opposition, because AIs had to have rules, they couldn't exist without any restrictions. The AIs had a sort of elite feel to the libertarians. Though the majority of the GC ended up supporting the Authoritarian Party in various forms and factions... 



USA, China, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Israel Create a new super nation


Turkey, Latin America, and Mexico Join


Australia Joins


Sahara Joins


Antartica joins


Russia reluctantly joins becoming the last nation to do so.