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The Genes of Extraterrestrials Improved Super Soldiers, commonly abbreviated as GETI Super Soldiers, or GETISS, are the product of a top secret program known as The Cerberus Program conducted by a joint effort of the U.S army, the Prem Forces, and Vel'takz scientists. It involved implanting Prem and Vel'takz DNA into a host Human body, to create a race of hybrid super soldiers. The taxonomic name of this hybrid race is Homo Necans. They fought for the Interstellar Union of Intelligent Species in its war against the Grand Babosi Empire.

Origin and Creation

The GETI Super Soldiers were all built in the large space station called Griffin Station, after the President of the United States of North America, Owen Michael Griffin. Griffin Station was in orbit of Sol, in between the Terran and Martian orbits, when the first model of GETISS were created, but in orbit of Earth when the second were created, and in orbit of Mars for the third.