Hi Futurist People,

I think we should invest in a very very good documentary. A state of the art documentary. Something advanced, with last technologies. When I say using the last technologies, I say, to know how to publish it very goodly, I mean with a knowledge of public relations, and to put this documentary in front of millions of people, right now I am looking at the documentary of Ethiopian food problems, quite good job.

For example we could make a documentary of the current problems for people against futurism even if they know the industry, how insane they are, the problems of futurism, to get more members etc...

a very new documentary. something genius.

so far I didnot see any documentary on nanotechnology, on transhumanism technologies, ImmInst did one but it was very very bad I mean it was very basic, amateur and not professional.

We have some documentaries yes, but not a series with different topics, neither they have completely talked about all the problems of our stupid epoch. People are dying right now.

I think somebody should study about how to make wonderful documentaries in futurism.

The "Technology of Documentaries".

People interested to make the documentary:

1) Jonathan Despres

(add your name below me)