Welcome! This will be a timeline of the ALTERNATE future of the world! No, not the map game...

220px-Joe Biden official portrait crop

Joe Biden


  • Russia Annexes Belarus and Ukraine
  • Joe Biden Becomes US President
  • Turkey joins the EU
  • Second Korean War Begins



Japan on the bay of Taiwan

  • ISIS Enters Turkey
  • Seoul is Taken by North Korea
  • Mongolia Becomes Communist
  • Japan Attacks Taiwan


  • Japan Annexes Taiwan
  • Download (2)

    Plans for the 22nd Apollo Ship

    Iran Declares war on Israel
  • The USA gets ready for Landing on Mars,NASA says It will take 20 years to make


  • Bilde-0

    Israeli Soldiers Defending Haifa

    South Korea Surrenders. North Korea gets renamed to The Socialist Republic of Korea or The SRK.
  • Japan Joins NATO
  • India Becomes Communist and changes it's flag
  • Riots in the USA revolt for not using renewable fuel
  • Iran Attacks Haifa in Israel, Jordan Joins war


  • Iran and Jordan Attack Tel-Aviv, Days Later they attack Jerusalem, Israel Surrenders
  • India Invades Nepal, Days later Nepal surrender
  • All of EU Declares war on ISIS
  • Kazakhstan joins Russia and becomes the Russian Empire


  • SRK Invades Hiroshima. Killing 300,000 People

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