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This timeline will show us the Future of Video Games.

8th Generation (2012-2019)Edit

The 8th Genration will be fought mainly between Microsoft's Xbox One, Sony's Playstaion 4 ,and Nintendo's Wii U. Notable consoles will include the OUYA and the Steam box. 

The Wii U will have an early lead over Mircrosoft and Sony by the end of 2013 (Due to a 1 year head start against it's competion.) However both the PS4 and Xbox one will be catching up. Grand Theft Auto 5 will be announced "Game of the Year 2013." The 3DS will see an increase in sales while Playstaion Vita sales will decline. By the end of 2013 the Wii U will have reached 4.3 million in sales while both the Xbox one and PS4 will both have 2.5 million in sales. In early 2014 the PS4 will only need less than a million units to be sold in order to outsell the Wii U.

9th Genration (2019-2026)Edit

• PlayStation 5: Sony's not even close to a finish on their console family line. The PS5 is the 5th home console (Including Atari) created by Sony, and is regarded as the best over the PS1, PS2, PS3, and even the PS4.  The PS5 includes a slot for discs (like all of the other consoles), backwards compatability, 6 slots for a USB drive or wired remote charger(4 in the front, 2 in the back), a wireless remote, the ability to play with 8 players at once, 1080p(i) for people with bad internet IP connection or 3260p(i) for people with good connection to their IPs. The PS5 has been granted the XMB of the PS4 but gains the PS3's ability to customize it with animated or unanimated XMBs from the PlayStation Store. It also includes applications already known to previous members of the PlayStation community. Some apps include PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Youtube, Netflix, and more. The PS5 is also the world's first PlayStation to have complete mod support. The PS5 also comes with an all new Virtual Reality feature allowing playes to see a created world in their own eyes, the most famous game to use VR is "LittleBigPlanet 3". Famous PS5 exclusives include "Infamous: Third Generation", "LittleBigPlanet 3", and "Killzone: Infinite Lives".

• Xbox Infinty: Microsoft's 4th Xbox is part of the 9th generation of gaming. Regarded as an improvement on previous Xbox consoles. It comes with all the previous Xbox features. Apps include Youtube, Netflix, HuluPlus, and more. The Xbox Infinty is the first Xbox to have a customizable XMB. The Xbox Infinty also includes the same mod support that PS5 includes, leading to the possibility to play a multi-console Video Game with someone on a PS5 while another person is on the Xbox Infinty, and vice versa. Famous exclusives include "Halo 6: Extinction", and "Deadrising 4".