The First Escape

Long time ago, when humans succeeded to become biologically immortal, a man with a dream, to escape is relatives, was about to succeed. Humans were friendly, cooperative and grouped together. Collaboration was promoted for survival of the species, people were obliged to live socially. Almost all humans were working on problems against their extinction but nobody was able to fix the biggest problem on earth, EnerProb. This was an energy like problem, no battery powerful enough to last while billions of years was able to be implemented. The battery industry became the most important industry for the survival and expension of mankind. A man, called Eric, a genius were about to discover a way to have an infinite amount of energy. At 14 years he entered university, graduated in just 3 years, got his Ph.D. at 23 and worked in the battery industry while minimum 400 years. He was really a nice man, but reclusive and very secret in his nature. Later, he would be known as "The First Escape" saga. Everyone around the sun was confined around the solar system, everyone were interested to travel in other systems but only the best would succeed to. The president of the united states was funding major research about leaving the solar system and colonize other systems. SpaceCrafts were designed to use the sleeping system, and Eric was aware of that. Eric became one the richest man on earth with his discovery of his long life batteries and decided to invest in space technology, in spacecrafts. His secret goal was to build a spacecraft with one of his latest invention, the never ending battery, used for the navigation and self repair of the craft, to travel to the biggest solar system (Eta Carinae) in the known universe and multiply his copied minds and to spread with that. He wanted to positionate himself in space and become richer, more powerful and last longer. He owned the perfect spacecraft, the endless battery but everybody was aware of that and they knew he would leave. That was becoming a convincing debate over him and other important people. He didnot want to bring other people with him, nor he wanted to give his secret. They offered everything to him, women, gold, money and later the entire sun, but he knew that his ambitions were better.

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