May Only Freedom Prevail
Demonym Federal American
Currency Greenback Dollar
Calling code 1

Execution Day Edit

During Hillary Rodham's term as US President, many people became supportive of taking over the government due to her administration pushing an across the board gun ban and being caught planning a major 'false flag' terror event in Chicago.

In order to seize the wanted portion of the US Government, heists were held in every state west of the Mississippi, where 100s of militia soldiers per state of the secessionist cause held up using deadly force the state capitol, a shopping mall and a skyscraper. Each building was to be kept under control by the group until the state governor declared secession and resigned, giving his/her power to the state militia leader. By noon on 'Execution Day', April 18th 2025, California was the only remaining US State west of the Mississippi River. By 6pm, Forces had taken San Francisco and San Diego, forcing Governor Newsom to relinguish his power.

Transition to a Republic Edit

At 10pm, US President Bernard Sanders announced he would not attempt to recapture the former states back into the US and declared them 'liberated' and signed an Executive Order officially recognizing the new nation.

Shortly after, temporary New Republic President John Bismarck announced that the Constitutional Convention would take place on June 15 in Salt Lake City. Until then, the country was fragile and order was maintained via the Militia policing the street. No major disturbances occurred in the two month time frame. At the Convention, the Bill of Rights is identical to the U.S. constitution. For Elections, it was decided by a thin margin to have a direct popular vote for president and a unicameral national legislature based on population. The New Republic Constitution cites that an amendment shall only be added if it passes in a national referendum, same also goes for initial ratification.

First Election Edit