The Exodus From South Africa.

During the years between 2013-2015, the white population of South Africa migrated en-masse to escape the persecution that they experienced at the hands of the Black-supremacist "All-Africa Party". The majority of the migrants were Boers, who were re-homed in Holland. The English-speaking White South Africans, however, were refused British and American citizenship, and the majority lived for two years as a transient population, until, on the 8th of November, 2015, the formation of the British Foreign Legion was announced.

The Crown's Most Loyal Springboks.

The British Foreign Legion, which was essentially an exact replica of the French Foreign Legion, promised that all recruits and their families would be allowed to live in Britain, and, that after three years service, they and all their family would be granted British Citizenship. Thousands applied, a large percentage of them English-Speaking White South Africans. The large number of South African recruits in the British Foreign Legion earned it the nickname "The Crown's Most Loyal Springboks". In the years since then, the South Africans have become one of the British Armed Forces best weapons, and it has become tradition for South African men and women to serve in the British Armed Forces, be it in the Foreign Legion, or as pilots in the RAF.

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