The European Confederation is a nation in mainly Europe but owns land in Asia,Africa,and South America all of which were gained in WW4.


The European Confederation itself was formed from the merger of multiple European nations in 2024.It had roots in the Neo-Holy Roman Empire itself formed from a merger.Eternal Prussia was declared in response to the IRP invasion of Prussia.Prussia itself was formed when Prussia and North Kalingrad merged.



  • 12 Jan: Prussia is formed.


  • 23 May: Prussia invades Poland and Germany.
  • 27 Dec: The IRP is formed. Prussia is one of its founding members.


  • 18 Jun: First Prussian man on the moon
  • 20 Jun: Prussia establishes contact with the Togons
  • 25 Jun: Prussia secretly betrays the IRP
  • 1 Aug: Prussia manages to invade most of Germany. Baden-Wurrtemburg declares independence from the remnants of Germany, while Prussia annexes the rest of Germany.
  • 5 Oct: First supernuke on Earth
  • 8 Oct: Prussia annexes Baden-Wurrtemburg


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