Jonathan Hinek may insult others by calling them "the ebola virus of Cryonics”, but he should explain to us why he refused to cryopreserve his mother and why he is now trying to get hold of her money. Here are 5 questions that Jonathan Hinek refuses to answer:

1. Why you refused to cryopreserve you mother after her recent death and what you have done instead with her remains?

2. What you have done with the proceeds of her estate instead of providing cryopreservation for your mother?

3. Are you a paid-up member of any cryonics preservation organization?

4. If you are not such member (in number 3 above), why not?

5. Were you ever charged with civil, or criminal violation of the law, or involved in court proceedings and with what results?

So come-on Hinek and ‘fess up!

Well, now we have a partial answer to question 1 and 2. Jonathan Hinek wrote the following on Internet forum:

"I'm in Florida and my lawyer is petitioning to have me named personal representative of my mother's estate. There is no will, but I am her only lineal descendant. Does the process take much longer when the estate is intestate? I realize every case is different, but is there a general time frame that is considered average:"

So the mother's money was the reason why the duchenne kook Jonathan Hinek refused to cryopreserve his own mother?

Conclusion: I think someone competent, such as for example FD should take up moderation of Cold Filter, once this incompetent, hostile moderator disappears.

[[Special:Contributions/| 19:16, July 10, 2010 (UTC) ]]

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