The Computer Human Species

There was on a solar system humans beings called CompoMans. CompoMans were the new latest Symbiont in the universe, computers and mans formed an association for mutual advantage over non computer-mens. Mens without computers were evoluing slowly, getting less information than the CompoMans. They were, computers and mens, together because one was using the computer to evoluate, and the computer at the other end was there to receive upgrades and research to become more powerful and more useful. It was a perfect new style of team, obvious for some, not obvious for others. CompoMans were able to communicate more easily, more freely and to understand concepts more easily. This was a real symbiosis relationship. The computers were trading applications for several tasks and the humans were trading his vision, not only that, but also several things so that the computer's technology evoluate faster, broader and much more powerful. 2 organisms evoluing together, one by getting information, one by becoming more powerful. For example a human could discover that to sign up with cryonics is a great idea, he learned about the people in that field because of the interaction with his computer. He also, the CompoMan earned some money because he created a web site valuable enough to sell it, hosted on the computer of the CompoMan. This was a perfect symbiosis, a new kind of symbiosis emerging in this solar system. Later, much more later, the CompoMan who became immortal because of a cryonics treatment, created the biggest computer in the solar system. The Matrioshka brain, this big brain, an immense computational resource, with calculation as big as 10^33. This computer-man interaction would be used to revive people doing the simulation of the past. Then when all lived beings were revived, CompoMans decided to keep the lived in the computer in a simulated reality. Lived beings would live in a engineered paradise, constructed by the CompoMans for the deads. CompoMans decided to upload their mind in the Matrioshka brain so that they can live in heaven as well. The symbiosis relationship continued that way. CompoMans were the new race of the human sphere. Later they would be the only ones able to fight the end of the universe but they needed another member in this mutual advantage, god.

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