On July 20th 2028, in response to the annexation of Iran, the Caudillo of the US, Jon Freeman, divided the United States into then 21 Commonwealths.

Commonwealths as of 2028

Commonwealths by the date of Accession


  • Alaskan Commonwealth
  • Cascadia Commonwealth
  • Mojave Commonwealth
  • Southern Commonwealth
  • Texas Commonwealth
  • Gulf Commonwealth
  • Carolina Commonwealth
  • Virginia Commonwealth
  • Washington D.C
  • Pennsylvanian Commonwealth
  • New York Commonwealth
  • Massachusetts Commonwealth
  • New England Commonwealth
  • Great Lakes Commonwealth
  • Midwest Commonwealth
  • Plains Commonwealth
  • Rockies Commonwealth
  • Levant Commonwealth
  • North Iraq Commonwealth
  • South Azerbaijan Commonwealth
  • Persian Commonwealth
  • Pacific Commonwealth
  • Caribbean Commonwealth
  • Iranian Commonwealth

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