• Google introduces the Chrome OS 1.0.
  • Later in September, Motorola releases it's first laptop running Google Chrome OS 1.1 (Codename: Mint Chip)


  • Mozilla releases (Codename, Mozerrella) Firecloud 1. (Released on the first 4K resolution laptop.)
  • Microsoft releases Word Chromium 2014 on Google Chrome OS.
  • Apple unveils iCloud (Codename: Lynx) (Releasing in 2016)


  • Google releases Cloud Tablets (or Android-Cloud) with Cloud Technological, Incorpated, formerly Motorola.
  • CloudTech uses hyperbooster processor, 4x better than an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The hyperbooster releases around fall of 2015.
  • Microsoft executive, Bill Gates retires. Microsoft announces that it will only be making cloud operating systems after the release of Windows 9.
  • Partly of what Apple was trying to do is sync music through iCloud, one of the biggest developments of the decade, finally released iSync for iCloud in early Winter.


  • Apple produces more tablets than laptops or desktops this year as the slowly become to be more obsolete.
  • CloudTech combines with Microsoft, and changes to Microcloud.
  • During the Korean Revolution, the cloud OS is use in the war.
  • Google releases the first 8K resolution laptop with 4D features.
  • Bill Gates' daughter, Jennifer Gates, attends Carnegie-Mellon University, to study computer science.


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