The Caribbean War
Blue - NAU and allies, Red - Mexico and allies
Date October 4, 2054 - July 8, 2055
Location NAU/Mexico border, Central Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala
Result Incorporation of Northern Mexico into the NAU, incorporation of Cuba into the NAU, Mexican loss of territory
NAUNorth American Union (2054)

1280px-Flag of Cuba.svgCuba (2055)

Venezuela flag all worldVenezuela (2055)

Flag2United Eurasian Republics (2055)

Flag of Mexico (reverse)Mexico (2054)

Flag of Guatemala.svgGuatemala (2054)

The Caribbean War was a military conflict from October 4, 2054 to July 8, 2055. The Caribbean War was the last military conflict upon North American soil and is recognized as a turning point in the history of the North American Union (NAU).

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