Creations The Burning City
The Battle of Charlotte

FSA forces launch there first offensive of the war into North Carolina.North Carolina being mostly rural and containing lots of forests and trees the FSA have a major advantage over the Union in Guerrilla Warfare tactics.

FSA forces using camouflage outfits quickly through Guerrilla warfare are able to launch massive offensives throughout the state causing Union forces to retreat.Union forces however overwhelmed by the amazing tactics of the rebels cause massive casualties through drone strikes and airstrikes into Rebel targets.

The United States Army mobilizes 300 tanks and 100 aircraft's for this battle.While additionally 30 drones.The FSA launches 80 Trucks into Charlotte for a massive offensive and Union troops are quickly overwhelmed.After Charlotte fell the Union is forced to retreat in an embarrassing loss and leaves behind key naval vassals and military equipment while also a massive food supply in North Carolina

The Battle of Charlotte
Part of The Second American Civil War
Date November 28th 2016-January 3rd 2016
Location North And South Carolina
Result Decisive Free States of America Victory
The Free States of America gain control over North Carolina
United States of America Free States of America
Ashton Carter General Dempsey
2 Million 6 Million
Casualties and losses
30,000 80,000

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