President Edwards shortly before his assassination.

John Bel Edwards, 47th President of the United States was assassinated at 12:37 PM (EST) outside the United Nations building in New York on Wednesday, January 31, 2035. Edwards was fatally shot several times by members of the Global Mahdist Front, an Islamic terror organization based in Sudan. Edwards was about to make a speech at the UN when he was ambushed as he was entering the United Nations building. Police and Secret Service agents then were engaged in drawn out firefight with the militants.

Vice-President Tulsi Gabbard was sworn in as 48th President of the United States at the American Embassy in Moscow and was flown to Ramstein Air Base, where she remained under heavy security. She then authorized the use of US military air power against Mahdist militants in Sudan. The following morning, she arrived back in Washington D.C to make an Oval Office Address as the first female President of the United States.

The assassination of President Edwards was the last major terrorist act of the Global Mahdist Front which dissolved 3 years later. It was uncovered that the motive was Edward's staunch support of the New York Accords, which were to be signed the following week between Israeli and Palestinian representatives.

The following Sudan War (2035-2036) led to collapse of the last Islamist led government in the world. In addition, this was the final major Islamist terror attack in the 21st century. John Bel Edwards would be the first and last American President to be assassinated by a terrorist group.

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