The Artificial & Personal Protector

There will be future and artificial personal protector for someone interested to live forever. It will be like a bodyguard but also a mindguard, protecting you against suicidal and mental problems. The Personal Protector is man devoted to protect the body from all accidental problems, such as in a car, from a murder, from mutilation, from abuse. It will serve, help, grow, make stronger a personal being. The personal protector will auto-improve with time to help better the person, it's gonna be a co-evolution, symbiont relationship. For example if another protector try to kill another human being or the artificial protector, they won't be able, since by the "common laws" 2 robots can't destroy themselves. Also there will be no possibility for a human being to destroy the protector for mortal reasons. This, will be analysed by the protector always. The protector will also be able to read the mind of a personal being to assist him for an immortal life, an unable to die situation. The personal protector will always be ahead of the time of the personal being "thought" to assure an analysed and calculated future death. The protector will be able to work with other humans too to protect the other human being. Personal Protectors will be rated on a public rating system, and its mind will be evolved accordingly with this web site, to feel the present, the now, for its protected human being. This human will also be more safe to live, as described in the Transhuman article.

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