The Arabian Civil War
Part of Humanity's Course
Location Middle East (Arabian Peninsula)
Status Ongoing
Flag of Israel Israel

FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublic The West Asian Republic
25px New Chinese Republic
Flag of France France
Flag of the United States The United States Of America

Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates Oman



The Arabian Civil War is a conflict between a coalition of regional and international belligerents against a unified Arab Kingdom of the Arabian Peninsular Kingdom (APK) established by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Oman, and the occupied Republic of Yemen, in order to cease invasive conquests the APK committed [The occupation of Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait], seek the surrender of the APK regime under the prosecution of war crimes, human rights violations, breaking international resolutions and laws, and crimes against humanity, and the resolution of the civil war in the Arabian Peninsula, which the APK regime is combating Saudi opposition forces in the Peninsula's north, supported by the international coalition.

The Arabian Civil War began with the sudden occupation of Jordan by Saudi Arabia, which was immediately retaliated by neighboring forces and the Israeli Administration of the East Bank (2047 ~ 2050) established to protect Jordan and other captured territories from the risk of another invasion.

(Information is currently being developed. Please note that this is a sub-page of the Humanity's Course map game, and is not a custom story)

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