androids became the definitive robot servants since Irizarry industries made them after the homo-novi project succeeded in increasing the intelligence of every employee boosting technological progress within the company. androids were the most apparent change. the robot looks humanoid but is mostly a robot like. instead of hydraulics these machines used carbon nano-tube muscles to have the robots move gracefully and naturally. the brain and artificial cerebellum is a photonic-neuromorphic driven AI leading to incredible and sci-fi like AI, making them capable of building themselves and fixing themselves as well. the robot was introduced on a ted talk leading to them dancing Michael Jackson thriller. the robot was a massive hit and became the most viewed YouTube robot video of all time. 

sales and reception

the androids were marketed in movies in the months before the launch. the pricing was incredible with 5000 dollars. the robot was released and in 9 months sold a total of 4 million androids were sold leading to the robot division to reach a profit 20 billion dollars. the robots infinite universal function was praised as revolutionary. its capabilities as an protector was also heralded(but also feared) the nano-tube muscles made them 50 times stronger than a normal human and 5 times stronger than a homo-novi. the robots would go on to sell 30 million units worldwide by 2028.  

societal impact and legacy

the impact of the robot was massive on the world economy and society. Irizarry industries now could make robots build themselves so that they can sell them for lower prices. the robots versatility restructured Americas economy destroying jobs and indirectly leading to the rise of the trans-humanist party of america. the robots human likeness lead to anxiety and paranoia. the robot was a massive seller for the company leading to them being used to build the nucleon for ultra low prices. the robot would be a demonstration of transhuman ingenuity.

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