Introduction 2012-2014

2012-2014: President Obama is re-elected as president of the USA. China's massive real estate bubble 'pops' causing tremendous violence and riots across the world. Ever since 2013, food prices began to rise again as oil prices began to increase sending the world deeper in the depression. US debt continues to spiral in to an an insane debt of $18 trillion. The crisis continued in Europe, which started in Greece. Banks, corporations, and financial companies collapse under the piling debt. Virtual reality in video games, ads, and simulations spread across the public as well as new software and computers. 3-D TVs are very popular in the developed nations especially in the US and China despite the economic struggle.

The Middle East Wars continues... 2015-2017


February: Masdar city is completed in the U.A.E and its the first self-sustainable, zero emission producing city. The Genome Project in the US is extended to produce stem cells for human limb growths. Iran, already producing nuclear weapons, made a secret Nuclear Launch base near Estefan.

May: The Gerald R. Ford replaces the aging Nimitz class US super-carriers. These super-carriers have increased automatons, the latest hi-tech GPS/radar system, a nuclear reactor to move through a more 'green' energy, and increased stealth and agility. President Obama seas this as a new generation of the military and continues production of the super-carriers, releasing the ships in the Pacific.

June: The Secretary of Homeland Security allows a mandatory full-body scanners in all US airports. Great Britain is seen as the worst riots ever. In Canterbury, 15 British protesters was shot by the police causing massive panic and lunacy over the crowd. Protesters continue to riot over food prices. China struggles with riots in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Fuzhou, and other major cities over work conditions and very low wages along with rising oil and food prices. The Middle East faced the worst sand storm in its history. From Mecca to Dubai to Kuwait, a massive sand storm whips the Middle East for 3 days causing casualties from lung-related problems, blindness, and severe medical injuries.

July: President Obama pass the laws of creating huge towering solar updraft towers in the Mojave Desert, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. The Project begins sending in over 10,000 jobs in all four states. This project did provide efforts on the economic turmoil. 3-D printing becomes a massage use in the US and the EU.


EnviroMission tower in Central Valley, California

September: With the new lithium-ion batteries, the battery has greatly improved charging mobile phones and electronics. Obama begins his plan to use the batteries in hybrid and fully-electrical vehicles. Sales in 'green' cars increase as the mpg of the hybrids surpass the mpg of regular crude oil vehicles by 2016. President Obama begins his reform plans by developing numerous projects such as in Obamacare, the Genome Project, the Infrastructure Rpair and Improvmentact Act, and more. Thousands of jobs are filled by December. With EnviroMission continuing progress, power supplies in the southwest is slowly shifting to the EnviroMission's air and solar power towers. The Secretary of Agriculture suggest using the towers as vertical farms. This is soon taken affect starting in Central Valley, CA.

October: Massive anti-Palestine riots in Jerusalem continues. Israel launch a major attack in Gaza. Riots and looting in Gaza cause an anti-Israel protest in Ashdod. Governor Jerry Brown from California runs for presidency against Governor Jay Inslee of WA. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered the Kilo-class submarines to spy on the Indian Ocean searching from any attack from the US or China. Obama has approved to re-clone the wooly mammoth in a laboratory in Montana. The process of cloning the wooly mammoth may take up to a few months or years.

November: New Horizon arrives at Pluto taking a glimpse of the dwarf planet. Shocking as it is, Pluto's surface contains frozen ice at the mantle using sensor detailing maps and radar. Governor Jay Inslee is elected as President of the United States. Chinese riots on food and oil prices lead them to be a more oil-dependent in the Middle East, especially in Pakistan. This act quelled up a few riots but many are discontented about being more reliant on oil as pollution already smoked the Chinese cities.

December: Oil begins to dwindle in the Middle East. Hybrids and electrical cars are selling in record numbers, mainly the southwest. New EnviroMission towers pop up the Mojave Desert bringing in power to much of the Los Angeles region. President Inslee continues the Obama's reform acts. Jobs are being created and soon began to speed up with the unemployment rate.


January: The Taliban collapsed ending the women's discriminative rights movement in Pakistan. The United States surpass Australia and China in the most fuel-efficient vehicles but still behind the EU and Japan. President Inslee announced the EnviroMission to be the number one priority in preserving the Earth in green technology. Much of the southwest USA is being plotted with hundreds of towers that produce electricity from the air and the sun. Because of hot temperatures, vertical farming is not introduced in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. Droughts begin to effect the mid-west USA. Researchers are trying to create drought-resistance crops but still no luck.

March: Jordan soldiers in Gaza were killed by an unsuspecting Palestinian trooper whom thought it was an Israelite. This spark a blaze that adds tension against Palestine. The nations apologizes but it never ran deep in the Jordan civilians. The Global summit of 2016 begins in the UN to discuss the world crisis. Already, China's economic climb begins to stagnate as production in some areas ceased as many are on strike. The US economy was hid hard when China's production decreased which caused more food riots as food prices rise. The discussion took nowhere, but a decision was made that the US and the EU will cut down emissions by 30% by 2025, if China and India cuts down their emissions by 50% by 2025. China and India disagrees for that factor because they do not have the nuclear technology to do so in such a short period of time and the main concern in China is the riots and its production.

Syrian Troops

Syrian troop near Palestine border

April: Syria aids the Isrealites against Palestine when Israel agrees to aid there civil war. Syrian troops were to be delivered to the Palestine border to aid the Israelites in the advancing Palestinians. EnviroMission becomes the leading cooperation for green tech in the US. President Inslee supports gay marriage and legalizing marijuana to reduce crimes and support human rights. 15 states already legalized gay marriage though support by voters.

May: Pakistan fell into a civil war, one side supports republic/democratic views while the other side supports oligarchy to support the economy. NATO troops aids the democrats/republicans while some Middle east nations supports the oligarchic movement. The economy begins to improve as jobs working for EnviroMission and other 'green' companies decrease unemployment to 7.8% again as in September 2012. Congress approves Puerto Rico as the 51st state after a brief riot in San Juan, a majority vote of 79%( compared to about 61% whom wanted to be a state in the 2012 election referendum vote), and an a proposal meeting with the governor of Puerto Rico and Congress in January 2016 that made the BBC and CNN news. Congress approves the flag to not change as it will cost billions of dollars to replaced the flag with one more star. The thirteen stripes and the 50 stars remain the same as it depicts the time when the US reached as the only global superpower.

June: After Puerto Rico was granted statehood, President Inslee worked to improved Puerto Rico which has an unemployment of 13.7%. The President begins to push Obamacare in Puerto Rico and the Poverty Act that insist the Jobs Corps to provide Puerto Ricans jobs in rebuilding infrastructure, manufacturing, and repairing.

August: Unemployment in Puerto Rico drops to 12.2%, any protest against the statehood act was quelled after their economy improved. Congress creates the Environmental Act that pressures companies on reducing CO2 emissions and the Manufacturing restoration Act that restores America's manufacturing using mechanical labor. Because of the recession, those acts did little to aid the economy, though increase America's manufacturing goods. Iran pressures the Palestinians into war while Israel took sides with NATO and G8. India launches its first manned space mission to space and a second unmanned mission to the moon.

October: Spaceport America creates the world's first space hotel. Energiya, a Russian company, follows up with America creating the first Russian space hotel in orbit with the Earth. Spaceport America can hold up to seven people at a time for two weeks. Iran launches a second wave strike in Afghanistan pressuring the Afghanistan-Pakistan border causing riots, looting, and anti-Iran protest. Agricultural robots begins appearing in the Midwest, doubling the US food production by 2017.

November: The Secretary of Homeland Security pressures American companies and businesses to use HD-CCTV cameras and mandatory checkout in government buildings. Iran and Palestine arrives at Gaza to deflate the rising anti-war protest. Deforestation in the Amazon begins to affect the local Amazonian tribes near the Amazon River. Negotiations failed to reach as lack of communications. UN propose peace treaties in the Syrian government to cope with the civil wars. President Inslee is re-elected as the second term for president.

December: NATO forces whipped the Iran government in frenzy when British/French troops sought to destroy the Iran nuclear program as it's a threat against Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iran terrorist, Rahudjad Amahih, used C4 to blow up the clock of Big Ben against the British government for "tyrannic acts against the Iranian government". Britain and France shoots up to the Iran government to seek Rahudjad in the UN meeting in Paris. The Iranian refuse unless aid to repair its nuclear program and a nuclear treaty with NATO.


March: Iran threatens to nuke London and Paris if not negotiated by April of this year. Britain also threatens both Iran and Palestine if not to deplete the entire Iranian nuclear facility. President Inslee declares neutrality as it still tries to work with the recession. Anti-war protest in Europe and the Middle East skyrocket bring the negotiations to an uproar. Anxiety between the nations to a stalemate. The fiscal cliff nears in the US and China which threatens to worsen the recession.

April: The UN negotiations have been extended to 2018 due to the rising anti-war protest in both sides. American troops toppled the Afghanistan government and created a new democratic nation as the Republic of Afghanistan. A British research team created a pill for sunburn using Algae from the Great Barrier Reef that has a special compound that protects organisms from UV rays. The Titanic II is launched heading from China to England to New York. The ship arrived at May 19 in New York without any damage. In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom Tower completes rising 3,280 ft. The M1A3 Abrams enters the US army.

June: Electric and Hybrid trucks and other vehicles now begins to rise dramatically reaching out to the next generation of drivers. Electronic paper begins widespread use that can deplete deforestation. The Manhattan mayor , begins the clean up plan to eliminate trash, CO2 emissions, and vandalism. China's economy now begins to stalemate. NASA works with Spaceport America to launch the Discovery II entering the Asteroid Belt for Ceres.

July: The US Navy works with the Iranian government to negotiate with Queen Elizabeth to discuss about the nuclear programs. Neither sides can negotiate with each other. China announce Britain to follow Iran's orders as to prevent a nuclear apocalypse. Britain is shocked and orders China to stay away from the argument. War is soon brewing. Anti-war protest spread through China as thousands of workers quit their job in riots.

August: Anti-war protest begins to spread across Wales and Scotland. President Inslee continues AI labor which soon increase American production. America produce 19.9% of the World's Goods compared to China which produce 19.5% of the World's Goods making the US as the World's Largest Producer again. The Chinese government pressures Britain to end its "relic tyranny" ways and aids the Iranians with the nuclear program. Chinese protest roars after this act as the government should have not intervene.

October-November: The UN meeting is held in New York to discuss the brewing war between the EU and Asia. China, Britain, and France pressures the US to choose sides. The US agrees to became neutral as it is a peaceful nation and wants to prevent further crisis such as the Cuban Missile Crisis that nearly started WW3. China pressures trade with the EU to half creating and uproar of anti-Chinese protest. EU nations began to dwindle in supplies further depending on American goods manufactured by AI. President Inslee creates even more jobs by creating jobs in the new "green" sector to create green, energy-efficient products or power. Unemployment drops to 6.8% by the end of 2017. The New York Automated Manufacturing Company or the NYAMC is established near mid-town producing toys and holiday products for the first time. Although, slow at first, within the next few months, this company will greatly improved the US economy in the future.

December: Agricultural AIs increase food production in the US. China forced the protesters to continue their jobs. The Iranian government declares war on the EU after the increase EU force in Iran and a near assassination of the Supreme Leader, Ali Khomeini. China soon follows insisted by Iran. Palestine joins the Iran/Chinese alliance.

WW3 2018-2032

2018: Chinese naval ships encircle the Indian Ocean to the EU. Palestine troops invade Israel. Jerusalem and Ashdod are quickly captured by the Palestine/Iranian troops. Syria fell into major city-states as the Chinese and the EU pressures Syria. Britain, France, and Germany begins construction of the continental missile shield. The USA begins oil construction in northern Alaska, the Bering Strait, and the Arctic Ocean lowering the US's oil prices from $5.47 to $4.64 per gallon. Although, there are some concerns, President Inslee insures as a temporary energy consumption until there is enough "green" power production in the nation. The Human Genome project now develops a drug for obesity reducing the American obesity by 65%. Nigeria's rainforest is completely destroyed now begins replanting the forest as concerns of the environment. American unemployment drops to 6.2% thanks to President's Inslee's plan to reduce CO2 emissions with jobs begins to take effect.

2019: The Chengdu J-20 fleet destroys British and German military bases in Iran. Chinese stealth fighters drop a series of C4 bombs in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Netanya destroying major Israelite bases. The US still declares neutral though many speculate the US to join the EU in the next decade. Japan and the US negotiates trade agreements for AI manufacturing. New York's population begins to boom as Europeans emigrated to the US as of war. The British navy bombard Shanghai but is defeated by upcoming Chinese bomber planes. Iranian troops bombard the Afghanistan bases at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The US begins producing huge amounts of weapons and fighter planes, selling them to both sides of the war, making huge profits. President Robert Thermin is elected as president against Governor Ghordin Davinha of Delaware. American factories re-open producing weapons and tanks for both sides of the war.

2020: Munich is bombard by Chinese bomber planes. Major European factories is bombed by Chinese and Iranian spies. China, Iran, and Palestine formed the Axis power while the EU and Israel formed the Allied forces. Iran troops were able to repel the last EU bases in Iran mainland. Oil depletion begins to affect the war as fuel begins to weaken the mobile vehicles. The US begins the National Broadband Plan that ensures home computers to every American citizen. 5G phones is released by Apple. Texting by thinking is becoming possible in the US, EU, and Chinese retail products. The Human Genome project founds a cure for malaria and regrow complex organs such as the brain using stem cells and nanotechnology. Iran begins sending navy ships near the Bay of Biscay.

2021: NASA and Spaceport America launch a man to the moon for the second time. Israel is captured by the Palestine/Chinese troops. The British navy defends the upcoming Chinese navy in the English Channel. The EU completely destroys Tehran and Mashhad with huge amounts of Mark 82-bombs, C4, and gunpowder killing a total of 1.3 million people. NASA and Spaceport America launch a series of moon landing but the world is still more worried about the war than the American moon landings. President Thermin the effects of the war in the UN meeting and demands peace between the Allies and Axis powers but both sides does not contribute to peace. Iran though threatens to nuke London if not to remove British bases in Israel and Palestine.

2022: Herat is captured by the Iranian army leaving Afghanistan a battle field. Iraq is pressured to enter the war when Allied forces flee to Arbil sending the battlefield to Iraq. Mosul and Kirkuk has been captured by Iranian/Chinese jointed forces. Allied troops begins sending the EU navy Bandar'Abbas to try to create a jump point to Iran mainland but is sunken by Chinese destroyers in the Gulf of Oman. The Chinese navy makes a landing in Cardiff. British troops tries to defend the Chinese but with almost 700,000 Chinese making landings in the Irish Sea, not even Ireland could help them. The British government cuts off trade with Iran and declares immediate action to the nation.

Nuclear War:

October 4, 2023

5:59 AM

London nuked

5:59 AM, October 4, 2023; London, UK

London is nuked by an Iranian ICBM from the Tehran Nuclear headquarters. Over 3.4 million people die instantly along with radiation and fallout that spread to most of England killing a total of 5.3 million people by 2023.

6:12 AM

Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, and Rasht is nuked by the British ICBM killing a total of 2.2 million people in Iran. Fallout will soon spread to much of northern Iran. Evacuation of Britain and Iran begins.

6:21 AM

France launch a Tactical nuke to Nanjing after a Chinese air attack in Paris (6:03 AM)

6:27 AM

China launch a series of ICBMs to Paris, Nantes, Lyon, and Berlin. French radar detect the nukes and shot down one nuke heading for Paris but was unable to save the nukes heading for Nantes and Lyon. The Berlin nuke was also shot by the German anti-nuclear missile launchers. 750,000 people died.

6:42 - 9:32 AM

Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan, and Chongqing was shot by the EU ICBMs killing an estimate of 47.6 million Chinese.

10:26 AM to 2:43 PM

Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome, Bucharest, Hamburg, Warsaw, and Birmingham are shot by Axis nuclear bombs killing an estimate of 15.7 million people within 24 hours. A nuclear apocalypse awaits.

October 5, 2023

1:30 AM

By now over 32 million people died from the EU alone, 7 million dies in Iran, and 183 million Chinese died. Fallout begins to spread killing another 780,000. Anti-war protest skyrocketed near toppling the governments. Computer viruses tries to hack each other's nuclear programs, communications, and power. Blackouts are began to appear in the EU and Chinese surviving cities. Much of the Chinese 2 million soldiers is sent to the EU. Bristol becomes the new capitol of the UK sending British air attacks to Shiraz and Chinese military bases in the Gobi desert.

3:27 AM

China invades much of Ireland, UK, and France with most of its armies using hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers. Chinese workers in surviving factories are forced to join the army adding up the Chinese invasion of the EU. Chinese production drops dramatically.

Nuked Planet

Europe seen from the ISS, October 4, 2022

3:51 AM.

Two ICBMs are shot at Seville and Baghdad. Iranian vehicles are at fast production sending in troops to Spain.

October 7, 2023

Lisbon fell to the Axis sending Portugal to the Axis side. The UK and Ireland along with France is in chaos as military troops tries to aid survivors and anti-war protest begins looting, burning, and bombing major military bases in EU mainland.

October 9, 2023

The Second Nuclear Wave begins-

9:21 AM

From Portugal, the Chinese sent waves of infantry to Spain. Spain becomes a battlefield as French/Spanish forces defend the Tagus River from the Chinese. Violence in the EU spreads to the middle east and China.

9:37 AM

Chinese infantry bomb major military bases in Zaragoza. A small gunpowder bomb from a Raptor was dropped at Bilbao city hall, though many speculate as a nuclear bomb, the Spanish government shot down the bomb and launched an ICBM to Ningbo(the new Chinese capitol). The Chinese government hid behind a secret bunker near the Xi River after that attack and launch a nuclear attack to Toledo(the new Spanish capitol).

9:45 AM

The Three Gorges Dam was destroyed by the German Stealth planes flooding refugee areas near the Shang River. China launch ICBMs and Tactical nukes to Bordeaux, Malaga, Venice, Prague, Oslo, and Stockholm.

10:04 AM

The EU launch atomic bombs to Fushun, Yentai, Xinjiang, Kuwait, Jingxhou, Xiangyang, and Yangzhou which are major refugee areas. Bomber planes arrived Stavanger to destroy the Chinese military base in Norway.

10:07 AM to 12:31 PM

EU and China launch several nukes at each other. The US sends refugee submarines in China and Europe bringing in millions of refugees.

The War Burns Up

2023: The US population reaches 367 million, most of the refugees are Chinese. Refugee submarines are continuing to send in more refugees. Many refugees are sent to the Jobs Corps to review there skills to find them jobs appropriate to their skills. Many are found homes(that are in foreclosure). Iran swallows up Iraq and Afghanistan while EU forces are weak. Kuwait collapses after the bombing of the city of Kuwait and soon fell to the Axis. Paris(the remnants of the city) is captured by the Axis. The resistence of the UK and Ireland(the Axis now occupy these nations) begin setbacks to destory the Axis bases. The resistence forces met at an ancient bunker near the ruins of Belfast. The Chinese begins killing the remnants of the population of the UK, Ireland, and Portugal.


2023 European Theater

2024: The EU met up with the North and South Americans, desperate for aid. Most of the nations, except Argentina and the Caribbean Islands, join the Allies. The US already is the top producer of military goods and is piling up an army. China urges Russia to join the Axis in exchange for oil with the middle east. Chinese/Russian navy arrives at Anchorage and destroys the Alaskan militia. The US/Canadian army arrives at Alaska and fought with the mighty Chinese/Russian army. The Axis and the Allies arrived at the UN signing a treaty to end nuclear attacks after the nuclear war.

2025: Russia begins attacking neutral states such as Belarus and Ukraine while making its way to Poland. Luxembourg is captured by the Axis. Spain is occupied by the Axis by March. 1.2 million Chinese arrived at Nome, Alaska to divert America's attention to Alaska while 6 million Chinese troops arrived at Genoa, Italy to make another jump point to the EU mainland. The Strait of Gibraltar is occupied by the Axis. Iran occupies Pakistan as the government fell to the Iranian/Chinese forces. Alaska is soon occupied by the Axis by the mid-summer. Yellowknife falls to the Axis by August as so does most of Northwestern Canada.


North America 2025

US begins deployment of men 18-28 and women 22-28. The Women's Military Equality Act's is passed by Congress. Canada begins massive deployment of troops as the Chinese nears Vancouver. Yukon Territory is occupied by the Axis and is nearing the northwest US. Axis forces control much of the northern middle east. India joins the war as the middle east armies and the Chinese began driving the Indians back. The US troops struggles with the Chinese in British Columbia.

Southern Norway and Sweden is occupied by the Axis as well as many Yugoslavic nations face brief attacks from Turkey. Oil prices rise dramatically, but in the US, green energy now begins to provide some power and electricity that drives the war. Switzerland is forced into the war as French and Spanish infantry flee from the advancing Axis forces.

2026: Jerusalem and Lebanon is destroyed as Axis and Allied forces fought off in the streets. Bombs, gunpowder, and fires destroyed these cities to ashes. A second invasion in the Americas began in Chile. Santiago falls and Argentina is forced in the war against the Axis. Russia begins to move its war Poznan(the new capitol of Poland). Stealth bombers creates a stalemate in Vancouver causing the destruction of the city. Evacuations are made sending the Canadians to Seattle. The American navy in the Pacific arrives at Juneau and bombard the Chinese/Russian settlements and bases. Cologne is captured by the Axis causing panic in Germany. The Chinese begins a stalemate in the Alps as EU forces defend Italy from Chinese attacks. Peru and Ecuador is occupied by the Axis by June causing many South Americans to step up. Brazil cross the Amazon River and creates a barrier of tanks causing the Chinese to stalemate in Manaus. Columbia defends Bogota from Chinese air attacks.


Europe 2026

The Axis begins to plow its way across the Rhine River. Copenhagen collapsed to the Axis as Axis forces in Sweden arrives to Denmark. Vaduz seems to be a standstill against the Chinese. Many Chinese emigrated to the US, Mongolia, or Japan. Chinese good production has nearly ceased. Guerrilla raids are common in all of Asia and Europe.

Resistance in the UK and Ireland send guerrilla riots across the Belfast massacre. Chinese civilians murdered most of the population in the UK, Iberia, and Ireland. Resistant forces contact the EU through HM Radio. In the remnants of Amsterdam, the Resistance fought off the Chinese infantry toppling the Chinese military holdings. By November: American forces counteract the Axis troops in Vancouver. The Axis begin retreating from Vancouver to Alaska. American and Canadian infantry destroy the Axis holding in Churchill. Allies and Axis forms a standstill in Lodz, Poland. Lodz is bombarded by Allied forces driving the Russians back.

Allies Make A Come Back

2027: US forces destroy the weakened and war-weary Chinese in British Columbia. Canadians are happy for Americans to defend there nation. Canada temporarily joined the US until the end of the war. Hawaiian naval ships arrives at the ruins of the Shanghai port. American soldiers plowed to the deserted Chinese mainland. Guam sends soldiers to India to aid the Indian army from the Chinese in Lhasa. New Delhi is blown up by Chinese bomber planes and Middle East air force. Iran unites much of the northern Middle East as the New Islamic Caliphate or the NIC. An oil boom occurs in the US because of fracking in Alaska since 2008(as expected) cause the nation to reach the number one oil producer in the world. Alaska is liberated by July but remnants of the Axis bases still remain in Yukon territory and British Columbia. The Canadian population votes annexation to the US permanently from 93-7. With the oil boom, US mechanical labor increase by two-fold leaving the US producing 28% of the World's Goods unlike China whom fallen behind to 2.3% as Chinese workers are being deployed for war as well as millions of Chinese that died in the nuclear attacks and millions of survivors in guerrilla war against the government. Chinese riots turn to rebellion. Tibet seize independence with aid from India. India got this weakening and advance through the Chinese barrier in Yunnan.

Soldiers at war ww3

US soldiers in the remnants of Vancouver

EU forces already pass through the Axis defensive line in the ruins of Cologne and continues west to the ruins of Brussels. China and the NIC is so weakened by the war, because of the nuclear war, demand for oil and supplies(now mostly made in the US), and weakened war-weary armies. The NIC retreats to Belgrade to loot for supplies and weapons. Germany is liberated by August and so does Switzerland, Italy, and Poland. Scandinavia nearly repels the last Axis stronghold in Bergen. Finland is occupied by Russia but Norway and Sweden both secure the new borders to prevent further Russian advancements. China invades Mongolia for more soldiers, workers, and get the emigrated Chinese back. Hawaii is attacked by the Chinese navy but is repelled by the enormous US navy present. The last of the Axis hold in the US is repelled by November.

Much of the Axis still controlled much of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. South American forces fought off in the Amazon but Axis forces continue to advance.President Shirley Drake, USA, issues to use the oil boom money for "green" projects and war efforts. The Axis still have a strong launch point in South America and Easter Island. A Chinese jet fleet heads for Los Angeles on November 5, but retreats to Mexico City. The Chinese begin to send reinforcements to Mexico City but the Mexicans began raids sending the Chinese and Mexicans into full out battle. President Gonzola Pepito of Mexico, ensures the citizen to defend the Mexican lands against the wicked Chinese. American reinforcements arrives at Mexico City repelling the Chinese off of Mexico.

2028: US makes the west coast secure from any Axis troops. China is expected to be in a civil war against the rebels by 2030. US soldiers plow its way to the Amazon to aid the South Americans. Much of Eastern France is liberated. Paris, now a deserted crater of rubble, now is reached by the Allies. The US sends its troops to the EU, greatly reducing the Axis occupation there. Scandinavia, excluding Finland, is liberated.


The Third World War in 2028

Chinese casualties from the war reach 450 million. Millions of Chinese fled to the US, the US population explodes to 480 million. The US sends refugee submarines delivering thousands of Chinese and Europeans to the US per day. Many are provided homes and jobs thanks to the oil boom. The UN already propose peace treaties that might end the war but it hasn't taken effect yet. Tibet and India drives the Axis out of their mainland. The US plans and invasion of China. Robotics and nanotechnology increase the US military to quadruple its power as it prepares the invasion. Hawaii, Guam, and the Marshall Islands is secured from Axis attacks. The South American Chinese Invasion is now weakening as US reinforcements destroy Axis bases in the Amazon Jungle. Russian armies in Alaska flee to Kamchatka. Finland is being evacuated as the EU forces plows its way north to Helsinki. Scandinavian troops already send out its infantry to an invasion for liberation of Finland.

2029: The US invades China from Hawaii. Zhejiang, Fujian, Taiwan, and Jiangsu is occupied by the US troops. Tibet begins an invasion of Uyghur and Qinghai provinces with aid of Indian troops. India begins the invasion of the NIC. The NIC weakens as millions of casualties slow them down. US GPS satellites are upgraded to surpass international secret communications such as radio, Morse code, or any other code. US spies were able to detect wide ranges of Chinese bases in the China mainland that is still operating and hidden Axis bases in the Amazon. China and the MIC are low on supplies and now only manage to survive using WW2 military supplies and out-of-dated stocked weapons. The US is in a major advantage now plowing its way across the Chinese mainland and South America. EU forces drive the Axis out of France. Finland remains a battlefield as the Russians fought off the EU from the south and the west. The EU Resistance captured Belfast and the rubble base of Old London.

US soldier

US soldier in the rubble of Nanchang

The US navy encircle much of the Chinese coast bringing thousands of troops. Aided with the Chinese rebels, the Americans controlled over much of eastern China and Manchuria by December. Many Chinese rebels join the US Army even toppling the winnings to the US. The government of China ordered most of the remaining armies to east China now fighting until the end which is near.

Tibet and Indian soldiers fought off the Chinese in Urumqi and the remnants of Xinjiang. India let Tibet annex Uyghur and Qinghai. India and US troops plow its way west to the MIC mainland.

Allies Final Stand to Victory

2030: Fallout in Europe is heavy, leaving Europe into a deserted wasteland. Many Europeans emigrated to the US from US refugee submarines. New York surpass Tokyo as the largest city in the world with 45 million people (by metro pop.), mostly Europeans that emigrated to the city. The city is now mostly using green tech with low crime and new infrastructure in construction thanks to the oil boom and factories re-opening from the war. EU forces and US navy liberate the Iberian countries and the Yugoslavic countries. US scientist are pressured to create a way to end the war immediately. EU troops drive through the former Russian border to Voronezh. Ukraine is finally liberated by October. US Navy Seals makes way to the remnants of Beijing now advancing to the Tibet border.Chinese rebels now aid the Americans into capturing the last of the Chinese government.

2031: US troops make a heavy strike in South America liberating the occupied South American countries. The UK and Ireland is liberated by the US navy and EU infantry. The Chinese government fell sending China to the rebels. EU forces arrived at Moscow bombing the Kremlin and burning Axis held buildings. The Republic of Tibet is established. India occupies Pakistan, Afghanistan, and east Iran with US aid. St. Petersburg is captured by the EU Scandinavians. China, the NIC, and Russia surrenders by November 25, 2031.

2032: The Treaty of Washington DC is signed ending the Great Third World War. 800 million people died leaving this war as the most destructive war since WW2. The UN is re-established now having supreme power over conflicts to prevent this war ever occurring again. The world's population dropped to 7.2 billion. US population booms to 580 million people. The majority of the population are immigrants from the war. The Republic of China is established, a population of 450 million. The Russian Federation is forced to give up Siberia. The NIC is re-established to the United Republic of Islam. All former Axis nations are being monitored by the UN. The Great war ends...


Post-WW3 2035

American BOOM Age 2033-2054


2035: Europe and China are in ruins; war-torn; fallout spreads; nuclear disaster; famine; and disease rain across these areas. Depopulation dramatically reduce Eurasia to a point where it it not self-sustaining enough to survive. American AIs produce 48% of the world's goods and increasing dramatically. The oil boom begins to stagnate but "green" energy produce more power in the US than necessary. Most US citizens use one or two hybrids or full-electric cars. New York re-modernize into a grand energy-sufficient and self-reliant city of 51 million inhabitants in the metro area. President Warren Bain is elected as the 48th President of the US in November 15 defeating former-President Darwin Tarrinson(running the second term). A second baby-boom begins from immigrants and veterans from the war. Mexican citizens flee to the US as droughts and dry weather effect the tropics which is seen as the worst droughts in years. The fourth generation of nuclear power plants quickly overrun fossil fuels as it minimize waste, highly economical, and it utilize small balls rather than fuel rods which would make it impossible for it to have a meltdown.

2036: NATO secures and observe any signs of war brewing in the former-Axis powers. In-Vitro meat greatly increase American food production. AIDS, cancer, HIV, arthritis, and neuron diseases are now curable thanks to the Human Genome Team. Vertical farms begin to rise up in Japan, India, and the US. NASA sends Captain Harrison Darlin to Mars. His words are historically remembered as "The Next step for Exploration and Colonization". Spaceport American expands to the moon creating an industry boom from raw materials found on the moon such as iron ore, copper, and graphite. Mining on the moon expands quickly creating new jobs, and a population boom on the moon.

2037: The Moon's population reach 340. Japan forms an alliance with the Republic of China. Japan itself transits to democracy. America reach an economic boom not seen in history. The US economy explodes, causing Dow Jones to spiral up to 100,000 points. The Jobs Corps chop down unemployment to close to zero percent. The Federal Reserve drops the dollar's worth to close to as the dollar was in the mid-1800s. Inflation evaporates which increase the boom dramatically. Housing, new construction projects, and rebuilding of infrastructure begins as planned with President Bain. The government ensures a home for every American and Immigrants. Education is reached to the max causing college to lower cost down to close to $50. With new materials, US companies began producing goods, producing 45% of the world's goods.

2038: US population reach 600 million. US goods become the most desirable in the world. A Martian base is constructed in Mars. To cope with the boom, the US health department issues free insurance to all Americans. Scientific research is given major funding leading to an accelerated pace in technology. Virtual Reality begins consuming time in the average American. Holographic computers and TVs are affordable to the average American but is impossible to buy outside of the US. Using GPS systems and AI lane-changing technology, the first commercially available self-driving car is released to the market affordable only to the US middle and high classes. The EU begins to decline in population and power. Tibet joins China's and Japan's alliance forming the Asian Democratic Pact or ADP. US farms move north to the upper Great Plains and former-Canada as climate change begins to affect farming.

2039: The average American makes $500,000 a year, have the most advance technology, and living in high-standard, green, self-efficient homes. Quantum computers have become cheap enough for 56% of the Americans but it is too expensive for other nations to buy the computers. New stealth bombers tare introduced into the US Air Force. These planes fly faster than any other plane and stealthier enough to pass through most radar and communications. Teleportation of complex organic molecules such as DNA are experimented leading to a great scientific discovery. President Rachael Dorelez is elected as the 49th President of the US. He quickly outlaws capitol punishments for all crimes and divert most of the funding to the "green" tech research. Because of this act, fusion power is now completed, greatly improving power supplies of the US. Many Western countries are unhappy of their governments and their corrupt economies, which many moved to the US. The third great immigration begins. Energy islands are now being constructed from New York, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Miami, and Churchill.

Energy Islands 2040

Energy Islands off of Staten Island, USA 2039

2040: Many western nations are completely dependent on US goods by now as it supplies 73% of world goods. Maglev trains connect major American cities and the new Spaceport headquarters in New York rises up to 5,678 ft. tall, now towering as the tallest buildings on Earth, expected to finished by 2046. Martian and lunar bases are extended. The New York 2 is completed in the Acidalia Planitia region. Terraformation of Mars begins as stage 1 begins pumping out massive CO2 in the Martian atmosphere, melting the polar caps and thickening the atmosphere. Mexico, Central America, and the rest of the Caribbean nations are annexed into the US as their economies collapse and emigration to the US has become a serious problem. The US now controls all of North America, excluding Greenland. President Dorelez issues the expansion of the maglev network to Mexico City, and energy islands to power the Gulf of Mexico and Baja California. The US population jumps to close to 750 million. Protest in South America has become a serious problem when protester, concerned about the loss of jobs and huge debt, began rallying in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Bogota, Cuzco, Lima, Santiago, and many more South American cities. The Brazilian unemployment reach 18% and rising quickly as many loss their jobs to the US goods production. Columbia begins securing its borders as thousands of citizens flock to the US-Colombian border in the State of Panama. Americanization begins sending jobs, money, and new infrastructure to the newly annexed US territory. President Dorelez works with the US health department and the Red Cross to aid the flus in the tropics. The Chinese President, Monghu Zhang, begins reconstruction of New Beijing and New Shanghai sending jobs back to China. Wall Street is upgraded to enhance problems with the world economy. France and the UK are in a verge of a civil war. With populations of less than 600,000 left, France can no longer become self-sustain. The French President ensures the birth of dozens through laws and banning abortion. Fallout spread carrying flus and diseases that further whipped up the crops and the citizens' health. The standard life span of a French citizen is less than 40 while the standard living conditions are foul and unsanitary. There were not enough workers to power the EU and not enough farmers to harvest food for the hungry EU citizens nor can they afford expensive American tech to relinquish them from their suffering. Power outages were common in the EU and China. Both regions also are fully dependent on US goods and food as fallout destroyed the harvest season in Europe and China. Soon, many escaped from their corrupt countries and fled to the US, somehow, by either a secret submarine refugee to the US or by a personal transport. Power outages became black outs throughout the 2030s. By 2040, no more power is produced by the EU. Japan aids China in the rebuilding, but the EU is devastated. The US is to occupied by their immigration problems entering their country by the millions, proving the immigrants with jobs and homes, and ensure their survival through health care and debts. The Suburbs and the Urban areas increase in population and area.

2041: The French and the British government collapsed as communications and production between surviving cities ceased. In Old Paris, the rubble of the former Eiffel Tower are refuge to the 305 surviving citizens of Paris after the nuclear war. France and the UK became isolated city-states or the surviving city-states. Old London is completely destroyed and fallout and radiation killed the rest of the survivors. About 87 London citizens live underground hoping for the end of their struggles. American relief funds are sent to the EU but by the time the ships reached to Europe, chaos already roamed. Crime rates soar, and the only solution to solve the problem is by taking as much refugees as they can sending them to the US. Soon more EU nations collapse as the months go by each become isolated city-states. HM radio are still used in the EU for communications but it is very rare. Many of the survivors of the EU die from starvation, fallout, and disease.

2042: By now, only 8 million people still living in the EU each scattered in the isolated city-states. China barely survives thanks to Tibet and Japan. Ireland and the UK have the least population because during the war, many Chinese slaughtered the indigenous population. The rest of the survivors died from starvation leaving only 16 people in Ireland and 143 in the Isle of Man. Iceland secedes from the EU and becomes isolated. America begins planning of recolonization of the EU. The UN agrees that Russia, US, Scandinavia, and the Islamic Republic may colonize the former EU if not engage in war.

Recolonization of the European Continent

2043: The US ship New America sets off to the ruins of London for creating an American colony. Russia sends 12 settlers and scouts to search any survivors of Poland and Belarus. Old Romania is being recolonize by the Islamic Republic, but let the Christians settle the lands. More American ships sail to the English channel for recolonizing France and the UK. Many isolated European tribes are annexed to the US to endowed them with re-construction, food, and vaccinations. Russia went to war with the isolated nation of New Minsk, a population of 7,236 whom declares all of former Belarus and still has hatred over the Russian invaders during the war.

2044: Nuclear Fusion is released to the US government. Nuclear Fission is soon overpowered by the new Nuclear Fusion generator supplying more power to the US. Mexico city is fully Americanize with beaming skyscraper projects, new market to selling cars and the growing middle class living in the new Mexican suburbs. A new bridge is being constructed from Havana to Miami and expected to finish by 2053. New Skyscrapers are being build in New York to house the new immigrants. The majority of the skyscrapers are over 1,500 ft. tall, towering the Empire State Building. Vertical farms sprouted up in Central Park, now becoming a major food source for New Yorkers. The New York and Washington DC barrier is completed to protect the cities from storms. Improvements of the barriers are on its way. The Magnet Agricultural Team or MAT, discover a genetic compound that resist droughts. The Great Plains once again flourish with these new crops with no side effects. Even the US states in former Mexico now begins cultivating the drought resisting crops. By now, 94% of the power in the US is green mainly due to energy islands and nuclear fusion. The oil in Alaska are mainly sold to other struggling countries that still use fossil fuels. American colonist now colonize much of the UK and French coast. Trade with Norway and Sweden increase. Sweden begins colonizing New Middelburg in Denmark. By November, the American colony of New France reach Old Paris. New Minsk begins attacking the Russians. Norway begins colonization of Scotland.

2045: New Yugoslavia and New Roman Empire is established. New Rome has a population of 1,254 while New Yugoslavia has a population of 2,541. These new nations are formed of the fused city-states. The Islamic Republic went to war with the New Yugoslavian nation and quickly conquered them. New Minsk won the Russian-Minsk War when they sent their only nuclear bomb hidden since the days of the USSR, the bomb hit Moscow. Russia surrenders not wanting to start a nuclear war. Russia secedes the Russian territory of Ukraine to New Minsk but kept the Estonia colony. The US colony of New France spreads to Netherlands and Belgium. The Bay of Biscay becomes open for American colonization.


European re-colonization 2046

2046: Norway begins colonization of Northern Ireland. The Isle of Man form an agreement for annexation to Norway's colony of Inverness. The New Roman Empire expands its borders, conquering some of the surrounding tribes. New Minsk joins the UN. UN cleanup of fallout in China and Europe begins. The US sends EPA to help clean up fallout. The Roman Republic makes contact with the Islamic Republic. The Roman Republic and the Islamic Republic forms the Mediterranean Pact when the Romans offered a map of all the tribes in Italy. Tunisia and Libya soons join as well as Egypt by early 2047. Nuclear fusion is finally affordable for wealthy nations such as Japan and Brazil. The remaining citizens of Old Romania negotiate joining the US. By December, New Romania becomes a colony of the United States.

2047: North Korea faced border issues as many moved to the US or South Korea. The new Chairman, Lee Pisang, secures the border for any stranded traitors leaving the country. The Republic of China pressures North Korea to divert to a democratic-republic stance. North Korea becomes discontent with the democratic nations as well as the plummeted economy. Columbia and Venezuela agrees to become a US protectorate after the pro-American stance in Bogota that nearly toppled the government. The Council of American Protectorates is established in Los Angeles. Ecuador and Peru joins as a US protectorate also as citizens aim for joining the US and thinks its the first step from statehood. The US begins sharing technologies with its protectorates, now forming a much massive trade network. Trade with the upper South Americans increase improving the protectorates' living conditions. Immigration to the US from South America slowed even supporting the idea of a US protectorate. The UN though, now worried about the rising power of the US, decides on voting if the US shall be able to keep the protectorates. The majority voted to let the US keep the protectorates but shall limit the range of which the US shall allow a nation to become a US protectorate. During the 2047 Colombian referendum, 78% of Colombian voters voted for statehood, 12% wanted to become a territory, 8% wanted Columbia to become free from the US, while the others are invalid. Though, many speculate Columbia to be a state, Congress still cannot decide on whether it shall allow to be a state. New Bucharest is built on the ruins of Old Bucharest, quickly becoming the largest city in the EU's former territory.

Second Korean War

2048: Chairman Lee Pisang becomes intolerant of American influence in North Korea. North Korea ceased trade with the US, which began the North Korean depression. Because 92% of goods in North Korea are from America, without the primary goods, North Korea's economy collapsed. Lee Pisang begins economic reforms and forcing many starving citizens to work on farms and factories to help keep the nation going. Riots and rebellions began sprouting in Pyongyang, and soon other minor towns. South Korea took advantage of this and allied with the Democratic rebels. Lee Pisang was in an outrage and immediately declared war on South Korea. The North Korean massive armies march south to Seoul. The province of Gangwon is quickly captured by the North Koreans. The capitol of South Korea is temporarily moved to Busan. The US, Republic of China,, and Japan, quickly sided with the South Koreans. North Korea continues down south until American troops arrived at Busan. Korean stealth planes already destroyed Seoul and Incheon with bombs. The South Korean army stagnate the North Korean advance in Gyeonggi. Chinese armies(still low on troops after the "war") arrived at Chagang province to chase the North Koreans south of Pyongyang. The US Navy arrived at South Hwanghae and created guerrilla wars with the North Korean guards present there. US troops stormed in the North Hwanghae province. The North Korean Air Force drive the Americans to the North-South Korean former border. Japan aids the South Koreans and liberates Seoul by December.

2049: South Korea liberates its province of Gangwon from the present North Korean forces. US paratroopers arrived at Pyongyang. The government already fled to a safe room in Kangwon province once the Americans arrived. The US Navy SEAL general, Adam Lingford, creates a search party through every province in North Korea. Chinese and Japanese forces already repelled the last North Koreans in South Korea mainland. South Korea begins advancing north, pass the 32nd parallel border.

2nd Korean War

South Korean soldiers near Pyongyang.

South Korean soldiers made it to Pyongyang by August, but no sign of Chairman Lee is found. Search parties are sent to far reaches of the Korean Peninsula. Months have already passed, but still no signs of the villain. North Koran rebels aid the Democratic nations to search for the Chairman. Meanwhile, small raids where set up in Seoul by Lee's troops that quickly diverted attention to South Korea.

2050: News confirmed that Chairman Lee Pisang is killed by a Navy SEAL in a farmhouse just outside the Chagang province. The remaining North Korean soldiers fought for their lives but soon surrendered to the Democrats. The Treaty of Xi'an is signed uniting Korea under a democratic-republican system. Many loyal to communism emigrated to Vietnam, the last Communist nation. New car designs now improved American transportation at a greater level. Radio signal beacons are constructed on the Moon and Mars.

Fall of Communism and Global Warming

2050 car

2050 Lexus

2051: Designer babies and synthetic humans are beginning to become possible. By the end of the year, at least 650 human babies are synthetic made in labs, now living in a isolated place in Central Valley until maturity. Oil has become rare, now only a few barrels of oil are left mainly in Alaska and Saudi Arabia. Poor countries are unable to buy oil anymore as the price of oil skyrocket to $12.00 per gallon. Fortunately, 95% of US vehicles are electric, with a few hybrid vehicles left. With nuclear fusion engines being built in space rockets, traveling to NY2 will be much faster and cheaper, greatly increasing the population of the Luna State an Mars. Takira Johnson is the first born child to be born on a distant planet (Mars). Vietnam face a civil war as the North Koreans and pro-Democratic stances bundle up the Vietnamese government. Many fear Vietnam will be split again as it did in the first Vietnam War. New Bucharest surpassed the number of citizens in Old Bucharest. The Liberation Tower, standing tall at an approximate of 7568 ft is built in New Bucharest, simbolifying the WW3 victory.

2052: The Martian population reach 6,712 thanks to the nuclear fusion engine that made traveling faster and cheaper. Mars is given statehood for the US. Vietnam split into two nations, both in engage for war. The Second Vietnamese War begins. Desalination plants are built across the entire North American continental shelf to cope with rising water prices. Water and food shortages has become to much for many eastern nations. China and Tibet, already worried with the growing Gobi Desert, now deals with droughts crippling their food supplies. India seen the worst flood in history killing 90,000 people in Mumbai. Vietnam, short on water and food, drastically ration what ever supply is left from either side of war. American goods were able to supply the South Vietnamese, virtually winning the war. Supplies from other countries are given to South Vietnam, leaving North Vietnam in a lone crisis. North Vietnam surrendered in November 4, but riots continue to rise as food and water reach critical levels. With global temperatures up to 4*F, the Mediterranean becomes a hurricane basin. Global temperatures becomes unbearable to many nations. New Roman Empire claims all of Italy. AI robots are being uprgraded for near human appearance. New York 2 becomes the capitol of Mars while New Washington DC becomes the state capitol of the moon.

2053-2054: Helium-3 mining begins in the moon, now supplying fusion power plants at Earth. Climate change begins to affect Europe and Africa greatly. South Africa, was stable in the early 21st century, now face massive immigration from Botswana. Desertification greatly affects the African nations to war to protect the remaining water sources. In 2054, the first European astronaut team in history reaches Mars.

Climate Disaster 2054-2072

Resource Wars

2055: Global Warming begins to affect politics as well. On September 6, 2055, Tibet, India, and China declare war on each other for the remaining Himalayan water. Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador faced desertification and droughts, crippling their economy and stability. The US is many steps ahead, already have energy islands, desalination plants, and drought resistant crops, but the US is already to late to share their technology. The UN is in a frenzy as war became common. New London and New Paris are reconstructed, now including flood barriers and desalination plants. The Republic of Islam is in a verge of a civil war as desertification tore the nation apart. Saudi Arabia begins depopulation as oil fields ran out. The Kalifa Tower is bombed by rebels whom demand water. China already at war with Tibet and India, torn by a major summer drought. The US begins massive projects to bring back the Earth it use to be in the 20th century. South Americans flee to the US. The US protectorates are annexed to the US for construction projects to kick in.

2056: Phase 1 of Terraformation of Mars is complete. The second step is re-supplying Mars with oceans(with fresh water problems on Earth, this project was further extended). The US begins massive projects for CO2 removal such as carbon sequestration involving to remove billions of tonnes of CO2. South American nations declare annexation for the US. The US accepts saying, "the more land we got, the more change we could affect the environment". Indian, Tibet, and Chinese casualties reach 150,000 and rising. Water becomes scarce in Japan. Desalination plants are being constructed in the South China Sea, but they are not to be finished by 2067. In the Saharan nations, water has become more expensive than gold. Saudi Arabia goes through a civil war with each province to gain more water from the other provinces. North African nations are almost non-existent as populations flee more north to the EU colonies or south to South Africa. The UN engage in an all out climate reversal project with American funds speeding up the project. Climate change greatly affects migration patterns for animals and endangered animals become extinct.

2057: Nations that depend on oil and coal are in an energy crisis. India faced desertification as millions flee to the US. Russia, Siberia, and the US faced millions of immigrants from different countries. President Kevin Johnson begins the great Climate Reversal Project. The Amazon, Yellowstone, and the Appalachian forest are begins reforestation. The Chinese Republic, Tibet, and India faced massive casualties as many civilians die from the war, famine, and starvation. Nanofabricators begins to replace ordinary factories as nano tech begins as miniature factories the size of computers to generate the consumer product instantly. Mobile miniature factories begins to replace modern factories in the US but still makes international goods.

2058: Manufacturing goods becomes available for American homes. Hurricane Danny, a category 6, reached Rio de Janeiro, killing 287,000 people and injuring 780,000. National aid is sent to the state of Brazil within minutes after the hurricane. Greenland begins rapid glacier melting. The US Navy occupies all of the world's oceans to try to stabilize the world's unstable nations. The Islamic Republic begins annexing Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen. The African nations begin fusing to form a combined economy. Northern African nations form the African Islamic Republic. The US Space force is established. The Jovian system is being established as scientific research. The new Discovery 2 lands on HD 40307g, a habitable planet. Vegetation are found in the planet and is renamed "New Columbus". The average temperature of the planet is 6*C or 42*F(Earth's average temperature is 45*F) and New Columbus is 2.4X the size of the Earth with warm oceans present on the planet.

New Columbus exoplanet found (2057)

NASA found "New Columbus" 2058

Colonization of the planet begins as Discovery 3 sent a crew of 15 Americans to New Columbus. Vegetation is expected to be thick with jungle-like plants. There are no animals expected but there are animal-like plant species living in the planet. The atmosphere is expected to be 72% nitrogen and 21% oxygen but with 1% CO2 to deal with high vegetation. The trip will take about 65 years with 41.7 light years from Earth.

2059: NASA begins colonization of Gliese 581 g or "Atlantis" as it comprise 78% water and with low vegetation. The planet is a little bigger than Earth with an average temperature 50*F. Many eastern nations declare martial law to deal with the rising rebellions. Many nations already signed a petition for US statehood but the UN would not allow anymore US expansion until further notice. Japan begins colonization of Io. AI robotics begin replacing human employment. Unemployment in the US has risen to 12.5%. Though mobile manufacturing has delayed any rebels. China, India, and Tibet begins a nuclear war over the Himalayan fresh water. The Tibetan government collapsed as the Gobi Desert bring in major sand storms in the Tibet plateau. Russia and Siberia went to war over the arctic fresh water. Norway, Sweden, and Finland begins the Scandinavian War. African nations are desperate for US annexation and begin to rebel against the UN regulations. The New Roman Empire transitions to democracy.

2060: The US begins sending out massive aid to the unstable nations. The UN finally agrees to let the US annex the southern and western part of Africa. Economic aid, homes, and jobs are sent to the new American territories. Discovery 4 begins in search of intelligent life throughout the galaxy using a nuclear fusion engine. Droughts in India and China cause a massive wave of immigrants to the US. The US developed high tech temperature control for cities. Using white-colored material to reflect 90% of sunlight, and the city-wide temperature control, US cities becomes the coolest cities next to West Antarctica. Tibet collapsed and is split up with China and India, though war still continues between these countries. New Oslo is destroyed by a Swedish nuclear bomb. The Scandinavian War goes nuclear killing 14 million people by December 31. The Asteroid belt is being mined by the US government, causing a Second American Boom. The US GDP reach $73 trillion. Japan and the US form the a system in which Japanese citizens are employed temporarily to the US, similar to the Mexican-American bracero program. Many Japanese permanently emigrated to the US because of the new Japanese-Korean War over the dwindling water supply. Australia and New Zealand faced drastic floods from typhoons.

2061: The Philippines and Oceanian nations is annexed by the US, mainly because of extreme droughts, extreme unemployment, and massive emigrations to the US. The Andes states are given extreme aid from the US government to cope with the drastic droughts. Madagascar and Taiwan is annexed into the US. Russia and Siberia agrees to rejoin to expand its desalination companies in the arctic ocean. Water supplies in India is so scarce, it is becomes the number reason for death next to starvation and fallout. Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos fused to form the New Indo-Chinese Republic. The UN begins to lose influence as nations become unstable are fusing to form a new nation.

2062: The Republic of Singapore is establish comprising all of south-east Asian nations. Russia becomes the second largest food producer(next to the US) as the Siberian region becomes warm enough for harvesting crops. Kazakhstan is annexed into Russia. India begins capturing the Chinese region of the Gobi Desert. Desertification in the Republic of Islam and the African Islamic Republic begins transition to fully depend on US goods. Australia and New Zealand closed its borders to prevent further emigration to the US. Australia faced the worst violent riots in history as Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide are bases to pro-American protesters. The US Army and Navy begin using invisibility suits. The first American lands on Europa and Sedna. Anti-war riots in China and India skyrocketed slowing the war improvement.

2063: The new American version of the Thames Barrier is built to protect New London from rising sea level. A similar barrier is also constructed in New Bucharest. The new Vatican City is rebuilt. The Tokyo Barrier is built along with the Mumbai barrier. Australia begins isolating from the rest of the world cancelling the internet from citizens and becoming self-sustainable. With US 3rd boom, jobs are again created with space and environmental sectors. Unemployment quickly drops to 1.5% by 2065. New York constructs the world's first city-wide anti-nuclear missile force field protecting the city from nuclear attacks. A force field is also built in Washington DC by 2064.

2064: The US annex Norway, Sweden, and Finland to end the Scandinavian War, although many protest, the new living standards had increase so much that rebels are quickly quieted. The Republic of China faced massive casualties in the Sino-Indian War. Uyghurstan becomes a major battle field for Indian and Chinese troops. Commander Jiang Hui manages to stop the Indian advancement to New Beijing using guerrilla strategies. The Japanese navy destroy the Korean navy in the Sea of Japan and East China Sea leaving 65,900 dead within the battle. Tokyo was destroyed in a nuclear attack from the Koreans. Seoul was soon bombed by the Japanese ICBM. New Beijing and New Delhi is bombed during the Winter of 2064. More people died from the flu and water than from getting shot or fallout.

13533934543084 (1)

The World in 2065 (The Great Resource Wars)

2065: The Roman Republic, the Republic of Minsk, the Russian Republic and the New Romania colony, supplied by the USA, went to war over water in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea for desalination starting the Hellenic War. A nuclear winter occurs greatly affects food production in the US, Russia, and low countries. Russia captures New Minsk but major rebellions against Russian occupied bases cause a cease expansion. The Sino-Indian War ends when a flu virus spreads across east Asia that brought up to the nations' attention. Border disputation was quickly made and water was equally disputed with aid by the UN. Antarctica has enough population to become an independent nation. Discovery 4 lands on "New America" in the Alpha Centauri system.


2066-2067: The worst flu season is brought up to these years killing 2.3 million people from the flu which it soon be called the 'Two-Year Plague'. The flu is soon stop when American scientist John Ryan discovered a vaccine for the flu that will lower the symptoms to a level of a cold. A vaccine is soon made that will end the flu. The human population reach 10 billion because of space colonization. Russia and the US form an alliance to spread world peace to end the Resource Wars. The Hellenic war ends by June 2067 by UN officials disputing the division of areas that each nation can desalinate. The US population reach 6.2 billion now carries over half of the world's population. The Republic of Singapore, India, China, Korea, and Japan form the South Asian Alliance or the SAA to promote an end to wars and redistribute or aid nations with food and water supplies. Anti-matter bombs is released to the US Army but is not given internationally due to a possibility of a Second Cold War. Anti-matter engines begin to replace normal nuclear fusion engines causing increasing space travel in the inner solar system. The United States become the first nation to colonize an exoplanet outside the solar system. "Atlantis" is populated and begins terraformation as it resembles Mars before the 21st century. Mars' atmosphere begins to thicken while the first lake appear on Mars.

2068: America produced 88% of the world's goods by this time while Russia produced 11% of the world's goods. The first manned mission to Europa is taken place. An underground ocean is discovered though there are no known microorganisms in the moon. The great European drought takes place in central Europe which hit hard in the State of Germany, Rome, and New Minsk. Because of the droughts, many Minsk citizens emigrated to the US or Russia causing extreme depopulation. Australia and New Zealand become completely isolated. West Australia secedes from the Australian mainland thanks to rebels causing a civil war. The State of Luna reach a population of 100,000. EnviroMission becomes the world's most powerful company as millions of employed American citizens work together to reverse global warming. The global temperature has risen to 6*F causing a major immigration north or to the US. Illegal immigration to the US has become a major problem. Russia annexes New Minsk to solve the major immigration to Russia. Sea level has risen by 4 ft which cause a major displacement of population in China, India, the southern US states and the state of Guyana, and Europe. Greenland and West Antarctica become habitable enough for grass and forests to appear.

2069: India, China, and Russia fuse to form the United Federation of Asiatic Republics in which New Moscow becomes the capitol. The African Islamic Republic is annexed to the US as the indigenous population dwindles to less than 200,000. Nanotech exceeds to become self-building skyscrapers use in New York, Mexico City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Sao Paulo. American politics becomes overrun by AIs and computers, even the President is aided by an AI robot. Obesity and cancer is non-existent as drugs and pills eliminate the last obese or cancered person. Virtual reality becomes the main entertainment for Americans but the government strictly limits virtual reality to 4-5 hours a week and only in clubs and entertainment centers as it interferes with real world situations.

2070: The UFAR annexes Korea and Japan. The US annexes the Republic of Singapore gradually as each province rebels. "New America" begins human colonization. Australia and New Zealand is overrun by the rebels fusing into the Republic of Australasia which begins reopening to the world. New York City reach a metro population of 100 million.



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