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2016-2020 Edit

Europe: Edit

In 2016, The UK held a referendum which led to their departure from the EU

Ironically, Scotland voted to stay in the EU leading to another referendum in 2020 with a "yes" vote.

2020s Edit

Europe: Edit

By the end of the decade, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan joined the Eurasian Union in addition to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan.

In 2028, the European Union officially dissolved and the Euro was abandoned.

Asia: Edit

In 2024, the taliban were defeated in Afghanistan.

In 2026, India surpassed China in population

Isis: Edit

Isis was driven out of Iraq in 2020.

Africa: Edit

Uganda began oil extraction in 2018.

2030s Edit

Asia: Edit

Pakistan collapsed in 2030 and merged with India.

2040s Edit

Africa: Edit

In 2048, Nigeria officially surpassed the US in population

2050s Edit

Asia: Edit

The maldives were abandoned due to flooding and most of the people fled to Bangladesh; The latter was also experiencing flood troubles.

Europe: Edit

The netherlands and belguim experienced flooding.

2060s Edit

Great Middle Eastern war: Edit

In the 60s, a nuclear armed missile coming from Iran, hit Abu Dhabi. The 2 countries were previously locked in a missile crisis where Iran was placing ballistic missiles on an island near 3 others owned by the UAE. Iran claimed that they were hacked by Israel. Nuclear missiles were launched by both sides and many major cities in the middle east were destroyed. Ironically, this led to Nato and the Eurasian Union bettering relations to avoid the same fate.

2070s Edit

Asia: Edit

India held 1/3rd of the world's GDP. The country at the time had 2 billion people out of 10 billion.

2080s Edit

The use of fossil fules has been at its lowest since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Much of the world uses nuclear fusion.

2090s Edit

not much happened

Today Edit

The population is 11.2 billion. The world is very high tech.