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The 2032 secession referendum in Texas 'Texit' took place on June 2, 2032 in Texas. 247 areas were included in the vote (all areas) and 123 seats were needed for a definite victory. The referendum would be nulled otherwise.

The referendum took place similar to a presidential election with Republican and Democratic candidates both running, however people were really voting to remain or to leave the United States. Democrats being the stay vote and Republicans being the leave vote.

The person who won the referendum (in this case Greg Abbott) would be automatically be made the first President and would help form the countries' constitution. He later formed his own party, Conservative.

In the year 2032, it was the end of Marco Rubio's eight year presidency. Marco Rubio, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party were anti Texit and wanted Texas to stay in the US. It was only the breakaway Texas Republican Party that wanted Texas to leave.

There was much controversy in the Democratic Texas Party (anti Texit) that Wendy Davis was allowed to run even though she was born in Rhode Island. The DNC ruled that she was allowed to run.

On both Democratic and Republican platforms, they were both anti Texit in 2028.

The voters voted leave by a margin of just 7.2% however a larger margin of 19 areas.

Therefore due to this result, the Republic of Texas was formed.

In the 2032 presidential election, Chelsea Clinton, the Democratic nominee and winner openly condemned the Republic of Texas and cut off all foreign aid.

By 2040, the Republic of Texas voted on a referendum to rejoin the United States and both countries voted overwhelmingly for Texas to go back into the union. Due to economic hardship and a very corrupt government.

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