The Territory of the Military Commander in America was a military administration set up by Russian forces on the east and west coasts of the United States in February 2022, after the initial attacks of the Russo-American War. The administration was composed of a number of military officers, with one holding the title of Military Commander in America as the military title, and was the "Chief Advisor on American Affairs" in the Russian government. The ruling council included three Russian commanders, one Chinese, one Indian, and one Belarusian. Eventually, in May 2022, Colonel General Nikolai Makarov, who held the title of Military Commander in America for the duration of the administration's existence, negotiated with Congressman Ron Paul. The two agreed to form a collaborationist government and military force, the American Provisional Administration, backed by various military groups, with the largest being the "American National Militia".

The military administration oversaw overall management of the occupied territories, working with both their own troops as well as other allied forces (such as Serbian and Tajik contingents). The American Provisional Administration (APA) handled day-to-day matters of running the cities and energy systems in occupied America, while the military council made the important decisions. The military administration oversaw all occupied territories other than Texas (run by independent puppet government), California (same), Alaska (annexed by Russia), and Hawaii (annexed by China). The Territory of the Military Commander, as well as the APA, were disbanded on 21 October 2026, seven days after the end of the war. They were replaced with the American Union, which was a new government established as a Russian/Chinese client state. General Makarov was the leader for much of its existence, but was replaced by Oleg Salukov, the former chief of ground forces staff, on 16 July 2025.



Military Commanders in America

The head of the administration was the Military Commander in America. However, despite the title, officers of this position did not have complete control over the military forces fighting in America. They had a few regular divisions at their disposal, and had de facto control over many American collaborationist units (though these were under de jure control of the APA).

Two officers held this post during its history:

  • Colonel General Nikolai Makarov (17 February 2022 — 14 July 2025)
  • Colonel General Oleg Salukov (16 July 2025 — 21 October 2026)

Military units