An view from a space satellite of Tavalon.

An English speaking planet populated by 250 cultures. The capital is Mavos, a Tavalonian base for people still finding other life on Tavalon. A creature known as the Tavalonian tiger has been found on the planet approaching the speed of light. Mavos is the ultimate metropolis, and has the largest population in the universe of 15 billion, Mavos is the size of two mega regions. It is a very busy city. It is not the only city in Tavalon. There's also Fargouos, populated by other species such as extra-terrestrials, and a small 25% of humans. The rest are the official Tavalonians. The official Tavalonian speak English, and the whole Tavalonian race is Catholic, unlike humans who choose different religions. Tavalonians are only Christians, and believe in no other belief, however very peaceful with humans. The official Tavalonians (who are aliens) are vegetarians. The Tavalonian Empire is run by Artomi Vlidukus, Christian Tavalonian, and smartest man in the universe. He is also part human. The Tavalonian form is black eyes that have many pupils with strong eyesight, and great senses as of smell, taste, feel, and especially hear. Tavalonians can breathe underwater and on land, and have the strength of 50 million strong men. Tavalonians are a fully more developed race than Avalonians, but the Avalonians speak many languages as Aaksi, Mpok, Lopoud, English, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish. Tavalonians are used to speaking English. Tavalonia University is also the universe's best university in all majors, and located in University, Tavalonia.