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We have 2,739 articles in English as of April 16 2014

Welcome to the Future Wikia Community Portal. This is where users can discuss things currently going on on the wiki, come with suggestions for improvements, ask questions, etc. Feel free to add a new topic, and we will take a look at it. News from the admins/bureaucrats will also appear here.

New admins and candidates for adminship (Nov/Dec 2013)Edit

Major contributors YNot1989 and Seiga Miyako have been promoted to administrators, and several users have become chat moderators. Admin Ismael777 has been demoted. See a complete list of this wiki's staff here.

Recent changes (Dec 2013)Edit

A simpler version of our guidelines has been made and also a talk page has been made for proposals. Updated by Ismael777

VisualEditor has been disabled (Dec 2013)Edit

The new VisualEditor has been disabled as it is considered less satisfying to use than the old editor.

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