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Syrian War
Date July 15, 2013-September 26, 2013
Location Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Alawite State, and Kurdistan
Israel and allies
  • Israel
  • Lebanon
  • Alawite State
  • Kurdistan
  • NATO
    • United States
    • European Union
      • United Kingdom
      • Poland
      • Germany
      • France
      • Turkey
      • and others...
  • Assyrian Liberation Party (GFA)
Syria and allies
  • Syria
  • Egypt

The Syrian War was started when Syria tried to retake territory it had previously lost. This ultimately led to a new revolution in Syria.


Golan Heights dispute

Coming soon...

Syrian Civil War

Coming soon...

Formation of Syrian Islamic Republic

Coming soon...

Independence of Kurdistan and Alawite State

Coming soon...

Invasion of Kurdistan, Alawite State, Lebanon, and Israel

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The war begins

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Second Syrian Revolution

Coming soon...

The war ends

Coming soon..

Impact on relations between Egypt and Israel

See main article: Egyptian-Israeli War

Coming soon..

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