The Sydney terrorist attacks were attacks by radical Muslims on a military base in Sydney. It is unknown whether or not the government of the UIC had anything to do with these attacks, but either way they decimated the Australian military. These attacks resulted in Australia removing itself from the Alliance, leaving both itself and the Alliance on the brink of defeat.


September 2020

  • Sep. 6: 30 militant Muslim extremists enter Australia.
  • Sep. 8: They finalize their plans to attack the Australian military headquarters in Sydney.
  • Sep. 10: They enter the military base, killing 4, in a stealthy manner, going unnoticed at different times of the day. At 9:00 PM, they begin hiding a large number of extremely powerful bombs in hangars and vehicle garages. At 11:00 PM, they set the countdown timers on the bombs for 1 hour. At 11:30 they reveal themselves and attack Australian soldiers in a massive shootout, killing about 50 by the time they were all killed. The final terrorist dies at 11:53 PM, shouting "Death to America!!!" Australian forces begin looking for the bombs and find them. They attempt to disarm them, then, realizing they can't in time, begin evacuating the base.
  • Sep. 11: At 12:00 AM, the bombs go off, destroying nearly the entire Australian air force and all of its ground assault vehicles, and killing 6,300 soldiers in honor of 9/11/01. Christie delivers a speech in which he vows to take revenge on the UIC. During this speech, a shot is fired at him and grazes his arm.
  • Sep. 15: Australia officially withdraws from the Alliance, due to its lack of resources. 85% of its military is destroyed except for guns and manpower.