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Flag of the Swiss Guard

The Swiss Guard is the official protector of the Pope and the College of Cardinals.They are commonly seen in the Renaissance-Era clothing although they may look entirely ceremonial they are perhaps the best of the best in fighting and hand to hand combat.

History of the Swiss Guard

Swiss Guard Uniform

the uniform of the Swiss Guard

The Swiss Guard unlike the rest of the USC Military does not deploy during times of war but protects His Holiness the Pope himself.

Asian-Christian War

During the Asian-Christian War they killed almost fifteen Asian spies attempting to assassinate the Pope. But they were other-wise just simply served as the protectors of the Vatican.

Inter-War Years

They during this time allowed non-Swiss peoples into the guard but they had to take an oath of abstinence, an oath of allegiance, be Christian, show a high moral standard, be born on Earth, be male, and speak German, English and Italian. This swelled the numbers of the Swiss Guard to many times the old size.


The Swiss Guard were the first to face the rebels as the rebels attacked the Praefactus Cardinalis's on many planets during the first phase of their plan. The Swiss Guard fought them with harshness not seen in the Swiss Guard since the Kingdom of Italy conqured the old Papal States. The Swiss Guard took no prisoners and killed all who stood in their path. They were finally seen as an actual military unit by the general populous for the first time. They crushed any rebellious attitude with a swift and ferocious retaliation. When they finally captured the Rebel Leaders on Mars they gave a public execution by killing them with their very functional halberds.

Human-Covenant War

The Swiss Guard in the Human-Covenant War oversaw the evacuation of the Cardinals from hundreds of worlds
Swiss Guard Rome

The Swiss Guard at the Vatican

as they were all brought to Earth for protection. After that job was complete they made an even stricter grip on any rebellious peoples often hanging anyone for even speaking against the government as a rebellion would be unspeakably disastrous during this war. After the Sangheili and Mgalekgolo allied with Humanity the Pope added another requirement that the Swiss Guard can only be Humans.

Post Human-Covenant War

The Commandant of the Guard issued a report that he expects that the Swiss Guard will remain in place for a very long time and that the future of humanity is looking ever brighter.

Nuremberg Laws

When the Nuremberg Laws were first passed the Swiss Guard acted as the Inquisitors and the last Swiss Guard divisions being used as Inquisitors ended on August 20, 2280.

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