Swedish general election, 2022

2018 ←                                8 September 2022 → 2026

All 349 seats to the Riksdag

175 seats are needed for a majority

Carin Jämtin
Kent Persson (M)
Gustav Fridolin, Asa Romson


Carin Jämtin Kent Persson Gustav Fridolin

Åsa Romson

Party Social Democratic Moderate Green
Leader since 2022 2018

2011 and 2020

Seats Won 107 121 89

Johan Pehrson
Anders W. Jonsson
Jimmie Åkesson 2014
Leader Johan Pehrson Anders W. Jonnson Jimmie Åkesson
Party Liberal People's Centre

Sweden Democrats


Leader since 2021 2022
Seats Won 39 2- 10-
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The Swedish general election, 2022 was a strugglesome election between the Social Democrats and the Moderates which the Social Democrats won, the Sweden Democrats went out of the Riksdag after a big internal struggle about the alt right newspaper Fria Tider.

The Pork Scandal

On February 19 2022 it was revealed about a "Pork Scandal" when a ICA in Stockholm allegedly selled Pigs with Antibiotika

Work In Progress