Republic of Sweden

Svenska Republiken

Flag of Sweden

Flag of Sweden

Motto: "???"

Anthem: "Du gamla, du fria "
Map Coming SoonLocation of  Sweden

and largest city

Official languages Swedish
Government Parliamentary Republic
 -  Prime Minister ???
 -  President ???
 -   Speaker of

the Riksdag

Legislature Riksdag


- Republic of Sweden

Middle Ages 


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The Republic of Sweden (Formerly know as the Kingdom of Sweden) is a Large Republic in Scandinavia, It Borders Norway, Denmark, Sápmi (Semi Independent) and Finland 


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see Riksdagen

The Riksdag (Swedish: Riksdagen) is the Parliament of Sweden, the following parties are in the Riksdag since 2040

Socialdemocrats, Moderates, Centre, People's Party, Direct Democrats (Founded 2014), Animal Party (Founded 2014), Swedendemocrats, Left and the Pirateparty

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