The Term Superpower is used to refer to countries with a massive amount of political, economic, social, and military power over the rest of a planet. The Term originated in its modern form, in 1944, to describe the British Empire, and has since been used to refer to the United States, after the end of World War II.


From the 1800s, to about 1945, the British Empire was considered to be the world's largest superpower. The Nation controlled land in almost every continent and had a population of more than 458 Million People at its height. By 1945, the British Empire was falling as nations began declaring their independence. At this point the United States and Soviet Union were the two dominant superpowers. the latter fell in 1991, leaving the United States as the sole superpower in the world. By 2015, the People's Republic of China had surpassed the United States and has been a superpower since 1979.

In 2016, Russia unified four countries to form the Union of Eurasian Republics and managed to reclaim most of the Post-Soviet States by 2035. At this time, It challenged the United States for world dominance and nearly came close, but the corrupt leadership, and political pressure from the West, caused its demise more than 85 years later.

In Africa, The Republic of South Africa annexed many of the neighboring countries to expand its territory. South Africa became the largest country in Africa, and the 14th largest economy. 

China became democratic in 2040 after a a 23-year Civil War caused the Communist regime to fall. The Social Democracy that emerged, became just as powerful as its communist counterpart, but still found itself behind the United States which had just underwent a period of economic revival.

In 2050, there were seven main superpowers, The United States, China, The Eurasian Union, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and South Africa, and about 15 major economic powerhouses in the world.

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