British Iles

1-Kingdom of Britain


3-Republic of Cumbria

4-Republic of Scotland

5-Gaelic Republic of the Hebrides

6-Republic of Ireland

114-Republic of Cornwall

115-Kingdom of Man

Iberia and France

7-Kingdom of Brittany

8-Republic of Normandy

9-Republic of France

10- Republic of Aquatinane

11-Occitan Republic

12-Basque Republic

13-Catalonia Republic

14-Valencian Republic

15-Principality of Andorra

16-Kingdom of Spain

17-Republic of Galicia (Iberia)

18-Republic of Portugal

Italian Peninsula, outlying islands and the Alps

19-Kingdom of Corsica

20-Kingdom of Sardinia

21-North Italian Republic

22-Republic of Central Italy

23-Republic of Naples

24-Sicilian Republic

25-Vatican City

26-San Marino

27-Romansh Republic

28-Ladian Republic

29-Fruilian Republic

30-Republic of Austria

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