List of Games

Year Matchup Winners Score
2015-16 Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos Panthers 49-21
2016-17 Carolina Panthers vs New England Patriots Panthers 14-13
2017-18 Green Bay Packers vs New England Patriots Patriots 28-21
2018-19 New Orleans Saints vs New England Patriots Saints 35-21
2019-20 Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans Cowboys 49-14
2020-21 Los Angeles Rams vs New York Jets Rams 7-0
2021-22 New Orleans Saints vs Miami Dolphins Saints 28-14
2022-23 New Orleans Saints vs New York Jets Saints 28-7
2023-24 New Orleans Saints vs Denver Broncos Saints 56-49
2024-25 Los Angeles Rams vs Toronto Raiders Rams 24-21
2025-26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New England Patriots Patriots 17-14
2026-27 New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers Saints 56-14
2027-28 Chicago Bears vs Baton Rouge Bills Bills 14-7
2028-29 New Orleans Saints vs Baton Rouge Bills Saints 21-17
2029-30 Green Bay Packers vs New England Patriots Packers 14-10
2030-31 New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts Saints 14-10

Important Games/Events

2015-16 Game (Manning's last stand)

The Carolina Panthers utterly dominate the Denver Broncos. This is Peyton Manning's last game in the NFL as he announces his retirement the day after.

2016-17 Game (The Extra Point that killed the Dream)

The Panthers win their second Superbowl in a row, becoming one of the few teams to do so.

2018-19 Game (Emperor Brady falls)

This is the second Superbowl in Saints Franchise history and its the last game for Tom Brady.

2021-22 Game (Fournette's Rise)

First Superbowl for eventual multi-time MVP winner Leonard Fournette.

2022-23 Game (The Holy Game)

Saints win two Super Bowls in a row.

2023-24 Game (The Brees Ends)

Saints win their 3rd Superbowl in a row. Drew Brees retires after winning the most Super Bowls for any player in NFL history (at the time) at a total of 5.

2024-25 Game (Canada's Game)

First time a team in Canada has made it to a Superbowl

2026-27 Game (Doomsday Game)

Leonard Fournette leads the Saints to another Superbowl by utterly dominating the Steelers in the biggest defeat for any team in Superbowl history.

2028-29 Game (Bayou Bowl)

Leonard Fournette ties for the most Superbowl rings for any player and a Superbowl with two teams in Louisiana.

2030-31 Game (A Dynasty is made)

Leonard Fournette officially breaks the record for most Superbowl rings out of any player in NFL history with a total of Six.

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