Super Bowl Champions, 2000-2025

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Super Bowl Date Champion Runner-up Final Score MVP
XXXIV January 30, 2000 St. Louis Rams Tennessee Titans 23-16 Kurt Warner, QB
XXXV January 28, 2001 Baltimore Ravens New York Giants 34-7 Ray Lewis, LB
XXXVI February 3 2002 New England Patriots St Louis Rams 20-17 Tom Brady, QB
XXXVII January 26, 2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Oakland Raiders 48-21 Dexter Jackson, FS
XXXVIII February 1, 2004 New England Patriots Carolina Panthers 32-29 Tom Brady, QB
XXXIX February 6, 2005 New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles 24-21 Deion Branch, WR
XL February 5, 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks 21-10 Hines Ward, WR
XLI February 4, 2007 Indianapolis Colts Chicago Bears 29-17 Peyton Manning, QB
XLII February 3, 2008 New York Giants New England Patriots 17-14 Eli Manning, QB
XLIII February 1, 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Arizona Cardinals 27-23 Santonio Holmes, WR
XLIV February 7, 2010 New Orleans Saints Indianapolis Colts 31-17 Drew Brees, QB
XLV February 6, 2011 Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 Aaron Rodgers, QB
XLVI February 5, 2012 New York Giants New England Patriots 21-17 Eli Manning, QB
XLVII February 3, 2013 Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers 34-31 Joe Flacco, QB
XLVIII February 2, 2014 Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos 43-8 Malcolm Smith, LB
XLIX February 1, 2015 New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks 28-24 Tom Brady, QB
50 February 7, 2016 Denver Broncos Carolina Panthers 24-10 Von Miller, OLB
LI February 5, 2017 New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons 34-28 (OT) Tom Brady, QB
LII February 3, 2018 New England Patriots Dallas Cowboys 44-34 Dion Lewis, WR
LIII  February 2, 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers Los Angeles Rams 28-17 Ben Roethlisberger, QB
LIV February 7, 2020 Indianapolis Colts Green Bay Packers 31-21 Andrew Luck, QB
LV February 6, 2021 Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphins 27-26 Ezekiel Elliott, RB
LVI February 5, 2022 Baltimore Ravens Arizona Cardinals 34-14 Joe Flacco, QB
LVII February 5, 2023 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jacksonville Jaguars 17-10 Jameis Winston, QB
LVIII February 2, 2024 Green Bay Packers Cincinnati Bengals 33-10 Aaron Rodgers, QB
LVIX February 3, 2025 Washington Redskins New York Jets 19-14 Kirk Cousins, QB

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