1 2 3 4 Total
NO 7 3 7 7 24
CLE 0 10 7 0 17
Date February 6, 2022
Stadium Budweiser Field, St. Louis, Missouri
MVP Ryan Fitzpatrick, Quarterback
Favorite Browns by 2
Referee Joe Daniels 
Attendance 82,318
Future Hall of Famers
Saints: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Michael Smith

Browns: Joe Smith, Jim Baker

National Anthem Bruno Mars 
Coin toss Kurt Warner, Representing the St. Louis Football Historical Society 
Halftime Show Selena Gomez 
TV in the United States
Network CBS
Announcers Kevin Harlan, Phil Simms, Kevin Burkhart, and Michelle Tayfoa 
Nielsen Ratings 

49.9 (national)
70.0 (Cleveland) 
29.9 (New Orleans)

US viewership: 125.4 million est. avg., 175.2 million est. total

Market share 68 (national)

82 (Cleveland)

80 (New Orleans)

Cost of 30-second commercial US$10.5-11.8 Million 
  • ←55                           Super Bowl              57→

Super Bowl 56 (or Super Bowl LVI in the early stages) is the name of a game that was played on February 6, 2022 in St. Louis, Missouri. The Game hosted the New Orleans Saints and the Cleveland Browns for the first time in a back-to-back series of matchups between the two during the big game. The Saints won 24-17 after a controversial call resulted in a touchdown in the 4th Quarter. 


The Following Sites submitted bids to host Super Bowl LVI 

  • SunLife Stadium in Miami  was ruled out because of the debt still owed by the Marlins to the county and the stadium itself was in need of massive upgrades 
  • Washington D.C. made a bid for its new stadium. It dropped out due to pressure from Native American Activists to push for the name change of the team to the Warriors.
  • Cleveland made a bid to show off the massive renovations made to its facility. The Weather, however, was a concern as the league had already picked Gillete Stadium a year earlier
  • Detroit made a bid for Ford Field but people did not want the game in Detroit cause the city was to violent so the motor city could not host he game

Other bids that withdrew included Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, the Raider Palace at Oracle Sports Center, and MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ 



Browns Owner Dan Gilbert, promised to build a Super Bowl contending team back in 2020. Gilbert teamed up with former Jets GM Mike Tannebaum  and Bill Bellicheck to build a dynasty in Cleveland. Dean Pees was brought in as the Defensive Coordinator and Mike Zimmer was brought in as head coach, who was advised by Bill Bellichek. 

Joe Smith was acquired from the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for the rights to Johnny Manziel, who had gone to the Edinburgh Knights, and two draft picks. 

The Los Angeles Rams faced the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Series and after holding a 24-0 lead at the half, the Saints came back, beating them 37-31. 

In Pittsburgh, the Browns did not have any trouble, taking them down 49-17 with respected boos in recgonition of the Browns first Super Bowl appearance since the relocation in 1996. 


Kurt Warner flipped the coin on behalf of the St. Louis Football Historical Society, the trust holding the records of the Cardinals and the Rams. New Orleans won the kick but deferred. 

Cleveland QB Joe Smith, three years into the NFL, had a promising future. coming off the bench in LA the year before, Smith was the most respected player in the league. 

Cleveland had two strong wide receivers, Veteran Odell Beckham Jr. and Newcomer Alex Rinegold. The team also acquired Darelle Revis from the New York Jets, and Mike Thomas from the St. Louis Stallions.

New Orleans saw

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