Steven Irizarry is the founder of Irizarry industries and the co-inventor of its tech. born in florida having been diagnosed with Aspergers at a young age. he would grow up with ambition to be important to the science field. he would pass high school and go to a university where he would eventually create Irizarry industries. pioneering in many fields and dominating industry after industry it becomes obvious that steven wasnt interested in just making money or something shallow like that but changing the world. One of his talents was hiring talent and mixing research to complement each of his divisions. he also lead the way to having fields of research reach its potential. his company within ten years reached hundreds of billions of dollars in valuation. his world changing transhumanist projects like his universal robots, nano-tech cures, genetic engineering among many others would change every industry. he is also the first homo-novi or homo-superior, using this to increase his innovation. his wealth adds up to over 140 billion dollars making him the richest person in the world.

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