Steam is the world's video game e-commerce social network. It has more gaming selections than Amazon and Apple combined. If you have a video game running on a PC, Mac, or other entertainment system, it is guranteed that you bought it from Steam. 

Steam reached market penetration in 2018. With 100% of gamers using it to find, download, and purchase new games. No matter what the OS. 

Holographic Gaming

Competeing directly with Oculus Rift, Steam starts playing around with Holograms in 2020 after dominating the joystick video game market. 

The Game Room

By 2028 the Game Room is the new must have technology. It is essentially Star Trek's Holodeck, reimagined! One device in the center of any room in your house and you can be transported to a new world. Whether you want to be Moby Dick, Neo in the Matrix, or Captain Picard himself, you now can! 

Hollywood Disputes

Despite making BIllions off of this new form of entertainment Hollywood actors and celebrities are increasingly upset because this is forcing them out of work. Many A-Listers are now only making one new movie per year. 

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