This is a list of Antarctica states, including population and adimission date.

# Flag State Admission Population Notes
1 Havloflag Havlo 00011-11-Template:0expr 2018 Nov 11 414,185 Most mild climate and largest state in terms of population.
2 Victoriaflag Victoria 00011-11-Template:0expr 2018 Nov 11 240,198 Holds the largest city in Antarctica, McMurdo. 2 National parks.
3 NAflag North Antarctica 00010-02-Template:0expr 2019 Feb 10 216,533 The coldest outer state. 2nd most imports and exports occur in this state.
4 BLflag Byrdland 00011-02-Template:0expr 2019 Feb 11 73,072 Broke off of Havlo in 2019. Byrdland is the most polluted state as there are many factories.
5 Newbinflag Newbin 00017-05-Template:0expr 2030 May 17 3,328 The coldest state in terms of climate. The geographic south pole is located here.
6 Atchabinicflag Atchabinic 00012-09-Template:0expr 2047 Sept 12 51,002 Atchabinic is the newest state. It is a modified version of the Inuit word for "eastern."