The State of the Union of 2051 was one of the most remarkable State of the Union addresses! The President was passing laws at a dizzying rate! After the tragic death of the President of the United States in Montgomery, Alabama, Carly Fiorina.... the US markets were in free fall! The Dow Jones went down 691.02 pts down at 19,453.13 and the SNP went down 1/5 of the SNP! Troy Hay, former Speaker of the House and Governor of Washington took the oath of Office, bypassing the Vice-Presidency..(Since the Late Vice-President Sonny Perdue died 4 years earlier)! President Hay, in a hurry to fix the markets, fluxuated the markets so that the Dow was up 6 points a day rather than 51pts a day! The Presidents Cabinet, which consisted of:

Secretary of State: Dr. Jennifer McCormick

Secretary of Treasury: Sam Halsam

Secretary of Defence: Michele Bachmann

Secretary of Agriculture: Sam Brownback

Secretary of Labor: Maria Cantwell

Secretary of Commerce: Wilbur Ross

Secretary of the Interior: Linda McMahon

Secretary of Transportation: Elaine Chao

Attorney General: Jeanine Pirro

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Mary Fallin

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Rob Astorino

Secretary of Education: Elisabeth DeVos

Secretary of Energy: Roy Blunt

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Peter T. King

Secretary of Homeland Security: Frances Townsend

Main Points:

Foreign Policy: The United States has engaged in many alliances across the world! But we must make the other countries in our alliance to pay there dues! After all, we are not the only country in our alliance! The People's Republic of China is in total free fall! The government is falling to Right winged rebels! The United States will no longer do business with the country of China!

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