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This is the second installment in the Standard Future Map Game series, and another map game by the community for the community.


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North Korea begins denuclearization and adopts a more China-like political and economic policy. The ”Hermit Kingdom” is no more, as censorship is slightly loosened and Western companies start setting up shop in Pyongyang.

The trade war between China and the United States escalates to a point where some begin to see a potential Second Cold War in the near future.

ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliate groups, and other Islamist extremist groups grow in power in Southeast Asia, specifically in Myanmar’s Rakhine State and the region of Pattani in Thailand.

The Venezuelan government teeters on the brink of collapse, as pro-democracy groups begin arming themselves, and the economy continues to collapse.

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: We hold both our presidential election and parliamentary elections, which are held both every 5 years. Incumbent independent President Petro Poroshenko has lost the presidential election to former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko of the Fatherland Party; with the ballot being 57.8% to 42.1%. In the parliamentary elections, the incumbent government parties of the Poroshenko Bloc and People's Front lose 83 and 22 seats respectively, with 100 of them going to Tymoshenko's Fatherland Party and 5 of them going to the Opposition Bloc. The government parties seats are thrown back to 114, while Fatherland and Opposition both gain to 168 seats. The Self Reliance Party, Revival, and 7 independents aligns itself with Fatherland and Opposition bringing it up to 226 Seats. It was thought that Poroshenko might fight the election results, but eventually conceded the race to Tymoshenko. She was inaugurated on April 30th in front of the Ukrainian parliament; while also becoming the first woman president in Ukrainian history. Official actions by the new Ukrainian government will begin next year.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Prime Minister Shinzō Abe continues with plans for the proposed Japanese constitutional referendum due for next year which would revise Article 9. However, with North Korea seemingly calming down a bit, a recent NHK public opinion poll shows that around 70% oppose this change. A new version of the Nostalgia (ノスタルジア) piano based music game in the Arcade is released, brining new features to the table. Toyota makes plans on reintroducing the Supra to the Super GT series, based on the GR Supra Racing Concept, and will replace the Lexus LC 500 GT500 that is currently in use.
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba: Raul Castro, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, dies.  José Ramón Machado Ventura becomes the new First Secretary. Because of the death of Raul Castro, the recent reforms in North Korea and the pro-democracy groups in Venezuela; people are protesting against the current government and ask for more democracy and the abolishment of the one-party state. Some people follow the example of Venezuela and start to arm themselves, although they hope a peaceful agreement can be made. But Machado doesn't comply with these wishes and continues to rule as a dictator.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: President Xi Jinping proposes a new Sino-Mongolian economic zone [Mod Response] to allow workers to cross the border between Inner Mongolia and Mongolia proper to work without the need of passports or visas much like the EEC. This scheme signals the beginning of the One Belt One Road Initiative with trials of the new border controls to be implemented on a potentially larger scale. With the demilitarisation of North Korea, the PRC suggests a formal mutual defence treaty with Pyongyang and possible observer status in the SCO [Mod Response]. China is also to send financial support to the government of Venezuela in the hope a civil war can be averted. Beijing is to also increase tax scrutiny on earnings of U.S. companies in China as well as there production methods in response to US tariffs.
    • Flag of North Korea.svg-0 North Korean Response: Supreme Leader Kim obliges to both, announcing to the people of North Korea that these will bring in a new era of North Korean prosperity.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: Due to the ever more obvious disdain for the former world order displayed by America, as well as unfair and insulting trade tariffs paced on Canada, new, independent trade deals are made with the EU, China, and South East Asia. [Mod/Player Responses] In other news, popularity of PM Trudeau has skyrocketed largely thanks to Trump. This is because Trudeau is seen as strong and responsible by standing up to Trump. This year, the government announces massive plans to energise the Canadian economy by encouraging various responsible business ventures. In an effort to become more self-reliant (unsurprising thanks to Trump), the government is subsidising efforts to create sustainable, and environmentally friendly vertical farming projects right outside major cities to being the food closer to the consumer. This is following the example of South American entrepreneur Elon Musk, where the stages between initial production and final consumption are reduced or consolidated into the same company to reduce cost. This model is carried over into many other industries with consolidation monitored by the government to ensure responsibility. This is possible thanks to technological developments that allow for the cheap collection and analysis of information in general (cue references to the Information Revolution). In addition to that, fishing is encouraged as Global Warming means many temperate water fish have moved further North. Slowly, Hudson Bay is becoming a more and more industrialised area. Plans have been announced to create 2 science parks next year. The first will be just outside Toronto and will mainly house startups and new enterprising companies. The second science park will be just a handful kilometres away and will house large established science companies. This is to encourage investment by large companies into smaller startups.
    • Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese Diplomacy: China accepts the independent trade deal with Canada and suggests full Canadian membership in the AIIB [Player Response].
  • Flag of North Korea.svg-0 North Korea: In agreement to denuclearize, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un gives orders to the military to dismantle the least powerful weapons of the stockpile. Supreme Leader Kim also announces that he is welcoming of the newfound presence of certain companies, holding the opening ceremony of the first ever North Korean McDonalds (located in Pyongyang). In efforts to increase relations with their Southern neighbor, Kim proposes a Korean Peninsula Free Trade Agreement (or KPFTA, modeled after NAFTA), to South Korean President Moon Jae-In as well as a decreased DMZ. [Mod Response Needed] Things are not all good though, North Korea has blocked the presence of the major video game companies such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft as well as the presence of other external media and even western books. Poverty and hunger conditions are still undeveloped outside of Pyongyang; prompting many to move to the capital, resulting in plans to modernize and expand the city.
  • Flag of France France: President Emmanuel Macron and much of the French government still see France as a great power in its own right. The French Armed Forces budget is increased from 1.8% to 3.5% of GDP. Considering the deteriorating security situation, both within France and abroad, Le Republique En Marche introduces in the National Assembly a measure to restore mandatory military service, which had been ended in 2001. The proposed bill sets the conscription term to 2 years for Frenchmen without college education and 1 year for those that have attended college. A new plan to respond to the changing geopolitical situation and great power rivalry by the government has set the size of the military from 366,000 to be raised to a peacetime strength of at least 410,000 men. This will be done with the inclusion of conscripts. Meanwhile, in order to address the economic situation, the President is considering setting up a national labor corps for unemployed youth to work on public projects. In response to U.S. tariffs, we would like to negotiate an independent trade deal with China. [Player Response] The government also decides to suspend any further immigration to France considering how many migrants are already here. Reassmblement National proposes a measure to the Assembly to also solve the migrant issue and improving the military by mandating each migrant that arrived in France since 2015 to spend at least 5 years in the French Foreign Legion. Considering that most of the migrants are military age men, this proposal makes sense. Members of the opposition parties accuse Macron of complicity in genocide and crimes against humanity for the participation of French Army Special Operations Forces in the Saudi-led conflict in Yemen.
    • Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese Diplomacy: China accepts the independent trade deal with France.
    • Flag of Canada Canadian Diplomacy: Canada wishes to sign an independant trade deal with the EU. (you are considered defacto leader and most approachable nation by Canada) [Player Response] [Secret] Alongside the publicly stated mission to France, officials from the foreign ministry wish to inquire as to France's views on the future of the EU. [Player Response] [/Secret]
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: Crown Prince Muhammed Bin Salman claims the throne, after his father is put in to old-age retirement. With Yemen in famine, he is shown pictures of starving Yemeni Children by his staff, moving him, making him want peace. So Peace Terms will be drafted. Meanwhile, the KSU Gazal-1 factory is expanded. Construction of downtown NEOM city begins to pick up. Production of s-400s AK103, AGS 30s Kornet EM systems, and TOS 1 As begin (as per a deal reached with russia in 2017). Diplomacy to Ukraine (WE SEEK A DEAL TO LOCALLY PRODUCE T84 OPLOT TANKS.) RESPONSE PLZ). Meanwhile, further military pressure is mounted on Yemen until the deal is agreed to. More women purchase cars this year. ANNOUNCEMENT TO THE WORLD: A SAUDI SPACE PROGRAM IS BEING CREATED, SO WE SEEK THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST MINDS TO ASSIST US. RESPOND IF YOU WANT. Healthy relations with egypt are promoted, with help offered for their New Cario project. The population is at 33.5 million, and growing. Meanwhile, the Military is being expanded to 300,000 active duty soldiers to counter the Turkish and Iranian threat.
    • Mods read this peace deal: The terms for the peace deal we offer are... 1. All Houthi leaders will be pardoned. 2 Houthi fighters will lay down their arms or join the Yemeni army. 3. The Houthi movement will be allowed to run as a political party. (Similar to Hezbollah in Lebanon.) 4 The Saudi Kingdom will contribute 10 billion in the reconstruction of Yemen. 5. (for a Houthi advantage.) When the treaty is signed, Hadi will resign and a new election occur.
    • Mod Response: The Houthis and Yemeni Government accept.
    • Flag of Ukraine Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: President Tymoshenko is very pleased with the offer for the construction of the T-84 Tank and gladly accept. We hope this will be the start of better relations between our nations.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Seeing as Catalonian independence movements have nearly died down, with most independence leaders fleeing to other parts of Europe, we begin to once more raise the autonomy of Catalonia. Seeing as NATO is heavily encouraging member nations to increase their military upkeep, there are some sentiments in the General Courts of leaving the archaic alliance, built to deter a threat no longer. Not wanting to suffer the same fate as Greece, we begin to lessen our debt, raise taxes for the time being, and begin to transform into a socialist nation. The Spanish Armed Force's budget is dramatically lowered, in stark contrast to our northern neighbor, France, from 5.71 billion euros to 4.88 billion euros. We ask North Korea if a Spanish embassy could be built in Pyongyang. [North Korean Response] We begin to sell bonds to the general public, and are determined to keep the national debt below 100% of the GDP. We will not default, or even have bailouts, as we want to keep the economic independence of our nation. We also reduce the national interest rates in an attempt for citizens to cheaply borrow money. Spain is at a crossroad, and hopefully we choose the right path.
    • North Korean Response: We proudly accept.
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil: Newly elected President Geraldo Alckmin proposes a massive infrastructure plan, which includes massively expanding the highway system on the scale of the US Interstate project, as well as a high-speed cargo and passenger rail line, travelling at speeds of over 200 km/h. This plan is expected to be completed by 2030. In an effort to protect against deforestation, huge swathes of the Amazon are declared as a nature reserve. We also invest more into solar and wind power plants. Seeing the cooldown of North Korea, we open an embassy in Pyongyang. In face of the recent US tariffs, we ask China, Canada, and the EU for re-negotiated trade deals [Mod/Player Response Needed]. We also secretly fund and arm the pro-democracy guerilla groups in Venezuela, in hopes of establishing a more democratic government.
    • Flag of North Korea.svg-0 North Korean Response: We accept the opening of an embassy in Pyongyang but request that further embassies must be opened on request.
    • Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese Diplomacy: China accepts the trade deal


Several suicide bombs explode in Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, killing 607 and making it the deadliest terrorist attack in Southeast Asian history. ISIS claims responsibility (as it likes to do for every terrorist attack under the sun). Soon after, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) begin attacking Sittwe, the capital city of Myanmar’s Rakhine State, capturing the city after a deadly 3-month long siege with heavy losses and atrocities commited by both sides.

Bernie Sanders is elected President of the United States in a near-landslide election, carrying 340 electoral votes and nearly three-quarters of the popular vote. He immediately reverses Trump’s tariffs that have been hurting the American economy and halts construction on Trump’s wall (around 200 miles of wall had already been built).

The Syrian Civil War concludes with a victory for Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Government.

Skirmishes between the Venezuelan army and well-armed guerilla forces begin in the southern half of the country.

  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: Beijing condemns the terror attacks in Yangon, offering to send counter-insurgent forces and military aid to the government of Myanmar on the condition that any attacks on the Rohingya civilian population cease [Mod Response]. China secretly steps up military and financial aid to the UWSA, NCSN , ABSDF and discontent elements within the Tatmadaw in preparation for a coup if the need/opportunity arises. Xi's anti-corruption campaign nears completion with over 150 arrests of high ranking officials within the CPC. Over 40,000 lower level government workers are also charged. Punishment varies from substantial fines to life internment in labour camps. In a speech, Xi Jinping claims that this will usher in a new era of prosperity for the PRC. He also announces a new initiative, the Rural Development Project, which will see heavy investment in the less developed rural areas of China away from the coast. At the 2020 SCO summit in Russia, China officially announces the beginning of construction on the New Eurasian Land Bridge. The land bridge is to be a series of continuous high speed train tracks, to a Chinese gauge, that will connect Urumqi to Moscow. The tracks are to be used for both transport of goods and people across Eurasia. The planned completion date is 2024. A second series of tracks that will run through Iran, Iraq and Syria and Turkey was also been planned at the summit to bring much needed investment and industry to the war torn region. China is also to temporally double its military spending to over 3% of its GNP in efforts to quickly modernise much of its force. The government is to fund mass production of VT-4 and the new Type-05 to replace many outdated PLA tanks. The aircraft carrier Shandong is officially commissioned after a 1 year delay to technical difficulties. The construction a third unnamed Chinese aircraft carrier following a upgraded design of the Shandong is underway with construction to finish in 2026. The PLAN is also to reinforced with 3 nuclear submarines, 4 destroyers, 8 frigates and 8 corvettes by 2025. China also requests Russia the plans of a Slava class cruiser [Mod Response]. Beijing is also to increase investment into clean energy alternatives, with pollution in major industrial areas reaching uninhabitable levels. Solar farms in the Gobi desert are to be developed while many coal factories in the Beijing area will be relocated inland as a temporary solution. With the new American administration's removal of the tariffs placed on Chinese goods, the Chinese trade policy with the US will return to normal. On a state visit to the US after the election Xi Jinping states that he wishes for nothing more than mutual cooperation so both sides may benefit. The Chinese space program also begins early plans of a new rocket based on the same concept SpaceX's Falcon Heavy's landing system.
    • Mod Response: Myanmar agrees to stop the attacks on the Rohingya civillian population in exchange for Chinese help. However, this does not have much of an effect with the Army, and although attacks on Rohingya by the civilian population of Rakhine State cease, the Army continues to attack them. Russia also agrees.
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba: After a lot Pro-democracy protests, Machado has decided to step down as the First Secretary and a provisional governement is put in place. A new constitution is made. The new govern,ment announces that the first democratic elections will be held next year.There is finally free press in the nation because the media is not controlled anymore by the Communist Party.
  • Flag of North Korea.svg-0 North Korea: With no response from last years' proposal, Kim Jong-un once again proposes the Korean Peninsula Free Trade Agreement (KPFTA) to South Korea, in hopes for a response. [Mod Response Needed] (Said deal would decrease the size of the DMZ and operate much like NAFTA). We also ask to open our first embassies, in China, South Korea, and the US. [Mod/Player Response Needed] To further plans of denuclearization, we secretly propose a deal to sell 80% of our remaining nuclear weapons to China in return for a mutual co-defense pact. [Chinese Response Needed] Using the remaining 20% in efforts to establish a successful space program, we open the Great Space Agency of the Wonderful Nation of North Korean (or GSAWNNK), with a satellite launch planned to happen by 2024. Internal modernization efforts continue, with projects to modernize Hamhung into a major port city begin. Hamhung is set to open to external ships by 2027. We build infrastructure in Pyongyang, creating the base for what is to become the largest tower in North Korea; the Tower of Kim (set to be 700 ft), which will be where the Kim family would now reside after its completion in 2029.
    • Mod Response: Seeing this as a symbol of reconciliation and a step to reunification with North Korea, South Korea accepts.
    • Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese Diplomacy: China accepts the pact and is willing to aid the North Korean space program.
  • Flag of France France: In response to Canada from last year, we agree to negotiate a new trade deal and inform the Canadians that France supports the EU remaining but wants to reform it to take power away from the main EU bureaucracy in Brussels and give more power to national governments, to make it a less centralized organization. That is the basis of Macron's negotiations with the German and the EU leadership. France still does see it self as the leading EU country and the Western European great power, refusing the idea that France is the junior partner to Germany. Emmanuel Macron's presidency is continued to see 50%+ disapproval in the polls, with mass protests continuing to take place in Paris on occasion. Although polls show him slightly leading over other candidates in a hypothetical general election, Marine Le Pen's Reassemblement National party is catching up. Daily reports of crimes committed by migrant criminals contribute to this, as well as the nationalist coalition victory in Italy a couple years ago. Echoing the statements of Italian politician Mateo Salvini, Le Pen promises to deport "at least one million" migrants if elected. The bill on making migrants serve in the French Foreign Legion does not pass in its current form, but the National Assembly approves the Le Republique En Marche proposal to reinstate conscription, which would include all French citizens—including those that are not of ethnic French origin, of course. The government announces that the first conscription wave will begin in 2020, when youths will be called up to report to military offices. French citizens who have college education will serve 1 year in the Armed Forces and subsequently spend 3 years as secondary reservists in the National Guard (resurrected by President Hollande in 2016)—meeting two weeks per year for military training. Those without college or other education will serve for 2 years and spend 6 years in the secondary reserve. President Macron continues to accept migrants and begins the process of granting them French citizenship, which irritates much of the public as polls show the French people are largely opposed to continued immigration and open borders policy. Macron's labor corps idea does not pass, but the government takes policies to promote Internet and AI development to create a "French Silicon Valley" that will spur economic growth. The new security measures adopted by the government, Macron hopes, will reinvigorate foreign tourism to France and increase revenue from tourists.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: Newly inaugurated President Yulia Tymoshenko quickly gets to work. She proposes a bill to the Ukrainian Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada that would hold a referendum to see weather or not Ukraine should join NATO [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED, 226 VOTES OUT OF 450 MEMBERS NEEDED TO PASS]. She says during a news conference that, "It is important for the people to decide weather or not we should join a collective security alliance." She also asks the leadership of the European Union to join her in creating a free trade area between Ukraine and the EU [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. She also announces that she will end Russia's contract of their fleet in Ukraine's claims in the Black Sea, and announces that all Russian ships must be out of the area by 2022. With the war still raging in the East, Tymoshenko announces that Ukraine will not stand for this kind of betrayal and will end the civil war. She also tells foreign governments (especially Russia), not to intervene in the conflict as since it's in Ukraine it's Ukraine's problem. The Ministry of Internal Affairs announces an overall in the efforts in Eastern Ukraine, pointing a specific plan of a swift invasion of the occupied area and arrest/trial of the leaders. Soon after the announcement, 5,345 members of the Ukrainian Special Forces, Ukrainian National Guard and the Ukrainian Security Services invade the occupied area under control of the rebels. The Aidar Battalion, 39th Motorized Infantry Battalion and 40th Motorized Infantry Battalion are the first to engage with the rebel forces; the first major attack by Ukrainian forces are near the city of Donetsk, where we engage at the Donetsk International Airport to cut off supplies, along with closing canals, and cutting power grids [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. President Tymoshenko allocates more money towards Ukraine's National Cyber Security force to protect against "...opposing forces bent on harming Ukraine's sovereignty."
    • Mod Response: The EU agree on a free trade deal with Ukraine, however, NATO votes down Ukraine’s proposal to join it, with only 181 votes. Donetsk International Airport is captured after a pyrrhic victory seeing the loss of 4,000 Ukranian troops and 6,000 rebel troops.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: The T-84 oplot begins as the Fahd tank. The plan to build two nuclear factories by 2020, and 16 by 2030 is underway. Taking a que from Iran, King Mohammed Bin Salman adopts a “forward” defense strategy. With this in mind, weaponary and munitions are sent to allied proxies across the Islamic world. The king begins to take a more pan-arab role. Downtown Neom construction continues. Meanwhile Saana and other cities is reconstructed with Modern apartment buildings, and new schools are built. Arab Islamic lions (Saudi proxy): operations begin against DAESH in Libya, as well as in Lebanon to create a balance to Hezbollah. They assist in retaking Derna along with Haftar's forces.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: In January, the departure tax for both citizens and foreigners begins. In June, the referendum to revise Article 9 does not pass as 75% of the votes in the public voted against the changes. Shinzō Abe's approval rating also drops as a result, and calls for early elections next year in March. With the reform and newer scandals coming to light, the LDP also sees approval ratings drop. With that, the Liberal Democratic Party announced a leadership election this September. The leadership elections take place, and see Shinzō Abe voted out, and Fumio Kishida elected as the president of the Liberal Democratic Party and also succeeding as the Prime Minister of Japan. Sony announces the PlayStation 5 to be released sometime next year. Bandai Namco Entertainment also announces an anime based on Idolmaster Million Live!.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: A new, young but intelligent political adviser has been appointed to the PM's Cabinet. This continues the trend of more and more young politicians in Canada representing a new type of politics, one devoted to answering to voters, one devoted to nurturing the talents of the young generation and making Canada the leader of the progressive world. Previously mentioned political adviser is the mastermind behind the newly created Voter Communication Unit (VCU), headed by yet another young official. (To be fair young here means late 20s to 30s so their not like fresh-grads or anything). The main function of the VCU is to communicate to voters by explaining political actions, bills, as well as communicating daily news about the going-ons of government via social media. Additionally, politicians in Trudeau's party are encouraged to regularly engage in social media as a medium to engage with voters. In other news, a delegation has been sent to Silicon Valley and Paris respectively to learn about how to create and manage a successful science and business park. In domestic policy, corporate tax for tech companies have been lowered to encourage startups as well as entice already well-established companies. Canada puts itself as a tech hub of the 21st century. Last but not least, the city of Bathurst in New Brunswick is declared a special economic zone meant to encourage shipping and manufacturing.
    • Flag of Saudi Arabia Diplomacy from Saudi Arabia: King Muhammed Bin Salman offers to set up a joint Peaceful - Nuclear program.
    • Flag of Canada Canadian Diplomacy: The PM is interested and willing to partner with Saudi Arabia. However, we wish to invest in nuclear fusion rather than fission.
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil: We begin building Brazil’s reputation as the tech and business hub of South and Latin America by lowering the corporate tax by 5% to attract both small startup companies and larger, more established companies to the country, as well as subsidizing tech startups for their first 3 years. It is also declared that Santos, being a port city in close proximity to Brazil’s and South America’s largest city, Sao Paulo, is a special economic zone, as well as the site of Brazil’s first designated science and business park. The corporate tax within Santos’s boundaries will be lowered to just 2%, on top of other incentives meant to encourage free trade, new companies, and the relocation of larger companies, and ultimately, the establishment of Brazil’s tech business. We also extend an millitary alliance and free trade agreement offer to Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, citing our shared language and cultural heritage, as well as potential economic benefit [Mod Response Needed]. We also begin funding and equiping the police force more and paying police officers higher wages, in an effort to cut down on crime. Secret funding and arming of the Venezuelan rebels continues. President Geraldo Alckmin expresses a desire for a Brazillian Space Program, but the general population currently opposes this, as Brazil has other problems to solve first.


Most of Rakhine State is now under control of ARSA (which earlier this year swore allegiance to Islamic State and rebranded themselves the Islamc State of Arakan, or ISA). On the other side of the border in Bangladesh, ARSA/ISA has been radicalizing and recruiting the persecuted amd disenfranchised Rohingya in the overcrowded refugee camps, and their army is estimated at nearly 90,000 troops. Terrorist attacks in Southeast Asia, mainly in Myanmar and Thailand, become commonplace.

The successful Ukranian attack of Donetsk International Airport reignites the Donbass War, and a sizeable Russian force of around 20,000 troops, 12 tanks and 2 aircraft amass in Crimea, ticking off fears of war.

Kurdistan declares independence from Iraq. After a few victories by the Kurdish forces against the Iraqis, the Iraqis decide to leave Kurdistan alone, and it is recognized by 89 UN member states.

Facebook ,facing more privacy scandals, namely the leaking of data in 100 million Facebook accounts to hackers potentially working for Russia, is bought out and merged with Google. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is fired.

  • Flag of Cuba Cuba: The first presidential election are held since the overthrow of the communist government and the leader of the socialist party wins by a landslide. The newly elected president promises the establishment of a full democracy, the improvement of local infrastructure, the abolishment of a planned economy and establishing a mixed economy. Next year, parliamentary elections will be held. The president condemns the violence in Southeast Asia and fears for an escalation of the Ukrainian conflict, the government recognizes Kurdistan as an independent nation.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: In a move explicitly to encourage foreign use of the Northwest Passage (through Canada), the government invited a flotilla of 20 East Asian cargo ships to pass through the passage. They get through without issue and prove definitively to the world, the Northwest Passage is open for use and safe from ice. The PM makes it clear however, that the Northwest Passage is 100% Canadian waters. However, the government lowers the over-shipping fees of the Northwest passage to a rate of just $30 Canadian Dollars per 100 nautical miles. Almost overnight, up to 100 major to minor East Asian shipping companies agree to divert much of their shipping to the Northwest Passage as it is significantly cheaper than the Panama Canal when it comes to delivering goods to Europe. The government pumps in 1 billion Canadian Dollars into developing the coastal towns in Hudson Bay and the Coast Guard in that area. Search and Rescue services go online for the region as with all other shipping routes world-wide. The town of Churchill in Hudson Bay receives a massive increase in traffic following the construction of a new highway leading right to the Great Lakes Area as well as the inflow of shipping. The newly invigorated shipping stopover industry creates no less than 40,000 jobs this year alone. Lastly, the military establishes an inter-branch base on the island of Elassmere. Troops stationed there will train in Canadian Arctic Warfare and will be the first recruit of an independent Arctic Special Forces unit.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Yulia Tymoshenko condemns Russian's amassing of troops on "...rightful Ukrainian land." Fears of a war with Russia strikes fear in the people, and drills are announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs that happen twice every week at random. People are told to mass food supplies, bunkers are set up in cities, and airports are prepared for immediate evacuations of citizens in case of an invasion. With the capture of Donetsk International Airport, supplies to rebels are virtually cut off in which the the Ukrainian Armed Forces take full advantages of. The city of Donetsk is shelled by heavy artillery, and fly overs by attack helicopters to capture key points of the city as of the town center, military points, and homes of rebel leaders [MOD RESPONSE ON SUCCESS OF MISSION]. Across the country, the military begins training hundreds of thousands of young people so that they can eventually join the armed forces, and that we hope to have 230,587 thousand active military personnel by 2023. Jet fly overs begin near the Crimean border, and Ukrainian armed forces begin amassing near the border as well. The Ukrainian Navy also begins a blockade of Crimea to cut off sea ports. Tymoshenko tells Russian President Putin, "...not to mess with the Ukrainian people because if you do you will be sorry." With the resolution's failure in the Verkhovna Rada, Tymoshenko announces that even though the bill has failed she believes it is in a time of an emergency and applies Ukraine for an emergency membership of NATO [MOD/NATO RESPONSE NEEDED]. Military technology has a huge boost of funding, in which more weaponry and transports can be created. [SECRET] We ask the United States of America for 2 nuclear warheads in case of Russian invasion out of fear and assure them that we would use them only as a last defense (AMERICAN/MOD RESPONSE NEEDED)[SECRET].
    • Mod Response: The operation is a success, with Donetsk largely falling under Ukrainian control. However, insurgency begins to bare its teeth with attacks on patrols on a regular basis, and in addition to the failure of securing the last few rebel leaders, leads analysts to believe a resistance movement may rear its head in times to come. This time, the vote narrowly passes and Ukraine is admitted as a NATO member, with a very geographically-split vote, with the US, Canada, and much of Western Europe voting FOR Ukraine’s admission, but much of Central and Eastern Europe voting AGAINST the admission of Ukraine, mainly due to fears of Russian invasion or cutting off natural gas supplies. The US also secretly agrees to send Ukraine two 2-megaton nuclear warheads, but warns that any pre-emptive use before official war declarations by both sides will result in Ukraine being immediately sanctioned, and all support for the country dropped.
    • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs: [SECRET] We thank the United States heavily for their sending of nuclear weaponry for our protection. We set up the sights secretly in Western Ukraine as a last ditch effort in case of Russian invasion. [SECRET] A poll taken among Ukrainian citizens says that 85% of people are fearful for war with Russia and that 65% think that a war with Russia could spark in the next 5 years. We realize our navy is not as strong, so they are pulled back into port although our Krivak III frigate and 5/10 support ships roam the surrounding waters on patrol for Russian ships. The Ministry of Defense announces that the "Volodymyr Velykyi" Corvette will be completed next year and put into immediate service, along with that the navy will be given a major budget increase so that more ships can be manufactured for service. 13 Sukhoi Su-24s conduct bombing raids near (but not at) the Ukrainian-Russian border, mostly along major roads and highways so that supplies and transportation can be cut off [MOD RESPONSE]. Our Air Force also receives a budget increase and begins constructing newer attack aircrafts, and attack helicopters. We see that most of the water supply going to Crimea is through the North Crimean Canal, and that it has already been shut down, we detonate multiple bombs along the Ukrainian side so that water would be impossible to reach the peninsula, in hopes of cutting off the water supply to the many Russian soldiers currently there. Ever since the canal's shut down in 2014 there has been a major destruction to the economy and agriculture so we hope that it would be impossible to amass Russian troops there so that they'd be forced to withdraw due to lack of basic-human necessities [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED].
    • Mod Response: The bombing raids are successful, cutting off Crimea’s water supply and road access, and forcing all but 2,000 Russian troops to leave. However, the 18,000 troops forced to leave begin amassing at the border in the Donbass.
  • Eurasian Land Bridge 2021 (SFMG II)

    Eurasian Land Bridge (showing existing sections in black completed this year in blue and planned in red)

    Flag of the People's Republic of China China: Xi Jinping announces that China will support its ally Russia regardless of what actions it sees fit to take in Ukraine. He also warns that any interference in Ukraine by NATO will be met with sanctions. China is to send a detachment of 20,000 PLA and counter insurgency forces to Myanmar. Chinese troops lead a joint offensive with government forces as well as the CNA and ALA (local ceasefire groups) to retake ISA held Sittwe [MOD RESPONSE]. Construction of China's first cruiser ( Slava class) begins with the ship to be commissioned by 2026. Experimentation with vacuum sealed BSCCO wires at the Beijing University of Technology receives substantial government funding to produce the first set of commercial superconductive cables that will connect the Beijing Huaneng Thermal Power Station with the urban area. The first section of the Eurasian Land-bridge connecting Astana and Urumqi is completed.
    • Mod Response: The Second Battle of Sittwe starts as a stalemate, mainly due to the better-trained and equipped, but smaller-numbered PLA fighting against sheer numbers of lesser-trained ISA troops from the refugee camps in Bangladesh. However, the PLA offensive has made small gains, and by the end of the year, has retaken the entire northern half of the city, while fierce block-to-block fighting unseen since the Battle of Mosul back in 2017 continues in the rest of the city.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held in March. The Liberal Democratic Party sees a huge fall, from 284 seats to 179. The Constitutional Democratic Party gains the most seats, and now sits at 111. The Democratic Party for the People also gains several seats, and now has 89 seats. Fumio Kishida wins the election and remains Prime Minister. Fumio Kishida begins plans for new revised economic policies, though will keep some of the policies from Abenomics. Many companies that ship avoids the Northwest Passage and continue using the Panama Canal. The PlayStation 5 is released, and several titles from popular game series is also released on it, leading to the PS5 having strong sales in Japan. Araki wraps up JoJolion in August, and begins Part 9 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in September.
  • Flag of Portugal Portugal: A military coup occurs in Portugal as army and naval officers take control in Lisbon, overthrowing the Socialist-led government of Prime Minister Antonio Costa. The Portuguese Army declares martial law as a national television broadcast announces the establishment of a right wing republic to revitalize the nation since its stagnation. Invoking the image of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, the new government aims to restore national unity and order. The military largely supports this and the country temporarily remains under martial law. General Artur Monteiro begins his term as Prime Minister while the more symbolic post of President is given to Admiral Jose Manual Cabecadas. The military government begins preparing an economic plan to improve Portuguese finances.
    • Flag of Brazil Brazillian Dip: We request an alliance with Portugal. [RESPONSE NEEDED]
    • Flag of Portugal Portuguese Diplomacy: The new government agrees to an alliance with Brazil.
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil: A major anti-corruption campaign is launched, leading to the arrests of many prominent politicians across party boundaries, with sentences varying from fines to 30 year imprisonment. Also the education and healthcare systems are given more funding (retracted from the military). We condemn the Russian amassment of troops in Crimea, but decide not to take any action and remain neutral. We also applaud Cuba’s transition to democracy.
  • Flag of the United States United States: We announce our solidarity with Ukraine, and that we will support them in their endeavours to protect their sovereignty. While intervention in Ukraine is nothing beyond a discussion point in Brussels currently, any foul play by Russia will not be taken lightly. Puerto Rico is formally administered as the 51st state of the United States of America, after passing the bill in the US Supreme Court, and the Virgin Islands, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands being the 52nd, 53rd and 54th respectively. The American flag is expected to be changed in the coming years to reflect this. The economy is undertaking steps to free itself from China, but progress is slow. Meanwhile, a new American Dream is founded in the launch of the first Falcon rocket to Mars. In a joint-mission with SpaceX, NASA has announced a revised version of the SpaceX Martian Colony plan with adjustments with the extra budget from the government. The vessel will carry vehicles and equipment to the Martian surface, and set the stage for human colonists in the coming years.
  • Flag of the Philippines Philippines: The current infrastructure boom is being prioritized by the government along with the development of the science field. The Philippines wishes to stay neutral between the conflict miles away in another continent.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland: The Icelandic government supports Canada's development of Northwest Passage. The government see this as an opportunity to expand Iceland's economy presence in the Atlantic. We plan to upgrade the seaport in Reykjavik to international transit harbour, similar to Port of Singapore, but smaller. The development of infrastructure in Iceland has been continued. It has been announced that light rail system will be made in the capital Reykjavik. Meanwhile, kilometers of unpaved roads have been slightly upgraded. In other news, Left-Green Movement gained three seats and become the largest party in the Althing, while Independent Party lost four seats. Katrín Jakobsdóttir continues her position as Prime Minister of Iceland.


Stability in Myanmar reaches an all time low, as radical groups execute regular attacks on the military. Government sites have also been vandalised by rebel hackers, who suspiciously seem to have been trained by experts in their craft. The Myanmarese government requests for Chinese military support for both physcial security and cybersecurity. Anti-Islam sentiment in Myanmar and Thailand also reaches new records, prompting minor squabbles between Thais and Malays down south.

Russia amasses their military on the Ukrainian border further, with analysts claiming that "Russia could begin a march onto Kiev at any time in one go." An increase in traffic from Western Europe in the Bosphorus Strait sparks suspicions that NATO is planning on an intervention the moment the Russians come knocking.

Qatar accuses the United Arab Emirates of funding Somaliland and potentially Puntland rebels in Somalia. This comes after a few backwater deals between the latter few that would seemingly allow Emirate troops to be stationed in port bases in their respective provinces and undermine Somali sovereignty in the long run. Somalia has responded violently towards this, particularly with their shift towards Iran and Turkey. The UAE expects Saudi Arabia to do something about the Somalian Question, but nothing has surfaced yet.

The United States is the first nation to plant their flag on Mars via a robotic arm. Other countries are expected to follow, especially Russia, China, Japan, Australia and a potential joint program by the EU.

  • Flag of Portugal Portugal: As the head of government of a NATO member state and officer of the Portuguese Army, Prime Minister Monteiro states after a meeting of the cabinet that Portugal votes against accepting Ukraine into NATO, calling it "geopolitically stupid," and has no intention of taking part in "another European brother war." Meanwhile, the military government relaxes its control as the internal situation has stabilized, finding broad support among the Portuguese public after years of incompetent politicians. Curfew is lifted and most restrictions on the media are lifted as well, although some remain. The new government promotes Portugal as a tourism destination to increase revenue in that field, having a nice climate, many historical attractions, and much cheaper prices compared to other EU countries. It is also largely unaffected by the migrant crisis as it is the poorest Western European country at the moment. The government also promotes foreign investment, lifting many restrictions and regulations on business.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Tymoshenko condemns the nations that refuse to offer help in our current civil war in case of Russian invasion. She says during a speech that, "We have applied and been accepted into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization because we are fearful of what Russia may do to harm us. We have been promised time and time again that we have the backing of the west and I intend to hold that promise over your heads now that the time has arisen that we might have a war on our hands. I don't war, my people don't war, Russia doesn't want war but they refuse to stay out of our people's war and if they get in the way of us keeping the peace that's their fault. We've tried working with the rebels before, and Russia's blatant ignoring of our pleads of peace has lead us here, so I ask that we not be blamed citing the fact that we were invaded and yet nothing was done other than attempted sanctions." The Ministry of Internal Affairs announce that the fight against the Luhansk People's Republic and the Donetsk People's Republic will continue until they are defeated and accept defeat. The people of Ukraine have been found to be very split on the issue of a war with Russia, with 48.9% of people saying that a war with Russia would be a mistake while 51.1% saying that a war is necessary to gain back the land lost to Putin. In an effort of peace between Russia and Ukraine, President Tymoshenko asks Russian President Putin to meet with her in Lviv in western Ukraine to sign a treaty of non-aggression between our two nations with the rest of the proposals being planned and announced if the summit goes ahead as planned [MOD RESPONSE]. Until we hear a response from Russia, aggression is hereby halted in the east so that we don't kill Russian soldiers there while asking Russia for a non-aggression pact. Our military is still on ready in case of a spark from the rebels and will only interact in case provoked.
    • Mod: Putin declines the proposal for as long as Ukraine "illegally fights our brothers in the Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republic", and demands that Ukraine recognise their independence.
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark: Queen Margrethe II suffers and dies while she has lunch. His funeral was seen all over the nation, a great sorrow for the people. Thus, the prince Frederik, takes the throne of the Kingdom of Denmark, being named Frederik X of Denmark. The political faroês Kaj Leo Johannesen is chosen the prime minister of Denmark, with 62,3% of the votes. Johannesen, as the first decree, increases the level of government federalism, establishing a totally unitary state. He also invests in agriculture and mineral and vegetable extractivism.
  • Flag of the Philippines Philippines: President Duterte steps down from the presidency on June 30, 2022. Senator Richard Gordon is elected president with a majority of the votes since Duterte hasn't run for the second term again. A black travel warning is issued on Myanmar and Ukraine due to the ongoing conflicts. Overseas workers there are forced to go home. The once improving relations of Russia and the Philippines are getting strained due to the neutrality.
  • Flag of Egypt Egypt: Anubis Muhammad is elected President of Egypt. Muhammad expresses an almost obsessive interest in restoring the Fuad family to the monarchy. Under President el-Sisi's final year in office, we place a tax on tobacco, using the money gained from the tax to fund the Egyptian Armed Forces. Many in the country are outraged, but it matters little to the lame-duck President.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Despite a proposal towards the boosting the budget of JAXA in light of increasing interest in space exploration; it goes largely ignored by both Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and the Liberal Democratic Party. The Japanese economy begins to show signs of stagnation again in part of a few of Fumio Kishida's polices not working as well as intended. Aqours hold their final live show in June, and a new Love Live! idol group is formed in November to continue the franchise. The Super GT begins making plans on requiring electric/hybrid cars and the eventual ban on fossil-fuel based cars for the series; with further information to arrive soon.
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba: In the legislative elections, the Socialist party also wins by a landslide. "Project Havana" is started, it's a project to improve and build new infrastructure in Havana: New roads, schools, flats, ports are built. It's assumed the project will be finished in 2024. The planned economy is abolished and Cuba slowly goes to a mixed economy.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: This year, much effort is put into redesigning Canada's energy production, energy distribution, and energy consumption systems. The government announces a binding national goal of achieving a national grid powered 100% by Renewable Energy by 2028. Immediately, plans are put into place by provincial governments to decommission fossil fuel power plants and replace them with renewable alternatives such as hydroelectricity, starting with those that pollute the most. In addition to that, Canada is pioneering an effort to integrate Artificial Intelligence into a newly networked national grid that will be able to actively manage and divert electrical energy to areas that need it the most in real time to severely reduce the amount of energy wasted by over production. This will be coupled with an initiative encouraging private production of energy by buying electricity back into the grid from private energy producers. In separate news, preliminary trials of electric car infrastructure have begun in Ontario with the aim of ultimately banning fossil fuel cars by 2050. To help ease citizens off fossil fuel cars and cars in general, the autonomous taxi trials by companies such as Google, Airbus, and Uber are given clearance in Canada and if the results are promising, they may be given licence to operate by 2024. The implications of large fleets of autonomous transport for hire is to make personally owned vehicles obsolete. It could be that the future of independent transport is fleets of autonomous cars. This fits wonderfully with the rising trend of non-car ownership among the younger working population. Public transportation also sees much revamping with AI playing a prominent part in increasing efficiencies and decreasing costs.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: King Muhammed Bin Salman creates the "Make Arabia Green Again" program, aiming to reforest Arabia by creating artificial oasis's and eventually linking them up. It is expected to be completed in 2070. Neom sees further development and construction. In terms of the Somali question, Saudi Arabia questions the need to free Somaliland officially when they already have full on autonomy and the need for an armed struggle. Nevertheless, due to the diplomatic rift of Qatar, Crown Prince Muhammed Bin Salman says, "the Somali people will speak, not the Qatari people." Fahd tanks continue production. Meanwhile, Arab Legion volunteers travel to Libya, continuing to fight for Haftar's forces, and bombing the sh*t out of Tripoli based military targets. The Arab Legion teams up with the Libyan green resistance, and Muhammed Bin Salman shocks the arab world by saying that the Nato intervention in Libya was the biggest mistake of the 2010s. A common Arab Market is planned, so envoys are sent to the Gulf Monarchies (minus qatar) Egypt, the Syrian Arab Republic, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq offering membership (response). A common Arab currency, the "Arab Diner" is proposed. Following that, a Pan Arab Political Union might be formed. World Diplomacy in UN Human Rights Panel: Should Ukraine attempt to fight a war with Russia, a global intervention be set in place to stop the Crisis. The people are afraid Ukraine has gone insane.
    • Mod: Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq accept the offer. Syria respectfully declines as they are focusing on fixing the national economy first. The UN has passed a resolution stating that sanctions will be placed on any aggressor towards internationally recognised bodies.
      • Flag of Egypt Egyptian Diplomacy: We accept the Saudi invitation.


In a UN General Meeting, 122 member states voted to recognise the independence of Somaliland, including the P5, and is now officially a sovereign state. This has been met with fierce resistance from Mogadishu.

The effects of the European Migrant Crisis begin to slow due to the resolution of the Syrian Civil War a few years back, and migrant centers are less cramped with Levantines, replaced by more Sub-Saharan Africans.

Fearing instability in East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi begin talks on unification into an East African State.

  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: China supports the formation of an East African union and continues heavy investment across the continent. China is also to step up involvement in Myanmar with a further 40,000 troops and accept all request for aid by the Myanma Government. We secretly tell all Chinese funded insurgent groups within Myanmar to cease attacks on government forces as it isn't helping the situation. China also proposes a legislative union with its neighbour and ally Mongolia (basically this) [MOD RESPONSE]. In a speech Xi Jinping commends the change in Saudi change in foreign policy and states that China is happy to support this new "Arab Diner". Internally China begins the Jingjinji project in which 3 major Chinese cities in the Bohai area are to be merged into a single expansive urban area. Continuing with current trends of Coal power production, the coal % power output of China is to drop below 50% of total power production. New solar farms constructed in the Gobi desert and other remote areas are to be connected to the Chinese grid via BSCCO wires. China is to continue heavily investing in renewable energy. China is to launch the last modules of Tianhe-1 completing the first Chinese large modular space station. The cargo ship Tianzhou is to be retrofitted for a potential Chinese manned moon mission and is planned to be launched from Tianhe-1 in 2024. A probe and lander are sent to the moon in preparation for the landing. China is not to attempt to put a flag on Mars as its space agency wishes to primarily focus on its moon mission first. 3 years after development started initial tests of a Changzheng-12, a rocket based on Space-Xs Falcon Heavy, show some success with its first successful takeoff and landing in Inner Mongolia although there is still a long way to go. The rocket is scheduled for first actual use 2025. Continued expansion of the New Eurasian Landbrige is to see tracks reach Kazan, Russia. Southwards construction towards Uzbekistan also begins.
    • Mod: Mongolia graciously accepts and looks forward to their southern brother's help to improve the state.
  • Flag of Portugal Portugal: The economy has seen considerable improvement since the military government has implemented its policies. Not effected by the migrant crisis as much as the other countries of Western Europe, the Portuguese government promotes Portugal as a safer and more stable alternative as a place to do business. Prime Minister Artur Monteiro forms his own political party, Partido Nacional Renovador, which promotes right wing thought. The Portuguese Navy is to receive new frigates and corvettes as a way of increasing Portugal's power projection.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Tymoshenko's office publishes her statement about Russia declining a peace summit calling it, "... a missed opportunity on peace in the region." Our positioning of our ground forces are reconsidered, split up into 4 sectors: Level 4: being low risk areas with no to little civil unrest, Level 3: where areas that have some civil unrest that could turn into a more problematic situation, Level 2: being where there is high unrest and constant battles between armed and rebel forces, and finally Level 1: where imminent danger of invasion and or major civil unrest and outright rebellion is being fought. This system has been incorporated into the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense's tactics on proper troop placement. Currently near the border with Crimea is put at Level 2 while the areas held by the the rebelling forces of the Republic of Donetsk and Luhansk are at Level 1. Commander of the National Guard Colonel General Valeriy Heletey (who assumed the position as of 2021) announces that the Donbass Battalion will lead the charge against rebel forces in claimed Donetsk Republic area, along with the Azov Battalion and 12,300 members of the National Guard to finally take the city of Donetsk, by using their international airport that was captured in the previous year to land troops and supplies to take it at any means necessary. Fly overs also take place in the city with 5 MiG-29s bombing rebel held government and military areas in the city, along with putting 3 of the S-300V1 into operation to assert air dominance over the area at once [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. We launch a surprise air attack on the area claimed by Luhansk, called Operation Donets (after the river in the area), where we land during the night at the closed Luhansk International Airport and use the abandoned airport to bring in major troop movements and supplies where we'd hopefully take Luhansk forces by surprise. We use the 55th Artillery Brigade to shoot down all rebel flight movement over and near the city; while the operation is underway in Luhansk, the Ukrainian National Guard, Ground Forces, and volunteer army (numbered at 75,400) move into Luhansk's northern held areas and begin capturing Sievierodonetsk, Stakhanov, and attempting to retake the border base that was lost in 2014 [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. While this conflict continues, major populations under the control of the Ukrainian government are evacuated westward to ensure their safety along with populations that involved in the conflict as we try to preserve the lives of the innocent. Our current military status is that we stand at ~170,000 for our ground forces, and so that we can greatly increase that number begin major propaganda campaigns that include posters, online/telivison advertisements, etc... in hopes of rising the numbers [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. Our military bases continue to offer training for those volunteering for the army, mostly located in the western area of the countryside. The Ministry of Internal Affairs announces that in case of major conflict conscription will be put into affect immediately, and that 6 million people are eligible for military service, and 11 million are available for military service. It is also reminded that women are allowed into the Ukrainian Armed Forces and would be greatly welcomed for their service to their nation.
    • Mod: Air dominance is largely achieved in the region, greatly disabling the operations of rebel groups. As any Ukrainian soldier will tell you, Operation Donets is going "so far so good".
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba: Project Havana is continued, this means a lot of infrastructure is built in Havana and this creates jobs. Because of this, most people are happy with the Socialist Party in power although there are some imputations about corruption and bribery in the government. Cuba starts to improve relations with other countries in the Caribbean. The government announces less spending in Military and more will go to Welfare, Infrastructure and Public Transport. 
  • Flag of Japan Japan: JR Hokkaido begins plans of expanding the Hokkaido Shinkansen all the way to Asahikawa. The popularity of Love Live! begins to wane a bit, while Bandori begins to surpass its popularity. The LDP and Fumio Kishida raises the Self-Defence Forces budget a bit, with some going towards buying new equipment. This action contributes the approval rating for the LDP to drop to an average of 27%, as pacifism is more preferred among the population and are not keen on the continued focus on the SDF, especially since Abe's attempts to revise Article 9 and the fact there are more important issues to deal with. With continued unpopularity, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida calls for elections in August of next year. Meanwhile a few companies begin plans for more automation due to not enough jobs being filled in.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: Neom continues construction. King Mohammed Bin Salman continues to promote Arab-Islamic nationalism and the sciences. A high speed network is planned to link all of the major Saudi cities, with Dubai-Style buisness sectors boosting each. Meanwhile in what currently has been built in Neom a hyperloop style system is proposed. "Make Arabia Green Again" continues, with good agriculture established, with Lemons, limes and cucumbers cultivated for a growing agricultural sector. Also planned to to create verticle farms in Neom to really boost our agricultural sector. Meanwhile in solution to water issues, the water conservation project in modeled off of Israels, and desailination plants are built. The Arab Islamic legion continues to help haftars forces in Libya. Somaliland is recognized as it is the will of the people. Seeing aggression from the government in Mogadishu towards Somaliland and a growing Al Shabab Terror Threat, we invade Somalia, to try to force the current gov to resign. Also fears are Iran will infiltrate the Mogadishu gov.
    • Flag of Yemen Yemen (under Saudi Wings): Al Islah, Socialist Party, and Ansar Allah unite to oppose the ruling General People's Congress in the elections. That tyrant everyone hates Hadi is ousted, often blamed for throwing Yemen into chaos by refusing to give fair elections earlier. Abdulraham Al-Saqqaf is elected President, and Yemen begins to rebuild using a "small lone" of 10 billion saudi dollars to begin reconsturction. A truth and reconiliation committee is formed. Plans are made to turn Yemen into an investment economy, like the UAE, the get it off of oil reliance. Schools are rebuilt with Saudi help, and a few modern hospitals and many makeshift clinics are built. The Arab Islamic Legion assists in rebuilding.
  • Flag of the United States United States: The government begins investing more in the impoverished nations of Africa, in order to secure trade deals and stakes in natural resources. As part of the Mars Initiative, the Falcon II is launched, sending 200 colonists to Mars, where the colony has been prepped by automatons sent earlier. NASA also begins work on a second colony to be ready for deployment after the first Mars Initiative. We firmly recognise the independence of Somaliland, and will gladly sign a few trade deals to strengthen the new country. We praise Saudi Arabia for their wise efforts, and let them know the United States is standing with them on all matters in the Middle East excluding Israel. Research on AI is ongoing, with plans to implement them in national infrastructure ongoing.


Myanmar continues to face the full heat of multiple insurgencies, and the cracks are beginning to show in the government. Representatives of the Union Solidarity and Development Party are noted to oppose most actions taken by the current government, citing they are not effective enough to counter this terrorism, and that the people are bothered by the fact that Myanmar as a nation cannot defeat "squatters in the jungle" even with the likes of the Chinese military.

With international support and a wave of fresh elections, the East African Union is formed.

Somalia verbally attacks the leadership of Saudi Arabia, denouncing them as "violators of Somali sovereignty". Meanwhile Iran supports Somalia by sending them more "supplies" and such.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held in August. The Liberal Democratic Party sees another decline in seats, now sitting at 81. Komeito also falls from 29 seats to 20 seats. The Constitutional Democratic Party, also in part of a stronger campaign, gains 93 seats bringing the party to a total of 204 seats. The Democratic Party for the People gains 14 seats, now having 103 seats. Yukio Edano from the Constitutional Democratic Party is elected Prime Minister. Shortly after being elected, a portion of the budget from the Self-Defence Forces towards other areas such as infrastructure and a few also going to JAXA. New economic plans and policies are being proposed, though faces some opposition from Democratic Party for the People due to some differences. The Super GT series announces a new rule stating that all car manufactures entering must have the cars run on electric/hybrid with environmentally-friendly fuels, an this rule will begin to enter force starting in the 2027 season.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: The PRC is to bypass the government of Myanmar in any further aid to the country, instead dealing with the military and police directly. Funding for many Insurgent groups that are splinters of the old Burmese Communist party is to be secretly further increased. Chinese agents are also to contact several generals and leading military leaders discontent with their crumbling government. The Chinese Military operation is to be increased to 120,000 troops however only the minimum number of these forces are sent to Arakan state and the offensive is temporally ceased. The majority of these forces are sent to reinforce existing garrisons of cooperative Generals in the Myanma military. The quality of the peacekeeping forces in Myanmar also undergoes a dramatic change, from mainly armed police to regulars and even special forces. The South Chinese Sea Fleet, with both the Shandong and Liaoning attached is to be sent to the Andaman Sea (south Myanmar). The East Sea Fleet will be reinforced with new vessels and sent southwards to temporally fill the gap left in southern China. Effective control of UWSA, NDAA and MNDAA are to be transferred to the Central Military Commission. Tianzhou is launched on schedule carrying a group of 12 Chinese research scientists to the moon. 5 scientists are to land each in 2 different sites on the near and far side of the Moon while 2 remain in orbit with the Tianzhou which will orbit several times before returning to Earth for resupply. The flag of China is raised for the first time on the moon. The scientists are to set up temporary research labs and accommodation. The primary goal of the mission is to find significant deposits of Helium-3 although this is not officially announced. A second supply ship following a similar design is to be constructed by 2026, with many speculating whether it is for a Mars mission. The CPC has not commented on its purpose although it reaches out to Russia for possible cooperation in its space ventures [RUSSIAN RESPONSE NEEDED]. China is also to begin heavily funding the development and cheap production of electric cars. Funding to the Experimental ­Advanced Superconducting ­Tokamak facility in Hefei is to be tippled and another larger facility is to be established in rural Weinan. A similar union with that of Mongolia is suggested to the Nepalese Government (primarily the NCP, which China put in power in the first place) [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. China also suggests the entry of Nepal, Mongolia, North Korea and Iran as full members of the Shanghai Cooperate Organisation [RUSSIAN, NORTH KOREAN AND MOD RESPONSE NEEDED].
    • Flag of Mongolia Mongolia (Union State): The Mongolian People's Party and Communist Party of China take a vast majority as expected in the new congress. The Mongolian People's Party is also to join the United Front
    • Flag of Wa Wa State (Puppet): All insurgent groups under Chinese control in the Eastern region are to officially join under the command of the Wa State. The insurgents number ~34,000 and are to be reinforced with Chinese volunteers and unofficial military contractors and advisers.
    • Mod: Nepal graciously accepts. Nepal, Mongolia, Iran and North Korea are all admitted into the SCO as full members.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: With the recent success in the east, President Tymoshenko is able to ride a massive wave to victory in this years Presidential election, winning 78% of the vote against her opponent former mayor of Kharkiv, Mykhailo Dobkin of the Social Democratic Party. In the parliamentary elections, Tymoshenko's party The Fatherland Party and the government alliance gain 5 seats, further situating their majority to 231 seats in total. Tymoshenko is inaugurated again for another 5 year term. After her inauguration, the 46th Air Assault Brigade begins lowering in 15 T-80 battle tanks, 13 HMMWV M1114 UAHs, and 5 Dozor-Bs into the captured Luhansk International Airport, along with using the 25th Airborne Brigade to parachute in 1,200 troops around the city at random points to surprise and confuse rebel forces in an attempt to capture the city once and for all and imprison the remaining government and military leaders [MOD RESPONSE].
    • Mod: This is largely successful, but the operation is hindered by the arrival of Russian soldiers.
  • Flag of Cuba  Cuba: This year, project Havana is finished and soon other projects to improve infrastructure start throughout the country. The budget for the military is cut and the budget for Welfare, Infrastructure and Public Transport is increased. Next year presidential elections will be held again and it is assumed that the Socialist party candidate and current president  will win again. Current polls show that his popularity is around 33%, this is slightly lower than in 2021, then 37% of the people voted for him. It is assumed that less people will vote for him because of the rumors about corruption and bribery in the government.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: King Mohammed Bin Salman is rightfully salty about the now obvious Iranian support for an aggressive government and possibly even Al Shabab. With this in mind, a naval blockade is set up. Troops besiege Mogadishu, while we allow the UN to airlift food to save somalia lives. It is done by the Saudi side themselves. Meanwhile troops are airdropped into al shabab positions. Operation:Somali freedom is a go. Construction of neom continues,as well as the nuclear plants to be completed by 2030. King Abdullah economic city is complete. More women continue to become employed in the work force. More research continues in robotics, desalination, and plastics. Housing is built. Israel’s right to exist is continued to be emphasized, however a peaceful solution must be found that makes all parties happy. AI research is patronized.
    • Flag of Yemen Yemen: continues development, rebuilding continues, a city similar to neom(albeit less ambitious) is planned, to be built in the desert area in the east. Abdulraham Al-Saqqaf continues his administration. Thousands of saudis move into yemen to get jobs rebuilding the nations. Many Yemenis also move to Saudi to get education and high tech jobs. The Yemeni oil silos reopen, operated by many Saudi who’s plants closed back home. Solar energy is also developed. Stem science will be introduced in schools by 2030.
  • Flag of the Republic of China Taiwan (ROC): The economy of Taiwan sees continued growth. Development of electronics and related technologies is encouraged to make Taiwan continue to be a leading exporter of these. Investment is made into cars that run on renewable energy. An election occurs this year and a number of candidates from the far right of the Kuomintang are elected at the expense of the Democratic Progressives. The new government is expected to take a more militaristic and patriotic stance on foreign policy. The new KMT President introduces a program of military expansion in responses to the communists' military developments. The ROC Army is to be increased to a size of 350,000 troops at peacetime while the Reserve Command is ordered to be able to mobilize 500,000 reservists within a few days. National conscription remains in place. The ROC Navy asks the United States to purchase ten Arleigh Burke-cass destroyers and 50 F-35 jets for the ROC Air Force. [Player Response]
    • Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese Diplomacy: The PRC demands the immediate demobalisation of all reserve personal (which the PRC sees as preparation for war) or face sanctions (Chinese exports and imports to Taiwan made up ~35% of Taiwan’s GDP in 2012 and is only increasing).
    • Flag of the Republic of China Chinese Diplomacy: The ROC responds that this is a misunderstanding as they are demobilized, and that the government gave the order that the reserve be kept in a higher state of readiness so that they can be mobilized quickly if necessary for any national emergency. It is not intended to be a threatening decision but is purely defensive.
    • Flag of the United States United States Diplomacy: We accept the deal.
  • Flag of Australia Australia the Australian prime minister condemnes the actions of Somalia against Somaliland and the Arabian community. Australia also offers a joint space organisation with China [chinese response needed] with the goals of creating a joint Martian colony and creating a nuclear powered rocket. The first protests begin in Perth as a growing number of citizens argue for WA to recive a fair share of the GST.
    • Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese Diplomacy: China is happy to cooperate with the Australian Space Agency to establish a joint Martian base.
    • Flag of Australia Australia Australia is glad that China has accepted, and hopes to begin preparation and construction of the new Martian base soon.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Spain remains one of the few nations not to recognize Somaliland, saying that if nations do so, it will only destabilize the fragile region even more (as can be seen with recent events). We plaster the European Space Agency to follow up with their plans for a Martian mission, as speculated years before. [Mod Response] A controversial vote, but we switch our vote in the United Nations to recognize the Republic of China as the true successor of China. Though the PRC will certainly punish us economically, it will only help us in the long run, as the Spanish people are trying to become more economically independent. The General Courts passes Internet Regulations and Resolutions Bill 1, which aims to censor parts of the internet to "better the people of Spain".
    • Mod: The EU announces plans for future space programs.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: Having passed all regulatory tests, Uber, Google, and Airbus are granted the licence to own and operate a maximum 1 million autonomous vehicles in Canada. Almost immediately, this sends massive shock-waves through the transportation industry with all three companies investing in private autonomous taxis, autonomous ride-sharing services, and autonomous delivery and shipment services. Within months after systems of autonomous taxis have been implemented in various 'test cities', citizens quickly switch to the cheaper and more convenient service, with many even selling off old cars to America. Seizing the opportunity, public services such as bus, train, and trams services begin the process of automation, severely reducing costs of operation. Unsurprisingly, this is met with an initial backlash from trade unions. However, this is quickly resolved when the government embarks on a never before seen nation-wide retraining scheme to retrain hundreds of thousands of out of work individuals to work in other industries. This is made more efficient by cooperating with and learning from non-profit organisations already in this line of work. With all the talk going around about automation and AI, ocean shipping companies follow suit with the first fully automated cargo ship (with a care-taker crew of 8) set to embark in early January next year. This marks a new era in Canadian business, and manufacturing, with the import export market of the North West Passage playing an essential role. This year alone, 8 coastal towns along the Passage have reached the status of city and massive industrial complexes are growing. Taking this as an opportunity, the Canadian government passes sweeping laws to protect the environment by making environmentally friendly technology mandatory for all new business - in this respect Canada attempts to follow Japan's example in responsible industry and a spirit of external benefits. Canada is no longer the sleepy nation it once was, it is now a business centre of the future.
    • Flag of Canada Canadian Dip: We inquire if Canada can be a part of a joint North American Space Agency which will combine NASA, and the CSA to form a united North American Space Agency? Alternatively, a simpler North American Space Command could be set up as an intergovernmental agency to coordinate the two nations' space agencies and facilitate in information sharing and joint efforts and summits. The latter would make more sense.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: With the recent and unexpected victories achieved in Novorossiya by Ukraine, the Russian president begins all military efforts to effectively push out the remaining forces from the former eastern Ukrainian region and achieve Novorossiya's independence. With this, 800,000 soldiers begin moving through the entirety of the region, being supported by the deployment of 40,000 paratroopers over the vast and most densily-populated occupied cities to effectively flush out the Ukrainian troopers not only in sheer number size, but in ruthless and brutal tactics that make torture seem like a children's picture book. "Conquer and Sabotage" becomes the primary motto behind the Russian military, as their support consisting of BTR-MDM's and numerous other armored tanks and vehicles. This sheer force of brutality and overwhelming nature is expected to fully push out the Ukrainian forces from the entirety of Novorossiya within weeks to months [Mod, We know how this is going down]. Crimea is also primarily militarized as the Russian military remains on the look out for any Ukrainian military movement, in which case is automatically fired upon and properly swept under the rug. After years of documenting and the signing of numerous papers and documents, treaties, etc, the federalization of the Union State of Belarus and Russia finally begins, and is expected to be complete by 2027.
    • Flag of Spain Spain: We denounce the Russians for such unprovoked aggression, and ask for NATO to begin joint military exercises between member nations. [Mod Response]
    • Mod: Most of Novorossiya falls under Russian and/or rebel control.
  • Flag of the United States United States: The proposal for a NASC is held in approval by many, and is expected to be passed in Congress soon. We shake our heads at "the heinous crime committed by Russia by illegally invading the Ukraine for the second time." We begin supplying Ukraine with weapons, such as the newly developed Harlington-77 submachine gun and TRP5 handgun, which are expected to give Ukrainian soldiers a small edge, if any, in their conflict with Russia. We will begin to ramp up the supply of ammunition and weapons to the Ukrainians if the Russians do not cease their illegal activities, citing the deployment of new age armor and armoured vehicles as well as a final solution. The United States celebrates the creation of the first Martian colony, as the first humans land on Mars, naming the new colony Ares. We propose multiple joint military exercises to take place in Europe, in order to utilise new military vehicles and equipment. Fusion research begins to advance significantly, and data is shared with our European counterparts to further accelerate the process. Work begins on two lunar missions and another Martian mission in the near future. We frown upon the actions of Somalia on a sovereign state, albeit one that declared independence only recently.


The Myanmar Civil War begins, with the amalgamation of the opposition parties going against the government, with extremist groups and rising communist insurgencies watching and fighting on the sides. India, Thailand and even Bangladesh have touched upon the notion of intervening to prevent spillage into neighbouring territories.

Multiple European nations have spoken out against Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, and signal for precautionary measures to be taken up against it.

Many economies begin investing in Africa, seeing many poorly utilised resources begging to be stolen used for a greater cause, particularly China, the US, and other minors.

Somalia surrenders after several riots occur in Mogadishu and elsewhere. A new puppet "democratic" regime is established in Somalia, while the Punt Confederation is now independent as a result of the Treaty of Socotra.

  • Flag of Canada Canada: Following Russia's blatant disregard for the international unspoken rule of respecting the sovereignty of a nationstate, this year's national budget allocates a Canadian record of 3% GDP to military endeavors. However, due to small manpower (200,000 troops), the new wave of military investment is pioneered by the newly created Cyber Defense Force. Though not an fully fledged military branch,it is an inter-department unit of 10,000 operatives (ranging from cybertroopers to AI engineers assigned to various military departments)that is responsible for ensuring the Canadian military is at the forefront of information technology warfare as well as serving as a department tasked with handling most matters of significant technological complexity in the military. Its operatives are distributed among the other full military branches as well as having around 5,000 troopers directly involved in cyber warfare. That being said, the vast majority of Canada's Navy and Air Force has been designed to function autonomously or by remote control.Seeking to reduce human casualties and lower costs, the Air Force and Navy have placed 60% of spending on new military vehicles to autonomous or remote control aircraft.Car-sized UAVs have begun regularly patrolling the Eastern parts if the Northwest Passage while UNVs (Unmanned Nautical Vehicle) patrol the Passage itself as well as international waters in the Arctic circle. It is expected that by mid-2026, the Air Force will have 3,000 fully operational autonomous/remote controlled UAVs ranging from armed drones to a handful of cargo planes.Last but not least, Canada proposes joint military exercises in the North Pacific between Canada, America, Japan and Korea. [Mod/Player Response]
    • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Yukio Edano declines the offer.
    • Flag of the United States United States: We accept because neutrality is for boring people (ahem).
  • Flag of the Republic of China Taiwan (ROC): The Kuomintang welcomes Spain becoming the 18th country to recognize the Republic as the legitimate government of China. Economic development continues apace, and given the expansion of Taiwan's economy the new economic initiative proposed to the government and being reviewed would see the western third of the island become one large metropolitan area. Some exceptions would exist, with parks and wildlife preserves being left as they are and military facilities of course. If the plan is adopted, this will be implemented by 2050. The ROC Armed Forces carry out joint exercises now that they have received new equipment from the United States. The ROC Navy in particular is based on the strategy of being able to at least maintain parity, if not have superiority, over the People's Liberation Army Navy. To that end, Taiwan will acquire more destroyers and corvettes. The government's defense plan is to have the army reach a permanent strength of 450,000 active troops at any given time by 2030. [Secret] The ROC offers to provide military assistance to Myanmar to fight the communist insurgents, including special forces and aircraft. [Mod Response]
    • Mod: The military junta outright refuse. [Secret] The rebels ask for the aid instead. [End Secret]
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Spain announces the Internet Infrastructure Act, which will aim to build and expand the "online" infrastructure in Spain, including wifi-hotspots and integrating robots and AI into four cities around Spain. Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, and Valencia. This is modeled after the city of Tokyo, which is one of the world's most modernized and efficient cities. Spanish citizens discuss about a bullet train from Madrid to Valencia. This should begin construction in 2030.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: We built Myanmar's defence and communications network... Now we break it cutting all communications between 'anti-Chinese' government forces across the country. Chinese special forces, dressed as Myanma Soldiers, as well defected Myanmar troops enter the government building in Naypyitaw and temporally dissolve the Assembly of the Union replacing it with a military junta secretly under the control of the Central Military Command until the situation settles. Chinese forces in Myanmar, defectors and Chinese backed insurgents are also the capture any major government buildings and other sites of strategic importance such as airports or bridges. The PLA air force launched from both the aircraft carriers south of Myanmar and Yunnan province are to act in an auxiliary role preventing any non-pro Chinese forces from reaching major cities, however they are to minimise casualties by only destroying infrastructure. Any loyalist forces in cities are to either surrender or be forced to surrender. The purpose of this operation is to prevent a civil war before it starts by decently planned coup [MOD RESPONSE]. All 'anti-Chinese' government officials captured during this operation who do not submit to the new government will secretly be exiled, sent to labour camps, or executed depending on their importance. After the coup any remaining loyalist forces are simply to region Tatmadaw, while their senior command is to suffer the same fate as the government officials. Sino-Wa-Myanmar forces will clean up the remaining resistance in the coming years. In return fr the aid during the conflict various Insurgent groups will be given a greater amount of autonomy within Myanmar with the establishment of the Wa, Shan, Kachin and Karen Autonomous Republics. The Mon and Ta'ang states are also to be established with a great amount of autonomy. The NSCN will be allowed to continue operation in northern Myanmar. China also issues a official message to Spain: "If you wan't your economy to be stronk, don't get sanctioned. Literally only Paraguay, the Vatican and Central America countries no one remembers recognises the ROC as China... Its not. In other news Tianzhou is to begin a continuous path (yes I is autistic mathematician), orbiting about the moon and earth (once every 2 months). It will carry supplies, equipment and a further 20 scientists to the moon bases. It is announced that the second transport ship is not for a martian mission but will follow a similar path to Tianzhou. A possible joint mars mission will not be attempted by China before 2027 as China sees no need for it aside from as propaganda. Several industrial scale HDO extractors using the Girdler sulfide process begin construction on the eastern coast. A third and fourth Tokamak facility begins construction with continued heavy investment in the area. The New Eurasian land bridge is finally opened for use with the first freight train taking just over 3 days to travel from Beijing to Minsk. The expansion of the line through Europe is also planned. Expansion and modernisation of the PLA Navy continues with much of the defence budget shifting away from ground forces.
    • Mod: As the Myanmarese Civil War has already started, China's plan for a coup is defenstrated. However, they successfully intimidate a good portion of existing parties into submission.
  • Flag of FranceFrance: We are very much Unsatisfied with the behaviour of Russia with their expansionist policies. We politely ask the Russians to Seek peace. There is no need for violence to happen.[Russian Response needed]]We begin Increasing our defense budget to ward off threats from Russia. We also begin to plan a manned mission to Mars through which Resources in Mars can be Studied and used properly. We are currently Neutral in the Myanmar Civil war. We also Plan to invest in Africa to reap ahem to help the poor people. Their People's needs are our needs too. We shall see to that the People of Africa are treated as our own.[Secret] And their resources as well.[End Secret]
  • Flag of the Philippines Philippines: The Philippines congratulates the Punt Confederation for gaining independence. A consulate by the country is opened in the central business district of Makati. A travel ban is sanctioned on Myanmar to avoid having citizens get caught in the middle of the conflict. The government advises Filipinos travelling to Ukraine to avoid going out the major cities and never go anywhere ten miles within the Russian-Ukranian border. An urban renewal project is groundbreaked, demolishing decaying structures, repainting many residential areas, and cleaning the city of Manila.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: With the successful pushing back of all Ukrainian forces from Novorossiya and the lack of casualties sustained, the Russian President begins moving the war into more diplomatic resolutions. Regardless, the occupied territory is consolidated with defenses and strategic fortresses and bases. The Minsk III agreement is written this year, and states that Ukraine will drop any and all claims on Novorossiya and Crimea for the exchange of ending the Russian embargo on Ukraine and the establishment of a 30-year Ceasefire/Non-Agression Pact to be signed. If Ukraine does not sign, then "they will lose their border with the Black Sea" [Ukraine response needed]. Using the anti-former Yugoslavic state policy the EU has a means of persuasion, Serbia is asked to join CSTO as a full member, since it already is an observer [Mod]. As a means of puting pressure onto Georgia and Azerbaijan, the CIS-2 is asked to join CSTO under full membership [Mod]. As a message to NATO, the Russian president states that "what we, as Russians, are doing, is properly giving sovereignty to our brothers in the east that they are trying to achieve. It's evident they do not wish to remain within the confines of the corrupt Ukraine government. I hope that the United States [and Europe] see's that all Ukraine is doing is violently suppressing protests and calls for governmental reform within their own state."
    • Mod: Serbia, Georgia and Azerbaijan join the CSTO.
  • Flag of Cuba  Cuba: This year Presidential elections are held, the current Socialist president is reelected and promises a crackdown on corruption. A new ideology named Pan-Caribbeanism gains more popularity.Pan-Caribbeanism is a pan-nationalist political idea. Pan-Caribbeanists seeks to unify all the Caribbean peoples in a single nation-state. The ideology gains more popularity because some Cubans want that their country becomes more powerful and they fear that America has too much control over the American continent. Next year there are Parliamentary elections and the current polls show that the socialist parties will lose some seats.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: A slide to neutrality and overall scaling back the Self-Defence Forces is proposed in the National Diet, though is blocked by both Democratic Party for the People and the Liberal Democratic Party. The Constitutional Democratic Party, despite the setback, plans to re-propose the plans at a later date. Meanwhile new economic policies and some regulations towards companies are implemented, along with new laws to improve the work culture. Honda introduces the third generation NSX, ran entirely on environmentally-friendly fuels, and announces plans to stop the production of fossil fuel-powered cars by 2037. Mitsubishi, Toyota, Subaru, and Mazda later announces similar plans as well. An anime based on The Idolmaster Shiny Colours airs in autumn.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Multiple political analysts predict the Alternative For Deutschland Party will gain approximately 68 new seats, outnumbering the Social Democratic Party, and putting the Christian Democratic Union under considerably more pressure. The AFD Party calls for a cease on German sanctions and " a cordial relationship between two great nations". (Germany and Russia). Instead the AFD calls for focusing on "maintaining border integrity" and "preserving the German identity". Chancellor Julia Klockner of the CDU, elected Chancellor in the 2022 Parliamentary Elections, has announced Germany will honor it's commitments to NATO should the need arise. The Bundestag has agreed to raise the Bundeswehr Budget by 10 billion EU; with an emphasis on advanced training programs and increased combat readiness. The Bundeswehr will also be increasing funds and assets allocated to the Cyber and Information Space Command. We ask the United States if it would be possible to purchase 5 General Atomics MQ-9 Reapers and four ground control stations, plus related support material and training. [PLAYER RESPONSE]. The Deutsche Marine will begin construction of 3 new destroyers which will be operational by 2029. We ask the European Space Agency to follow up on plans for a joint mars mission. [MOD RESPONSE]. Bundestag passes the Public Transportation Act of 2025 which is designed to encourage citizens to utilize public transport. Government spending on Public Transportation is increased to maintain existing assets, purchase improved ones, and create/maintain transport lanes for said assets to be used. We deliver numerous PSAs throughout the course of the year, especially in urban areas, highlighting the pros of public transportation. [MOD RESPONSE]. The Federal Foreign Ministry hints at backing down from the 2015 Iran Accord, in hopes of deescalating German-Saudi tensions, and perhaps revitalizing trade between the two nations. [PLAYER RESPONSE].
    • Mod: The EU gets the message. "Please stop with the follow-up requests we are already working on it." Public transportation is popular again.
    • Flag of the United States United States: Yes, as I see no negative outcomes from this.
  • Flag of the United States United States: Confidential research is conducted by DARPA and similar government-funded agencies. For confidentiality the nature of this research is omitted from this turn as well as to not allow other players spies to know any better. The first Artemis I launch is scheduled for 2026, and will include the surveying of the Moon for natural resources, and follow-up missions will set the stage for a lunar mine. Plans to revitalise the American economy by building infrastructure and manufactories are underway. Multiple speeches by politicians sum up the American opinion on Russia and China, ranging from "could you please stop?" to content that is heavily censored on news networks for the sake of preserving the innocence of America's young. We pledge help to Ukraine "if Russia tries anything funny. Like invade-southern-Ukraine-funny."


The apparent intervention of China in the Myanmarese Civil War seems to have set something in motion in Asia. India begins arming the opposition parties under the pretense "that the government of Myanmar has been replaced with nothing more than a puppet of the cursed Chinese. India will help bring justice and self-determination to the Myanmarese peoples!" Anti-Chinese sentiment rises in Myanmar as well, as a result of certain suspicions of where some of their politicians went, with many opposing the junta in secret for fear of execution.

NATO increases military exercises in the Mediterranean, with some speculating that it is but a show of force to the Russians.

The EU announces a mission to the Moon in 2027 to gather information on the economic advantages of a lunar mining facility.

With the rise of Tesla as a major car brand worldwide, electric vehicles are increasingly becoming the norm on roads as an alternative to petrol-fueled vehicles and the increasing price of oil.

  • Flag of the Republic of China Taiwan (ROC): In response to the developments in Myanmar, the Kuomintang accepts the request from the rebels there and secretly sends aid to them against the communist-controlled regime. The ROC Army Special Operations Command deploys by boat the 862 and 871 Special Operations Groups into Myanmar, which begin assisting the guerrilla insurgents. They provide training to the rebels, as well as tactical, operational and strategic advising. Secretly, the ROC government also asks India if they wish to coordinate their activities in support of the rebels. [Mod Response] Meanwhile, the KMT adopts an economic plan to develop the island's infrastructure to build the western third of the island into one large metropolitan area. Economic growth steadily continues, with Taiwan continuing to be a manufacturer of electronics and other devices. Investment is put into creating cars that run on renewable energy. The ROC also reaches out to South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam, asking them to form a regional military alliance, an Asian NATO essentially, to counter potential PRC aggression. [Player/Mod Response]
    • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Yukio Edano declines the offer.
    • Philippine Diplomacy: The government announces that it could accept the offer, but there are two things that is blocking them from directly accepting- The relations with mainland China and the anti Filipino sentiment in Taiwan, which is why many Filipino citizens had voted that they dislike the Taiwanese in a public poll. [Player/Mod Response]
    • ROC Diplomacy: The government assures the Philippines that any anti-Filipino sentiment among citizens has no effect on official policy and that we have no problem with them. Regarding the PRC, this alliance is meant to be defensive precisely from the communists, as the entire region is under threat.
    • Mod: South Korea and Vietnam respectfully decline, due to the looming authority of the PRC.
  • Flag of Thailand Thailand: In response to the events unfolding on the other side of Thailand's border, Thailand begins to secretly deliver arms to the rebels and sends 2,000 Thai soldiers and a few armored vehicles piecemeal throughout the year to aid the rebels against the government of Myanmar by providing tactical support. These soldiers are disgusied as various myanmarese militants. Thailand also begins to militarize its border with Myanmar as a result of the current civil war and begins the use of drones to monitor the conflict. Thailand also reaches out to Taiwan in regards to its inclusion in a potential "Asian NATO".[Player Response] Thailand begins to subsidize higher education to help our people become more educated and advance more rapidly. Due to the increasing severity of monsoon rains as a result of global warming, Thailand begins the construction of a series of levies around Bangkok. Thailand offers a free trade agreement with Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and India, in hopes of improving the economies of all parties.[Player/Mod Response] Thailand also increases its military spending to 2.8% of its GDP as a result of the events unfolding in Myanmar. Thailand also offers asylum to all refugees from Myanmar due to the Civil War. Thailand also begins to subsidize alternative energy in an effort to move our energy grid to renewable resources. As a result of these subsidies, Thailand increases its taxes moderately. We also secretly prepare for a cyber warfare operation against China by working to improve our cyber infrastructure.   
    • ROC Diplomacy: Taiwan accepts Thailand's offer to be part of the organization.
    • Indian Diplomacy: India accepts Thailand's offer of a free trade agreement.
    • Mod: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia accept.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: with the movement to allot a fairer share of the GST to WA rapidly gaining momentum, the Australian government (as a temporary measure) quietens them by lowering the shares given to Queensland, NSW and Victoria. However a better solution than simply shifting money around is still needed. Away from the disgruntlement of the Australian people, Australia supports the creation of a united East Africa and offers support for any such nation, both economically and for defence. Seeing the emergence of alliances and rising tensions in Southern and Eastern Asia, Australia wishes to remain neutral in any upcoming conflicts, but as this may not be possible, 4 destroyers and a new aircraft carrier begin construction costing around 13 billion dollars and expected to be finished 2029-2031.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Despite the rise of tensions, Pacifism continues being the official policy of the government and highly supported by the populace. Support for neutrality also sees a rise by the populace. Anothe proposal passes in the government that aims to ban all fossil fuels by 2040. An increase in a budget is made towards renewable resources. Some companies begin automation of a few areas in an early stage in aims to lessen the inpact of a slow loss of jobs not being filled in. The local election of Okinawa govenor takes place, with a victory seen by the popular Okinawa Social Mass Party. Japanese automobile companies begins plans of introducing and converting more existing models into electric. Subaru and Nissan begin experimenting with a new generation Impreza WRX STi and GT-R respectivley that is ran on electric; with plans to introduce them in 2028.
  • Flag of Cuba  Cuba: This year Parliamentary elections elections are held, the socialist party and the communist party gain less seats while the Pan-Caribbean and liberal party gain more seats. Due to increasing price of oil multiple people switch over from petrol fueled cars to electric cars but the Cuban infrastructure is not adapted to these electric cars (e.g. There are almost no electric vehicle charging stations), so still a lot of people drive petrol-fueled cars. The government announces that it will build more infrastructure for electric cars.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: As far as the PRC is concerned the ROC is a rouge state. As such we will not permit it to officially form or join any international alliances without a Chinese 'response'. The nature of said 'response' is left purposely ambiguous [Taiwanese Response]. The Thai interference in Myanmar is denounced as an illegal attack on Myanmar's sovereignty. Unlike China Thailand has neither been given authorisation by the UN or the official UN delegation of Myanmar to intervene. As such its action are as such a breach of international law. China is to impose sanctions on Thailand (Chinese trade makes up ~18.5% of the Thai economy) until their forces are withdrawn and urges its allies in the SCO to do the same [Thai Response]. Chinese military expenditure is to drop from 3% to 2% while the number of active personnel is to remain at 2 million. All regular PLAGF forces have now been mechanised/armoured.
    • PLAPF flag (SFMG II) China In Myanmar: The Kachin Liberation Forces (KLF) are designated as a terror group by the PRC after unconfirmed reports of ethnic cleansing against the Chinese minority in Kachin territory. As such the People's Liberation Army is to launch two offensives against the KLF in Northern Myanmar with the objective of capturing their de-facto capital of Myitkyina and pushing southwards from Puta-O to obtain a land border with the NSCN. [Mod Response]. A major joint operation with Wa State to capture the Mongyawng pocket also commences. Neighbouring Laos is invited to take part in this operation [Mod Response]. A final joint assault between the PLA, Tamadaw and NSCN is to attack and defeat the Chin National Army. [Mod Response]. The PRC announces that it will not annex any land from Myanmar and will withdraw PLA forces after the civil war is over.
    • ROC Diplomacy: The Kuomintang states that it, for its part, regards the PRC as a rogue state as well and does not accept orders from the communists.
    • Mod: The announcement that China will not take any Myanmarese lands lessens the anti-Chinese sentiment, and allows the military junta to begin influencing more of the population. The Mongyawng Pocket succumbs to invading forces after holding out for about a month. One of the offenses against the KLF ends in a stalemate, but is quickly corrected by renewed assaults.
  • Flag of the Philippines Philippines: Military bases are constructed all over the country, to counter the threat of being annexed by nearby nations. Aid is sent to civilians affected by the Myanmarese civil war. The government plans to upgrade all fields including science and technology, in order to continue rising as a regional power. Philippines' rank in the gross domestic product list rises upwards due to fast growth. 
  •  Flag of India India: India expresses concern regarding the increasing tensions in South East Asia and the Chinese intervention. As a result of the Chinese intervention, India begins secretly delivering arms to Myanmarese rebels as well as secretly sending Indian volunteers to provide logistical and tactical support to Myanmarese rebels. India begins delivering humanitarian aid to embattled regions of Myanmar, but secretly delivers a majority of this aid to insurgent controlled areas. India also begins sending troops to its border with Myanmar to prevent any possible spillover into Indian soil. India expresses concerns regarding the numerous disappearances of Anti-Chinese Myanmarese politicians and issues a statement condemning the actions of the PRC. India begins improving its rural infrastructure by building schools, hospitals, and other necessities. This undertaking is expected to raise India's literacy rate to around 95% by 2035. As a result, we begin to dramatically raise taxes on the very wealthy within India in order to pay for this project. We begin large scale subsidization of innovation and entrepreneurship in order to stimulate our economy and help India's population grow wealthier as a whole. We begin very large scale anti corruption efforts with corrupt officials now serving up to twenty years behind bars.
  • Flag of Egypt Egypt: President Muhammad is narrowly reelected. We continue to build up our military. Parliament votes to outlaw homeschooling. Muhammad expresses interest in a vote on restoring the monarchy. We ask China if we can join the Shanghai Pact (Chinese response needed).
  • Flag of FranceFrance:We Still Condemn Russia for their Expansionist Theories but do not Provoke them into war. We would like to sell our Raphel Fighter Jets to India since we were in Negotiations a few years ago but the deal didn't pan out. We still maintain neutrality in the Myanmar civil war.[Top Secret] we begin sending out resources to the poorest regions of Africa mainly Liberia, Nigeria etc. Since they have no other choice they will accept the Resources. We will be giving the resources as a loan. If they default on the loan which they will, we will take control of These Countries strengthening our hold on overseas and bringing a start to a new empire.[Top Secret].
    • Indian Diplomacy: We accept France's offer of their Raphel Jets.
    • The idea of taking over a country because it is poor is not plausible, not to mention that it'd be noticed quickly by the international commitee, regardless of being a secret or not. -Solace
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia: President Luca Kovacevic is narrowly elected following a close vote in the election. We continue to build up our military and ask Russia for supplies (Russian Response Needed) We declare support on Russia's conflict against Ukraine.
    • Russia: we got you fam.
  • Flag of the United States United States: The 2025 Soldier Initiative is fully up and running, with contracts awarded to accomplished defense and armament firms to mass produce new-age weaponry and armour to soldiers. Further research into AI continues, and plans to interweave AI into existing infrastructure and systems is underway. We offer the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago a proposal to enter autonomous statehood in the United States, citing greater protection and employment opportunities. [Mod] Military research funding is increased by 3% to an overall 6% of the total federal budget. A proposal to ban all petroleum-fueled cars by 2040 is floating around in Congress. The Artemis I mission is a success, and has scouted out prospects for titanium and iron in the Mare Serenitatis and Mare Tranquillitatis.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: As per schedule, 3000 UAVs have been produced and 1000 of them are put into use patrolling the heavily trafficked NorthWest Passage. In addition to that, the Navy has constructed 500 UNVs (mainly below 10m - 15m in length) and plans to construct 1000 more over the next 2 years. [For those wondering if this is plausible, bear in mind they are small - most of the UAVs are nothing more than armed metre-wide propeller drones]. Besides that, the Canadian Ministry of Defence makes a formal request to America for assistance in developing troop-centred technology (like new-age armour, etc, etc) while Canada will send its foremost in autonomous weaponry to assist America. [Player Response] In other news, augmented reality has become commonplace in most workplaces and holographic conference calls have made appearances in the richer companies in Canada. Speaking of rich companies from Canada, tech billionaire Niels Hanson who made his money in the booming Canadian tech industry the last decade has founded a company conglomerate named Maple Inc and has swiftly bought various startups ranging from autonomous cars to 3D printed housing. It will be exciting to see where this takes him as he is widely seen as the very Canadian equal opposite of the controversial American entrepreneur Elon Musk. Last but not least, up to 5 billion dollars is given out in micro-loans to various East African households - completely bypassing the largely corrupt governments - in an effort to genuinely help African communities in poverty, In addition to that, 500 million dollars is loaned to the the city of Namibe, Angola to build a new commercial port with a mainly export function - especially since it is located nearby to vast reserves of natural resources. It is expected this project will attract significant foreign investment as well - especially by the Canadian private sector. Plans to expand similar operations in Africa are being considered by Parliament.