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The Coalition against ISIS is gaining more ground in the Middle East, writing the remaining cities under extremist control.

North Korea continues to conduct nuclear missile tests in the Sea of Japan.

The fidget spinner trend is largely over, only to be replaced by a beverage called "covfefe", which is basically glorified coffee.

  • Flag of Russia Russian Federation: Vladimir Putin's still in power. He requests a non-aggression pact with the United States as relations have been on a steady uprise since Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election that wasn't hacked by Russians. [Player Response]. [Secret] Although, unknown to Donald, the rest of the world, and the Russian public, Putin intends to bring communism back to Russia in the form of The Commonwealth of the Proletariat or The United Kremlin Socialist Republics. This is only known between Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister of Russia. [/Secret]. We ask Armenia to join us. [Mod Response]. Speaking of asking countries to join us, we invite both Belarus and Kazakhstan to join Russia. [Mod Response]. A two-child policy is also instated in order to combat the exponential downfall of the Russian population and this policy quickly brings birth rates back up. Extensive conscription also begins, with 24-30 year olds being required to serve in the military for four years.
    • American Response: We accept the request.
    • Mod Response: Armenia says no, Kazakhstan asks for some time to review this, while Belarus immediately agrees.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: We introduce educational reforms that will focus on creating a developed and intelligent population. German defenses are improved, and the rest of the European Union is encouraged to undertake the same steps to bolster strength and resilience. Russia, as always, is suspected to be up to something, and as such we ask the EU to boost influence in similar fields. The German Army is boosted, training soldiers and upholding tanks. In civilian matters, experimental universal income of 300€ per month in small communities is underway. As with declining birthrates, larger families are encouraged and as such tax levies are provided for those with more than two children. Renewable energy is undergoing further research, and we aim to be carbon emission free by 2040.
  • Flag of USA United States: President Donald Trump's approval ratings are at an all time low of 27%. He is met unfavorably due to his agreeing to a non-aggression pact with Russia, and the beginning of the construction of his "wall". In an event, protesters impede the construction. In a surprising turn of events, the Democrats take back the House but not the Senate, although the Senate does even out. We begin to put more funding into our military. Trump calls for a NATO meeting [Secret] in order disband it [End Secret].
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Due to his unpopularity as the migrant crisis intensifies, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is pressured to step down by King Philip VI and is replaced with a Euroskeptic nationalist, Gustavo Morales of the La Falange party. The new prime minister takes measures to begin deportation of Muslim migrants from Spain and also states that the country will not take in any more. Salazar has also indicated his displeasure of being part of NATO. Among the other acts of his government is to promote population growth by making exemptions from paying taxes for those that have three or more children and also reinstating conscription in the Spanish Armed Forces for males aged 19-27. The military's budget is raised from 1.2% to a full 2% of GDP and the total number of personnel currently stands at around 210,000 troops, including civilian personnel and Civil Guards. With the expanded military budget he says that the Spanish Navy will receive a new 20 or 30 ships over the next couple of decades, and that Spain's sole aircraft carrier will be refitted to continue service. The Spanish Air Force will also receive new aircraft while the Army will get some ground vehicles. When conscription is implemented fully next year the number of personnel will increase. Meanwhile, Morales has also announced the creation of a new party called the National Reform Alliance, which is anti-globalist.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: Stefan Löfven is re-elected as Prime Minister after his party, Social Democratic Party wins the election for 33% of total votes. Under his government, Sweden maintains many old laws from immigration policy, human rights, birth control, economy, education, and environment. Sweden continues to accept immigrants, as well as controlling the border in the land (mainly in Øresund Bridge), sea (seaports), and air (airports). The government have proposed the anti-discrimination law, which states anyone who made hate speech would be fined, and committing hate crimes would be sentenced up to ten years. Although many people support this, this became controversy and received negative response from nationalists. The country continue to develop technology and economy. Swedish government ask Germany to be research partners in technology, Stefan Löfven also wants to visit Germany and meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He hopes this will increase relations between the two [Player Response Needed]. Nothing much changed in military. Sweden just continue to produce more equipment and recruit only small amounts of civilians.
    • German Dip: We accept Sweden's proposal, and are pleased that they have followed in our footsteps of making Europe more connected and protected.
  • Flag of France.svg-0 France: Although Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election last year, more nationalist citizens that had vote for Marine Le Pen had begun protesting throughout Paris, primarily over the issue of allowing refugees from the Middle East to seek refuge in France. The issue would not be specifically needed to be addressed by Emmanuel Macron until a string of murders and rapes throughout France would have resulted from the refugees, and returned discrimination and in some locations, segregation of Muslims would occur. these issues and a lack of general public responses would result in decreasing approval ratings of the president and a sharp increase in popularity for the National Front. These issues and further dislike for Prime Minister Édouard Philippe would result in his resignation after making some unfavorable commenting on the issue of refugees in Europe. Following this, and after large protests that had turned violent in some instances, Euroskeptic and nationalist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is appointed as the new Prime Minister of France. Within the first month of him becoming Prime Minister, massive deportation projects to remove all of the Muslim refugees to other nations that continue accepting refugees. Prime Minister Nicolas begins to promote marriage and childbirth after the birth of his first son, Sauvage, and much like Spain, exemptions are made from paying taxes for those that have three or more children. The military budget is increased to 1.8% following the replacement of French general Aubin Lucroy to Hugo Vérany. A military conscription is planned to begin next year, since General Hugo and Prime Minister Nicolas's large belief in a more powerful military, and Emmanuel Macron wanting increased approval ratings. Self-sufficiency plans for the state have been put in motion, and it is expected that by the mid 2020's, France will have become a more self-sufficient state and will not need to rely on other nations for military and consumer goods as much.
  • Flag of Peru.svg-0Peru: A coup has ousted former president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski from power and installed a high-ranking Peruvian general, Juan Manuel López, to power. Being against globalization and very nationalistic. he orders the deportation of the entirety of Peru's Muslim population (which is not a lot). The military, education, infrastructure and healthcare budget is slightly increased. More schools, roads, and hospitals are built, mainly in remote and mountainous areas, and existing roads continue to be upgraded. Massive solar panels are also being built in the Atacama Desert in the far south of the nation, which will be complete around 2023 and will provide 7% of Peru's energy needs. Relations with Spain and France are improved.
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil: The president, Michel Temer, has been re-elected. He announces new plans to ban all wood harvesting in the Amazon by 2021, and to crack down on Drugs and gangs. He would like to announce plans to clean up cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, hoping for green cities in the future. He, unlike most former presidents of Brazil, recognizes the Self-Determination of the Independence Movements across the country, and has stated a referendum "could be held in the future, if the people behave themselves". In other news, the president urges the people of French Guiana to remain passive, because eventually France will know the time has come to hold a referendum, and that will decide the fate of all French Guianese people, not the few extremists who destroy property. The president passes a law BANNING Nuclear Weapons from being built in Brazilian territory, and from entering Brazilian Territory. WIP


With nationalism on the rise in Europe, many in Spain and France call for a Spexit and Frexit respectively. This pleases Putin to no end apparently.

News of unrest leaks out of North Korea, detailing a revolutionary movement. The North Korean government releases a statement, calling these "the lies of Western pigs" and "false propaganda".

The Islamic State has been flushed out of Iraq entirely, and the achievement is celebrated by Coalition states. Saudi Arabia and Iran remain quiet on the issue.

  • Flag of Peru.svg-0Peru: Construction of more "environmentally-friendly" power plants is underway, and the government plans to give the Peruvian people even more incentive to go eco-friendly. Now, the biggest polluting companies to have factories on Peruvian soil will pay a 7% environmental tax, and the government will give subsidies to people who have solar panels and/or another environmentally-free energy source installed in their houses. Public schools, and governmental offices in Lima are also getting solar panels. The highways are repaired, and some are expanded from four lanes to six lanes. Plans are being made to move the electric wires of the nation underground, to make them less vulnerable to the elements. This will take a long time to come into actualization, though. A crackdown on cartels and members of the communist "Shining Path" terrorist group has begun, with police being able to wiretap phone and emails and search for suspected members. The destruction of IS in Iraq is celebrated by a speech by President López and a military parade. We request alliances with Brazil, France, and Spain [Player Responses Needed].
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We agree to an alliance since our nations are both Spanish-speaking and are part of the Organization of Ibero-American States.
    • French Diplomacy: We decline the alliance offer.
  • Flag of USA United States: In vote by the House, Donald Trump is impeached for taking bribes from Russia, treason, as well as many other reasons. Trump releases a statement, "Sad. That our lovely House has had to impeach me. I've been leading this country great! I've done a wonderful job, a wonderful job. I bet you, there will be HUGE retaliation for this. HUUGE." Mike Pence is inaugurated as president of the United States. Following the impeachment of Trump, Democrats assume internal fighting with one another. The Progressive faction against the Liberal more central faction. 
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Polls have been showing anti-EU sentiment still on the rise, and the desire of the people for His Majesty the King to play a bigger role in politics as politicians are distrusted. In an address to the nation, King Philip VI confirms that he will be using his constitutionally-mandated powers to a greater extent. He also states that there will be a referendum in 2020 on Spain's EU membership and that he is looking over the NATO membership as well (invoking memories of the Francoist era when Spain was not part of NATO). The King says he wants to make Spain among the top militaries in the world and especially to "restore the glory of the Armada Espańola!" He announces that the Spanish Navy will be acquiring ten modernized Oquendo-class destroyers, Cold War era ships that were decommissioned in the late 1980s. Their cannons will be replaced with missiles that are used on our modern frigates. In addition, another 15 Descubierta-class corvettes and five Santa María-class frigates will be constructed by 2024. Meanwhile, during that time period the Spanish Air Force will receive another 25 Eurofighter Typhoons. As part of the new conscription laws that require men to serve in the military for a minimum of two years, 49,000 people arrive at recruitment offices and are taken into the military. More are expected to follow soon. This will also give jobs, at least temporary ones, and will teach skills to men that have been hit hardest financially by the EU's economic crisis. Meanwhile, our policy of promoting families of at least three children has been ongoing while our borders have been shut down to any further migrants. The Civil Guard begins plans to mass deportations of Muslims from Spain.
  • Flag of France.svg-0 France: President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Nicolas Dupont-Aignan have, to some extent caused a large rift within the government, as political party members of En Marche! have slowly moved to more nationalistic ideals. Although the government has become more nationalist, protests for further reform and impeachment of Emmanuel Macron have become a staple for the Protesters. Although deportation on a large scale as proven to cut down crime by 67%, President Emmanuel Macron passes another bill to combat the Prime Minister's by allowing the equal amount of refugees to come in as they are taken out. This proves to be even more fatal to his approval ratings, which by the end of the year, are shown to have become 39%. In other news, the conscription to increase servicemen in the military is put into motion. So far, the military has been increased by 75,000 able-bodied men, with their military services being in place for a minimum of five years. The conscription results in a further incremental of the military budget, increasing it 2.1%. The air force department of the military are set to expand next year, while the more warships are built to increase the naval superiority. The pushing out of ISIS in Iraq entirely brings forth large celebrations and parades, with many citizens becoming more patriotic.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: With the rise of nationalism in France and Spain, Sweden is being flooded by Muslim refugees, especially from France. Swedish government react with this, and Prime Minister Löfven makes a statement, "We concern the new French and Spanish governments for deporting Muslims from their respective countries. It is a discrimination against religion." Liberals hold mass demonstrations in roads of Stockholm, and shouted "Shame on France and Spain!", "Nazi!". Meanwhile the nationalists demand the Swedish government to do the same action as Spain and France did. In the other news, Swedish government congratulate the coalition for their success in Iraq. Infrastructures are greatly developed. Still, military is not a main focus, but we open recruitment for 2nd generation of immigrants. Many stadiums are built and upgraded, as well as many sport academies are upgraded. Swedish Football Association expressed its interest to host the FIFA World Cup in 2034.
    • French Diplomacy: The French Embassy in Stockholm states that they are mainly deporting refugee's because of the increased crime rate in France. After deportation began, crime basically stopped and has since proven to be a good decision for the French citizens, as they are our priority.
      • Swedish Diplomacy: Swedish Foreign Ministry just thank France for heads up. Swedish government doesn't want to damage good relations between two nations, and the government hopes to continue work with France.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom Standing PM Theresa May calls a snap election, openly unsatisfied with her minority government. Former PM David Cameron surprises everyone by running against her along with many moderate Conservatives. In his words, "Theresa May doesn't know what she's doing". Unsurprisingly, David Cameron is elected by the unsatisfied majority of the public. His first move is to open the UK's doors to refugees, setting a max refugee quota of 300,000. Cameron proceeds to make sweeping reforms to many areas including immigration and trade, initiating trade talks with Scandinavia and Europe. The Labour party loses many supporters as independents see David Cameron's moderate Conservatives as a better option.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: As the extremist threat in the Middle East begins to die down, the refugee acceptance rate is lowered and limited to skilled people only. Reforms are introduced to encourage a larger ethnic German population to counter the surmounting ethnicities of refugees. Angela Merkel visits the remaining EU member states to promote "a United Europe". Universal income experiments are proving to be successful in the long run, and as such economics are taught as part of the standard education system to create a population that will easily transition into a universal income efficiently. Interest in drone research has increased.
  • Flag of The Peoples Republic of China China: A 50 billion USD military research project is initiated in the South China Sea aiming to research underwater base construction and anti-air technology. Island construction in the South China Sea is increased by 50% and we are expecting to have seven airstrips and five navy bases there by 2021 2023. We send three bombers and three Type 054A frigates to patrol the site. An economic currency manipulation is implemented, allowing us to extract more money from imports, especially from the US. The military budget is increased by 10% and economic freedom policies are implemented allowing more businesses to start independently. Food and humanitarian supplies to North Korea are increased, and oil sales to North Korea are also increased. Xi Jinping requests to visit DC to discuss North Korea with President Mike Pence. (U.S response needed). As economic freedom policies are implemented, government approval ratings rise and so does the presidents. A political campaign to end the diplomatic agreement between China and Taiwan is gaining support within the military. Five billion USD is redirected from the national budget to address poverty, aiming to decrease it by 30% by the year 2022. factory condition standards for workers are raised and a higher minimum wage is being rolled out in Beijing to test the effects before nation wide wages are raised in 2025.
    • American Response: President Pence accepts the response and staff begin to prepare Air Force One for flight. We shall meet in 2020.
  • Flag of Israel Israel: Seeing as the international community refuses to recognize our rightful claims, we work to develop a new tank, with one of its core features being amphibious capabilities. We also develop a new type of fighter jet, which is expected to outclass it`s American counterparts in speed and agility, at the cost of arsenal. Drone warfare against ISIS is intensified, with about four confirmed kills this week, all prominent leaders. We request new president Mike Pence visit us [Player response needed] so we can hold talks over the fate of Palestine. Israeli companies begin investing more worldwide, with emphasis on the UK, Greece, and the US.
    • American Response: We accept. As President Pence is going to China next year, we send a diplomat to discuss the fate of Palestine.
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil: We begin accepting all deported Muslim Refugees from the Middle East and Europe, as well as certain war refugees from countries like Sudan and Somalia. We ask Portugal not to stray from Democracy, and to form a deeper alliance with us and the United States, as well as Argentina (Mod Response Needed). The president's actions have taken a major blow to drug smugglers, with man either gunned down or arrested, with few escaping the country. We initiate Chile and Bolivia's bid to join Mercosur, hoping the two will become full members by late 2020. WIP
    • Mod Response: Portugal accepts the offer for alliance on the grounds of Brazil being former Portuguese colonial assets, while Argentina respectfully declined an alliance. Portugal does not respond to the pledge to strengthen US-Portuguese relations.


Coalition campaigns in the Middle East manage to oust the Islamic State from several locations in Syria. The extremist group is considered to be living its final days as troops close in to the last few strongholds.

The Italian Prime Minister resigns after a mounting series of protests over immigration policies and other related issues. The current Italian PM, Roberto Fico of the Five-Star Movement announces a referendum for Italexit to be held this year.

Vietnam and the Philippines express their rage at China's move to continue artificial island building in the South China Sea, particularly in regions belonging to respective nations but claimed by China. As such, tensions begin in the region with ships patrolling the waters of respective nations on the lookout for Chinese activity.

Mike Pence releases a press statement announcing that "Trump's ideals will be materialised, and it will strengthen this blessed Christian nation".

  • Flag of Spain Spain: The Spanish government asks France and Italy, fellow nations with a high dislike of the EU, to form an alliance in order to defend their mutual interests. [French and mod response needed] We also begin having our diplomats try to increasingly work in international questions in order to increase Spain's influence abroad. The EU membership referendum is to be held this year and the campaigning by both sides goes on until the day of the voting. Also on the ballot are additional questions that go along with Do you think Spain should leave the European Union? The others include ones talking about restructuring the country's political system in favor of giving the King and the government more power in order to more effectively function. Critics see this as going back on the Spanish transition to democracy in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but supporters say that it is necessary with what is happening in the country. The question is Do you support the Constitution of 1978 being modified? King Philip indicates his desire to create a modified constitution to address the changing times. The idea of increasing the Spanish King's power is protested by left wing groups, and pro-EU groups, across the country, though the protests mostly pass peacefully. Finally, the vote takes place and the "Yes" vote won on both with 58% and 52% of the vote, respectively. Prime Minister Gustavo Morales announces that their government has been given the mandate to create a modified constitution and that Spain will be triggering Article 50 as a result of this referendum. Left-wing groups protest against that and against the far right prime minister, but the government has adopted the policy of "we watch, we listen, and ultimately, do nothing" in regards to the protestors. Meanwhile, in the military sphere, construction of new equipment continues. The Civil Guard begins making plans to round up Muslims in Spain while the General Staff adopts a new strategy for Spain. We will create one mobile carrier strike group to project Spain's influence in places like the Middle East. The aircraft carrier Príncipe de Asturias, decommissioned in 2013, has been recommissioned this year and its refitting has been completed. It will form the core of this new formation which will also include four of the ten Oquendo-class destroyers that are being built, along with six of the eleven Santa María-class frigates (some of which are being built) and several smaller support ships. Meanwhile, another 70,000 conscripts enter the service to fulfill their mandatory two years, to a total of 329,000 active military and support personnel.
    • Mod Response: Italy accepts the alliance.
  • China: The South China Sea program is advancing as expected, and the construction of underwater submarine naval bases in the South China Sea are slated for 2024, with completion estimated around 2029. 4000 marine troops are sent to the airstrips in the South China Sea as well. Five new class air carriers are being constructed, expected to finish in 2025. A next generation supercomputer is being researched, with the goal of eventually implementing human-like AI in our military. During the visit to D.C, Xi Jinping proposes that the United States stop joint drills with south Korea in return for less diplomatic relations with north Korea. 50 billion is pumped into space programs, with development aiming toward a small research station on the moon by 2040. With all of the research projects the Chinese population begins moving more towards the tech/science workforce, decreasing the source of labor, providing less workers to companies with factories in China. A formal request to construct a joint military base in Israel is sent. In return we will recognize its claimed territory and will aid in securing that territory, with military if needed. (Israel response needed)
    • American Response: We deny the proposal. 
    • Chinese Diplomacy: Chinese military officials denounce the decision, but the president seems understanding
    • Israeli Dip: While we would like to, doing so would lessen American relations, and we are a western nation. As well, we feel that as China has no interests in the area, we question their reasoning.
    • Chinese diplomacy: We accept the refusal but still offer a Chinese embassy. 
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: Development of sustainable energy sources begin, as a zero carbon emissions goal is being planned for the future. Globalism is promoted to the youths of Germany, and wish that the nations of France, Spain and Italy see the same. Globalism is the right way to move forward, while nationalism will have repercussions that will negatively affect the global situation, as exhibited by the last time nationalism prevailed in Germany. New tax reliefs encourage a larger population that will fuel German development. Germany calls for an EU Summit in Berlin to discuss the future of the European Union. Improvements in infrastructure take place in large cities, including better paved roads and street lights. Trees are also being planted in open air areas within urban landscapes.
  • Flag of USA United States: Mike Pence announces his gratitude to Israel for their loyalty. In response to the surprise turn of Chinese aggression, we begin to send a fleet of 15 ships (along with 5000 troops) to the South Chinese Sea to help the Vietnamese and Filipinos in case conflict breaks out.  Mike Pence condemns Chinese aggression in the region, saying that we will declare war if you attack the Filipinos and Vietnamese. (Chinese Response Needed) We begin to construct our own underwater submersible naval bases, with the first (in San Diego) scheduled to be completed in 2023. In the 2020 residential election, Cory Booker is elected over incumbent Mike Pence. He will be inaugurated next year.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: We condemn America's aggressive actions toward our interest in decreasing terrorism in the middle east through building a joint base in Israel and we set a five-mile radius around the South China Sea islands that shall not be breached without consequences.  
    • American Response: We begin to start relying less on China for exports, looking to India as an alternative. (Mod Response Needed) We threaten to place sanctions on China if they do not back out of Filipino and Vietnamese territory.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: PM David Cameron and his coalition of moderate Conservatives push on with reform, promoting globalism as the best economic path. As a result of extensive research conducted on modern population demographics, the PM has set up a government YouTube Channel in the interest of better communication with the general public. The YT Channel offers streamed footage of debates as well as videos explaining certain policies and the like. This greatly increases the support base of the PM as his actions are better understood. The Department of Digital Media, Arts & Sports has initiated many cross-regional culture events to promote a sense of "globalist nationalism" among British youth. The National Grid is on track to becoming fully green and an experimental smart grid system is in use in some parts of the country. The Foreign Secretary attends the EU Summit in Berlin as an observer. The British Pound rises in value but is intentionally devalued by 0.05% for five months to encourage foreign investment in rural areas. Also, the National Space Program proposes a joint space station with Germany and Sweden. [Player Response Needed] The Ministry of Agriculture sets up a contest for the best designs of vertical farms in the hopes of more efficient space usage in the nation. The Ministry hopes to be able to protect forests from deforestation by farming vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Flag of Peru.svg-0Peru: Our scientists are currently researching feasible ways to put vertical farms onto buildings, so that it will take less space, be productive, and also be cost-effective at the same time. Hopefully, this will be done by 2022. Meanwhile, our infrastructure is improved. Embassies are offered to every nation in the world except for North Korea, Zimbabwe, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia (the countries where we do not offer embassies, we officially cut all diplomatic relations, and in the case of North Korea, completely embargo them) [Mod/Player Response Needed]. Windy areas on the Andes Mountains are scouted, to find suitable sites for wind turbines. We officially start plans for a space agency, however, the plans are not complete, so this space agency is not revealed to the public just yet.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: We accept the offer for an embassy and we offer an embassy as well.
  • Flag of France.svg-0 France: President Emmanuel Macron, as of January 6th, has been forced to step down as president following a scandal that occurred between him and the former President Trump. The scandal includes large numbers of the French Senate, including the Senate President Gérard Larcher, who was originally supposed to replace Emmanuel Macron. It is decided that the Prime Minister, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, will be the new president of France, with Marine Le Pen becoming Prime Minister of France. Within the first week of his inauguration, President Nicolas signs numerous reforms that includes the deportation of nearly every Muslim refugee in the entirety of France, as well as securing the known fact that a Frexit could become a thing very soon. A military conscription begins to draft able-bodied men under 30, and the general military itself is expected to increase by 123,000 in the next two years, bringing the military to 406,000 active troops. With nationalism increasing rapidly and patriotism becoming a normal staple for citizens, numerous National Front members speculate the possibility of France returning to the monarchy it once was a century ago, although these talks remain only speculation for the time being. We accept the alliance offer that Spain has offered us.


Solace here, doing the mod events for this turn. Enjoy.

The Islamic State is officially declared to have been defeated, and subsequently, the war against terrorism is announced to be officially over, although numerous small-time terrorist groups have come out of the vacuum created by the loss of ISIS presence.

The referendum for the Italexit is held, and is to no surprise that the majority of citizens, 61%, want Italy to leave the European Union due to wanting to restructure the currently failed economy.

Continued construction of Chinese artificial islands in the South China Sea escalates into the majority of ASEAN going against the program itself.

North Korea tests another nuclear warhead in the Sea of Japan.

Spanish protests finally become violent after a riot breaks out in Madrid.

  • Flag of Spain Spain: The Spanish government begins increasing its diplomatic influence and informs the EU that we will begin the process of leaving. We begin negotiating with the government of our former colony, Equatorial Guinea, to purchase our former territory of Fernando Po island (know known as Bioko). Since the country is extremely poor and the government is corrupt, we figure that a sizable sum of money would be enough to purchase this land off of them. This part of the Gustavo Morales nationalist government's plan to gain some overseas territories, since we currently only have the cities of Ceuta and Mellila along with some other enclaves on the Moroccan coast. [Mod Response] Meanwhile, we leave the Madrid police with the task of handling the protests and deploy some Civil Guards to assist in breaking up the left wing riot. The Spanish Armed Forces continue constructing their new equipment and train the newly-drafted personnel. King Philip has met with representatives of NATO and stated that Spain is willing to increase its commitment in the Middle East against terrorism. However, he has criticized NATO and in particular US policy in regards to the region, and has publicly talked about the need to create a European only military alliance, possibly with France and Italy. We also ask Portugal to enter into a military alliance with us. [Mod Response] Meanwhile, we continue to promote the idea of the traditional nuclear family and increase incentives for the three-child policy. Nationalism is actively encouraged.
    • Mod Response: Equatorial Guinea, although extremely tempted, does not sell the island that their capital is built on. Portugal accepts the alliance more out of concern of Spanish aggression than anything else.
  • China: We halt expansion in the South China Sea. However, the islands that are already there are still being used for research and now underwater and anti-aircraft missile tests. 15 type 056 corvettes are sent to the South China Sea along with the three frigates already there. We send diplomats to Cuba to negotiate an embassy and possibly trade deals. (Mod response needed). The military budget is increased another 5% and tariffs on U.S.A are increased by 30%. After the missile test, we stop oil flow to North Korea, and we offer the leader himself to come to the negotiation table about their nuclear program behind closed doors. (Mod response needed). AI research is going along well with plans to have a neural linked combat exosuit on our troops by 2036 2045. A cyber defense and attack organization is founded and we consider it a branch of our military, Up to 30 units each with 12 members are recruited a month into our cyber defense and attack force. They succeed in creating "the great cyber wall of China" (improved cyber defense) and improving our ability to hack into secure networks, including government. Research ships are sent to scan the South China Sea for oil, we find natural gas under the seabed and massive gas drilling is initiated by government owned energy companies. The drill sites are considered Chinese territory.
    • Mod Response: You already have an embassy in Cuba and vice versa. Kim Jong-Un agrees to the negotiation, and puts missile tests on hold.
  • Flag of UKUnited Kingdom: The British Government condemns China's actions in the South China Sea. Such injustice is intolerable. We offer China one last chance to stop claiming territory with preposterous claims. One more time and the British Commonwealth will declare war alongside ASEAN against China. In other news, Scotland constructs three new wind farms with funds from the newly launched Green Fund Initiative with the aim of reaching full green power by 2030. Also, vertical farms are successfully constructed by private high-tech farming firms and are out in place across the Kingdom to solve the problem of rising food demand. Many jobs are created in this way.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: We agree to stop expansion in the South China Sea, but we will proceed with all programs on the already existing islands. 
    • Flag of UKUK Response: The UK accepts this resolution for now. We send transport ships and cruisers to assist in the re-establishment of native rule on remaining unclaimed islands in accordance with UN EEZ specifications.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: A double dissolution is called by the governor-general. In that election, the Labour party gains a majority in both the house and senate, surprisingly. The new government begins a process of leaving the commonwealth and establishing a republic, which is met with immediate backlash by the public. However, it quickly dies down after the British government pulls us into the South China Sea dispute against our will. After this outrage, the Australian government cuts all ties with Britain and instead we begin working with the Pacific Islands Forum to create a federalized union of Pacific States, in order to defend the south pacific from foreign governments wishing to use it as a proxy for wars or political conflicts, and to combine our defense efforts, seeing as World War III seems ever so closer recently. [Mod Response Required]
    • Mod Response: The proposal of a federated union of Pacific states is not approved of, and a completely unified Pacific Federation seems highly unlikely as of now.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: We regard China's actions in the South China Sea to be undemocratic and expansionist. As such, we begin withdrawing reliance on the Chinese economy and as such its exports. Germany also expresses its support for British intervention within the South China Sea. Angela Merkel works closely with the European Union to further strengthen ties amidst the breakaway of Western European states from the EU. We are disappointed at Italy leaving the EU, but wish them best of luck in reforming their economy.
  • Flag of France.svg-0 France: President Nicolas Dupont-Aignan didn't do much this year due to campaigning in the French presidential election for 2022. Work in Progress.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: We condemn the acts of China in the South China Sea, making a similar statement to that of Germany's. The Prime Minister promises to boost the money given to medicine, technology and JAXA, with JAXA preparing a Manned Moon Mission in the next four years, as well as a Manned Mars Mission by 2035. Heads at JAXA have begun discussing whether a moon base would be feasible before 2032, and eventually, a colony. JAXA has also stated it plans to send a manned mission to Ceres before 2048, and a manned mission to Europa before 2070. In other news, We ask South Korea for strengthened relations, and will help in any way possible to stop Kim Jong-Un's madness (ROK Response Needed). An amendment to the constitution is made, allowing Japan to build a Military, decreasing its reliance on The United States. Meanwhile, Toyota Motor Corporation is set to revive the Scion brand, after unhappiness from the public. Toyota Motor Corporation and Nissan Motor Company along with its subsidiary, Datsun, look to overseas markets as a means to expand their profit.


The power vacuum left in Syria has now filtered into two distinct factions. The Syrian Arab Republic and allied factions, opposing Rojava and allied factions. The Syrian Civil War is not resolved, but rather stretched out into more conflict. UN talks are underway to de-escalate the situation.

Vertical farms are built in several nations in a new agricultural trend. Instances in Belgium, Finland, Argentina and Japan have sparked an agricultural revolution in an urban setting.

Signs of extremist insurgency take root in the Xinjiang province of China. Chinese forces have been deployed to quell unrest in the area, but a sighting of a former high ranking ISIS personnel is raising concerns of an Islamic State of Turkestan.

  • Flag of France.svg-0 France: Nicolas Dupont-Aignan of the National Front becomes the president of France once more, barely winning against Richard Ferrand of En Marche!. The National Front was also able to secure more seats in the National Assembly (306) and the Senate (46). The scandal that Emmanuel Macron had been involved in has somewhat decreased the popularity of En Marche!, allowing them to become a weaker political party within France. President Nicolas continues the deportation of Muslim's. As president, he supports a more Nationalist Economy and a larger military. A conscription is begun once more that will last over the period of five years, of which case a proper military will have been built to "better protect the French citizens".
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Since leftist protests continue and have grown to be more intense and there seems to be a lot of division, far right Prime Minister Gustavo Morales tendered his resignation and it was accepted by His Majesty the King. In his place, King Philip has appointed a retired General Admiral of the Spanish Navy, Teodoro López Calderón, who has entered politics as an independent politician, as the new prime minister. The intent is to have an independent head of government that can be accepted by all people, and the biggest party, the People's Party, gave its approval. Calderón indicated that he considered himself to be above party politics and wants to work with all political factions in order to facilitate Spain's exit from the EU, which there is popular support for, since the result of the 2020 referendum. Thus we formally continue the negotiations with the EU over leaving as soon as possible. [Mod Response on leaving EU negotiations?] King Philip also announced his intent to continue building up a strong military capability for Spain to counter ISIS and any other threat, so the military project continues, as does the conscription law. Likewise the project to promote native population growth is also continued. The government is considering plans to increase growth in the economy, in addition to the arms industry, which has seen considerable growth due to the military buildup.
    • Mod Response: The negotiations result in Spain being allowed to leave in 2024.
  • Flag of UKUnited Kingdom: In light of the recent diplomatic failure with Australia, a Commonwealth Summit is called and all members of the Commonwealth Realms as well as the other Commonwealth nations are invited, including Australia [Player Response Needed]. The summit fosters inter-commonwealth relations and rekindles some old feelings between member nations [Australia's Status Unclear PR Needed]. Also, the Ministry of Trade and Commerce initiates talks with Japan's Toyota car company in the hopes of coming up with a trade deal and possibly creating jobs in the UK [Player Response Needed]. The Ministry of Energy continues development of a 'Smart Grid' on track with the goal of achieving total Green Power by the year 2030. Domestic Policy focuses on encouraging business growth. At the same time, legislation is passed to ensure the rights of labourers are protected.
  • China: A mandatory curfew notice is sent to all population centers in the Xinjaing providence, as we prepare to carry out a complete martial law enforced by 10,000 troops in that providence. All citizens there will be under increased surveillance until we find the suspected ISIS leader or anyone connected (mod response needed) Searches are also carried out in schools homes businesses abandon buildings, etc. Xi Jinping makes a controversial visit to one of the artificial islands in the South China Sea. Major profits are coming from the gas drilling program there, about 5.6 billion a year. We resume selling oil to North Korea, but at a lower quantity and at a higher price. In an effort to improve USA relationships, we reduce our tariffs on them back to normal levels. We offer Cuba two billion worth of natural gas a year in form of a trade deal. (Mod response)
    • Mod Response: The curfew is met with severe criticism from residents in Xinjiang and certain Islamic nations, who state this is a violation of human rights. Cuba respectfully declined, looking towards renewable energy.
  • Peru: With research on vertical farms complete, all governmental buildings are refitted with vertical farms, growing all kinds of crops. The vertical farm has also gained much popularity in farming communities in the Andes Mountains, because it eliminates the usage of slope terraces and provides more farming space. We now generate a large surplus of food. Half of this surplus goes to generating ethanol for car use, while the other half is shipped to neighboring countries and allied nations. We now begin research into fusion energy, waste-to-energy, and more economical renewable energy sources. Meanwhile, 20,000 troops are sent to Syria to fight for Rojavan independence, as the Kurds have been oppressed by neighboring ethnicities for years, and deserve their own nation. Plans for a space agency are still being discussed, but they are now more defined. The space agency plans are still not revealed to the public.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: With the exit of Spain from the European Union, ties with the remaining EU members are further strengthened. With research on renewable energy sources coming to a solution, we divert funding towards vertical farms, having proven their usefulness. Germany announces their stance on the situation in Syria, supporting the Rojava.


Several nations begin implementing renewable energy sources such as off-shore wind farms, hydroelectric pipe turbines and solar roads into their infrastructure, including Switzerland, Denmark, Thailand and Bahrain.

Civil unrest in the Xinjiang province of China, with the majority Muslim population calling for a secession from the "infidel dogs in Beijing". Major Islamic nations have not released their stances on this, but sources confirm suppliers linked to both Saudi Arabia and Iran are funding extremist insurgency in the area.

Airstrikes on Rojava camps are slammed by Russia, China and Iran after it unintentionally(?) destroys a Russian military vehicle in the process. Putin calls for a no-fly zone in the area to prevent the war in Syria from escalating into international confrontation.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The Cameron administration decides to make a public statement and detailed explanation stating that the British Government supports the Syrian Government, surprising many but met with somewhat of a welcome. Nevertheless, the government refuses to actively support any side in the Syrian Conflict. Domestic policy continues with the development of infrastructure in Scotland and North England, as well as the continuation of green energy projects. Due to popular support, the Ministry of Defense decides to expand Her Majesty's Navy and Air Force. As more migrants and refugees are accepted, cheap communes are constructed for refugees and basic government jobs such as public janitors are offered. It is made compulsory for refugees to get a job by six months after settling. Migrants must contribute to the nation. Besides that, research into AI begins and this is immediately followed by widespread public fear. As such, it is made illegal for any AI program to be given sentience any time in the future. Possible UN legislation on the topic of AI is in the works with a UN speech expected to be made next year.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: The government has decided not to interfere with the Syrian civil war. [Secret] We give the rebels in China: AK-47, chemical weapons, sniper rifles, machine guns, AT guns, anti-air guns. [End Secret] We will build solar panels across the country. We investigate in desalination plants because global warming causes our water reserves to dry out.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Prime Minister Calderón announces that he supports the Syrian government and the necessity to maintain the existing Syrian state. Meanwhile, the Spanish Navy commissions its first two modernized Oquendo-class destroyers, the Magellan and the Córdova, with eight more being made. Currently, there are also five Santa María-class frigates and fifteen Descubierta-class corvettes being built, with four of the latter having been completed already. This is part of the "Armada 2030" plan that the Spanish government has put forward. The carrier Principe de Asturias has completed refitting mostly and is awaiting some final touches before being recommissioned into the fleet. Meanwhile, the Spanish Air Force has received its new Typhoons, while the Spanish Army received so far, 30 new Leopard 2E tanks, Spain's variant of the German Leopard 2. In total the armed forces number some 325,000 men, now that conscription has been reinstated. As for the economy of Spain, it has been greatly improving since the 2008 crisis and by 2017 was one of the best recovering economies in the EU. Currently we are looking to continue to grow the economy. Spain wishes to increase trade relations with China, offering machinery and motor vehicles, as well as potentially naval warships for the PLAN. [Chinese response needed]
    • Chinese diplomacy: We accept the offer, we propose naval warships machinery motor vehicles in return for rare exclusive rare earth metals like yttrium that are essential for electronics and other high tech machinery.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept the deal, and ask the Chinese how many ships they want and of which class so we can begin construction. We begin trading with the motor vehicles and machinery in the meantime.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: We request three F 100-class frigates
  • Flag of Australia svg Australia: We begin construction of offshore wind farms to create renewable clean energy. Simultaneously we begin dismantling coal, gas, and nuclear power plants. WIP
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: Our cyber defense agency tracks down 30 terrorist linked operators in xinjaing who are interrogated and confess to accepting money from Saudi Arabia. We set up an anti terror command post in Xinjaing. A massive shipment of weapons and supplies is tracked down crossing our eastern border. (Satellites). A couple of ground units are deployed and manage to seize a third of the equipment. The weapons are suspected to be coming from Saudi Arabia. Eastern border defenses are increased massively. In a formal statement our military issued warnings to several countries. "We have concluded Saudi Arabia is funding terrorists, the U.N must control Saudi Arabia, just as they suspect us to control North Korea, until then we will gladly aid North Korea in defending itself from bigger nations). We also highlight that Iran is involved in this as well and that Saudi Arabia breached international law to the U.N. Oil drilling is expanded in the South China Sea within our fivemile radius boundary set. Oil sales to North Korea are increased and discounted. Saudi Arabia is embargoed and all diplomatic relations are cut. As well as Iran. An additional 10,000 troops are sent to Xinjaing. Anti-aircraft guns are installed on our artificial islands, and two of the five aircraft carriers that are currently under construction have been completed. One is sent to the South China Sea, and the other sent to waters just out side Saudi Arabia, loaded with 15 fighter jets and four low altitude bombers. The ship is accompanied by a mix of ten ships including cruisers and destroyers. Rewards for turning in suspected terrorists and providing information of their locations are advertised on national television. AI research is going along well and we task the space agency with getting a space lab/research on the moon by 2040 with a budget of 100 billion USD. A space launch pad and research center is being constructed on one of the South China islands, due to finish in 2030. Coal and mining industry is increased and funded. We respectfully decline England's offer. Xi Jinping requests a state visit to Moscow and a private meeting with Russian leadership to discuss the current dire state of the world.(Russian response needed) Diplomats are sent to Saudi Arabia only to negotiate and attempt to defuse war. However further shipments and funding of opposition forces in our territory will be seen as a deadly provocation with retaliation.
    • Several implausibilities here. As the arms supply flows in from elsewhere, you cannot confirm what is the outcome of attacks or raids. There is a low chance of China discovering this. Unless it tracks projected supply lines and whatnot, it has no idea who is behind this. This would normally constitute a strike, but I'll let it slide this time. ~Sidewinder 
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Angela Merkel announces she will be no longer be running in the 2025 German elections. Infrastructure is revamped to host new energy technology, with a goal of fitting solar panels on every road and building that falls within certain parameters of dimension and energy consumption. Research begins on AI technology, as well as introducing amendments to the national curriculum to nurture a population that will transition easily into an AI automated world. 


Artificial intelligence is developed to that of 30% of human intelligence. More industries begin leaning to AI, and countries like Chile, India and Poland implement AI services in public areas.

ASEAN nations within the South China Sea area have created their own EEZ, which covers half of the South China Sea. Vietnamese and Filipino ships patrol the area, while Bruneian, Malaysian and Indonesian naval craft provide support in making sure China stays in its box, which is defined to be an extension of its EEZ by five nautical miles. They justify this as a defensive measure against growing Chinese presense in the region.

The war in Syria remains a stalemate, although the government has a mounting precense due to Saudi Arabia withdrawing support for the Rojava. The US has spoke out against this and questions Saudi loyalty.

Xi Jinping is slightly injured in a bomb attack in Beijing. The Islamic State of Xinjiang, a branch of ISIS, claims responsibility.

  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China:Peng Liyan, at 60 years old, runs for the first female Chinese and wins due to help from Xi Jinping and government funding. In her inaugural speech, she denounces terrorism and announced an additional 20,000 troops to stabilize Xinjiang and hunt down terror groups. The presidential security detail is increased and anti-terror armed guards are permanently stationed outside of all government, administrative, and historical buildings in Beijing. Next generation radar is installed within our South China Sea boundaries. [secret] Radar disruptors are placed in the South China Sea within our designated area to mask our communications, along with long range non nuclear guided missiles capable of reaching Australia [Secret]Oil exports from South China Sea are booming as our biggest buyer, North Korea, signs a five-year oil trade contract. Terrorism is publicly shamed across the nation, and any links to ISIS is considered punishable by torture or execution by firing squad. A drone is scheduled to land on the moon in 2026 to scout out an area suitable for human settlement. The ship carrying the drone will be launched from the South China Sea. ICBM defense is funded, along with space research and development. Isolated precision air strikes are threatened if the troops don't handle the situation, encouraging residents of Xinjaing to report terrorists and suspicious activity. This along with the troops sent, allow us to arrest 200 with ties and or suspected of ISIS involvement this year alone.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: We have decided to join the Syrian civil war and we start with bombing Syrian military infrastructure. We want an independent Kurdish state and help the USA. {Secret} We continue with sending weapons to Xinjiang: AK-47, flamethrowers, Anti-aircraft guns, Anti-tank guns, Dynamite. {End Secret}' . King Abdullah Port is finished. It is a massive port with an annual capacity of ten million shipping containers.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: With our total exit from the EU complete, we begin questioning our membership in NATO. Polls show growing dissatisfaction with the actions of the US and other NATO partners. Prime Minister General-Admiral Calderón publicly condemns the regime change policy being implemented in Syria. Meanwhile, our shipyards, although extensive, are a bit overwhelmed with the number of orders so we suspend temporarily the construction on a few ships as we begin building the three frigates ordered by China, so that we can deliver them to our Chinese partners as soon as possible. This year another three destroyers are complete, freeing up additional yards for ship construction. Our shipbuilding industry is booming and helping economic growth. The Spanish military attaches in Paris and Rome ask France and Italy if they wish to hold a joint naval drill in the Mediterranean next year, dubbed "SEAWOLF-2025." It will simulate combat with a fleet of an enemy power and will also involve marines and naval aviation. [Mod Response] The Spanish Armada, as well as military service in general, gains more and more prestige among the Spanish public and thus the ranks are also boosted with not only conscripts but volunteers. The Cortes Generales narrowly approves a law that states only native-born Spanish citizens can receive welfare benefits, and that they will be limited, signed by His Majesty the King. Thus it is hoped to encourage voluntary repatriation among the Muslim migrants in Spain. The promotion of children and family continues as well.
    • Mod Response: Italy and France both agree.
  • Flag of France.svg-0 France: After a year of referendums and mainly nothing eventful, we announce that we will be leaving the EU, following Italy and Spain. We announce that we will be exiting the Syrian Civil War, as we need to work more on domestic rather than international affairs. A leaked audio recording of President Nicolas shows him speaking about a new French monarchic state. The audio causes a steer in the French community, and finally, is addressed by President Nicolas. President Nicolas tells the citizens in a speech how France was a very powerful and determined nation prior to the establishment of the Fifth Republic, and announces that a referendum will be done over the period of two years to decide if France should be a monarchy once more. Military is continuously worked on, as well as the promotion of childbirth.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: With the elections coming up next year, Hubertus Heil of the Social Democratic Party of Germany announces his candidacy. AI research continues, while AI imports from Poland enter industrial use and limited public service. Germany condemns the Islamic State of Xinjiang and offers to assist China in eliminating this threat. [China Response Needed] Munich applies to be the host city for the 2032 Olympics. [Mod Response Needed]
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Development of rural Scotland continues, all the while garnering more support from the locals, with the construction of more green energy farms. Full Green Energy is projected to be achieved by 2030. Thanks to government pro-business policies, the British economy is climbing out of stagnation. The Cameron administration introduces new laws requiring all Ministers to hire professionals for each of their respective ministries thus making the government more technocratic. The Armed Forces is expanded some more with the Navy and Air Force getting the biggest additions. Assistant-like AI is introduced to work offices to assist in low-level tasks. The original planned UN resolution on AI is postponed until a later date when AI becomes more relevant. The government wishes to focus on more important matters.


SEAWOLF-2025 is a success, with relations strengthened within the three nations.

The field in Syria is levelled with Saudi involvement, only to fall from French withdrawal. The Syrian government begins making gains in the region, with the Rojava pleading for international support.

The city of Urumqi is taken by ISX insurgents in a sudden move of aggression against China. The city is surrounded by the Chinese Army, which siege Urumqi due to a hostage situation arising. Chinese intelligence tracks an arms trail going through Pakistan. Pakistan denies involvement in this matter, and agrees to help in investigation.

Mexico begins cracking down on illegal drug activities after President Maria Alejandra Barrales is elected in the 2024 Mexican elections, in a manner similar to Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte about a decade ago.

  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: We will still fight to help Rojava and we ask the United Arab Emirates to do the same [Mod Response Needed]. [Secret] We immediately stop giving weapons to Xinjiang, which makes the king upset but he has no other choice. [End Secret]. The government asks the entire population to have two children per family.
    • Mod Response: The UAE has debates on the matter, but ultimately the Emirati leadership decides against further involvement in Syria, seeing it as nothing but a drain of resources.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: With the successful conclusion of the naval exercise in the Mediterranean, we are glad to have increased relations with France and Italy as we left the EU. The King has stated that he is reviewing our membership in NATO right now and seeing how it benefits or does not benefit Spain. Meanwhile, the Spanish Armada received the last three destroyers of the eight Oquendo-class ships. In addition, two frigates and two corvettes have also joined the fleet. The first of the frigates for China is reaching completion, while the other two are being built. Research for a successor to the Leopard L2E, the Spanish Army's main battle tank, is beginning. The total personnel count for the Spanish Armed Forces is about 320,000 men. We continue to trade with China and others, promote the family and children, as well as promote repatriation for Muslims.
  • Flag of Peru.svg-0Peru: With Rojava losing the war in Syria, we increase involvement in the war, airdropping another 25,000 troops. Meanwhile, back at home, we begin implementing the new and improved AI in everyday life, at least in the cities. This is expected to be complete by 2028. We also announce a plan to reform the Peruvian nation into a developed nation in the course of the next decade or so. This will involve improving living standards, as well as keeping up with technology, as well as other factors. Nationwide WiFi is also being installed, to be complete around 2030.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The British Government proposes a joint military exercise with Germany in the German countryside. The Royal Army is eager to train with German forces in a mainland European setting. Also, the British SAS offers to train German paratroopers [Player response needed]. The Ministry of Defense decides to increase the size of the military mainly in the Navy and Air Force. The National Space Agency announces it has successfully launched an orbital probe to the Moon. Orbital Mars probes are in the works with aims for 2028. British Diplomacy condemns the discriminatory actions of Spain that is the repatriation of Muslims. We offer to accept them with all the necessary screenings first. The Ministry of Education has come to the conclusion that the education system needs to be reformed to prepare students for a white collar future. Education reform is underway.
    • Flag of GermanyGermany: We accept the proposal.


The Syrian government and allies foresee a victory in the near future, with the Rojava financially faltering and nations pulling out of the war. It seems like the voices of the oppressed are squashed. Again.

The Pakistani-Chinese investigation of the ISX arms trail comes up short, but both parties conclude whoever supported them packed up recently, and are following the trail.

Insurgent movements in East Ukraine, obviously supported by Russia, begin causing havoc in Kharkiv and Luhansk. Increased Russian presence in Crimea as well.

Before Chinese troops retake Urumqi, a video is published, detailing the death of a ruler that will bring the infidelous nations to their knees this year. Many debate on this matter, but mostly pass it off as false predictions.

  • Flag of Germany Germany: We address the concerns of Russia poking its nose into Europe, again, and advise that they stop funding insurgents and pull out of Crimea. We are disappointed in several nations for not fighting for Rojavan independence. Fusion technology is in the stages of pen and paper, but we expect significant progress in the upcoming years. Education reforms are underway to prepare the population for the future. Chancellor Hubertus Heil announces plans for the EU, but do not detail them yet.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: After the victory in Urumqi, Peng Liyan makes a visit to the city and makes a speech declaring victory before making a state visit to Russia. We openly congratulate Syrian government and three diplomats are sent to Damascus to improve relations. All curfews and martial law regulations in Xinjaing are dropped. Modernization of city life is funded, attracting more residents from the rural areas. 30% of oil is to be replaced by biofuels by 2030, due to new regulations. We assign the Cyber defense agency on working with the Pakistanis to find the source of the trail. A lighter, less expensive surveillance drone called the V-drone is mass produced for military use. Its cloaking abilities allow it to display the image being captured from the top of the drone, to the bottom of the drone. This makes it appear as part of the sky to unsuspecting ground troops. Ai research is going along smoothly and the space program.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: The first two frigates for China are completed and handed over to Chinese crews. The second will be finished next year. Meanwhile, we begin designing a new nuclear-powered guided missile frigate to replace the diesel-powered ones currently in service eventually. The Spanish government promotes families among Spaniards and repatriation among Muslims. The conscription has increased our strength to 340,000 men. We also research a new tank, dubbed the Leopard 3E, and begin researching a new fighter to replace the Typhoons. Our trade with China and other nations continues. To increase military cooperation with our Asian allies, we ask the government of the Philippines if we can lease a naval base on one of their islands for the Spanish Armed Forces. We will also help them deal with any insurgent groups, like Muslim radicals, in return. [Mod Response]
    • ​Mod Response: The Philippines, a former Spanish colony, accepts the proposal and leases an island north of Luzon to Spain.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: Son of a minor politician from the ruling party is seen murdering an innocent man on a bus stop and trying to escape, but is of course quickly caught and accused of murder. When the court officially states that he's not guilty (despite obvious evidence), mass protests occur, against 'political courts', as the protests' leaders claim. When the leader of the ruling party begins insulting the protesters and the opposition (which, as he claims, is behind the protests), the protests against political courts change into just anti-government protests, and soon the participants are counted in hundreds of thousands. When a crowd consisting of about 1.5 million protesters appears in Warsaw, the police is ordered by the minister of internal security to stop it, as he states that it is 'illegal'. This further enrages the protesters and soon changes the formally peaceful protests into a coup, which is ultimately successful, as the opposition finally managed to overthrow the very conservative party that has been ruling the country since 2015. The protests did not stop however, as the supporters of the now former government wanted it to return, but this crowds were much smaller and didn't achieve anything in the end. After the coup the country is ruled by more liberal party. It is also weakened due to the coup, so we ask Germany to help us rebuild. In return we will help them and Sweden ensure that the EU will not fall, which could mean a certain fall of our nation in aftermath [Player Response Needed]. We also begin working on an education reform to prepare our children for the changing world.
    • Flag of Germany Germany: We are surprised by the sudden events, but accept the proposal to rebuild Polish cities. 
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi-Arabia: We do not stop with helping Rojava. The government is trying to fertilize the desert this will a long time, however. We try to build multiple ports to stimulate our economy. The government tries to make an economy that is not petroleum-based (when the oil has run out). We also try to lower the unemployment rate. There are rumors the king is involved in some corruption scandal.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: Francesca Santamaria has been elected as Prime Minister of Italy. She is from the brand new Liberal Party which was formed just last year. They garnered 68% of the vote and now have control of 79% of the legislature. She is planning many social liberal reforms, however economically she is a fiscal conservative, planning a massive crackdown on the unions. Strikes ensued and productivity decreased 68%.
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland: New virus discovered in Dublin. It kills 300 people within its first hour of existence. Government threaten to use it on any opponents. People hate this an hold riots in Galway and Dublin. Also we wish to purchase N. Ireland off of UK [Player response needed].
    • Flag of GermanyGerman Diplomacy: We slam the Irish government for defying the Geneva Convention by not only possessing biological weapons, but actually using it on their own population. We call for global condemnation in this act of atrocity.
    • Flag of Spain Spanish Diplomacy: We also condemn this and secretly suggest to the UK that we would support a British/NATO intervention to restore order in Ireland.


Another day, another way to come back to Future. Solace here to do the new turn.

The Pakistan-China investigations reveal the ISX arms trail to have transited through Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and shipments to Balochistan have been uncovered. Pakistani intelligence announces it is only a short time until they uncover who is responsible for the atrocities committed by the ISX.

North Korea is behaving suspiciously, especially off its Eastern Coast.

Citizens in Ireland began mass immigrating to European nations following the turning of the government and its threats. The largest nations known to be accepting the immigrants are Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and France.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, the Queen of England has passed in her sleep on April 21st, 2026. As the UK was busy with other things it is only known now that the world's longest reigning monarch is gone. The UK enters a mourning period, while Prince Charles III becomes the King of England.

  • Flag of Spain Spain: The Spanish Permanent Representative to NATO suggests to the rest of the bloc that an intervention against the current Irish government is necessary to restore order in the country. [Player and Mod Response] Meanwhile, the last frigate for China is completed and is handed over to the People's Liberation Army Navy. The Spanish Navy General Staff asks Portugal if they want to work to jointly develop a new frigate class to replace the existing ones, currently code named as the F110 model by Spanish planners. We propose to jointly develop the model, and want to name the Ferdinand Magellan-class frigate, after the famous Portuguese explorer who led Spanish expeditions around the world. [Mod Response] With the opening of our base in the Philippines, the Armada revives its Pacific Squadron for the first time in over a century, since its destruction during the 1898 Spanish-American War. It will consist of two destroyers, five frigates, and eight patrol boats, along with some support vessels. We will eventually carry out naval drills with our Asian allies in the region and perhaps respond to the North Korea question. Along with the naval assets, a battalion of the Spanish Army is stationed at the base, along with a company of Marines. In a speech, King Felip VI praises these developments and announces that the kingdom is on its way to becoming a relevant power. Spain also continues to develop our economy and researching new equipment.
    • Mod Response: Portugal is delighted to help develop the model, furthering relations in Iberia. Several NATO members agree with Spanish sentiments, calling for a stabilization of "the erratic behaviour of the Irish government".
  • China:Progress on the massive space launch center and research lab in the South China Sea is 70% complete and a grand opening ceremony is scheduled to be televised nationally in 2030. Border defenses along the North Korean border are reviewed by the the defense department and improved accordingly, along with our eastern borders. The trade route bringing oil and natural gas from the South China Sea is formally established, profiting several energy companies and supplying energy to the mainland. Nuclear energy plant safety standards are raised and the the television broadcasting networks are now allowed 60 channels more that aren't government controlled. Internet restrictions are significantly reduced. Scientists predict that we will have AI neural linked exosuits on our troops in 13 years and a small research lab on the moon by 2042. The drone sent last year has scouted out several suitable spaces for landing ships in the future. It still continues to operate scouting the moon. 50% of jets in the air force are to be equipped with high tech touch board command consoles in the next three years. This is expected to cost the government 50 billion. To cope with our extensive and expensive research and construction projects(including the high speed rail connecting Beijing with shanghai due to finish in 2030), we encourage growth of oil and mining companies. Then we tax the eco friendly companies significantly higher to operate, causing their exports to be higher priced, making their products more expensive. We pass legislation making it harder for Chinese born companies and organizations to "migrate" to other countries making it unlikely for this strategy to backfire on us with all eco friendly companies simply leaving China due to high taxes. [Secret] A secret "bank" or digital money fund called the "dragon fund" only accessible by the rich and those in high government positions or top generals is established. This makes Peng liyan more popular within her circle, decreasing the possibility of a coup or betrayal. The bank starts off with 20 billion syphoned from the national bank [Secret]
  • Flag of Germany Germany: President Hubertus Heil announces that the EU will be phased out, and replaced with the Intermarium. The existing positions of EU officials will be transferred over, and is meant to cope with the exit of Western Europe. Irish immigrants are welcomed to Germany amidst the tyrannical actions of the government. The president questions Irish President Martin Heydon as to how "he could attack his own population in this manner".  As such, Ireland will not be invited into the Intermarium. Research on drone technology begins, and is predicted to replace certain positions in emergency services.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: All of the United Kingdom goes into a year-long period of mourning. Our great Queen is dead. King Charles makes a speech addressing the public wear he seems visibly distraught and displays surprising amounts of emotion. He promises to reign fairly and justly. In other news, the British government condemns the inhumane actions of the Irish government and immediately funds the evacuation of NI citizens to the mainland. The border with Ireland is immediately into lock down with all Irish immigrants placed under heavy biological screening before being permitted entry into NI. The NI border is made into a quarantine zone. In other news, more funds are invested into drone research and fusion technology with drone-based emergency services expected by the end of the decade and fusion tech by the half-century.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: The Swedish government condemn the Irish government's action, Sweden cut all relations with Ireland, ambassador for Ireland was called, and trading activity with Ireland is being stopped. Irish immigrants are accepted, but they must be checked and verified to enter Sweden. Group of humanitarian are sent to help rest of people in Ireland. Social Democratic Party is the current ruling party, so the laws are still same as 2010's with some additional laws. High-speed railways are built from Stockholm to Malmo, roads are upgraded. More football stadiums are built.



Another day, another PICKLE RICK!!!! Solace here to do the new turn.

Irish citizens continue to emigrate out of Ireland, while the government continues to be seen as corrupt.

The cultural change from the European Union to the Intermarium has caused a large counterculture, with citizens still still talking about the "European Union", not the "Intermarium". Citizens also see this as Europe destabilizing due to Muslims, and citizens begin to publicly discriminate against the refugees.

The current ruling party of Canada, the Conservative Party, consider whether or not severing ties with the UK and forming a republic following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Although peace had been achieved for a short period, the War in Donbass reignites after the Donetsk Regional State Administration Building is sieged and nearly burned down by supporters of the Donetsk People's Republic.

After a plane crash in Seoul that left one adult women dismembered from her body, a prosthetic body was created that allowed her to live a normal life and have enhanced physical features, creating the first real cybernetic human.

Holographic advertisements become a staple in large cities like New York City, Tokyo, and numerous cities in China (Because China is overly modernized and industrialized).

  • Flag of GermanyGermany: In an attempt for modernisation, holographic billboards begins entering large cities such as Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. Fusion technology research is currently going at full speed, with changes to infrastructure in preparation for fusion technology. As of 2028, the electric car industry is generating 11% more revenue than it did a decade ago, adhering to our goal of the elimination of fossil-fuel based cars by 2040. Chancellor Hubertus Heil announces that the Intermarium is not caused by the scrapping of the EU, but rather a "better, stronger, upgraded European Union". He adds that refugees have nothing to do with this decision, but rather focusing on a united Europe. With the upcoming 2029 elections, Chancellor Hubertus Heil has announced he will be running for a second turn.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The British Royal Family embarks on a tour of Canada, taking part in many activities with local communities across Canada. Prince Harry and Prince William have been seen taking part in charity runs and visiting schools. King Charles addresses the Canadian Parliament as a whole in a move seen as promoting the benefits of staying in the Commonwealth Realms. In other news, many moderate Muslim organizations hold public rallies with supportive Churches and together make speeches and answer questions in an effort to promote intercultural ties among British people. Technology rapidly advances in the private sector with many motorway billboards replaced by holographic versions. (Due to cultural and architectural differences), holographic advertisements are uncommon in city centres. Research into holographic phones and screens is rapidly underway in the private sector with many tech think tanks expecting results soon. Also, in reaction to the news of cybernetic use in South Korea, a massive anti-cybernetic rally is held in London. After speaking with their constituents, politicians have come to the realization that people, specifically working class and middle class people, are worried cybernetics may giver rise to heightened class-difference and social injustice. It seems conservatives and working-class people can finally agree on something, cybernetics is bad. New legislation is underway.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: Holographic billboards and displays are installed all across major cities along with the government funding of new mega tall skyscraper projects and modernizations to city life. Especially in Beijing. Certain roads in Beijing are starting to be installed with magnetic charging technology prototypes aimed to keep electronic cars charged as they drive, eliminating the need for charging ports. This experiment will be followed along with major car companies who seem to be interested in the technology. Former president Xi Jinping founds a major government owned cybernetics company which is currently producing cybernetic human body parts and organs. As of now the parts are very expensive but within the next three years the company is aiming to mass produce cybernetic body parts to be regularly available to hospitals in major Chinese cities, and export them for profit. Sea barriers and anti flood adaptions are becoming popular in our coastal cities, and weather systems are advancing to predict the harsher weather systems caused by global warming. Firearm technology research is allotted a bigger portion of the military budget. The diplomats who were sent to Damascus propose an embassy in the city. [mod response needed]. Immigration security standards now includes screening for biological diseases or weapons. This applies to trade shipments as well.
    • Mod Response: An embassy is constructed in Damascus.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: King Felip VI criticizes the German government's decision to simply recreate the EU, as even though the EU relies strongly on the German economy, it should be discussed with all EU members whether or not the organization ought to be reformed. But, he says, with Spain, France, Italy, and the UK out of the EU, it does not concern him that much. He also states in his interview that the Spanish Navy is getting more development than the other branches because "we Spaniards have always been a maritime nation, and the Armada has always been the pride of the kingdom." This year the Navy has received two new frigates, with one to enter the service next year, and four corvettes have been laid down. The Spanish Navy continues developing the F110 Ferdinand Magellan-class frigate together with the Portuguese Navy. Meanwhile, the Army is building the first prototypes of the Leopard 3E tank and the Spanish Air Force is thinking of a replacement for the Typhoon. Meanwhile, the government of Prime Minister Calderón has resigned and been replaced by an independent politician Sebastian Zaragoza, as none of the political parties have been able to obtain a majority on their own. The King has stated that he personally appointed a nonpartisan premier since none of the parties have gained the full trust of the people judging by election results. Polls show that his decision is generally approved of. Prime Minister Zaragoza said he will largely continue to policies of his predecessor and will also focus on improving Spain's infrastructure. As part of this the first modernization projects in major cities including Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, Palma, Bilbao, Alicante, and others are getting holographic signs. The government has been criticized for not doing as much to research AI and cybernetics, but continues on its current course.


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Ireland is kicked from NATO for possessing and using biological weapons. Mass emigration occurs, with many leaving Ireland to Europe and North America.

Coordination of several Pakistani ports confirm that the ISX arms trail originates from the Middle East. Many Chinese users rant about the scums that fund the ISX, and that they will do horrible things in return. Several Chinese officials also announce that action will be taken on the states responsible for funding the terrorist organisation.

Robotics and AI advances again, with robot kitchens and intelligent traffic lights becoming common in nations like Japan, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

North Korea launches a missile that lands in an uninhabited island within the vicinity of Hokkaido. Japan threatens to retaliate, with North Korea saying it is a show of force to the world. International intelligence begs to differ, confirming the missile trajectory was disrupted mid-flight, suggesting a massive North Korean fuck-up.

  • China: We are concerned and outraged at the new discovery working with the Pakistanis highlighting an arms trail coming from the Middle East. Peng Liyan states "The cowardly nation responsible for this unacceptable act must reveal itself or face the shame of being uncovered by investigators" during a press conference. The Damascus embassy is fully staffed and and an ambassador is appointed. The Syrian ambassador holds a meeting with Syrian leader ship, discussing a Chinese funded modernization of the city Damascus (subway systems holographic billboards, etc) and exclusive trade deals, arm deals and protection. In return we request an small airbase just outside the city, which will be under supervision of Syrian generals housing Chinese fighter jets. This of course comes with a shared non hostile airspace over Syria. We also propose installing a new generation missile defense system in the city that tracks motion and heat when shooting down rockets. This comes at a price tag of 20 billion USD to us should the Syrians except.[Mod response needed] The North Koreans sign another five-year oil buying contract, and negotiators are sent to North Korea and Japan to attempt to diffuse the situation. 60 new and upgraded armed drones are added into the air force and another 20 are being purchased from an American arms company. After completion next year, the South China Sea space launch center will be accepting funds from donors and world science commissions interested in reaching the moon, and permanently settling there. Our best scientists and engineers are well funded and working hard toward this goal. A new bullet that's charged with electricity as it fires out the firearm is capturing attention in the military community. Firing ranges are dedicated to test these out and perfect them. They will need a new gun shape and design to work, which is being worked on currently and results will be available to the public in 2034. The woman who crashed and got cybernetically replaced in South Korea is interviewed alongside Xi Jinping, now CEO of cybernet Inc on a Chinese media show. The appearance along with advertisements and public positive campaigning increase the popularity of cybernetics across China. Next year we will be prepared to allow medical companies to produce cybernetic body parts as well. The first 1000 people using these are already living normal lives in the public. It will take some time before they are commercially available though, only because we only see fit that they are only used by those who need it. [Secret] Kim jung un is given access to the "dragon" fund, allotted 400 million a year [Secret]
    • ​Mod Response: The Syrian government gladly accepts, strengthening ties between the two nations.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Before the 2029 elections, Chancellor Hubertus Heir falls sick, dropping out of the elections but replaced by another in the Social Democratic Party, candidate Vincent Schrade. Vincent Schrade goes on to win the elections, and continue the goals set by his predecessor. Modernisation continues, with holographic advertisements becoming commonplace, and taking root in mobile phones as well. The transition from EU to Intermarium is expected to finish within the next few years or so. Robotics imports from Switzerland are growing, as are AI imports from Poland. The economy is expected to be reformed towards a system that processes robotics and AI smoothly. We condemn the North Korean missile launch, stating that "even if it was not meant to hurt anyone, they went against the promise of ending missile testing". New reforms are set in place to hopefully increase the population.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: The government continues to develop our infrastructure and promote big families. Another frigate is completed and enters the Armada. We ask the Chinese if they would like to hold a joint naval war drill in the South China Sea between the People's Liberation Army Navy and the Spanish Navy. [Chinese Response] The Spanish Army is testing units of the Leopard 3E while the Air Force is still researching a successor to the Typhoon. Spain asks fellow Spanish-speaking nations of Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay to create a new League of Hispanic Nations, which will essentially include cultural, economic, and military cooperation between member states. As part of this, all member states of the League will be willing to come to each other's assistance during times of crisis. However, it is not entirely a military agreement and promotion of increased economic and cultural/educational ties are the main goals of the League. [Mod Response]
    • (Chinese Diplomacy) We would be glad to hold the drill and we send five destroyers to the South China Sea to participate. We are careful not to accidentally trigger war with the foreign navies there so we warn 12 days ahead
    • Mod Response: Many of the states tell Spain to give them some time, however, announce that they will most likely accept the alliance. The only problem being that leaders are still speculative about the economic and military cooperation. And also, this is basically already a thing.
  • Flag of France.svg-0 France: We announce that finally, all of the Muslim-refugee populace has been expelled from France. Infrastructure is improved immensely as technology grows, and it is announced that the Fifth Republic of France will be reformed into the Kingdom of France, with gradual reforms beginning this year and ending in 2032. Numerous protests begin with citizens claiming that "France is losing its democracy!", however, none of which have turned violent. Alfred Boisselot, the current president of France, is revealed to become the King and will be given the titles of Leader of Paris and Procurator of the Free World. A study found by the government concludes that poverty has nearly ended, with 0.2% experiencing the social status of "Lower class". The private sector has grown due to the more educated individuals establishing numerous successful "Mom and Pop" businesses. The first prosthetic human limb, an arm, is created for the first time in France (although it already happened worldwide). Self-driving cars begin to dominate the roads. The first development of 3-D printed houses are underway.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: After a remodeling of fiscal policy, the government uses excess funds to reopen three navy vessel construction sites and begins construction of two new battleships and an aircraft cruiser. Four new destroyers are built in remaining shipyards with the construction of more gunboats, amphibious assault craft and destroyers on the way. All new ships are to be nuclear powered. Two new nuclear-powered submarines are a possibility as well. In other news, self-driving cars become common sights in big cities with politicians beginning to doll out necessary regulation. AI home assistants are more and more common as AI and electronics becomes integrated in homes.


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Fusion technology begins to take preliminary tests in a few nations, namely Austria, Italy and New Zealand.

NATO and the UN order the Irish government to step down, or face the consequences.

Pakistani intelligence narrows the ISX arms trail to originate from four possibility nations: Iran, Oman, Iraq or Saudi Arabia. The Iranian and Omani governments are under question by international organisations assisting the investigations.

India surpasses China in terms of population, standing at 1.401 billion as of 2030.

Many Sub-Saharan African nations have been lifted up to middle-income status, as extreme poverty is slowly being eradicated.

  • Flag of Spain Spain: WIP
  • Canada: We're proud to announce Prime Minister Andrew Scheer has signed the "Canadian Military Expansion Act" which raises Canada's military budget from 15.7 billion USD to 57 billion USD. Prime Minister Scheer was quoted saying "We need to increase our military power if we're serious about the North Korean and Ireland situations." [Secret] Prime Minister Scheer and his generals have drafted out war documents in-case a war is broken out between them and the UK when Canada severs the ties and become a Republic. [Secret] The Canadian Royal Navy has begun multiple drills in case of a war in the east. Holographic billboards are rare in Canada, but as time goes by, more and more will pop up. By 2033 Canada will begin designing robot kitchens for all the government buildings. 
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: Fusion technology is slowly becoming a reality. We place sanctions on Ireland, restricting them financially until they give up or another nation takes action.


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Fusion technology is now a reality in several nations.

SpaceX and Boeing have launched their missions to visit Mars, currently locked in a commercial space race. India announces it will follow-up soon with a mission of their own. Russia shares the same goals as of current, not wanting to lose another space race.

A NATO-led coalition is sent to Ireland to overthrow the government. Equipped with protective gear, they begin making their way to Cork, with British support expected to come in from Northern Ireland.

The Syrian Civil War officially ends, with Bashar al-Assad retaking his position as dictator. This pleases Russian President Vladislav Surkov to no end as well.

  • Flag of Spain Spain: We are pleased to announce that the majority of the Muslims who have arrived in Spain since 2015 have been repatriated. Meanwhile, another four corvettes have joined the fleet, while five corvettes and a new frigate have been laid down, the final ships being built as part of the Armada-2030 plan, according the the Spanish Navy General Staff. Meanwhile, the population of Spaniards has also increased over the past decade with policies in place to financially encourage families to have children and to have traditional households. King Felipe VI announces that Spain's involvement in the intervention in Ireland will be limited, so far we have only deployed the 41st Escort Squadron of the Spanish Navy to provide naval support to the NATO operation. It includes one Oquendo-class destroyer, three Santa María-class frigates, and six corvettes. [Secret] The intelligence services, along with some of the government, begin to organize a propaganda campaign to make Spaniards more right wing and nationalistic. [/Secret]
  • Flag of France.svg-0 France: Final touches are placed on the drafted constitution that will turn the Fifth Republic of France into the Kingdom of France. A new flag will also be adapted to better support the image of French royalty. President/King Alfred Boisselot marries Catherine Coulomb, a wealthy and cultural model from Austria, and later in the year, gives birth to Hebert Boisselot, who will be the first successor to his father. The "Grande Armée" conscription of males aged 18-30 ends at a total 600,000 active peace time soldiers, and one million reserve/inactive soldiers. [Secret] We begin to promote/fund pro-nationalism groups in our neighboring countries of Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. [Secret] We ask the neighboring nations of Monaco and Andorra to join our nation, promising autonomy in politics [Mod Response]. We expand the French navy by numerous warships and battleships, as well as increasing our air force to better compete with more militarized nations (ie USA). To dispute the problem in Ireland, we send 20,000 troops, also commit large naval bombardments of numerous ports, and the air force begins to deploy large amounts of bombs on military bases in an attempt to quickly destroy any and all of their military in an effort to capitulate the current government [Mod Response Needed]. (To better simulate what is happening, think of Pearl Harbor but with more Japanese troops invading and their navy coming as well)
    • Side note: Sidewinder, I will do the next turn.
    • Mod Response: Although the Principality of Monaco has close ties to France, its ruling family, House Grimaldi (who ruled the country since 1297), petitioned heavily against this proposition and the rich living in Monaco do not want to be subjected to France's stricter tax laws. Andorra is divided because only a small percentage of the population identifies as French and the president of France is only one of the two heads of state, along with a Spanish bishop. Currently both Monaco and Andorra are debating this proposal but the chances do not look good at the moment. The French military and other allies overwhelm the Irish defense forces, destroying essentially their entire navy in port while the army is not adequate to respond to the large foreign invasion. The Irish government is forced to capitulate after a couple of days, but the military action on European soil - particularly in Western Europe - has caused a controversy throughout the continent.
  • Canada: We've sent 10,000 troops to Ireland to help NATO overthrow the Irish government. We've begun researching fusion technology but this won't become a reality until 2040. Our Military has begun building 1000 Leopard 2A5 tanks and the project will be completed by 2036. We've given 100 million USD to India to help fund their space program in the hopes Russia will lose once again. Prime Minister Scheer and Parliament have decided to leave the common wealth and become a Republic. [UK Response Needed]
    • Flag of UK UK Diplomacy: The government in Westminster wishes to express extreme concern at the idea of leaving the Commonwealth. After so many years of being part of the same British family, of being strong allies, cousins even, the idea of leaving is disturbing at least. Westminster proposes a referendum on the issue to get the true values of the Canadian people.
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: As part of NATO, we launched some of our soldiers into Ireland. We also begin to research in fusion power and begin to develop better AI, in which we ask for help from Germany & Austria for the former and the UK for the latter (mod/player decision). In large cities like Bergen and Oslo, holographic advertisements become more and more common. Cars are purely electric (although we still have oil?) and we also spend more for the environment. Technology is about to go crazy: We begin to make phones as thin as about 0.5-0.8 mm, about the thickness of a piece of glass. Also we start in researching computers that use multiple virtual screens (like stuff in sci-fi films).A tad bit of military: We ask Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Finland for a mutual land army drill (mod/player decision).
    • Mod Response: Finland and Denmark accept, but Finland is confused as to why they asked twice.
    • Germany: We send data on the correct fusion process requirements and the materials needed to Norway, and wish them good luck.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: as more and more ships are added to the Royal Navy, the Air Force is greatly expanded as well as the Royal Army. Military spending doubles overnight. Troops are marched south of Northern Ireland and ordered to occupy cities and towns on the way to the capital. An occupation is likely. Military exercises with Germany are increased [Player Response Needed] and Navy exercises are more frequent as well. Fusion research is looking promising and the Green Grid is almost here. UAV tech is increasingly researched with suicide drones being built. The British Space Station is complete and scientists are sent up to research space technology.
    • Mod: Since when did you start building the Space Station?
    • German Diplomacy: Joint military operations in Scotland, Bavaria and the North Sea are agreeably beneficial to both nations.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Preparations for the 2032 Munich Olympics are underway. Fusion power is officially a reality and reactors are constructed throughout the nation. Following the trend set by Norway, German phone companies begin modelling thinner phones, with longer lasting batteries. Nationwide WiFi is being carried out, with WANs being set up. Modernisation continues, as cities grow larger than ever. Construction begins on the Hamburg Monolith, which is estimated to be a full 1107 meters high when finished, making it the tallest structure in Europe. With skyscrapers in cities averaging at 700 meters and higher, this should be relatively doable. Electric car sales are at an all time high, with petrol fueled cars expected to be phased out relatively soon. Companies like Volkswagen and BMW have already stopped production of fossil fuel based vehicles. 


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With the Irish government properly capitulating and further collapsing, it is replaced by a more nationalist state similar to the Kingdoms of Spain and France.

With Syria having been restored and with the large decline of support for ISIL, Iraq becomes a "hotspot" for the new wave of Islamic terrorism, with Kurdish, Sunni, Wahhabi, and Shia groups fighting for dominance in the region.

In addition to the Middle Eastern crisis, Afghanistan's government is overthrown by Taliban forces and remaining ISIL soldiers. It becomes the Islamic State of Afghanistan, an absolute monarchy based around extreme and direct Sharia law. Taliban forces in Pakistan, although slowly declining, have control over large portions of the nation, and is expected that it will collapse in the future and be replaced as well.

India successfully launches their first large-scale satellite into orbit.

  • Flag of Spain Spain: The King's privy council holds a debate and decides to leave NATO permanently. The idea is presented to the Cortes Generales, although it is more of a formality since the King could use his powers to push it through even if they voted against if he wanted to. He believes that NATO is outdated and that a new, European-led military alliance should be formed. In other events, the King reactivated the rank of Captain-General, which was previously only used as a formality and held only by the reigning monarch. Alejandro de Salazar is promoted to Captain-General of the Navy, Ferdinand Ramon y Fortes is promoted to Captain-General of the Army, and Vito Pavia de Albuquerque is made Air Captain General. Meanwhile, Spain remains largely neutral in regard to Afghanistan and Iraq. However, we do offer to send a 400-man training mission to help instruct the Iraqi Army if their government wants. [Mod Response] The Spanish government does not see any benefit in allowing another Syria to happen. We finally construct the first 30 models of the Leopard 3E tank, which is still in the testing phase, and for now, the Leopard 2E is the main battle tank of the Spanish Army. The Air Force stopped its research into new aircraft and will continue using Typhoons for now. Meanwhile, the King is aging and there is a rumor that he might follow the footsteps of his father, Juan Carlos, and abdicate in favor of his heir.
    • Mod Response: The Iraqi government gladly accepts.
  • Canada: After one of the tensest elections in Canadian history Prime Minister Scheer is elected for another term. The Canadian citizens also voted against leaving the Commonwealth but did vote to become a Republic. The first election of the Republic will be in 2035 because the president's term is five years. So starting an election in a multiple of five is easier to remember the presidential election years. The Canadian citizens also voted to focus heavily on education, military, and the environment. We continue to work on AI and the Canadian tech industry is booming adding over 1.2 million jobs in the first four months.A new Canadian car company is founded that focuses on affordable solar cars and has already created 300,000 jobs. By 2034, this number should quadruple. We are also proud to say most power plants are being replaced with solar and wind farms adding an additional three million jobs. We continue to pump out the Leopard 2A5s and we pull the remaining Canadian troops out of Syria and Ireland. Fusion research is sped up and will become a reality in 2036 now. Although the innovation in Canda is low, the citizens are content at the moment.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi arabia:We are busy fertilizing the Arabian desert. We have tried to make our economy less petroleum based. And our unemployment rate has fallen to 5%. We have a population of 40 million. Near each port city is a desalination plant. Scientists start researching Nuclear Fusion Technology. The people has lost confidence in the king, Anti-monarchy protests in our country are suppressed.
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: With Germany's help we begin to start working on fusion energy. The research of thin phones are at the testing stage, with prototypes already being produced. The government now prioritzes more in military and education, and sales of electric cars are at an alltime high. Our economy is still rising, partly due to oil sales, but as the use of oil being less and less common, we aren't sure what we should do with the oil.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: The 2032 Munich Olympics are a major success, garnering 5.6 million USD equivalent in profit. With the Intermarium nearly fully integrated, we invite the nations of Norway, Albania, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Iceland to join the Intermarium. [Mod/Player Response Required] We also state that there will be no equivalent of the Schengen Treaty in the Intermarium, and as such the crisis in Greece a while back won't happen again. AI development continues.


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North Korea launches a nuclear missile at Seoul, but is shot down by Japanese missile defense systems before it reaches the city.

With support from the Islamic State of Afghanistan, insurgency in Pakistan reaches tipping level, which is expected to escalate into a civil war soon.

SpaceX is the first corporation to land on Mars, beating Boeing in its corporate space race. The international race between Russia, India, China and the US is in its planning stages, which is predicted to be "the corporate space race on a much larger scale".

The ISX trail is reignited, and the Chinese-Pakistani investigations are overclocked.

  • Flag of Canada Canada: Our military continues to strengthen by the day. More and more of the Leopard 2A5s are rolled out. Our population is increased by ten million, and the military personnel is now at 400,000, almost a 300,000 troop increase. We send 9000 troops to the Korean border and our new fleet of Corvettes to accompany them. We put sanctions on North Korea and threaten war. We also order an aircraft carrier to be built to help strengthen the navy. The new Republic is underway and Parliament has voted on over 30 new changes. We partner with a new Canadian tech company Maple Fusion INC to help progress the Fusion research, begin renovating government buildings to add new AI. Maple Fusion INC. also begins building satellites and researching rockets. Maple Fusion begins selling computers, phones, and tablets, better than what is being produced now to help fund the space program. We're now 100% renewable energy and have begun exporting energy to other countries. By 2040, Maple Fusion INC hopes to begin mission into space and to the ISS.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: We condemn North Korea for a planned attack on a sovereign state, and place severe sanctions on them. Drone technology is now commonly utilised in emergency services. The reforms implemented a few decades back to increase population is paying off, as the ethnic German population rises. We plan for a German mission to the Moon and possibly Mars, with the Aerospace Centre in Cologne being upgraded to feature a launchpad for future missions.
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: Our fusion power is now under preliminary stages and some buildings in Oslo are powered by fusion power. The phones that we've been researching has been released, which we named Nphone (Norge-phone) and we only distribute it along Scandinavian nations at first. We are also developing two separate AIs, one for domestic purposes and one for military. The government has also started investing in space technology. Regarding Germany's invitation to the Intermarium, we gladly accept.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Some Spanish firms begin researching commercial 3-D printers. Meanwhile, the planning for the design of the new Ferdinand Magellan-class frigate is completed with the Portuguese. With the success of the "Armada 2030" plan, the Spanish Navy General Staff proposed a new plan, the more grandiose "Armada 2050" plan, which calls for the construction of at least 15 of such ships. His Majesty, King Felipe VI signed off on the admiralty's plan proposal this year. However, there is still rumor that the King may step down in favor of his heir due to his advanced age. We propose a joint naval drill with the Portuguese Navy off the coast of Gibraltar for next year. Meanwhile, the Navy also deploys its Pacific Squadron to the Indian Ocean, where off the coast of Pakistan we offer to assist the Pakistani government by launching missiles at known Islamist hideouts and camps. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Pakistan gladly accepts, and provides Spain with a map of known bases.
  • 30px Kingdom of Ireland: We our shocked by North Korea and our plotting on overthrowing there government.
  • Flag of UK United Kindom: Fusion technology is a reality and the Green Grid is complete. The UK is now officially a fully-green nation. Following through with long term plans, petroleum cars are on a severe decline with many electric car companies taking advantage of this new market opening. In other news, troops withdrawn from Ireland are mostly returned to barracks however a company of at least 2000 men guard the Irish-NI border permanently, establishing the Irish Watch with the motto "The Irish are Coming". As the military grows in size, troops numbering a 1000 are sent to Japan along with high-tech defense systems in an attempt to help a friend and forge greater ties in the East, [Mod/Player Response]. Three aircraft carrier is also in the works. Plans for a mission to the moon and Mars are simultaneously occurring with a rising sense of tolerant, cross-cultural nationalism.
    • Mod Response: Japan accepts the support.


Another day, another image of life spent on the front lines of German-occupied Greece in Discord (Colored). Solace here.

Pakistan accepts Spain's offer for helping them (sorry for missing that).

The ISX influence brings along an abundance of newly created terrorist organizations following their general lead. The following Islamic State's that have been acknowledged are [the Islamic's States of] Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, and Indonesia, with the largest one in terms of territory being Indonesia and Russia.

Fusion power is nearly accepted by all nations, with many leaving Oil as a source. Of course, there is criticism over the acceptance of it. The criticism rises after a meltdown of a Fusion Center occurs in Zurich, Switzerland.

Discrimination against modified humans begins to occur worldwide.

North Korea begins placing troops on the demilitarized zone, which is seen as a sign of aggression.

  • Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia: Oil prices drop and so does our economy, many neighbors are now in an economic crisis, the government had previously made the country and the economy less petroleum-based but this is still a blow in the face because oil makes 40 % Of our GDP and 90% of our exports. [Secret]Now are economy is dropping, we cannot fully fund the Islamic State's so we only fund the Russian and Turkish ones.[/Secret] We ask to the USA and their allies to help us in this economical problems.[Player Response Needed]
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Fusion reactors pop up all over the nation, and phase out most energy sources. Solar energy is still used in remote areas, while nuclear fission reactors are being decommissioned. Chemical research begins on locating the hypothetical "Island of Stability". We condemn the Islamic States, all of them, for being a threat to peace and that "such actions will no longer be tolerated". We urge the United States and their allies to resolve the Korean Crisis, with humanitarian aid prepared to be sent across to South Korea in the event of an all-out war.
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: Fusion power becomes to be more and more popular to an extent that other large cities such as Bergen, Stavanger or Trondheim are mostly powered by it. Of course, there are certain safety precautions to prevent a meltdown. The Nphone is released to the UK and continental European countries, and the sales help our economy a lot. The virtual screen computers are in use in research facilities. We construct more ships to strengthen our navy, and more and more advanced military equipment are in use. With the existence of fusion power, fusion weapons are also began to be researched. Our armies are set in a ready state in case of a war that any of our allies got into. We also ask Scandinavian nations (Denmark, Sweden, Finland & Iceland) for a military alliance, which will be called Nordic Pact. [Mod/Player Response Needed] As the time passes, we start to build a satellite to space, which will possibly be completed in 2-3 years.
    • Mod Response: The governments of Denmark, Sweden, and Finland agree to join the Nordic Pact, but Iceland decides against it since they do not have a military and are pacifistic.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: The project to increase the nationalistic leanings of the population has seen some success, and support for the current government is pretty good. However, King Felipe VI decides to abdicate from the throne this year due to his age, in favor of his daughter, who is coronated this year as Queen Leonor of Spain. This happening increases people's interest in the monarchy and is celebrated with a large military parade in Madrid, along with smaller parades throughout the country. We invite royals from all over Europe to attend the coronation. She appoints a new prime minister in the form of Alejandro Carrero Blanco y Villa, 4th Duke of Carrero Blanco, a descendant of a Francoist era prime minister. Meanwhile, we continue researching nuclear fusion, which will be used to power the Ferdinand Magellan-class frigates. The Spanish Pacific Squadron sees its first deployment by carrying out missile strikes on terrorist positions throughout Pakistan. The aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias, escorted by a task group of three destroyers and six frigates, joins the Pacific Squadron, from where Spanish aircraft carry out precision bombings against terrorist targets in coordination with the Pakistani Air Force.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Thanks to laws and regulations, modified humans are only the result of medical necessity. Recreational modification is illegal. In light of realisations that modification could be used by enemy soldiers, work on exoskeleton type suits for the Royal Army, Navy, Air Force. A special body hugging suit for mobility is designed for the SAS. Suits are expected to be completed by 2038. As a reaction to possible North Korean aggression, troops stationed in Japan are sent through many more training exercises with their Japanese counterparts [Mod/Player Response]. A convoy of two cruisers, two destroyers and four frigates are sent to Indonesia to help defeat extremists via guided-missile operations.


Another day, another nationalist reform. Solace here.

The Islamic State continues to further their territory. Map soon.

Czechia and Slovakia will hold a referendum next year deciding whether or not to conjoin once more.

North Korea, for the most part, as settled down back into the "Hermit Kingdom".

Greenland officially leaves the Kingdom of Denmark, becoming a republic. Similar reforms are expected in Iceland next year.

  • Canada: We pull our troops and navy out of South Korea and continue to strengthen the military. We've begun building two new aircraft carriers to add to the fleet and a new type of bombing plane (no name yet). Fusion power is very close to being completed and more and more people are moving to Canada. During the first presidental election, Prime Minister Scheer has been elected as the first president and a new congress was voted for.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Development begins on the space program to get Germans on the Moon and Mars. A feasible set of missions are planned for 2040 and beyond, with a drone sent to the Moon in advance to scout a settlement location. As to not allow North Korean attacks on foreign soil, successful or not, sanctions are stacked on the Hermit Kingdom. Zeppelins begin leaking back into the sky as an alternative to air travel. AI systems become commercially available, resulting in widespread use of robotic kitchens, effectively ending the restaurant industry. Popular establishments still live on, as human-made food is still a thing. The tallest building in Europe, the Hamburg Monolith is constructed. The effects of global warming can be already seen in our coastal areas with increased flooding, so preventive measures have been taken. Leon Friedrich is elected as Chancellor in the 2034 elections, and takes office this year. He promises to strengthen the Intermarium, and lead Germany into the new age of AI. 
  • Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia: We still export oil because countries need it to make plastics. [Secret] The king has a hidden bunker in the desert if there happen any anti-monarchy revolutions or invasions of foreign countries. [/Secret] The government invests in new technologies to solve the problem of sand/duststorms. They are a major problem in our country with every year hundreds of deaths and much damage to buildings. We ask Intermarium if we could join them.[Mod/Player Response Needed].
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: As effects of global effects become more clearly realized, we take preventive measures to make sure cities such as Bergen or Oslo won't get sunk. Investment in this section is increased due to the fact that global warming could potentially delete most of important Norwegian cities. Fusion rifles are currently available as prototypes. By now it is estimated that about 45-55% of Norway is powered by fusion energy. Oil is still relevant because we need it to make plastic. 
  • Flag of Iraq Iraq: While still somewhat war-torn in the northern regions, we have, for the most part, stabilized. Our current population is 60 million, and so far have begun the process of restructuring much of Baghdad and the areas destroyed in the aftermath of the War against Terrorism. We begin to futurize our state to the extremes, promoting tourism. President Muhammad ibn al-Nasir, a descendant from the 34th Abbasid Caliph Al-Nasir li-Din Allah, begins to promote capitalism and a closer relationship with Syria and Jordan. [Secret] We begin to promote insurgency groups in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait [End Secret] Our military consists of 340,000 active troops, and begin conscripting citizens to hopefully increase our military superiority in the Middle East. 
  • Flag of Japan Japan: After our long period of hibernation, it has been a fair while since we have engaged in foreign affairs. Our technology, isolated from the outside for more than a decade, has remained advanced, more advanced than any other country. We begin welcoming businesses back into the country, after a new leader is elected. This will help businesses who work in the automotive and appliances area, as many of our companies have gone bust. WIP brb I focked up
  • New Mughal Empire (New) | Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Old)
    • Government:
      • Nationalist Coup: Ye we get coup'd by Nationalists because rebel problems blah blah blah.
      • Economy: We still export what oil we have and we get rich WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
      • Laws
        • Conscription: Ye we recruit more people.
    • Population: 232,915,717
    • Military: We have men and they are fighting.
      • Military Operations: Yes, we push back the rebels and the Taliban.
    • Diplomacy
      • China: Yo China, ally us and help fight these rebels. You know also later we can invade India together and we can split the land.
    • Research and Other Shit: we start to go green and what-not. also we research New smart electric grid or whatever.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Ocean fortresses are constructed along the coast roughly eight kilometers out at sea with roughly 15 kilometers in between. Funds for such a project are acquired via the newly nationalized fossil fuels industry. With the development of holographic screens and contact-lens based Augmented Reality, the workforce is revolutionized. Tourists can be seen walking the streets with nothing more than glasses displaying information whenever requested. People are able to pull up holographic screens out of specially designed ear cuffs at a whim, making work on the go extremely easy. These new technologies help boost the economy greatly. Seeing this, the government funds a new science and development branch in partnership with many free market firms. The future is on its way!


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Syria becomes war torn once more and a hot spot for insurgency. Similar instances begin to occur in Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

Iceland leaves the Kingdom of Denmark.

Muslim uprisings begin to occur in Germany, Albania and Sweden.

China surpasses the United States in terms of a having a "more developed economy".

  • Flag of Iraq Iraq: With Syria falling once more into chaos, we send 130,000 troops in as a means of effectively securing the Syrian government and to stop the Islamic State from re-emerging [Mod Response Needed]. WIP
    • Mod Response: After two months of fighting, the already weakened Syrian forces capitulate, while a peace treaty is underway.
  • Canada: We finish our research in Nuclear Fusion and begin researching a full functioning space program, with the hopes to land on the moon by 2041. We Send 14,000 troops out to Syria and focus more heavily on our economy. Schools start using more hands on learning techniques in hopes to help kids become more intelligent. Our navy begins building our third and fourth air craft carrier and 100 more destroyers. We ask Japan to do naval drills with us to strengthen both of our navies. [Japanese Respone Needed] Finally, we begin building a skyscraper 3023 ft tall, which will be the HQ for all of Canada's international relations and national economy HQ. The construction will be completed in 2047 and will be the tallest building in existence. The building is designed to withstand five kilotons of blast force on the foundation and three kilotons of blast force anywhere else.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The MoD continues expanding the navy with three more aircraft carriers, numerous other minor craft and accelerates research into VTOL troop transport, bombing, and fighter aircraft. Rudimentary laser technology is made standard on all new ships and more advanced laser research is underway. The space programme is also accelerated, men must be on the moon by 2040. More ground and aerial drills are proposed with Germany [Player Response Needed]. Space elevator research is greatly increased and the possibility of mining asteroids is researched by government agencies. Muslims are placed under close but not invasive watch with many Muslim groups campaigning against uprising. The government funds such groups. Moderation is key.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: The government ask for peace talks with Muslim uprisings [Mod Response Needed]. Prime Minister Martin Andersson said, "We gave everything what you need, we allow you to build mosques, we build Islamic school. We don't limit your freedom, you have improved well, so why you do this?". This uprisings have increased popularity of nationalist Sweden Democrats, with nationalist groups are formed by civillians, with another demonstrations are held on roads of Stockholm and Malmo to counter the uprising. Security is greatly increased, with polices is often patrolling many cities, as well as military. In other news, a converted-Muslim from Social Democratic Party, Oliver Ali Ericsson, gains popularity and he likely run for next election, many people expect him to stop the uprisings. Remaining Muslims who are against the uprisings, along with Nordic liberals, form an organization named Peace and Liberty for Sweden (Ericsson is also member of this organization), they will co-operate with the government to help them solve the conflict. Hate crimes are increasing as well, mostly conducted by alt-right, neo-Nazi, and nationalist (to Muslims); and Muslims (to LGBT people). We continue to train our astronauts for their mission to the Moon.
    • Mod Response: The Muslim's declare that they are being discriminated throughout all of Sweden, and often times forced to leave certain areas due to not being allowed to learn/dine there.
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: The virtual screen PC becomes available for the rich. We start researching on a new smart electric grid, commercial 3-D printers and a space program to the moon. Some fusion rifles are in use, but further research is needed to ensure safety. By now about 70% of Norway is powered by fusion power, which includes northernmost cities like Tromsø. [Secret] We ask the United Kingdom if we can buy some VTOLs. [/Secret]
    • [Secret] Flag of UK British Diplomacy: The government agrees to sell VTOLs when research is completed (~3 more years). Further talks about details when research is complete. [/Secret]


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The insurgents in Saudi Arabia gain more territory, while large suicide bombings are reported to be hitting government buildings. Insurgency begins to appear in Lebanon.

Russia officially plants their flag on the Moon. India does so later.

South Korea develops and releases the first, official robot with AI.

The first Quantum computer is developed in the United States.

Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda unite to form the East African Federation.

  • Flag of Iraq Iraq: We begin a prolonged occupation of Syria, to make sure it doesn't fully fall back into being war-torn. We send 150,000 to Jordan in an effort to get the same results like we did in Syria.
    • Flag of Syria Iraqi Syria: Reconstruction begins. We militarily go into Lebanon and begin re-occupying them through a militarized effort between us and Iraq in hopes of quickly defeating the insurgents there. We total 200,000 troops so far in Lebanon.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: With Muslim uprisings occurring, we offer negotiations to cease hostilities. Development of AI continues, and a quantum computer framework is being worked on, following the footsteps of the US. Driverless vehicles enter experimental stages, with fully independent driverless vehicles offering experimental taxi services in cities. Research in magnetism and its applications is growing, as patents for a maglev car are sent to the government at least once a month. Development of the German space program is growing at a steady pace, with missions to the Moon being planned for 2040. A colony on the Moon is in the stages of pen and paper, but is expected to take form in reality soon.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: The New Prime Minister has made great changes in Japan, causing Pollution to be at an all time low, and crime to be significantly reduced. A Law has also been passed banning the production and sale of new Gasoline and Diesel cars from 1/1/2045. More money is put into JAXA, to ensure our Manned Mars mission is launched by 2040, however, the mission to Ceres is delayed until 2049, with an inhabited mining and research station set up in the years to follow (2050-2053). The mission to Europa is now planned for 2067, with a base to be built in 2074. WIP
  • Canada: Our new skyscraper begins and is moving along smoothly, Maple Fusion begins building the first rocket of the Canadian Space Program (CSP). Hands on education is implemented in 95% of Canadian school districts. We begin investing heavily in education and a new law is passed to make Robots with AI illegal in Canada.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: With major protests against the legality of robots with high-level AI, the level of sentience legally allowed to be possessed by robots or any form of AI is limited to simulated sentience. The British mission to the moon is expected to blast off by 2040 and the plans for asteroid mining have entred the production phase with preliminary tests expected by 2041. A joint moon colony with our increasingly close friend, Germany, is proposed [Player Response]. Automated flying drone taxi services are commonplace after the technology is purchased from Taiwanese team Ehang. Research into a centralised, automated driving system for the whole country is underway with promising results.
    • German Dip: We gladly accept the proposal and begin working on the technology needed.
  • Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia: We improve our security level. We place far more soldiers around government buildings. Meanwhile our army is fighting these rebels, everyone who is helping the rebels will be killed. The army is increased to one million soldiers. We think Iran and Russia are funding these terrorrists. A space program is made, the Saudi Arabian Space Program. Its purpose is to build a rocket that will fly to the moon. It is calculated the rocket will be finished in 2042.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We continue developing nuclear fusion technology and want to soon start the first prototype of the Ferdinand Magellan-class frigate. Queen Leonor has spent the past two years establishing her political position in the country, while Prime Minister The Duke of Carrero Blanco, Grande of Spain, has largely continued the policies of his predecessor. We continue to promote Spanish nationalism and quash any separatist movements. Meanwhile, the Spanish Army receives new Leopard 3E tanks, for a total of 80 main battle tanks. We ask Russia if we can purchase the Sukhoi Su-57 PAK FA as our new fighter to replace the Typhoon for the Spanish Air Force, as we are long overdue in developing our air fleet. [Mod Response] The Spanish Navy's Principe de Asturias carrier task group returns to the homeland from Pakistani waters while the Pacific Squadron goes back to its base in Luzon, Philippines, after the end of operations there. The Navy General Staff begins planning for a new aircraft carrier to be built as the Principe de Asturias is too old and needs to be decommissioned in the next few years.
    • Mod Response: The deal is signed for a 2.3 billion USD equivalent. 
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: Our developed domestic AI is finally put into use in aspects such as security and assistance. The Norwegian Moon Mission by the Norwegian Interstellar Agency is expected to lift off by 2041. By now, almost all of Norway is powered by fusion power. We also construct more ships and build tanks & jet fighters based on old versions but upgraded drastically, with notable differences are that they are more versatile and stronger and are fusion-powered. Low-end fusion pistols are now used by some military personnel.
  • Puerto Rican Republic: After an increase in Puerto Rican Nationalist Party and the election held this year for the next Presidency, Orlando Figueroa II becomes the second president of an independent Puerto Rico. This becomes quite controversial but with military and police control due to his covered profile as a drug lord, he begins to install a more powerful military. He signs an executive order that will improve Puerto Rico's economy and start a boom in what is now called "the Puerto Rican War Machine". Factories like Viva Libre in Ponce open up to produce ammunition and tank's such as a new designed tank created by Pablo Burgos an engineer from the San Juan School of Technology and Science. In the meantime a government funded space program is created and the construction of the Libre I begins which will be a satellite used for mapping the solar system and help find far away planets. With this development, the economy booms by 30% and life in Puerto Rico evolves for the better. In the meantime, the national debt continues to be maintained and is expected to be non existent in two years. Police Brutality and racism among Africans increase and homosexuals are sent to "institutions" to teach them how to be heterosexual. Those who fail are never seen again and Orlando begins to due tours where his party and the people are invited to these events where he holds speeches and they do the national salute. A flag change is beginning to be worked upon for the island nation. Hate for the Dominicans, our closest neighbor grows and with that, tensions begin to build. A naval carrier is being constructed named the PRS ALbizu Campos which will be used to carry fighter planes which also begin to be massively produced. A new national park system is implemented protecting much of the island's lands while development and modernization grows with traditional designs staying in place in order to preserve the Puerto Rican culture. Robots begin to quickly be developed with the hopes of a creation of AI as well in the next three years for the use of growing crops and average everyday tasks. Some fear of obs being lost but many are just pushed into a more engineering direction. A car company opens up in hopes of developing self driving vehicles and help design military ones as well. The companies name is Orovehicle Inc. 3200 of the homosexuals sent to these institutions "go missing".
    • American Diplomacy: The USA does not recognize the PRR. We condemn the government's brutality, racism, and homophobia.
    • Swedish Diplomacy: Swedish government condemn racism and homophobia in Puerto Rico, they also still don't recognize the Republic of Puerto Rico.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: Another anti-discrimination legislation is passed, with: conducting hate crimes would be jailed for up to ten years and fined for 100,000 krones; expulsion of certain groups would be fined for 20,000 krones. Minority groups are given more rights, and anti-discrimination campaign is spreaded throughout the country. New program is launched by the government, "Sweden, Land of Freedom" to campaign against discrimination. We continue to develop our technology, we ask Germany to continue our partnership in researching new technology, and start more closer partnership in space programs, as well as cultural development [Player Response Needed]. We also ask the UK, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and South Korea to be research partners. We begin to set plan for Moon mission, it will be launched between 2041-2045. In military, production of military equipment is continued, with plan of building first aircraft carrier is announced.
    • German Dip: We gladly accept the proposal.



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Mexico and Cuba recognize Puerto Rico.

The Islamic State of Hijaz is created. Citizens across all of Saudi Arabia pledge their allegiance, making it hard to figure out which ones are legit and which ones are not. Also, it should be noted that younger citizens seek the abolition of the Saudi monarchy and creation of a republic, which in turn begins large protests in Riyadh.

Jordan and Lebanon are occupied by Iraq.

Canada's banning of AI Robots proves controversial, but noevertheless begins a large argument.

Czechoslovakia begins to make nationalist reforms.

  • Flag of USA United States: With the creation of an unauthorized, non-recognized nationalist country in the American territory of Puerto Rico, we begin to prepare for war. Our president condemns Mexican and Cuban recognization of the PRR. We condemn Iraqi occupation of Jordan and Lebanon. We recognize the Islamic State of Hijaz. We begin to prepare for a Martian Landing in 2040. We've made significant progress in depleting carbon usage in the US. We ask to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. [Mod Response Needed] We enroll more people into our military, aiming to increase our active military to two million (four times that of our military in 2017) and our reserve to three million.
    • Mod Response: They allow you back in.
  • Flag of Iraq Iraq | FbGvmH4 Assyria: We begin the annexation of Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon following occupation of all states following a resurgence of terrorism. Presidents of Lebanon and Syria shall continue to have secular authority over their respective regions, with the Hashemite Kingdom also having the same freedoms. As per the agreement, Iraq shall be renamed to Assyria. We recognize the Islamic State of Hijaz [Secret] And support them financially and logistically [End Secret]. We call a proper meeting among Saudi Arabia and Iran to properly end the Sunni-Shia split in hopes of properly unifying the Middle East [Mod/Player Response Needed]. WIP
    • Mod Response: Iran strongly opposes the proposal, but sulkily agrees to the meeting.
  • Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia:We fight these Islamic state rebels with our whole army. The protests are supressed, the police kills and arrests anti-monarchy protesters. The king flees to his secret bunker. Scientific advancement is halted because the laboratories are attacked by islamic state. The government wants to negotiate with the islamic state, we want to know what their intentions are. Maybe they just want an islamic state of saudi arabia, if the saudi arabian independence is respected and it not will be annexed by another country .We want to meet the Iraqi government and the Iranian government.
  • Canada: The Engineers of the Canadian International Economic Center have proposed two more buildings to be built, the military headquarters, and the education headquarters. The Military headquarters would be 2901 feet tall, and the education headquarters would be 2654 feet tall. Every building would have rescue helicopters on the top in case of emergency. Protests break out about the banning of AI robots, with people saying it's the future. [Secret] Canadian generals begin to train their men to fight robots [/Secret]. Maple Fusion continues to progress in the space program and the first test rocket is constructed. Canada recognizes PRR as a country, but will stay nuetral if a war does happen. Finally With the upcoming elections in 2040, a lot of analysts are saying President Scheer will not win.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We do not recognize the Puerto Rican government as an independent state, but we condemn the United States for its imperialism regarding Puerto Rico. We then shamelessly prepare our carrier strike group for a last sortie before the Principe de Asturias is decommissioned, a journey to the Caribbean Sea. [Secret] Our government wants to take advantage of the situation to take control of Puerto Rico, which is mostly Spanish-speaking. This action is approved by the Queen and was proposed by the prime minister, on behalf of the military/nationalist factions. [/Secret] The Spanish Navy deploys its carrier group, along with several troop transports carrying about 2500 Marines, off the coast of Puerto Rico. Spain insists that we are here to help stabilize the situation and serve as a neutral arbiter. We demand the Puerto Rican self-proclaimed government allows Spanish troops to enter the island as peacekeepers. [Player Response]
    • Puerto Rican Diplomacy: It is decided to not except the offer as Puerto Rico can stand on its own without Spain. 
  • Puerto Rico Imperio Flag Puerto Rican Imperio:' The Puerto Rican Republic is dismembered and is renamed and restructured as the Puerto Rican Imperio with Orlando Figueroa II now becoming the first Senior of the Puerto Rican free state. With this new government, Orlando is ruler until death and his main advisors are elected by him and a small Parlamento consisting of about 60 men and women. Also, a single party system is put in place with the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party being the only possible party to be apart of when it comes to international voting. State governors, on the other hand, are elected by the people. In the mean time, this also allows a change when it comes to discrimination.  Homosexuals are not to be sent to "institutions" if they are not openly homosexual or have been caught in act of these "practices". Homosexuals that continue to be open with their sex life are sent to institutions where some continue to go missing and others just come out "straight". When it comes to hat against non-Puerto Rican Africans, there is no control on people being openly racist but killing or harming of these peoples are illegal. This becomes the beginning of a Dictatorship of the Puerto Rican Free State and surprisingly people find it appealing. In the meantime, many promises are made to the people which include higher wages and better qualities of living plus enough jobs to cover the majority of citizens. Every island citizen is also granted a good education with college admission costing at max 20,000 pesos per year. Talking about pesos, that form of currency is established. These Pesos come in forms of "Paper Money" or coins. The Carrier nears completion and an order are made for 360 fighter jets and several bombers to be manufactured across the island's many factories. Research on self-driving cars continue and in the meantime, a Nuclear Program is started and plans to have a working ICBM in the next 3-4 years. Drafting begins for the Puerto Rican Military and by the end of the year, 33,000 men between the ages 20-36 join the military. Training begins and a march for the first set of the representing manpower of Puerto Rico is broadcasted to the world marching through the Capital of San Juan while doing the nationalist salute with a line of tanks and missiles plus army vehicles in between. During this, the nationalist banners are shown on screen and the United States flags are torn down. Crowds of people can be heard and seen doing the Nationalist salute and cheer. Our Space Program also continues to be a great success and Space Exploration Research continues on. Hopes of establishing a base on the moon grows and research to send a handful of astronauts into space are worked upon. Police Brutality eases slightly but maintains to be a problem. A US advisor to Puerto Rico is killed in a shooting in Ponce due to the Puerto Rican Cartel but they are never caught due to the connections of the Police and the Cartel that have been established and with the secret former leader of the Cartel now the leader of the nation. Research on better medications to deplete the effects of diabetes begins. Oil Rigs begin to be constructed around Puerto Rico and we offer a Trade Deal with Iran for oil [Player Response]. Christian Ruiz is elected as the Prime Minister of Puerto Rico and hopes to reach out with other nation's across the globe to work out relations.' Puerto Rico request Mexico and Cuba to join their faction called Hispanos Unidos [Mod Response]
    • ​American DIplomacy: We condemn the rogue government's tearing of US flags, and the shooting of a US advisor.  We threat to use action, unless the Puerto Rico allows the US to reclaim sovereignty over the island. In return, we will make Puerto Rico the 51st state. (We also open our borders in Florida to anyone, including LGBT people living in Puerto Ricos, seeking refuge from the regime).
    • Puerto Rican Diplomacy: The LGBT are allowed to leave the island if they chose and we would like to cooperate wit the US over this. For the shooting of the US Advisor, it was condemned and his time a full thurough investigation shall be held. it is decided to stay out of the US and will stay this way till recognition is given. Following this, the Senor holds a press conference in which he states "the people have spoken. We will not rejoin the US Yankees and be chained to the walls again. Their reign of tyrany by the Americans in the motherland is over!".
    • US Diplomacy: You've based a government in American territory, no. (SECRET - We send people to infiltrate the Puerto Rican government)
  • Flag of Japan Japan: JAXA begins building specially made telescopes in order to find life on other planets and moons, and it will start searching next year. The automotive industry has seven years to begin producing only electric vehicles. Mazda has already completed this task, providing extremely popular vehicles to the public, especially the famous Mazda-6, and CX-5, in production since 2002 and 2012 respectively. The prepping for the Manned Mars Mission Continues, until the launch in 2040. Experimentation with Quantum Mechanics and Matter-Antimatter Engines begin. We officially begin designing possible conceptual "Space Ships". Japan's first Planetary satellite, Akihito I, is launched to orbit Mars.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The automotive industry officially ceases to sell fossil fuel powered cars in the UK. Also, research into the possibility of joining existing vehicles into a centralized automatic driving system is intensified. Holographic screens are becoming cheaper as Capitalism does its magic and it is becoming more and more common with many schools using the technology in 3-D displays and hands-on exploration modules. A new era of learning and information is born. Medicine, engineering, aviation and many other industries are quick to catch on to this new and astounding technology. Progress is made on the joint moon colony with Germany as plans begin to be inked. A preliminary mission to the moon sends an unmanned probe to scout out suitable locations for such a colony.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: Following the footsteps of many industries, the sale of petroleum-fueled cars is banned and is taken off production lines. Decommissioning of coal, oil and gas plants begin, and off-shore oil rigs are taken apart. 3-D displays become more common, similar to VR technology approximately two decades ago.

    Leopard III concept art.

    Maglev vehicles are currently on the drawing board, but nothing is certain yet. Chancellor MarkusShicklgrüber,elected last year, announces plans for the militarisation of Intermarium member states "to combat domestic and foreign threats".As he makes this statement, a range of newly designed military vehicles are being rolled out nationwide. Panzer MK VIIs and Leopard IIIs phase out the outdated tanks, while the more advanced Falke-44 controls the skies.


Another day, another creative mod event meant to expand your mentality and open your third eye. Solace here for a long turn.

The Saudi King and many of his royal family are killed following a massive protest in Riyadh due to the suppression. The newly created state of Al-Hasa retains the Saudi legacy and ideals, and is seen as the remains of the Saudi monarchy.

Counterculture begins to appear among more "redneck" citizens due to the near complete phasing out of gas-powered cars and gas in-general.

The biggest peace talk begins between Iraq and Iran in hopes of abolishing Sunni-Shia hate.

Nobody really wants Puerto Rico to be the 51st state anymore. Citizens appear annoyed.

The United States recognizing the Islamic State of Hijaz causes large amount of controversy and gets citizens very angry.

Iran accepts the deal, also recognizing Puerto Rico as independent.

American imperialism begins to dilute citizens into protesting and occasionally, rioting.

A Spanish patrol boat carrying two important generals and one admeral is destroyed near the Puerto Rican coast. It is assumed that the boat was destroyed by Puerto Rican military. The nationalist Spanish citizens protest that Spain now interfere in the US-Puerto Rico crisis.

Nobody calls it the Intermarium, and is still culturally known as the European Union.

France invades and annexes Andorra.

Ukraine annexes Moldova and Transnistria following a referendum.

A central African Federation is proposed between the Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Cameroon, and Nigeria.

Mexico and Cuba are declared allies of Puerto Rico, and advises the United States to not attack Puerto Rico or face invasion.

The United Kingdom is, for the first time in recorded European history, is recognized as the "poor man" of Europe, following Brexit and a slowly declining influence.

Laos and Cambodia unite and declare a second Khmer Empire. This is unrecognized by the UN and NATO.

  • FbGvmH4 Assyria | 780px-Flag of al-Qaeda in Iraq Abbasid Caliphate: Talks begin with Iran. A de facto treaty is created. We see the collapse of Saudi Arabia as a sign of how weak a monarchy is in the modern age. The capital is placed at Baghdad. We announce that we have been co-operating with the ISX for the duration of the past years so we may establish a caliphate. We then annex the Islamic State of Hijaz, and declare the Abbasid Caliphate. As a Sunni-led Caliphate, the Caliph is to be elected, with the current president, Muhammad ibn al-Nasir, becoming the first Caliph until an election is held post-treaty. Work In Progress.
    • Sidenote: Y'all didn't see that one coming, huh?
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden:
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Al-Hasa: Losing almost our entire country has severely frustrated the population. We blame the USA and Intermarium because they did not help us. Across the new country there are many anti-USA protests. We found in a little village a member of the royal family who could escape from 'the royal genocide'. Dammam is our new capital. Scientists are investigating 3-D printers who can print food. We recognize Puerto Rico as an independent state. The current population in Al-Hasa is ten million.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: We back our ally, the United States, and refuse to recognize the independence of Puerto Rico. We warn Mexico and Cuba not to interfere with a simple problem, which is nothing to do with them. Nuclear Weapons are officially banned in Japan, and new weapons are developed to replace them in the military. The Mars mission is launched at the end of this year, carrying four Japanese astronauts, set to plant our flag on the red planet. Meanwhile, we begin building a satellite, Akihito II, set to orbit Jupiter, in order to further study the planet and its moons. The population of Japan has now stabilised. Matter-Antimatter Engines and Quantum Mechanics continue to be experimented with. WIP
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Quantum technology is expected to kick into full gear by the turn of the decade. The population growth has finally seen a significant rise since 2020, and we hope to maintain it for a while. Preparations begin for the first manned German mission to the Moon. Fusion plants have now replaced approximately 60% of the nation's energy sources, and due to the extra energy produced, an international grid is proposed within the Intermarium. [Mod Response Needed On Reception of the Proposal] The autobahn sees an upgrade, as the old network of highways undergoes repairs and upgrades.
  • Flag of USA United States: WIP
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Taking advantage of a declining economy and increasing unemployment, tech companies spawn across the UK furthering research into Antimatter, Quantum technology, and Space technology. As of March this year, fusion technology has become the largest supplier of energy to the grid at roughly 53%. Research into 3-D printing technology produces many fruitful results in medical, engineering, emergency and manufacturing fields. With the development of 'integration modules' allowing vehicles to integrate into a centralized flying car driving system, commercially available flying cars flown by the system are available and more and more people now fly to work without need of a flying licence. Research in the private sector into flying transport vehicles is underway with many seeing it as the future of cross-country goods transport. In other news, VTOLs become the standard form of aircraft in the Air Force with all military aircraft able to hover. [Secret] The government agrees to sell a maximum of 20 VTOLs to Norway but not the designs as they will remain a classified military secret [Player Response]. [Secret] The government offers to sell VTOLs to Germany in return for the sale of Leopard IIIs to the UK [Player Response]. A manned mission to the moon is launched as a follow up to the recent unmanned mission to the moon. Space research is intensified with the British Space Station being constructed with the added functionality as a space-based launch/dock area for spacecraft. In other news, Great Britain will hold the Second Great Exhibition next year with the aim of attracting foreign investors. This is in line with the government's aim of rebounding out of this recession as the tech capital of Europe or even the world. God save the King and Long live Great Britain!
  • Canada: Fossil Fueled powered vehicles are still legal because some people can't afford to buy a new vehicle. More strict laws are passed concerning AI, and citizens are required to have a permit to own advanced AI, and another permit is needed to operate it. Only companies are allowed to possess advanced AI at the moment. The Military begins defense drills in case of an AI take over. The military has created doors invisible to AI and hopes to begin designing military uniforms, tanks, bombers, aircraft carriers, and other machinery that AI can't see. The Canadian International Financial Center is built up at a massive rate and the construction will now be complete in 2043. We ask the United States to work with us to create moon and Mars colonies [United Sates Response Needed].
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We query the Canadian military over a possible joint research group into anti-AI technology.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: The sinking of a Spanish vessel by the Puerto Rican military causes outrage among nationalists and the government. Queen Leonor addresses the nation, stating that Spain must retaliate for such actions by the "terrorist groups in control of Puerto Rico." The Spanish squadron off the coast of the island — consisting of the Principe de Asturias, three guided missile destroyers, six frigates, and several amphibious landing and other support ships — carry out missile strikes against Puerto Rican military and government targets. Meanwhile, a force of 2500 Spanish Marines is landed at the capital, the port of San Juan, to take control of the city's government buildings and other vital infrastructure. We urge the populace to not resist, and also ask Mexico and Cuba — our allies in the Organization of Ibero-American States — to also support our intervention. The Spanish government declares that we are liberating the Puerto Ricans from their tyrannical terrorist regime. [Mod Response] Meanwhile, the military prepares to send additional reinforcements in the form of 5000 Spanish Army troops, escorted by several frigates and destroyers. In the homeland, we begin phasing out gas-vehicles and now have holographic signs in major urban centers. We continue researching nuclear fusion technology.
  • Puerto Rico Imperio Flag Puerto Rican Imperio: After the incident with the sinking of the spanish ship, we begin to prep for possible retalliatio from Spain. We unvail our Nuclear Program and our first ICBM is tested and lands 150 miles off the coast. Furthermore, the ICBM had no payload within it but a test was conducted in an underground labratory 0 miles to the north of Caquas, Puerto Rico. The test was successful. In the meantime, with military research, we release a new tank called Mosquetero 1. It is the most moder tank we could possibly create for the time being and it happens to be extremely successful. With Iranian oil flowing into our nation, we begin to feul our new line of commissioned tanks and also feul our new fighter planes which consist of the Light Fighter Jet, Coqui-1, and our Heavy Multirole Fighter jet, Yuca-1. Both planes begin to be produced in military factories around the nation. In the meantime, our first satellite is ready for launch next year. Eight frigates begin to build in naval dockyards across the nation for next year and this also includes a mix of three battleships and eight amphibious aircraft. With such a booming economy, our nation's GDP increases by about 20%. Our nation is also debt free after much work on developing the nation and taking care of what needs to be taken care of first. After hearing the news of the Spanish retalliation struck our SEnor hard as we were about to hold our first annual celebration only a week after this strike. On live television across the nation, Senor Orlando Figueroa televised a speech. "Mis compañeros puertorriqueños, vengo hoy con malas noticias. Hoy nuestra nación libre está nuevamente amenazada por el imperialismo español. ¡Dicen querer la paz y acabar con una tiranía que ni siquiera existe! ¡Esto es un atropello! Mentir y tratar de lavarnos el cerebro para sus propios gustos para dividirnos y derribarnos. Actualmente, los hijos e hijas de la madre están muriendo. Están ahí afuera mientras hablamos peleando por nuestras mismas libertades y aquí estamos ahora como patos sentados en un estanque. Estos españoles están siendo muy egoístas y creo que todos nosotros en San Juan podemos estar de acuerdo. Sabemos lo que quieren y sabes lo que quieren. Quieren recuperar su imperio. Después de nosotros, será Cuba, México, Panamá, Venezuela, e innumerables más de nuestros hermanos hispanos. Este no es un tiempo de oscuridad, ni un momento para probar nuestra valentía. Vamos a mostrar a estos cabrones que somos. ¡Coge tus armas! ¡Coge tus machetes! ¡Coge cualquier cosa que puedas encontrar! ¡Hoy defendemos nuestras libertades! Hoy defendemos nuestras libertades! Hoy defendemos la patria!  this would draw a new battle known and labeled by the media as "The People's War".  The speech he delivered would lead to the whole army and military being activated with many nationalist rising up and citizens attacking spanish troops. as they stormed the beaches, the spanish were confronted by 38,000 troops with another  23,000 recruits and 9000 volunteer men and women. In the meantime, 110 Multirole Fighter Jets were locked and loaded on many of the beaches and initialized an attack named Operation Bombas which was an operation inwhich fighter planes locked on Spanish Naval ships and bombed their ships defense and offensive mechanisms in order to cripple the vessels and render them useless. This operation becomes a success. ' We Request Support from other members within Hispanos Unidos and also request both Venezuela and Columbia and Panama to join the faction in order to stand up together to protect ourr independance. In the meantime, we capture Spanish troops and hold them hostage as POW's till the Spanish decide to stop their assualt. 'We Request to work with Germany in the near future on a collaboration for both atmospheric and medical studies. Bomb shelters are opened up across Puerto Rico to protect our citizens wo are not fighting's safety. Students across the nation in vulnerable areas stay home till further notice. Hate for the spanish intensifies for trying to harm our island nation. WIP (due for revisions)
    Unknown (3)
    • Mod Response: A lot of what you wrote is implausible. Puerto Rico does not have the capability or finances to construct large naval or air assets, much less nuclear missiles and satellites. Keep in mind that Puerto Rico also has a limited amount of trained military personnel, being the 1500 State Guards and 10,000 National Guards. Also, you need a mod response to determine the success of military operations.
    • German Dip: Although we do not take stance in the question of Puerto Rican independence, we accept the offer for scientific advancement.


Tis the decade of space and Sidewinder. Enjoy!

Finland, South Korea, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Austria and Indonesia launch manned missions to the Moon, with some heading towards Mars. This kicks off the Second Space Race.

North Korea announces a manner lunar mission, and launches a rocket. Unsurprisingly, the rocket descends over Seoul and is detected to contain radioactive products. Despite it being shot down mid-flight, this has been taken as an act of aggression against South Korea, who has called for international support against North Korea.

A few nations announce their support for a certain successionist state, namely Venezuela, Panama and Colombia.

3-D displays are commonplace in cities and phones.

The ISX makes a resurgence, coming strong at Urumqi and nearby cities, holding them under siege. Sino-Pakistani investigations reveal that Saudi Arabia and Iran both funded the ISX, heightening tensions.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: The Manned Mars Mission is officially launched, with our astronauts to plant the Japanese flag on Mars sooner rather than later, since our technology's engines are slightly faster. We continue working with Quantum Mechanics and Matter-Antimatter engines, experimenting. Akihito II is officially launched into space, destined to orbit Jupiter. We propose an alliance to the United States and Germany, as the Western World continues to fracture (Player Response Needed). The robotics industry is doing very well, With AI being found in all major cities across Japan. We warn North Korea not to do anything stupid, as Korea's allies have superior technology and will leave North Korea in rubble. A space probe, named Meiji I, is launched with experimental technology which will guide it to reach Alpha Centauri by the year 2060. The mission to Ceres is brought forward to 2045, combining the second mission, the station will be built no later than 2049.
    • American Diplomacy: We accept the alliance.
    • German Dip: We accept the alliance.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Al-Hasa:We no longer want to be a third world country. We ask Qatar and UAE to start a space program with us and send a rocket to the moon in five years. (Mod Response Needed). The government denies all involvement in helping the ISX. We suspect Abbasid caliphate to help ISX with secret organizations in our country. We improve our military, our military consists of 100,000 active personnel and 55,000 reserve personnel. In our country there are many Anti-USA protests, The government does not hate the USA but condems they did not help us when we needed help.We build In our capital, our first submarine and our first aircraft carrier, these will be finished in 2041. We start also to build the first vertical farms.
    • Mod Response: Qatar and the UAE agree to assist you, as long as they do not collapse as well.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The Second Great Exhibition commences! With thousands of investors flocking to the UK, tech investment skyrockets and R&D sees a magnificent upturn in the UK. With this, the British economy ticks back upwards and the UK's future as a tech hub is set. In other news, work on the joint moon colony with Germany begins with completing of a basic colony housing 50 men expected in five or so years. Simultaneously, a manned exploratory mission to Mars is launched with the aim of constructing a basic framework on the Red Planet for future missions. With the unofficial space race at hand, the National Space Agency (NSA) is allocated 300% more funds than the previous year. Research into possible space freighters and lightweight personnel carrying spacecraft that can be launched from orbiting docking hubs begins with results expected in four to five years. The British government condemns the actions of North Korea and threatens military action if any more provocative actions occur. Lastly, the NSA launches thousands of micro satellites into deep space intending to 'see what happens'.
  • Canada: Once again, the Canadian navy is sent to the Korean Peninsula and ground troops are deployed along the border. We begin to work on a new nuclear defense system and we build a new aircraft carrier, our third one. Admiral Lee has announced this is the last one for a while because Canada has spent 24 billion USD alone on aircraft carriers. After another presidential election, President Scheer makes a surprising win, but immediately sends a legislative document through Congress to increase the military budget more, Congress refuses to say the current 80 billion USD budget is big enough for now. The Canadian International Financial Center exterior is complete increasing the height again to 3400 feet, putting a mass amount of solar panels on the roof. Four helipads will be put on each of the buildings with giant transport helicopters taking people to a near by air force base in case of emergency. A lot of fire fighting planes and transport helicopters are put in the air force base. [Secret] President Scheer is worried about terrorist attacks on his new government buildings and begins military plans to deploy a large part of the military in the middle east. [/Secret] Being behind, the CSP has announced the first working rocket and begins training astronauts. We also except the United Kingdoms offer to do a joint research group on anti-AI technology.
  • Flag of USA United States: We plan a Lunar colony by 2045, and a Martian Colony by 2050. We begin the annexation of cities like Yonkers and Jersey City into the Mega-City of New York. We begin development of Medi-Scanners and advanced 3-D printers. While not officially recognizing the country, we decide to leave the PRR alone - as long as they do not annex other countries forcefully.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: We condemn North Korea for their acts of aggression against South Korea. Berlin begins to evolve into a megacity, annexing Oranien and Potsdam, followed by Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Nuremburg and a new amalgamation of Dusseldorf, Duisberg, Essen, Wuppertal and Dortmund. The launch of the Kaiser I rocket to the Moon marks a new era for Germany, as we have officially become one of the few nations that have their flag on the Moon. This sparks a new mentality among German youths, and as such the education system is reformed to prepare potential astronauts. Research for a lunar colony is going on smoothly. Still WIP.
  • 780px-Flag of al-Qaeda in Iraq Abbasid Caliphate: With the treaty of Baghdad nearly finished, it is assumed that it will take numerous years for the Sunni-Shia split to officially end. With a total population of 150 million and a military of near 500,000 conscripts, we ask all the split off nations in OTL Saudi Arabia to join our Caliphate in the name of Islam [Mod Response Needed]. Younger citizens begin to accept the terms of which the agreement was made.
    • Mod Response: Several Arabian states adhere to your proposal, while some choose self governance as true leaders of Islam, leading the situation to be similar to the clusterfuckery of pre-unification Germany.
    • Abbasid Diplomacy: We tell the nations that as per the agreement we set with Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, that the nations will have self-governance in their own region but will be annexed/vassalized into the greater Caliphate.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We have researched nuclear fusion and holographic signs enough, now we move on to researching advanced 3-D printers. Our cities become a mix of futuristic as well as ancient European style technology and architecture, making it into a unique tourist attraction in Europe. Meanwhile, Queen Leonor and Prime Minister Carrero Blanco announce that operations against the Purto Ricans are continuing. We continue bombing the country's infrastructure from ship missiles and carrier aircraft. This is to soften their defenses and clear the way for the 1500 Marines and 5000 Spanish Army troops landed on the island. In addition, we transfer another 2500 soldiers of the Spanish Legion for the occupation of the secessionist island. We believe this will be enough to subdue its small military and untrained conscripts. Carrero Blanco's government asks the South American states to cease their support for the independence of Puerto Rico and join Spain's restoration of order to the island from the tyrant. [Mod Response]
    • ​American Diplomacy: American diplomats tell Spain to not attack Puerto Rico without consequences. Puerto Rico is in America's business, and America's business only. Do not attack without consequences, remember the Monroe Doctrine.
    • Mod Response: Due to the nationalism instilled in the population, the initial invasion force is nearly subdued, until the Puerto Rican government called for a ceasefire. The South American states adhere to Spanish demands, but still verbally support the cause for an independent Puerto Rico.


North Korean forces begin marching across the border into South Korea. This is met with fierce resistance, but it looks like the North Koreans are making more ground.

ISX activity skyrockets, as borders into Central Asian nations from China are closed, and everything sporting the Chinese flag is burnt, as well as some people who had it tattooed. Extreme laws are established in towns under ISX control.

Over the course of a few months, 28 nations have their flag planted on the Moon.

After working on new stealth technology for a decade, the US Department of Defense announces they have lost said technology during a field test, and is offering a reward to anyone who can find it.

Puerto Rican nationalism has settled down for now, as the people aim to achieve independence peacefully.

The situation in the Arabian Peninsula is complicated, as the Caliphate tries to unite rowdy, self-glorifying Sultanates. Due to diplomatic efforts by the Abbasid Caliphate, only eight of these states remain.

United Nations Conference: 2041

  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Al-Hasa:' 'Vertical farm companies rise across the country. Our aircraft carrier is almost finished and our submarine is finished. Scientists are building the rocket that will be launched in 2045 to the moon, to prove the world that monarchies can be modern. We recognize the ISX as an independent country. WIP
  • US: We make plans to send troops to Korea to help our ally, South Korea, in their war against the North. (Mod Response Needed) WIP
    • Mod Response: Troops are stationed in Busan.
  • 780px-Flag of al-Qaeda in Iraq Abbasid Caliphate: Caliph Nasir asks for NATO and the UN to officially recognize the Abbasid Caliphate as an official nation [Mod Response Needed]. We declare the remaining successor states of Saudi Arabia as traitors of Islam and begin invading them. 90,000 troops are sent to invade Sasaka, 50,000 to invade Jazan, and 20,000 troops are air dropped onto Sharorah. Sultan Nasir orders the Air Force to bomb any military buildings they have developed through air strikes before the proper invasions begin [Mod Response Needed]. We offer the remaining states once more to join the Caliphate or face invasion [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Due to majority not recognising you, you are not an official nation, but have observer status in the UN. Military campaigns in Arabia are successful, due to the overall unpreparedness in many regions. The states closer to you agree to join the Caliphate, but states further south stand their ground on sovereignty, three states to be exact.
  • Al-Hasa: The government is deciding whether or not to become a puppet state of the Abbasid Caliphate, if Al-Hasa go to join, We want very high autonomy, and we want not to be annexed.
  • Canada: The CSP lands on the moon, placing the Canadian flag near the others. We begin to transform Ottawa into a megacity, with the exterior completion of the Canadian International Financial Center being the first steps. The Canadian military deploys more men in South Korea and the navy sends more ships and begins fighting the North Korean military [Mod Response Needed]. Maple Fusion INC. unveils plans for a lunar colony and research will begin in 2044 and a trip to mars is not far away.
    • Mod Response: Canadian troops are deployed in South Korea. 
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: In line with plans for the orbiting space dock/launch pad, a basic framework is constructed in orbit. Also, construction of the moon colony is getting along fine with all 25 of the UK's astronauts already inhabiting the structure. After extensive research in the private sector, more and more hovering freight carriers are seen with speculations about them replacing trucks and trains in the near future. Medical scanner research is also occurring in the private healthcare sector. In other news, two destroyers and two cruisers are sent with a host of four frigates to the Korean Peninsula to strike North Korean targets. Immediate action is taken by British troops previously stationed in Japan to set up a defensive 'Iron Dome', that is an anti-missile defence system over Japan and the Sea of Japan. Air Force planes regularly strike North Korean border targets to try to stem the invasion.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: The Kaiser II launch begins making its journey to Mars, carrying the first Germans set to land on Mars. Medi-scanner technology is researched, aiming to revolutionise modern medicine. We condemn the actions of North Korea, and send five destroyers to assist South Korea.


North Korean troops are definitely gaining ground in South Korea, in some places crossing the 38th parellel. Despite multiple accounts of international assistance, North Korea appears to be much stronger than before, even sporting new tanks and artillery in the battlefield. China has made no comment so far.

The Islamic State of East Turkestan is established, with Urumqi as the capital. All readily available sources of the outside world are cut off, leaving citizens in what can only be described as a mix between ISIS and North Korea in terms of daily life.

Several nations have reached Mars, six in total. This includes the US, Russia, China, India, Brazil and Australia. More nations are expected to follow suit.

  • Flag of Spain Spain: We continue researching more technology as before. However, the prime minister of Spain, the Duke Carrero Blanco, stated that we will also begin a space program to get to Mars and are beginning to research such technology. Meanwhile, the Spanish Navy and Air Force have destroyed most of Puerto Rico's military infrastructure and 15,000 Spanish Army troops, along with 4000 Legionnaires, are deployed to finally occupy the island. [Mod Response] Nationalist policies, including promotion of the traditional family and children, continue as well.
    • Mod Response: Most of the remaining military has seemingly disappeared, but Puerto Rico is under Spanish occupation as of now.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: We ask North Korea one more time to stop this madness before it is too late. We do not want to be forced to take physical action against you. The Manned Mars mission has landed on Mars, and should continue to research the planet until next year. Information discovered has caused Japanese Scientists to conclude that Mars was once home to life, and large water bodies. Electrolasers and Railguns have successfully been built by Japan, becoming useful tools in a changing world. More Directed-Energy Weapons will be developed as time goes on. Although Japan has banned nuclear weapons, it did not ban other WMD's or weapons, and so we send this message to all nations, the message states We are not defenceless, and that we will not bow down to any invaders. Massive EMPs are developed, and prepped for use. Studying the feasibility of Space Elevators begins. Another two Satellites are launched to orbit Jupiter, as well as one orbiting Ceres. The law is altered so Nuclear Weapons can be used if our allies are in serious trouble or we are attached first.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We wish to buy fusion rifle and electrolaser technology. [Player Response]
    • American Diplomacy: We wish to buy your electrolasers and railguns for our army. [Player Response Needed]
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: With the completion of the space program in 2041, we finally put two people on the Moon, along with a specialized flag of Norway that can withstand outer space conditions. About the North Korean problem, we urge NATO and UN to take actions. Fusion rifles becomes a staple of all Norwegian military personnel. [Secret] We ask Japan if we can buy some railguns & electrolasers [/Secret] [Player Response Needed] We start to research on Lunar & Martian colonies, which would be done in 2047 and 2049 respectively. We are also making 3-D printing more advanced and building prototype medi-scanners that can help the user to scan for diseases. Our military is put in the highest ready state in case NATO has a decision on North Korea.
  • United States: We send probes to North Korea in order to find out how NK got their updated military technology. We begin preparing our troops in Busan to reach the battle line to help fight with South Korea. [Mod Response] We do not recognize East Turkestan. In response to Spanish occupation of Puerto Rico, we condemn Spanish occupation of American territory. Our current president says "Spanish troops must relinquish control of Puerto Rico to the US, or there will be consequences. We do not want to go to war, but we do not accept Spanish occupation of our territory. We won it from you fair and square. Give it to us, so peace can be restored." [Player Response Needed]
    • Mod Response: Your troops are sent to the front line.
    • Flag of Spain Spanish Diplomacy: We tell the United States that our troops are there to enact revenge for terrorism by the Puerto Rican group and that we will not back down from this terrorist group's attacks against our military. Spanish troops will be deployed there to execute this task, and we also point out that the Puerto Ricans do not seem to want to remain under US control.
    • American Response: Withdraw now, or you will be forced to. They don't want to be under US control, but they don't want to be under Spanish control either. Final warning.
    • Spanish Diplomacy:' Once our job avenging our dead troops is done, then we will withdraw. We cannot let attacks against us go unpunished and have the right to retaliate.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Work on the joint German-British lunar habitat continues with blueprints in the works for possible expansion before the end of the century. The Mars micro-habitat is also under construction with its only function as a base of operations for 3~5 scientists. The orbiting spacecraft launcher/space station is almost complete and research for space freighters and small scale space to space craft is complete. Prototypes are currently under construction. The situation in the Sea of Japan is taken much more seriously with all navy ships in the are retreated to friendly ports. Air strikes intensify with military outposts and ground troops as the main targets. Medi-scanner research intensifies as the military makes it a part of its budget and a formal offer is made to Japan for the prospect of potentially buying railguns and electrolasers as well as fusion rifles. Our own research into such technologies is expected to yield results very soon.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: The collaborative efforts between the UK and Germany are paying off, with German scientists and colonists being selected for deployment to the Moon and Mars. The destroyers sent to assist South Korea are ordered to enter defensive positions around strategic ports, and open fire on any enemy ship. The Kaiser II rocket has landed on Mars, with the German flag being planted in red soil. Materials are transferred to assist in the construction of the Mars micro-habitat. With the new concepts of fusion rifles and railguns, the military is expected to have conventional guns phased out in favour of the new guns. The rifles and railguns will be made under the restrictions imposed by the Geneva Convention. The Europa probe is sent to Europa to observe the chemical composition of the ice layer, expected to arrive in the next few years or so. We call for North Korea to stand down, or face the consequences.
  • 780px-Flag of al-Qaeda in Iraq Abbasid Caliphate: We send 200,000 troops to invade and occupy the remaining states of the former Saudi Arabia. Sultan Nasir offers Al-Hasa a chance to join our nation and receive equal opportunities in government as much as Jordan, Syria and Lebanon get [Player and Mod Response Needed].
    • Flag of Saudi Arabia black and white Arabian Provisional Government: Run by the Ulema and the Sultan's of the annexed states, the Arabian Provisional Goverment is created as a result of giving general secular authority to the leader of the Islamic State of Hijaz, Iyaad el-Bacchus. Military bases are constructed as local militia's are incorporated into the Arabian Army. We spread the words of Caliph Nasir.
      • Flag of Saudi ArabiaAl-Hasa: We will join The Abbasid Caliphate, The remaining royal family flees to Qatar. WIP  
    • Mod Response: The few remaining states reluctantly agreed to join you.


North Korean forces still go full steam ahead towards South Korea. Seoul is evacuated amidst rumors of a nuclear target, while routine airstrikes and coastal bombardments do not do much harm towards North Korea.

Most developed nations are either on the Moon, are on their way there, or have plans to get there within the decade. Lunar and Martian habitations, or habs, become increasingly common as more nations extend their reached into space.

With the Middle East seemingly under control, the UN is conflicted over the issue of allowing the Abbasid Caliphate into the organisation.

Fusion rifles prove to be a popular choice of weaponry, with the few Japanese engineers being heralded as the creators of the revolutionary design by arms manufacturers elsewhere, who begin making their own variants.

The first international electric grid is being tested in the Baltic States and Finland.

  • United States: As a result of Spanish stubborness, we place sanctions on the Kingdom of Spain and cease trade with them. We send some of troops not active in battle against North Korea to Puerto Rico to see if we can re-establish American control. [Mod Response Needed] We send a flight to the Moon to establish a hab. WIP
    • Spanish Diplomacy: The Kingdom's ambassador reminds the US that the Spanish Republic has not existed since 1939.
    • Mod Response: The troops arriving in Puerto Rico are not entirely sure what to do as Spanish troops are still there.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: The Kingdom of Spain has cut diplomatic ties with the United States and evacuated its diplomatic missions in the country. Meanwhile, some 15,000 Spanish Army troops remain in Puerto Rico, while a fleet of 12 warships is docked there. The Spanish Air Force deploys a squadron of 35 Typhoons and 14 Su-57 jets for additional security measures and assistance in subduing any rebel groups there. Meanwhile, we begin recruiting the new 5th Tercio of the Spanish Legion, which will consist of Puerto Rican recruits, and we use propaganda to recruit natives into our ranks as auxiliaries. We begin a propaganda campaign to improve Spain's image on the island and gain native support. Meanwhile, the Spanish government continues our space program and we send a spacecraft to the Moon to scout for a lunar Spanish colony.
  • Turkey: We see many nations landing on the moon and prepare to do the same this wil be finished in 2048. We expand our military. We send 100 Tanks and 25 Phantom II to Northern Cyprus. We ask the Abbasid Caliphate, if we could be allies both military and economical, [Player Response Needed].
  • Canada: The Canadian International Financial Center is complete and people begin working inside. We complete our research on Megacities and we begin researching Lunar Colonies. AI continues to develop but under strict laws. A new military building is contrsutced in the northern parts of Canada.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Enough is enough, says the Prime Minister of Japan. North Korea has continued to threaten the existence of Japan and Our ally South Korea for decades. An EMP is launched at the North Korean Power grid, causing the country to have a blackout, hopefully making North Korean Troops confused as to what they are ordered to do. Sonic Weapons are launched at Pyongyang, with city-wide anarchy and panic erupting. We hope in all mayhem Kim Jong Un has either been killed or forced out of hiding (Mod Response Needed). Japanese Troops are on standby, awaiting further orders in case an invasion is necessary. Previously offered to us, we would like to know if the United States is still attempting to arm us with nuclear weapons (United States Response Needed). Meanwhile, The Mars mission returns with interesting results and previously unknown facts about the red planet. A few hours of panic is suddenly silenced after JAXA reportedly spotted an Unidentified Flying Object around Jupiter. However, further study revealed it was actually one of our very own Japanese satellites orbiting the Gas Giant. WIP
    • American Response: We'd like to say that the offer still stands.
    • Mod: You don't determine the outcomes of actions against other nations. But ye they blackout for a while before kicking into night mode. North Korean forces still remain connected by Cold War Era technology and pre-planned tactics. The sonic weapons deployed in North Korea are proven to be effectively, up until everyone goes indoors. A media announcement is made, reassuring Kim Jong Un's safety, much to everyone's disappointment.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Fusion rifles are made the official standard issue weapon for all troops. Modifications to planes and ships are underway to arm them all with fusion weaponry. Research into EMPs is greatly increased as Japan's recent 'demonstration' of their power is greatly worrying. A working prototype is expected in two or so years. The possibility of reviving Chinese 'floating castles' is explored with possible floating naval and air force bases in the future. In space, the orbiting space station/docking area is complete and space freighters become a thing. Mining of the moon for Helium-3 is in experimental stages with mining and space freighting stations being built across the lunar surface in a radius expanding from our joint Habitat. The manned mission to Mars announces it is in the final stages of Habitat construction with less than three years to go. The Martian Habitat is expanded to include a total of 30 humans. The Royal Air Force has made the decision to bomb Pyongyang, with troops on standby to be dropped into North Korea for occupation during the post-war period.
    • You're going a bit fast here. How large are these space freighters?
    • They are not that epic. They're mostly just spaceships fitted with cargo holds for cargo transport. They are not that big.
  • Flag of Germany​Germany: We order our naval troops to fire upon hostile craft within their patrol regions. Colonists are selected from the population to work on board the lunar hab, which has been dubbed LunHab-1. We further develop the idea of an international electric grid within Intermarium states. [Mod Response Needed] A lunar rover is launched to scour the lunar soil for traces of metals for mining.


With North Korean advance slowed by international efforts, they display a short ceasefire, before renewing their advance with the prescense of Chinese forces within their ranks.

Pro-Russian propaganda posters appear in Crimea, Eastern Ukraine and Belarus.

Italy proposes a Tri-Mediterranea Pact between itself, France and Spain.

Quantum computing now reaches a new level, with a 124-qubit computer prototype being built. The number of qubits a quantum computer can operate on is expected to increase within the decade, possible tenfold by the 2060s.

A wave of nations are recognised by the UN, including Somaliland, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Kosovo and the SADR, much to the surprise of many states.

Poland can finally into space, after poking their flag on the Moon.

  • Canada: We finish our research on Megacities and begin researching Lunar colonies. We begin building another 100 Lepord 2A5 tanks because it's cheaper now that it's extremly old but efficent. We continue to build our navy with 20 new destroyers. We warn North Korea, with President Scheer saying that Canada isn't the little brother of the UN anymore and that we're growing stronger by the year.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Fusion rifles have phased out most arms within the mlitary, coming from a large variety ranging from Japanese and Norwegian makes and local manufacturers. Quantum technology is being extensively researched, aiming for a 248 qubit quantum computer being built within the next decade or so. We stack sanctions on North Korea, attempting to hinder them as much as possible. 
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Quantum research is accelerated in the private and public sector. Research for mining on the moon continues and our lunar Habitat is almost complete. Space freighter research is continued and plans for expanding the national space fleet are in the works. North Korean military positions are continuously fire-bombed and occupation troops are prepared for the capital Pyongyang. China is severely condemned for assisting North Korea and sanction are placed on the country.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: we condemn the recognition of our ally Serbia's separatist region, calling it a "Violation of Serbian territorial integrity". Work with Quantum mechanics is encouraged by the president, as Russia plans to catch up to other countries, since our technology is not as advanced as South Korea, Japan and The United States'. WIP
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We ask the UN to hold a referendum in Puerto Rico to determine its future. [Mod Response] In the meantime we continue spreading pro-Spanish propaganda there. We prepare to launch a ship to create a lunar colony.


Excluding certain facilities and troops, majority of the belligerents of the Korean War are temporarily disabled due to continuous EMP attacks. It has been confirmed the technology used was from China, and bypassed most existing defenses. Seoul has fallen, and the wave of North Korean troops are fast approaching Busan.

A UN referendum has called for the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Puerto Rico, as well as requesting high autonomy from the US.

Habs become exceedingly common, and are seen as the precursor to fully-fledged lunar and Martian colonies.

Somaliland surpasses several African states in development, and is predicted to be one of the most stable states in the continent.

  • Flag of Russia Russia: In the past 55 years, the majority of people have wanted one thing. Democracy. New Politicians challenge our authoritarian leadership, hoping for change. And it appears this change has finally arrived. On June 12th, 2045, a violent conflict erupted in Moscow, with the military and long-secret resistance clashing. During the offensive, the Kremlin was reportedly invaded, and it appears that both the prime minister and president are deceased. With war consuming the entire country, all technological advancement has frozen. No reporter has been able to enter Moscow in months, however refugees claim the city is "no more". Across the country, cities such as Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Chita, Orenburg and Vladivostok are falling apart, showing only the remnants of populated areas. This war has caused extremist groups to make their moves, attempting to gain ground. The Government and Economy has completely fallen apart. The nation is without a government. Rumours of an interim government being created in a secret location spread across the war-torn state.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: With North Korea being definitely having an upper hand in the ongoing Korean War, we ask NATO to take immediate action to return peace in the region. We also ask other NATO members to impose sanctions on People's Republic of China for "supporting the bloody regime". We also begin seriously working on PL-01 tank project, because we think our military is outdated.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: As the 2045 elections take place, Hans Steinmeyer of the Ein Deustchland party is elected Chancellor, being the first fascist leader elected since Adolf Hitler. Chancellor Hans Steinmeyer has pledged to "clean the name of fascism, and make it a force of good and prosperity", creating a new form of fascism, Bergerism after the party's former leader. Despite the actions of the last fascist party, all that has been done so far is improve the nation overall, with discrimination being slowly erased as an Ein Deustchland mindset is introduced, uniting the peoples under the name of Germany. Taking the opportunity of Russian collapse, we begin funding pro-German Bergerist movements in Kaliningrad, and general Bergerists in European Russia. Repairs are conducted on damaged ships in the Korean theatre, and slap North Korea with more sanctions, nearing the brink of no trade whatsoever. We urge other nations to cut all trade with the state. 
  • Canada: President Scheer wins the Canadian elections. Citizens vote to increase the space budget from 40 billion USD to 70 billion USD. We also increase the education budget. We begin building a new type of tank called the CML A5, similar to Germany's Leopard 3's. We continue to deploy troops in South Korea and ask Russia to help the UN take down North Korea [Player Response Needed]
  • Interim Government: The de facto government of Russia states that Although a fair amount of territory has been captured since our last announcement, we are in no position to even control an army, let alone take down North Korea.

Russia SFMG 1

  • United States: Our newly inaugurated president announces support for full autonomy of the region. WIP
    • Interim Russia: We ask for support from the United States, because if we win the war against extremists and Germany, you will be provided with a democratic Russia (US Response Needed).
    • American Diplomacy: Two secret agents walk up to Russian diplomats and say no. But, drop a piece of paper that says (Secret) We shall support you. (End Secret)


North Korea becomes more erratic in behaviour, with their move of invading Vladivostok. A stalemate has been reached in the Korean Peninsula, as North Korean troops display exhaustion.

Amidst the chaos in Russia, Transcaucasian rebel factions wage war in the region.

The Chinese government is beginning to falter, showing signs of imminent bankruptcy. A Manchurian rebel group makes appearances in Harbin, stirring up dissent.

Somalia, being salty about Somaliland, declares war on the new state. Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti support Somaliland, while Sudan pledges support to Somalia, having seen their share of rogue states.

  • Canada: We pull our troops out of North Korea. Our military continues to build stronger, and we buy fusion rifles from Japan and other countries. We finish our new tank and build 90. Many Canadian citizens are wondering why Russia is losing to extremists, but we offer support. Our national guard is increased in over all power and size. We continue to research Lunar Colonies.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: We offer a proposal to the Interim Russian Government. We will stop funding Bergenists within the region in exchange for the return of Konigsberg and logistical support in rebuilding Russia. [Russia Interim Govt. Response Needed] With the North Korean War machine showing signs of faltering, we command ships to bombard coastal cities. Quantum computing is still a highly prioritised science, while the Lunar Hab continues to grow. Infrastructure is improved, and the image of national unity is promoted. The Anti-Discrimination Doctrine is put into effect, making changes to the education and justice system.
    • Russian Interim Goverment: We decline.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We have made great progress reclaimimg our territory, however so have the Communists. Saint Petersburg City continues to be fought over, however Moscow was taken by Interim Forces in the past weeks. We ask "Germany" what they're talking about, because we do not even know what "Bergenists" are ("German" Response Needed). We have only reported Islamic, Communist and Buddhist Extremism, mostly in the South, although Communists are elsewhere. Our secret location reports the president is healthy, and continued to order most of our military To keep in hiding underground or wherever possible. Unfortunately, many of our nuclear weapons are still under the control of Communists, however some were reportedly moved before they took out our base we had nearby. Some small parts of Russia are starting to stabilize, in places like Karelia, food is more common and shelters are being built to protect the homeless. This is also happening on the Crimean Peninsula, where many people have crossed the bridge to escape war.
    Russia SFMG 2
    Red Shows the Communist Government, Blue shoes the Interim Democratic Government and Grey shows heavily Conflicted Zones. We thank the many countries across the world who support territorial integrity and democracy. WIP
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: With the completion of the orbiting space station/hab and the space cargo fleet, as well as moon mining research in final stages, the British government begins mining and shipping Helium-3 back to Earth, making huge money along the way. Taxes are relaxed while government spending and revenue collection undergoes a major overhaul and clean-out. The Mars Hab is doing well and the Lunar Hab is expanding. The North Korean situation is dealt with more seriously in that carpet bombings of major North Korean cities is conducted. We attempt to limit civilian casualties to a low number and conduct evacuations of North Korean civilians. No action is taken on the Russian situation though the Cameron administration voices support for the democratic movement. We also call on NATO to join in the fight despite it not being a NATO conflict because this is a world-shaking event.
  • United States: We decide to stay neutral on the conflict between Germany and Russia, for now. For adopting a fascist government, we kick Germany from NATO. [Player Response Needed] We begin the funding of a Democratic rebel group in South China. [Mod Response Needed] We begin the development of sonic missiles, as well as build more tanks, fighters, and enroll more people into the military.  WIP
    • German Dip: Although against this move, Germany accepts this development.
    • Mod Response: Stemming from Hong Kong, this rebel group gains the support of Taiwan as well.


North Korea, having occupied most of South Korea, calls for a peace treaty.

Manchuria secedes from a dying China, as news of the alleged "Dragon Fund" that stole money from the population is heard of worldwide. The rebel group in South China is joined by another Taiwanese-funded rebel group, who are now gaining control over the southeastern ports and cities.

A major line within the Trans-Siberian Railway is destroyed in Yakutia, presumably by the old Russian government. Supplies going to Siberia and the Far East are temporarily suspended.

In a freak accident, the president of Romania falls into a coma.

Populism grows in several nations, mainly in Africa.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The government once again takes no action on the Russio-Germanic conflict as well as the Chinese situation. However, support for democratic rebels is voiced out by the Prime Minister. Regarding the North Korean peace treaty, the British government requests and outline for the new border (Map). Air strikes are halted and navy ships head home. As mining on the moon continues, space technology continues to advance with the PM paying the Lunar Hab a visit. More and more people are employed by the national space mining company and separate living quarters are built around lunar mining facilities. A robotic probe with basic AI is sent to Enceladus to explore its liquid oceans. A detailed map is being worked on.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: By the end of this year, Most of Russia is divided between the Communist Government and the Democratic Government, however, small portions are still heavily fought over. With the Communists recently taking Yakutia and the Democratic forces taking Krasnoyarsk, many regions are cut off from resources allowing proper living. The conflict has Reportedly leaked into Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia. The Democratic Government and Communist Government now clash in this area, causing havoc not only in Russian territory, but attempting to seize land in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Rumours spread that the Democratic president may attempt to create a peace treaty and offer it to the Communist Government. A Map of Russia as of December 12th, 2047 shows the Blue Democratic Government, Red Communist Government and Grey Conflicted Zones.
    Russia SFMG 3
    More Details will follow shortly.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: A public revision of the term Bergenism is changed, as apparently the idea of fascist nations is not a good one in general. As such, the Bergenist government has decided to go with Bergenism as the national political ideology. We follow through for the request of a peace treaty in the Korean Peninsula, although South Korean citizens should be allowed to enter and exit the nation for a minimum of six months. We further develop the Martian Hab, sending three more people to staff it this year. We support the democratic rebels in Southern China, and fund our own Bergenist group there. 



North Korea agrees to the Treaty of Busan, which states that North Korea will annex occupied lands, while South Korea will be known as Busan. North Korea, or just Korea, as it calls itself now, allows a minimum of five months for a list of approved South Koreans to enter or exit the country as they please.

The People's Republic of China descends into civil war, catalysed by the American-funded Nanhua democratic rebel group, Manchurian People's Republic and the Mongolian and Taiwanese invasion forces.

Pro-government Russian forces in the Far East appear to have more weapons, but it is not known who is funding them.

Nigeria, Mozambique, Somalia, Sudan, Angola, Mali and Chad have formed the African Populist Entente, following the election of populist leaders respectively.

The War for Somaliland has reached a critical point, with Somalia taking more hits than Somaliland itself. The situation may devolve into full-frontal conflict between the two major supporters, Sudan and Ethiopia anytime now.

  • Flag of CanadaCanada: We finish our research on Lunar Colonies, and we begin building a fairly well-sized colony. We begin to question America's choices but we decide to see what happens. We begin to research Medi-Scanners.
  • United States: Clashes between pro-Russian and pro-German citizens have begun in DC, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Officials are worried that it soon might erupt into full-on violence and possibly war. WIP
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Research in space technology continues with laser mining of the moon in experimental stages. Lunar Hab and Martian Hab are both expanded to accommodate more personnel. The probe to Enceladus arrives and initial reports indicate the presence of mineral deposits forming under the ice. Possibly due to geothermal activities. Scientific tests are conducted on said deposits. Plans for the probe to venture deeper into the ocean are underway. Back on Earth, the homeland begins accepting South Korean refugees/immigrants. The general populace seems unfazed by the influx of immigrants and some even choose to take in families and orphaned children. Social programmes and job finding programmes are mobilized to help the rest. Whilst military personnel and vehicles are called back home from the Korean theatre, all trade with North Korea is cut off with the government encouraging other nations to do the same. [Secret] Preparations for a covert SAS injection into the North Korean capital are made with the intention of assassinating the North Korean leader as well as top government officials. This will then be made to look as though they were assassinated by other North Korean officials to hopefully ignite a civil war. [/Secret] Still no action is taken on the Russian and Chinese situation though democratic rebels are supported. The entire military is undergoing expansion.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Slightly concerned about the situation in Africa as well as in Korea, we increase military spending. The first 248-qubit quantum computer has been created, with higher functioning computers being planned for the future. Carbon nanotubes now enter markets as building materials. 3-D printers grow in size, now being able to print a small building in 72 hours. The growth of the Lunar Hab is maintained, with its size expected to exceed the size of the city of Dresden. 3-D printers are also sent to the Moon to assist with Hab growth. Refugees from Korea are welcome in Germany as well. The destroyers deployed in the Korean War are being recalled, with only four deaths reported.


With the fall of China definite, successionist states turn China into something resembling pre-unification Germany, with borders centered around old clan claims. The Nanhua rebels have taken most of the South Chinese regions, Taiwan invading up until Shanghai, and Mongolia reclaiming Inner Mongolia. Tibet has quietly declared independence, and stays out of action.

European Russia has been confirmed to have fallen under democratic control, as is the Far East by the old government, but Krasnoyarsk, Yamalia and Yugra remain in awkward locations, and as such have been suggested as buffer states.

The African Populist Entente has a rival bloc competing with it, as Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somaliland, Egypt, the EAF, the CAR, South Sudan and Cameroon form the Democratic African Alliance. Sudan and Ethiopia have minor skirmishes along their border, but is accelerated after dead Sudanese soldiers are found buried under Ethiopian soil along the border.

Old Russian support in Alaska is higher than anywhere else in the US, and rumors of succession are floating throughout the media.

Populism takes root in Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Colombia.

India and Pakistan have another disagreement in Kashmir.

  • Flag of Russia Russia: A peace treaty is negotiated between the Democratic and Communist Governments, forming a political system similar to the United States' Government. All provincial areas are reorganized into states, and stability is restored in our great nation. Although they do not agree on many terms, The Democratic Party and Communist Party both state Russia should stay united, and reclaim all territories that were previously under its control and/or influence. As Transcaucasia continues to rip itself apart, Russian Troops are sent to occupy Abkhazia and South Ossetia, with plans to attempt occupation of Georgia and Armenia next year (It is currently unknown what they plan to do with Azerbaijan). The first elections are due to be held in 2050 and will be five-year terms, renewable once. Minsk continues to be the de facto capital. We offer the troubled nations of the former Soviet Union the chance to rejoin a democratic society, where all are equal and will receive any help that is demanded. We push this message especially to Ukraine, Transcaucasia and Central Asia. We await a response (Mod Response Needed). We offer a place within Russian Ranks to Manchuria, as they have historically been of great significance to Russia and an important area, as well as being Communist and relatively poor (Mod Response Needed). WIP
    • Mod Response: Azbkhazia and South Ossetia are easily occupied. Ukraine is somewhat split between the offer, with the West wanting sovereignty while the East prefers another USSR. Nobody in Transcaucasia wants to join, however Tajikistan, Krygyzstan and Uzbekistan consider the offer. Manchuria declines the offer, stating they are well off the funds and troops siphoned from the now disfuctional PRC.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Quantum computing is now implemented in the military. Concerns are raised about the situation in Africa, but a diplomatic solution has not been achieved yet. 3-D printing now constitutes most of the manufacturing industry, and automation is progressing greatly. The Lunar Hab, now the size of Dresden, begins accepting more colonists. It is predicted to stand at 400 colonists by the end of this decade.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Quantum computing is also implemented in our military. The government has no comment on Africa and 3-D printing has largely taken over the small to medium sized manufacturing industry. As automation of manufacturing continues, government programmes to retrain jobless workers are expanded and the services and development industry is by far the largest portions of the economy. With a growing data bank and various science parks opening, the UK is on track to becoming the tech and information capital of the world. Preparations are being made for a Third Great Exhibition with foreign participants, investors and dignitaries invited. Research into lunar laser mining is in final stages with laser mining facilities under construction. The Lunar Hab continues expansion with more farms, fishing and drinking lakes constructed. Spacecraft research continues with space freighters becoming more advanced and private space-to-space spacecraft in the works. [As yet unveiled] Research into small orbiting habitats begins with research expected to be completed in seven to eight years. The Mars habitat continues expansion at a steady rate. The Enceladus probe begins exploring the surface waters of Enceladus's oceans.
  • United States: Attempts by the pro-Russian government to calm down protests succeed. [Secret] Not [End Secret] EVERYTHING IS NORMAL HERE IN THE GREAT US. WE ARE STILL UNITED. THE WEST HAS NOT SECEDED.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We wish to establish relations with the newly independent Chinese States, offering protectorate status to any nation that feels threatened by another country (Mod Response Needed). We ask Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan if they would be interested in joining the democratic Russian State (Mod Response Needed). We advise all parts of Russia that certain reforms will continue to be made throughout the next year, giving a high degree of autonomy to select regions. This will apply to any nation that wishes to join Russia within the coming years. They will be provided with their own government, president and Laws.
Russian Republics 2049 SFMG
    • Mod Response: Nobody wants to join you, except a small nation in Southern China that is immediately run over by Nanhua rebels ten minutes after they sent an agreement.
  • United States: The Second American Civil War begins, pro-German Western States vs. pro-Russian Eastern States. Each asks for help from their respective countries. [Player Response Needed]
    • Russian Response: We support the Eastern States of America, promising to give all the aid that we can. Military bases are currently being constructed and refurbished in Far-Eastern Russia, and should be able to launch an offensive within a year.


Another day, another attempt to make a map without photoshop. Solace here.

Kazakhstan joins Russia following more democratic reforms, as well as Ukraine later in the year. Obviously, tensions between the Communistic and Republican parties continue. Turkmenistan has slowly become more Islamic over the years, so it will not be joining anytime soon. A Eurasian Union is proposed to be a successor to the CSTO.

The Abbasid Caliphate begins stagnating, causing the Arab League to begin thinking of alternative ways to keep the Caliphate continuing.

Israel and Palestine finally end their disagreements by creating a federal government in which there are two states: Judea and Palestine.

Independence wars begin in Africa following increased populism and the outbreak of a new strain of the bubonic plague. The main epicenter of this is mainly populist states and the Arab League states.

The East Asian Security Council is created by Japan and Manchuria, and is essentially a military pact.

China is put somewhat back together.

NATO becomes more of a Commonwealth led by the United States and Great Britain.

Serbia doesn't want to remove kebab anymore.

  • United States: Despite Russia's best efforts in the war, they do no good. It seems like the US is truly going down.  The pro-German republics include of: Cascadia (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, West Wyoming, West Montana), California (including Nevada), the United States of the Rockies (The Four Corner states and the southern half of Wyoming), and Hawaii. Pro-Russian republics include the United States of the Atlantic (including everything east of the Mississippi, St. Louis, parts of Minnesota - including St. Paul and Minneapolis, and the eastern half of Louisiana), Texas (+Arkansas), Dakota (North and South Dakota, East Montana, Rest of Wyoming and Minnesota), Kansas Confederacy (Nebraska, Kansas, Rest of Missouri, Iowa), CSA (Everything South of Virginia) and Louisiana (remaining Lousiana + Arkansas). The US retains most of the military, up to 51%. 
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Despite our best efforts, it appears the civil war never ended. The Resurgence of this conflict brings claims the government is in fact the opposite of democratic, and that it is run by Stalin Sympathizers. Most people are disgusted by this outrageous report, however, a hacking group known simply as MicroChip has revealed these statements could very well be true. In the aftermath of this, Vainakhia, Karelia, Kalmykia and Buryatia have declared their republics sovereign, claiming that the constitution allows this to occur.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: We finish our research on Medi-Scanners and begin researching Martain Colonies. We decide not to get involved in the second American Civil War because of our small military size, but we increase our border security. Our navy deploys ships all along each coast, and begin mass building tanks and guns.
  • Algeria flag Algeria: Due to uncertainty of the future of the Abbasid Caliphate, we decide to leave the Arab League - worying that the stability of our own country is at stake if we stay. To help calm down populist uprisings, we offer the creation of autonomist states within our country. We ask for German aid in fighting the new bubonic plague, or the Second Black Death as we call it. [German Response Needed] In efforts to help modernize our country we decide to build up our infrastructure in cities like Algiers, Oran, Constatine, and Annaba. Repaving roads, introducing modern technology to our hospitals, etc. We also enlarge our active military to 1.5 million personnel, enrolling many young adults. While aiming to increase our reserve personal to 750,000. We also hope to buy military technology, including laser guns, tanks, and bombers, from Germany for $500 million. [German Response Needed] In order to decrease unemployment, we introduce a law making schooling of any kind mandatory up until the age of 21.
    • Germany Dip: We accept the proposal.
  • 780px-Flag of al-Qaeda in Iraq Abbasid Caliphate: Caliph Abdul Noor el-Yusuf, working with the Arab League, proposes a Federation of Arab nations so that the Caliphate would survive economically and peace in the Muslim Community can be kept. Essentially, the Abbasid Caliphate would stretch the entire Arab League excluding Algeria. Autonomy is given in politics and trade (Mod Response Needed)
    • Mod Response: This unites the Arabian Peninsular, with Oman, Yemen and Kuwait joining, however Sudan, Somalia and Djibouti respectfully decline, as they are currently fighting a war. There is no response from the North African nations, but Egypt requests for better relations.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Our nation remains calm despite the unrest growing throughout the world, under the leadership of Queen Leonor of Spain. The Spanish military consists of some 300,000 troops and still has conscription. Among our foreign bases is a naval station in the Philippines. A new and more armament plan, based on the successful "Armada-2030" plan, known as "Armada-2100", sees the expansion of the Spanish Navy and the construction of at least 35 Ferdinand Magellan-class guided missile frigates, to replace most of the current fleet. Our aircraft carrier was decommissioned some time ago and we intend to build a small carrier soon, to fulfill the role of air support for the surface fleet. In the homeland, we continue upgrading infrastructure while preserving much of the older architecture, giving Spanish cities a blend of advancement and ancient European-style beauty. This will hopefully attract more tourists. We begin researching a new aircraft to phase out the Sukhoi Su-57 that we purchased from Russia, as well as a replacement for the main battle tank.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Bergenism still reigns strong in Germany, so we do not have to worry about the matters of populist uprisings. On the other hand, the instability within Africa is quite concerning, and we beef up our military just in case. We ask to create a base in Namibia, in exchange for their guaranteed independence. [Mod Response Needed]


Another day, another war. Solace here.

Russia becomes war torn once again following continued political and societal ideological differences.

The Intermarium members of Poland, as well as the Baltic states, invade Russia as a means of stopping possible leakage of the war into mainland Europe.

North Korea joins the East Asian Security Council.

Lesotho and Swaziland are annexed by South Africa.

The two Congos unite.

Not many Muslim's in North Africa enjoy how they are not a part of the Caliphate.

Ethiopia annexes Eritrea.

  • Algeria flag Algeria: With German help, we are able to produce the first version of the cure. We test it out on captured cells. We wait to hear how the cure has done. [Mod Response Needed]  WIP
    • Mod Response: The cure is somewhat successful, killing off the disease in 30% of the tests but with a mortality rate of 65%.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: In an attempt to stop the leakage of war from Russia into Europe, an invasion of Kaliningrad is launched with a force one million strong to, if possible, facilitate a transfer of the province to the German government. The Lunar Hab is further developed, with larger onsite 3-D printers. We influence the nations of Austria and Czechoslovakia to try to take up Bergenism, for a united Europe. [Mod Response by anyone but Firestorm]
    • Mod: Occupied. One million is overkill, but so is Russia still having Kaliningrad IRL.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We condemn the annexation of Lesotho and Swaziland by South Africa and the annexation of Eritrea by Ethiopia. We are also not pleased with the growing German Influence in Europe. The government has announced the Turkish Army to make it more 'modern'. We are reschearching Fusion Rifle Technology. WIP
  • Flag of Canada Canada: We continue to keep our military deployed on the border. We continue to build up our economy and begin building something called the Triplet Towers (not a ripoff of the Twin Towers) which includes our Transportation Building, the Canadian Space Programs main HQ and a tower owned by the biggest Canadian Energy Company, Lee Water, and Electric. The buildings will be built in the same lot as the Canadian International Financial Center. The construction will be done in 2056 and will cost just over 1.3 billion USD. We continue to modernize our country with plans for a new highway to stretch from our megacity Ottawa to our second largest city Montreal and then to our third largest Calgary. The highway would be five lanes on each side. It would have a train system on the west side that would lead to the west, and the east side would have one the spread through to the east coast, making the train travel more organized. The project will cost roughly 35 billion but would reduce travel time being a straight highway. Our population hits 55 million citizens and we hope to continue to grow this.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Funds are diverted to housing the massive influx of American migrants. The British government cries out to countries like Canada and Australia to assist in housing American migrants [Player Responses]. With the former United States of America dead, it is ejected from NATO, Great Britain inherits its place as de facto leader of NATO and immediately invites all new American republics to join [Player/Mod Response]. The Lunar Hab and Martian Hab are both expanding at a steady rate with plans for a new Lunar Hab (fully under British control) underway. A possible Enceladus research station is in the works. Mining of Mars commences for Martian minerals. Space freighters continue to grow in size and personal spacecraft research is almost complete. The Lunar Hab has been given limited local government to address local needs. Plans for a Scotland type Lunar Government are in the works. The Falklands is militarized and the Navy and Air Force is expanded as part of a self-defense project. A proposal is made to the struggling Irish government for Ireland to join the United Kingdom once more. It may keep a devolved government similar to Scotland and be a full member of our great Kingdom. The Royal Family visits Ireland to promote the idea of a Greater United Kingdom and Prince Harry and Williams receive largely positive reactions [Mod Response].
    • Mod Response: The American Republics are purely uninterested in joining NATO, as they see it as a failed organization, and intrusion on their sovereignty. This causes states in Europe to call for their independence to be reinstated. Ireland continues to want their republican government, and continues to call for Northern Ireland to join the Republic.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: In accordance with recent census results, all ideas of a United Ireland are rejected as the population is happy under the control of their fellow Brits.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: The Spanish Crown announces that our nation is leaving NATO, effective immediately. All military agreements that were signed by Spain within a NATO framework are declared void by the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the Spanish military begins decommissioning its older ships and construction of the long overdue Ferdinand Magellan-class frigates. A debate takes place whether or not to keep our lunar colony, as the Spanish government does not view it as a viable investment and the lack of development over the years has made it mostly symbolic.
  • Flag of Sudan Sudan: Sudan is getting more tense, seeing Eritrea being annexed, considering now they have to share more borders. They send more soldiers to the border, hoping that will increase their chances to survive in a full-out war with Ethiopia. Of course, if it did happen. The Somalia-Somaliland war was still blazing, though, so it was still a possibility. Better safe then sorry.


Another day, another return to wikia. Solace here.

Austria enjoys Bergenism. Czechoslavia, not so much. Belgian citizens enjoy it as well, but the government probably doesn't. 

The First American War begins between the United States of the Atlantic and the Confederate State of America. This of course, is referred to as the Second American Civil War, even though it isn't that. 

Fish aren't being found anymore in the ocean. Where did they go?

The influx of Russian citizens pouring into Poland begs the question of whether Russian should be accepted as a second language of Poland.

The Great Recession of 2052, as it is recorded, begins in Asia and Europe following the near complete loss of America from NATO. The Recession begins large "Bread Wars" in India, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, and especially Africa. Other nations are somewhat able to survive. However, the unemployment rate rises immensely.

Kosova is annexed into Serbia. Malawi is annexed by Mozambique. Azawad secedes from Mali following the first Bread War. 

The Republic of China (Taiwan) joins the East Asian Security Council. 

  • Algeria flag Algeria: With the original cure not producing favorable results, we decide to refine it. We wait to hear back how the test results for the second version are. [Mod Response Needed] We ask the countries of Germany and Sudan for an alliance. [Player Response Needed] We increase our military even further to two million active personnel, and one million reserve personnel.
    • Mod Response: The cure is not completely feasible yet, but it has grown in effectiveness compared to previous variants.
    • Flag of Prussia 1892-1918 Prussia: We accept the alliance.
    • Flag of Sudan Sudan: We too accept.
  • Flag of Chad Chad: Following Populist Rule for five years, the president has been ousted in the new elections by the opposition, although he does not recognize this. A Democratic Government is installed, and declares Chad a neutral state, nullifying all military alliances previously established. WIP
  • Flag of Prussia 1892-1918 Prussia: With the return of Konigsberg into Germany, the nation renames itself to Prussia, and makes the necessary changes. Unemployment is tackled by the employment of jobless citizens to work in the Lunar Hab as the pioneers of lunar colonization. A new industry is in the works, with biotechnology aimed to fill in the gaping hole left by the Bread Wars. We offer an alliance of Bergenist states with Austria, Belgium, and Poland. [Player and Mod Response Needed] Aquaponics see a meteoric rise as the fishing industry slowly dies. Authorities are considering a ban on mass-fishing to conserve existing biospheres under Prussian jurisdiction.
    • Belgian Diplomacy: We decline the offer.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: With massive food shortages and unemployment afoot, the government initiates a massive emergency response plan to counter and further development of this problem. Three convoys of scientific research ships are deployed to identify the whereabouts of fish in the ocean. Meanwhile, mining of the moon increases by 60% fueled by a desperate need for money by the government and the allocation of 4000 more personnel into Lunar Hab 2. Elsewhere, the private sector takes advantage of the shortage of food and initiates the farming of seaweed in deep ocean water. Research into bacteria-based food dramatically speeds up in both the private and public sector with more funds being pumped into it. Vertical farming makes a resurgence with such farms popping up all over Scotland. There is a growing biotechnology industry in the nation with many biotech startups springing up in southern England. Mining of Mars grows at a gradual but steady rate while Enceladus is becoming more interesting as the chemical composition of the lunar oceans is tested. A joint scientific alliance is proposed to Prussia. It will be called the Anglo-Prussian Scientific Community (APSC) [Player Response]. Lastly, the extremely outdated vital services computer networks such as the NHS, Government and Power Grid are being upgraded and isolated from the public internet. To prevent the UK from being caught of guard in the future, a National Emergency Fund is set up with 30% of Lunar Mining profits being directed to filling the fund. It has set a target of five trillion pounds by 2060
    • Flag of Prussia 1892-1918 Prussia: We accept the proposal.
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium: We continue developing our agricultural sector and use the Bread Wars as an opportunity to make profit and export more food. Meanwhile, the Belgian government decides against taking up the Prussian offer, seeing it as history repeating itself and wanting to maintain our country's independence, especially after the French efforts to promote Belgian nationalism over the last several years. The Belgian armed forces are reformed, with independent branches being re-established in the form of the Belgian Land Force, Belgian Naval Force, and Belgian Air Force. We begin implementing conscription to bring up the troop count to 50,000 initially and start to develop new military technology.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: We begin to double our dozens of thousands of farms with hopes to begin growing crops. We begin constructing a large sanctuary to raise fish found in Aquariums to begin restoring the oceans fish population and we begin raising cattle here and try to get food back on the shelves. We release to the public Canada has had a secret emergency fund that has existed since 2023, and it includes at least eight trillion USD in case of emergency. We also employ thousands of the unemployed as construction workers on our new skyscraper project, and high tens of thousands of people to work on our highway, a few people begin to notice the convenience of the new projects and how they fell in almost perfectly with the unemployment rate. We contemplate leaving NATO, but we decide to stay in for a few more years to see what plays out. We also hire four thousand more people to work in our Lunar Colonies as farmers, researchers, and miners to see if there is anything in the moon. We also begin trading some of our newly grown food to other countries with hopes of making profit for the country.
  • Flag of Sudan Sudan: We decide to do a military draft. We are really focusing on nothing but war, or more of the possibility of war. We probably are over-preparing for something that probably wont even happen, but you can never be too safe. Once the draft was over, We actually double the amount of men we used to have! Getting about 200,000 more soldiers, we are about 500,000 strong! Of course, a lot of those are sent to the borders or Ethiopa, South Sudan, and basically everywhere around them. Meanwhile, Generals are arguing if they should strike first, wait it out and get more vehicles, men, jets, or wait for them to strike. The decision has not yet been made.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: We finally finish our project of a PL-01 tank and build 50 of them. As NATO begins to fall apart, we start planning a possible expansion to the Baltic States.
  • The People's State of Indonesia: As time passes on in Indonesia new election nears. With the election's conclusion, a controversial yet well-supported candidate named Winardi Ru successfully takes office and with a new leader comes a time of change. First, a flag design change is being discussed with several designers as the old flag is titled as cliche as it is too common and the want for a national flag to stand outgrows. In the meantime, a new government is founded based on the philosophy of the Black Party in which takes the good of three governments that face many issues such as Capitalism, Communism and Fascism. Privately owned businesses are less common but are not outlawed as long as they are for the good of the nation. The Stock Market also exists but small state and government intervention exist. The voting system also changes as well with people and representatives of the state equally having their own say in bills and laws. The minimum wage of the average person is also changed up with depending on what sort of job you have, there should be a minimum of how much you should get paid and not equal for each career choice as some are more highly valued such as surgeons and teachers. Welfare and State-Owned free Insurance is also supported but people are still allowed to get their own insurance not from the government as well. Also, Winardi Ru shall be the leader of Indonesia for life. Regardless of that, everything is left the same. As one of Ru and his administration's main goals was to fund public schooling much more. Standardized testing becomes outlawed as research proves that it causes a lower level of growth and only test one's skills in certain subjects that might not be helpful for one person. This is why the new schooling system will begin to open up to creativity and teamwork in the school rather than competition to tell who is the brightest. School hours are cut from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM to 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Teacher's salaries rise as they are seen as the ones who educate our nation's future and basically makes them have one of the most important jobs in the country. In the meantime, while student improvement and intelligence rates go up, a state run minimally biased new outlet opens up in Indonesia called Indonesia Today. The system received a high rating on its first air date and is on the rise to become one of the most viewed media outlets in the country. 300 billion USD is put aside for military development and training leading to a port on Borneo opening up to build Naval Vessels such as the TPSIS Garo, a large destroyer and several other vessels along the way. A state-run space program is also started up with an annual budget of 150 billion USD with a planned mission to the moon being set for 2058. As advancements in technology move forward, an international underground oceanic subway station begins to be built. The subway system should be completed sometime in 2057.  As time moves on and the nation improves further an announcement to get rid of gasoline running cars by 2065 is set and only hybrids or electric cars would be allowed. In the meantime, at the coast, as tourist flows in, energy as well flows in with the wind and wave-powered electricity being made. The study of typhoons and how they work is also being tested and a test to do cloud seedings within typhoons is set for 2054. With so many plans along the way, what could be expected? Propaganda also begins to spread across the nation for military growth and about 36,000 men and women join the military this year. The air force budget has now allowed hundreds of useful militaristic aircraft to be produced this year alone. Back in the jungle's, national park bills begin to be signed in order to open up a huge national park system across the nation to protect wildlife. Factories also become more common as well and with global warming still an issue, the government has kept an iron fist over these factories enforcing many rules and regulations banning harmful chemicals from being used in these facilities. As it seems, for now, nothing could go wrong for Indonesia and its exploding economy. 


Another day, another attempt for nations to gangbang me in PMIV. Solace here.

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After mounting pressure from Sudan and Nigeria, Chad rejoins the APE, but requests lesser involvement.

With Somalia being pushed back to the Horn of Africa, Sudan begins a full frontal conflict with Ethiopia in hopes of severing Somaliland's aid. This sparks conflicts between several APE nations and DAU nations.

The Federation of China is taken control of by Yu Chibai, a populist leader who wants to "make China great again". They call out for a reunification of China and the annexation of "rogue states" such as Manchuria and Nanhua.

Tensions in South America blow up after Argentina mobilises troops to invade Paraguay and Chile.

The Eastern Front against Russia is mostly successful, with Finland reclaiming Karelia and Murmansk, while St. Petersburg has fallen into Estonian control. The Baltic States are concerned by Polish intentions on their annexation, and form the Baltic Union in response.

The fish are seriously gone. Populations in the Atlantic have dropped massively as well as Pacific populations. No one has checked the Indian Ocean yet, but experts predict a drop there too. Aquaponics becomes the new trend as island nations try not to die from the fish shortage.

With Russia in turmoil, the Far East Republic is established by rebels armed by Manchuria, and is admitted into the East Asian Security Council after its independence.

Despite concerns among the Japanese population that they should not be allied with the Korea that fired nukes over their heads in the early 21st century, Korea has become slightly more democratic since the death of Kim Jong Un, and that the Japanese government is working towards a new sustainable economical system with them in the light of the Bread Wars.

  • Flag of Canada Canada: We put five billion more USD into the "Operation Save the Fish" with hopes of raising over two million fish in our new sanctuaries. We double our amount of farms and begin seeing less famine in Canada, and we begin constructing many needed projects to modernize Canada, employing thousands of Canadians per project. We send another expedition to Mars to test some of our new rovers and vehicles designed to take humans and animals around Mars.  WIP
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We propose a joint "Save the Fish" project with Britain pumping funds into the project and in return being given access to the fish supply at a reduced price. We also launch another mission, this time to the Indian Ocean to investigate the disappearance of fish.
    • Flag of Canada Canadian Diplomacy: We accept the offer
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The British Armed Forces immediately sends a convoy of 3000 men to the Falklands along with four destroyers and two frigates to be stationed there until further notice. 60 more aircraft are also sent there with 75 air-force personnel. All of this is in reaction to the recent outburst of military activity on the South American continent. The military has clarified it has no plans to intervene in the conflict and the troops sent and stationed there are to defend the Falklands against any outside threat. On another note, floating seaweed farms become very common 20 or so nautical miles out to sea on the Atlantic side. Fish farms are making a resurgence with government support and subsidy. Vertical farming is encouraged and it is becoming more common to see vertical farm towers in cities, placing the food next to the people. This greatly reduces food prices and increases food accessibility to the poorer levels of society. In other news, biotechnology takes a great leap forward with the invention of basic biological computer parts. As may be expected, there is a significant public outcry at the potential misuse of biotech and cruelty towards animals experimented on. This is followed with swift legislation to regulate this growing industry. The mutation of animals is outlawed and greater animal protection schemes are enforced. Meanwhile, It is made law that GMOs must undergo stringent testing before being made public and GMOs must be labeled as such. The King (Charles), announces that 150 million Pounds Sterling of the monarchy's personal wealth will be pledged to helping the poorest communities in the UK. That night, he passes away in his sleep and his death is announced in the morning. At 104 years old, he surpasses his mother, Queen Elizabeth as the longest reigning monarch in the world. This is largely attributed to the superior healthcare of modern day Britain. The UK and all the King's dominions, territories and all who hold the King as Head of State come to a standstill for a week of mourning. Prince William is crowned King William a week later. Recent polls suggest King William is greatly loved with the monarchy gaining an 87% approval rating with only 5% saying they are dissatisfied. Great Britain has recovered from this emotionally turbulent time and will live stronger than before. "The King is Dead, Long Live the King!"
  • Flag of Prussia 1892-1918 Prussia: The aquaponic industry grows, and conservation efforts attempt to repopulate the seas. We are quite concerned about the situation in Africa and South America, but do not get involved. In a controversial experiment, an advanced AI unit is linked to a 960-qubit quantum computer. Several predictions indicate the creation of a fully sentient AI, while others regard this a waste of resources and qubits. The military is revamped, with an active guard 200,000 strong. Measures are taken, such as a minimum two years military service for everyone born after 2036 and regulations regarding the domestic use of firearms to prevent Prussia from ever falling to foreign powers again. Ethnic Germans, for the first time in a while, are balanced with the immagratory population, but unity is still promoted. A Prussian LunarHab is set to be established in a few years, marking the first fully Prussian Hab on the Moon. Maglev technology is being heavily researched, and implementation of the technology in the transportation system is being planned. A universal income system is being planned for nation-wide implementation, looking towards a beneficial outcome.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: The British Foreign Ministry protests against the dangerous and potentially disastrous AI experiment. Fully-sentient AI is a genuine threat to us all. Please do not repeat this again.
  • The People's State of Indonesia: As development continues under the new lifetime lasting administration, life continues to be better. Taxes continues to rise on the poor and our education system continues to rival the likes of Singapore. Coffee Farms and Cocoa Farms spread rapidly as the sweets and drinks become more popular due to a new private Chocolatier Company named Borneolate opening up shop on Borneo. This leads to a large increase in the employment rating. By the end of the year, the brand becomes so popular in the nation that the company begins asking permission from France, Germany, and the United Kingdom to open up international headquarters in the nation to distribute the brand of chocolate products that the company has created. With the decreasing amount of fish across the world, fears consume the nation as fish prices go up. A study is held by the University of Jakarta to figure out how the fish population in the nation has been affected and it seems as though the nation's fish population seemed to be doing fine. But the question began to bring up. Why is our fish population stable but the rest of the world continues to see a depleting amount of fish in their seas? As time continued on, students and professors began to create theories and by the end of the year, one seemed the most logical to explain the issue. It seemed as though due to high ph levels and pollution, many species have begun to disappear. But it still didnt answer why the fish population in Indonesia was still normal. So ph testing began in the waters of Indonesia. the results were amazing. It truly seemed as though the acidity of the ocean was the problem. So with the result's conclusion, to make sure the fish population remained normal, chemical dumping into any river or large to small bodies of water are now illegal as not only could it affect the fish but also affect the lives of humans and other animals. Also tossing waste into the sea is illegalized and anyone who is caught doing so will face a fine worth about 1000 USD. cleanup operations of the great pacific garbage patch also begin with a fleet of 300 ships sent out to begin cleanup of the sea. The operation would be costly but will surely be very much so worth it. Ocean Pollution Awareness is spread across all media outlets and propaganda to help protect sealife begins. to also help keep the ph stable, more mangroves which have helped keep and maintain many species of fish are planted along the seashore and sanctuaries such as the Jakarta Sanctuary for Marine Life is opened this year.
  • Flag of Sudan Sudan: We send 200,000 soldiers into Ethiopia, along with a tank. We also ask for assistance from Algeria if things spin out of control. [Player Response Needed]. We ask Germany too, considering they seem to be on the same page as Algeria. We set aside waves of soldiers, all in about 100,000 bunches, making three waves. This will make it easier to wear Ethiopia out enough to push through it, then with the remaining troops help Somalia win the war.
    • Algerian Diplomacy: We confirm support.


Sidewinder here, rolling out turns until Solace comes back ._.

Ethiopia kind of expected Sudan to lash out, and has countered with a significant defense force. Other African nations are falling into war in a domino fashion, with Mozambique moving north towards the EAF and Nigeria and Chad taking on Cameroon.

Seeing Myanmar as an easy target, the Chinese Federation begins moving troops to invade it. This is met with condemnation by Nanhua, Taiwan and ASEAN. Xinjiang has agreed to assist on the condition that the Rohingya are made official citizens when China is finished.

The fish are still gone. The Indian Ocean is found to be severely depleted in fish population, leading to heavy restrictions on commercial fishing.

Busan is pretty much a microstate now. Its only friend is Japan.

Paraguay is being destroyed by Bolivia and Argentina. Brazil has placed sanctions on populist states in South America to stunt their advance.

The Far East Republic, Korea and Japan jointly create a new economic system called Daitoism, adopted exclusively by East Asian states.

Nuclear detonation in Detroit, thought to have been launched by the CSA, but due to massive waves of fake news, this cannot be 100% confirmed.

In a global study, the average ocean water pH is 8.0, shocking scientists and climatologists everywhere. They call for major nations to work towards returning the ocean back to normal levels of 8.2 pH.

  • Flag of Poland Poland: We send a diplomatic annexation proposal to Czechoslavakia, Denmark and this Baltic States country (name?). We threaten to declare war on them if we receive a negative response. If they agree, their citizens will of course receive full citizens rights. These regions will also receive high autonomy, and we promise that we will not try to introsuce Polish language, instead making local languages official in our country (Mod response needed). We also build 25 more PL-01 tanks and start working on new generation pulse rifles, but first we would like to buy the pulse rifles technology from Japan (Mod response needed). We also start seriously working on making our army stronger. Much stronger.
    • Mod Response: Nobody accepts the offer, and are taken aback by apparent Polish aggression. Japan sells pulse rifles.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: With the Indian Ocean mission only turning up bad news, immediate action is taken to reintroduce fish populations to their natural habitats. Stringent measures are taken to increase Ph levels of the ocean. Economic sanctions are threatened upon states who do not also take part in the restoration of the ocean. In other news, maglev technology is reaching new heights with plans to convert the entire railway system to maglev train. The country's internet framework is reworked and all connection points from the British Isles to the rest of the world are fitted with national firewalls that do not interfere with civilian traffic whatsoever but are primed to respond to potential cyber attacks. After a fresh wave of draft campaigns, the Royal Armed Forces comprises upwards of 500,000 soldiers divided among the three military branches. On the moon, lunar mining continues to increase with the beginnings of a second purely British lunar colony known as Lunar Hab 3. The British Lunar population has reached a total of 300,000 and as mentioned before, Lunar colonists have limited home rule as an incorporated territory of the United Kingdom. Plans are made for King William to visit the lunar colonies. The Martian Habitat continues expansion and Martian mining continues. 20 researchers are sent to Enceladus to man the single research station there. Research into non-lethal sonic weapons is begun and the GCHQ opens a subdivision the Cyber Security Division (CSD) to protect the nation's internet. Lastly, the UK sends 30 million pounds of aid to Detroit. We pledge our secret services to identifying the perpetrator.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: We threaten Poland, telling them a war in the Baltic Sea would trigger Canadian Hostility, we also begin building more naval battleships. Our air force begins building new modern fighter jets and heavy bombers. We begin to deploy twenty destroyers in the Baltic Sea in case something happens. We begin to fear the fallout that may enter Canada from the Detroit nuking and evacuate the north of Michigan.
    • Polish diplomacy: We cancel our war threat towards the Baltics and Denmark, but hold the diplomatic annexation offers. We tell the Canadians that we are their friends and we would like to prevent our relations from deterioration. We also ask them to remove their destroyers from the Baltic Sea, since there is no longer any chance of the war between the Baltics &/or Denmark and Poland occuring at all.
      • Canadian Diplomacy: We remove our destroyers from the Baltic.
  • Algeria: We continue our testing of numerous prototype vaccines in order to vanquish the Second Black Death. Hopelessly, trying to find a cure. [Mod Response Needed] We create the United Algerian Space Agency, putting a total of 5% of our budget into it, hoping to send a man into space by 2060. [Mod Response Needed] WIP
  • Flag of Prussia 1892-1918 Prussia: The experiment involving quantum computing and AI is successful, creating a new generation supercomputer that can operate much faster than standard quantum computers, due to localised controls and resource management by the AI. Although groundbreaking, this is but the ENIAC of quantum computing of the future. We are extremely concerned by apparent acts of Polish aggression in Central Europe, and advise them to focus their expansion towards Russia instead of sovereign European states. The situation in Africa, South America and Asia is also quite concerning, but we remain uninvolved.
  • Polish Diplomacy: We agree to focus our expansion more on Russia, but only if we can count on full Prussian support (military and political) if open war occurs.


Somaliland now controls the Horn of Africa, while Mozambique is edging up on the lakes of the EAF. Angola begins advancing towards Zambia to expand. Mali and Nigeria begin making plans to partition West Africa. The DRC holds a referendum on which side it should support, being a major regional power. Cameroon and the CAR undergo a merger to withstand the invasions.

The Federation of China is stronger than expected, occupying the Shan Plateau and sparking concerns among Southeast Asian nations. This is only amplified after China signs a pact with the EASC, promising NOT to try to reclaim Manchuria or Taiwan.

Brazil is slightly perturbed by the imminent collapse of Paraguay to South American populist states, and forms an alliance with other states within the region such as Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela called the South American League of Defense.

The fish are still gone. Sorry.

Czechoslovakia begins arming itself in the light of Polish threats, as does the Baltic Union.

  • Flag of Poland Poland: Noone accepted our offer, as expected, so we send another offer to the Baltics, this time for unification rather than their annexation. We propose them to form the Second Republic of Both Nations ('Republic of Both Nations' was another name for 'Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth'). We propose them to begin new election after our countries merge, with all major Baltics' parties and only two major Polish parties (one liberal and one conservative) able to participate. The presidental election, however, will not occur at all, because the current Baltics' president will become the first president of the Second Republic of Both Nations (rather than current Polish president). We want the constitution of the new state to be a compromise between current constitutions of Baltics and Poland, with no Polish hegemony. We also wish that rather than introducing the Polish language to Baltics, we will make all languages used in the new state official in the country [Mod Response Needed]. We send diplomat to Denmark to try to imprive our relations again, and we cancel our war threat towards Czechoslovakia. We send our diplomat to Czechoslovakia to improve our relations too. We do however send one of our armored division to a new garrison in the Karkonosze mountains near our border with Czechoslovakia, thus sending a 'hidden message' to Czechoslovakia. [/Secret] We begin secret talks with Austria and Hungary to negotiate possible partition of Czechoslovakia. We also send our best spies to Czechoslovakia to find something, ANYTHING, that could justify our invasion (e.g. that their government is extremely corrupted or something). We also begin secretly planning our invasion of former Belarus and western Ukraine [/End Secret]. We also begin working on new generation pulse rifles. We predict that it will take us six to eight years. We thank Japan for selling us the pulse rifles technology.
    • Mod Response: For the last time, the Baltic Union says no.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: It is estimated that by the year 2060, all railway tracks and trains will be replaced by maglev equivalents. As of now, the nation is proud to proclaim it runs on 100% renewable energy with the majority of said power coming from offshore wind farms in the north of Scotland. The Air Force and Navy have been fully equipped with built-in energy weapons on their respective vehicles. Metal-based bullets and guns are now only used for ceremonial use or personal protection as they are still significantly cheaper. Energy weapons are illegal for public use with or without firearm licence. With vertical farms and offshore seaweed farms largely filling in the holes left by a lack of fish, subsidies of fish farms is reduced though efforts to repopulate the oceans are not decreased. With Lunar Hab Two and Lunar Hab Three underway, researchers are looking at the possibility of procreation on the Lunar surface. As of this year, private lunar vehicles are significantly common with many more adventurous people exploring the lunar surface. Lunar mining continues to be a major source of government income. Martian mining is also booming though not as much as Lunar mining as there are less mining facilities on the Red Planet. The Martian Hab population numbers - roughly 9000. They have been given limited home rule to address domestic needs, have one seat in Parliament and are represented (as Martian Colony) by the Martian Report Core (MRC). A similar system is in place on the Moon though parliamentary seats number four and they are represented by the Lunar Report Core (LRC).
  • Flag of Canada Canada: During his last year in office, President Scheer is impeached for treason, begin a pawn by Maple Fusion INC. to gain International Power. They shut down everything they own, including all solar fields and wind fields, destroy the Lunar colonies with people still inside, and destroy thousands of farms with napalm. They cut all internet access in Canada and no one is allowed in or out. The country is on the brink of collapse, with every member of the cabinet and the vice president also getting impeached for treason. Many members of Congress go "Missing" and others are reported dead in their homes. The only hope is the speaker of the House Laura Jade, who is the only successor left alive after the massacre called "Operation Burnt Leaf".
    • Polish diplomacy: We offer the Canadians humanitarian and economic help in this "hard times". Altough our relations were pretty bad for a while no more than a year ago, "we still consider the Canadians as our friends, and Polish people are always ready to help their friends in need", as our president said.
      • Canadian Diplomacy: We accept the offer.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: Troops are sent to secure the Canadian "Save the Fish" project. The fish supply is vital. We assure the Canadian government (or what's left of it) that this is not an act of aggression and Canadians are more than welcome to enter the secure zone. This is just temporary. A British diplomacy team is sent to Canada to assist in restoring political order.
  • Flag of Prussia 1892-1918 Prussia: We warn Poland to stay away from trying to mess with the sovereignty of other fellow European states and tackle the main threat, which is the collapse of Russia. Bergenist groups in Russia are funded in hopes of gaining a regional ally. We offer our condolences to Canada, as well as troops to help stabilize the region. In the light of Operation Burnt Leaf, national security is ramped up and cybersecurity is doubled.
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium: The Belgians continue to thrive economically and improve their military. We begin taking measures to increase the population.


Prepare for a shitstorm. And I mean a real shitstorm.  The Congo joins the APE out of pressure from other states, and facilitates the swift invasion of neighbouring enemies, such as the CAU, EAF and Zambia. Mali launches a massive invasion on Mauritania, coupled with bombing raids supplied by Chad. Mozambique is rampaging along the East African coastline, only recently acquiring the former Tanzanian capital of Dar es Salaam. Nigeria has already annexed Togo and Benin, and does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Rumors float around in North Africa about involvement in the situation.

Colombia mobilises troops to invade Ecuador, followed by a joint assault on Chile by Bolivia and Argentina. Paraguay has been occupied by both Argentina and Bolivia, pending annexation. After revealing an arsenal of ten missiles, Argentina proceeds to fire half of them at the Falklands, citing "the return of rightful Argentinian lands to our glorious nation", before preparing an invasion force to kick the British out. Brazil remains silent in these matters, however the population speaks out at an increasingly alarming rate.

The Chinese Federation, now confirming the lack of threats in the East and West, launch a full-scale invasion of Myanmar. The invasion also leaks into the Second Khmer Empire and Vietnam. Thailand responds by beginning a bombing campaign on Chinese supply lines. Due to the Second Chinese Civil War that weakened the nation severely, the defending states are not too concerned on poking China more than usual. The East Asian Security Council is just doing everything that a Security Council shouldn't be doing at a time like this, but due to them enjoying this new concept of Daitoism and the lack of influence China would have at this point and in the future, they don't care.

Violence erupts in the Balkans as Serbia declares a right-wing populist regime, followed by an invasion of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Hungary and Romania clash over claims in former Ukraine, amplified by Czechoslovakia's claims on the full length of Carpathia and beyond. The Baltic Union and Czechoslovakia heavily fortify their borders with Poland.

Over in North America, everyone blames the CSA for the nuclear attack in Detroit, while Mexico begins having ambitions in the less powerful states, but is blocked off by Texas.

Normally the UN would have done something by now, but it kinda no longer exists as a functional organisation after their headquarters in New York gor firebombed in a bombing campaign by the CSA.

Experts around the world declare this period, World War III.

  • Flag of Poland Poland: Czechoslovakian troops unexpectedly begin an attack on our southern borders, ruining villages and towns and killing the population. They continue their campaign up to the city of Kraków, taking it without fighting [/Secret] This campaign was ENTIRELY posed by Polish army, making it the biggest operation like that in all of human history [/End Secret]. Our president gives speech to our citizens and promises to take "immediate action". He also calls Czechoslovakian claims that these troops were not their "an absurd". Polish army quickly begins reconquering our southern terrains, and quickly succeeds in retaking them almost without a fight, with total casualties estimating between 100 and 300 soldiers [/Secret] Because sacrifices are necessary for the whole operation to succeed. Most common soldiers of course do not know that it wasnt in fact Czechoslovakia who attacked us. The 'attacking' force was in fact composed of only around 500 high-ranking soldiers, who only 'played' a role of larger army (behaving like it etc.) [/End Secret]. We immediately begin our counteroffensive throwing almost 350 000 soldiers and all our tanks (including all of our futuristic PL-01 tanks) with full air and artillery support. [/Secret] The invasion is very well planned, because we have been planning it since the very beginning [/End Secret]. We ask Austria and Hungary to help us [/Secret] we have been secretly talking with them about possible partition of Czechoslovakia for over a year now. We could take former northern Czech Republic up to the capital, Prague, and small parts of former northern Slovakia. Austria would take the rest of former Czech Repubic and Hungary would take the rest of former Slovakia, finally establishing a border between our two nations [/End Secret]. We offer Hungary help against Romania if they agree. We also tell bouth Austria and Hungary that if Czechoslovakia defeats us in this war it will probably annex Carpathia and focus its further expansion mainly on Austria and Hungary, and then Poland will be to weak and unable to help them [Mod Response Needed]. As Czechoslovakia only fortified their borders less than a year ago, they aren't very strong, and we predict that we should be able to break through them, but probably suffering heavy casualties [Mod Response Needed]. This is however included in our invasion plans. We tell Prussia, that we understand that we shouldn't focus our expansion on sovereign European States, but it wasn't Poland who attacked this time and we only defend ourselves. We tell them that the unification offer towards Baltics was in fact closer to the Baltics anexing us that us annexing the Baltics. We promise them, that when the war with Czechoslovakia ends, we will do our best to end World War III and return peace to the world. We also send about 250 soldiers to secure the city of Grodno in former western Belarus, to "stabilize situation there" [Mod Response Needed]. We also begin talking about the "corrupted Czechoslovakian government" [/Secret] Bacause the fact that Czechoslovakian government can possibly be slightly corrupted (but it isn't sure) is everything our spies were able to find, due to them having been there for only about a year now. We do not recall these spies, but instead transform them into "war spies" and order them to try to find out as much as they can about our enemies' tactics. Less experienced spies however are still in Poland, because they may be needed on the front lines. Of course they do not know anything about the whole 'spying Czechoslovakia' operation, as it is highly clasified [/End Secret]. Our diplomat, whose mission was to improve our relations with Czechoslovakia, is recalled as we order him to return to Poland. We think that he shouldn't have any troubles in doing so. We let Czechoslovakian diplomats to return to their country in safety if they want. Also, Czechoslovakian citizens in Poland won't be met with any kind of repressions. We let them return to their country in safety if they want. They can of course also stay in Poland (and still be as safe as possible).
    • Mod Response: Austria is skeptical of the offer, in the light of their threats of annexation not so long ago, but Hungary immediately jumps aboard upon hearing Polish assistance in clearing out Romania. Czechoslovakia denounces this, calling upon Europe to "not believe in the lies of Poland". The Polish clash with the Czechoslovakian defense line is bloody and prolonged, due to the fact that they had been fortifying since Poland displayed interests in the region a few years back. The expansion into former Belarus is a success.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: We begin to hire new people to work in our old coal plants. Our farms are rebuilt and members of the new Senate are begin voted on. President Jade orders the arrest of every Maple Fusion employee, and Andrew Scheer is given the electric chair for hundreds of crimes. Our Triplet Towers project is completed, and thousands of people are hired. We chose not to get involved in "World War 3".
  • Algeria: We begin to arm out men and send troops to Mauritania, with our Prime Minister declaring support of Mauritania saying, "We will fight for our Mauritanian brethren!" We begin to draft more people into our military, upping the reserve personnel to 2.5 million and the active to 1.5 million. [Mod Response Needed] We ask to buy weaponry from Germany. [Player Response Needed]
    • ​Mod Response: Mali tells Algeria to "stay out of their business, or face the consequences".
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: We lodge an official complaint to the UN over Argentina's reckless actions towards a neutral state. Unsurprisingly, the defunct UN does not respond. A such, we take matters into our own hands. We do not declare war on Argentina as we wish to remain neutral in the South American conflict. However, we immediately launch artillery strikes on Argentinian coastal positions and use military satellites to locate the position of the Argentinian invasion force. We prepare a counter-offensive force on the Falklands with an additional 15,00 troops est there along with 35 navy destroyers, cruisers, light-offensive craft and amphibious craft. We also send over one aircraft carrier with 60 more war planes. We warn Argentina not to try anything stupid towards us again or the sun of the Empire will rise once more. Military drafts are held across the country to prepare a defence force as it seems certain countries do not respect the idea of neutrality. The Armed Forces now totals 1.22 million personnel with 120 navy craft and 180 war planes with many more craft of other uses. We are prepared to defend ourselves. Argentinians are prevented from entering the country and anyone who lodges a complaint over suspicious behaviour of existing Argentinian residents is entertained immediately. We do not wish for this to blow up into a full-scale military conflict but we warn of "Fire and fury" if pushed to the extent. Lunar and Martian mining is increased to fund the recent military size increase with a total of 13,000 employees of the government "Extraterrestrial Mining Company". We re-declare neutrality and warn that we are prepared to defend ourselves with "Fire and fury!".
  • Flag of Sudan Sudan: World War Three has started. We watch as Africa tries to kill each other, and we decide to make a plan that only has to do with Ethiopia. Operation Defenseline. There are still thousands (about 70,000) still fighting in Ethiopia. They have a good defense, but we have a plan to get rid of it. We send three bombers to blow the line to pieces, then keep going to destroy whatever we can. Once out of bombs or getting damaged, move back to Sudan. Then, send another wave of soldiers to Ethiopia, maybe even two to break them, get to Somalia and help them out. This plan has its flaws, though. We know thousands of our troops could die, but we want to get out of this war as fast as we can (If we can, considering we still have allies trying to win a different war without us)
  • Flag of Prussia 1892-1918 Prussia: We are extremely concerned over the situation in Europe, although apparent Czechoslovakian aggression towards Poland is unexpected. We call for a resolution of the situation via diplomatic means, and ask for a ceasefire between all aggressors until the situation can be resolved before the crisis spirals into a regional conflict like others in Africa and South America have. Development continues within the nation, and another quantum AI experiment is being planned. Gene editing is common in hospitals and educational institutes, largely using CRISPR.


Shitstorm: Year II Angola and the Congo have split Zambia, and have their sights on Zimbabwe next. Mozambique faces an obstacle in its conquest of the EAF, which is the massive defense line spanning the former Tanzanian-Kenyan border known as the Kenyan Line. Mali and Chad launch a joint campaign against Algeria, expecting to reach Tamanrasset by the end of the year. Libya joins the DAU, fighting alongside its neighbours Algeria and Egypt. Sudanese campaigns have proven quite successful,  securing a substantial amount of coastline from former Eritrea. That ugly protruding border belonging to Cameroon is smoothened out by Chad and Nigeria. Ghana is now part of Nigeria. Morocco proposes a joint front against the APE by the North African nations.

The flag of China is raised over Naypyidaw, and it seems Vientainne is next. Vietnamese skirmishes are launched at the border from Hanoi, while Thai bombing campaigns continue. Malaysia and Singapore begin building up their military. Border skirmishes in Kashmir occur again. India and Pakistan keep sending threats to each other.

Colombia annexes Ecuador after a massive invasion. Rumors float around that Venezuela is next. Argentina is about halfway done with invading Chile, while it ceases hostilities on the Falklands, asking that the UK hand it over for what it deems it be worth. Brazil declares war on Uruguay, intent on removing the prescense of right-wing populism so close to itself, starting with the small fry.

The war in North America rages on, with both the ESA and CSA firing at each other with full force. Atlanta is on fire, and someone nuked Charlotte. Cascadia, capitalizing on the disorientation of Canada, invades British Columbian coastline. Mexico, under President Carlos Pereira, invades Belize and has called for California to return to its brethren.

Montenegro is annexed by Serbia, Bosnia is next. Croatia manages to gain land in Northern Serbia before being pushed out. After a referendum, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg merge to form the Benelux Union. (Yes Monster you control the whole thing now) Romania launches an invasion of former Ukraine. The Baltic Union forms a defense pact with Czechoslovakia, having both been threatened by Poland.

The APE has expanded its member list to include right-wing populist South American states, properly renaming it the United Populist Entente, or UPE. Serbia is pending admission.

  • Flag of Prussia 1892-1918 Prussia: We build up our defenses in the light of recent events in Europe. We request an alliance with Austria [Mod Response Needed]. WIP
  • Flag of Poland Poland: We send another diplomat to the Baltics and try to negotiate a non-agression pact. Despite the newly-signed defensive pact between the Baltic Union and Czechoslovakia (which we are currently fighting), we do not move any divisions near the border with Baltic Union, to demonstrate that we are no longer interested in attacking the Baltics [Mod Response Needed]. The progress in Czechoslovakia proved much slower than expected, so we are initiating our Plan B (codenamed "Operation Unexpected Tyrant", as referring to the unexpected Czechoslovakian agression on Poland). We move 150 000 soldiers fighting on the frontline near the 5-kilometer long section of the Czechoslovakian defense lines located on the west of the country, north-east from Prague. We believe that this section is the weakest point of all the fortifications. It is still pretty heavy defended though, so we decided to send near half of our armored, artillery and air units there too (including 40 PL-01 tanks). When all forces gather there, they will begin the offensive. We such gigantic forces and full artillery and air support, we expect that we should successfully break Czechoslovakian lines there, but we also know that it could possibly be one of the bloodiest battles of 21st century. Our forces there are ordered to "push forward until they set their feet past that defenses". Forces elsewhere on the frontlines are ordered to stop main offensive operations and only execute minor raids on enemy positions. We send spies to enemy positions on tye whole lenght of Czechoslovakian fortifications, dividing it into 'sectors'. If a spy sees that his/her sector is sending reinforcements to the 'Bloodbath Corridor' (as the 5-kilometer section which we will be storming has been named), he has to informed about it nearby Polish divisions, which will then begin main offensive operations once more, either breaking through the defenses or forcing the enemy to recall the reinforcements they have sent. Of course is a spy notices that his/her sector sends reinforcements to a sector that isn't the Bloodbath Corridor, he/she has to inform nearby Polish divisions about it as well, and the procedure is the same. This way we hope to prevent Czechoslovakia to send any reinforcements to the Bloodbath Corridor at all (even if they successfully manage to send some, we hope that it will be far from enough to repel our assault). We also order our 'war spies' that have been in Czechoslovakia for years now to send all data they have gathered to us at will (and of course continue their job). We also contact Hungary to coordinate our actions. We ask them to send a medium-size invasion force on the south of former Slovakia, as this border is not fortified at all. If on of our spies finds out that his/her her sector sends reinforcements to south, the procedure will be the same as in other cases a sector sends reinforcements somewhere. This way we will hopefully prevent Czechoslovakia to send enough reinforcements to the south to repel Hungarian attack. We divide our remaining 110,000 troops, which aren't currently stationing on the frontlines into four groups (sizes: 10,000, 20,000, 40,000 ad 40,000). The 10,000 one will remain where it is and will not take part in combat operations for now. The 20,000 one will be send to former Ukraine to help the Hungarians fight Romania. The first 40,000 group will be send to the Bloodbath Corridor to participate in the attack (the soldiers in this group are fresh and not tired from fighting, which should give usa huge feedback in the battle), and the second 40,000 group will be divided into smaller groups and sent to support our soldiers in other parts of the frontlines. When we break through the fortification lines in the Bloodbath Corridor, we will try to encircle Czechoslovakian positions and take out the whole fortification line from behind. When this goal is complete, we will procede with further offensive actions [Mod Response Needed {on the outcome of the whole operation}]. [/Secret] A bribed fanatical supporter of the current Polish government, who has been living in our country for years now, but [/End Secret] is of Czechoslovakian origin, carries a terrorist attack in the middle of our capital of Warsaw, killing two, injuring 15. He is killed by the police [/Secret] the policemen of course didn't know that he has been bribed. The money now returns to the government, as he didn't have any family in Poland [/End Secret]. We, of course, do not blame the Czechoslovakian government for this attack [/Secret] but this wasn't our goal. We just wanted to 'demonstrate' how some Czechoslovakians are 'bad'. To further hide our government's involvment in the attack, [/End Secret] we offer all other Czechoslovakian citizens in our country additional protections, to protect them from possible violence from some Polish nationalists (they can of course agree or not). We begin forming a volunteer citizen militia, which main goal will be to assist forther expansion into former Belarussian terrains, but also helping Hungary to fight Rmania and, ocassionally, fighting Czechoslovakia. We predict that by the next year we should have about 20 000 of them. This will also be the time the second expansion to the former Belarussian terrain will start. We start arming some of our reservists. The process of arming 250 000 reservists should be complete in around two to three years. We start integration campaign in the city of Grodno. We promise Hungary that soon we will send more troops to help them fight Romania, and much more when the war with Czechoslovakia is over. We begin closing some of our old coal mines that make no profit at all, and begin building new renewable energy power plants. The miners are given jobs in assisting in the building of the new renewable enrgy power plants (which, as we expect, will be ready in about 2-3 years). When this new power plants are finally done, it will be the former miners, who assisted in their building process, who will first get the jobs in there. This is all done to prevent them from striking. A diplomat is sent to Austria to negotiate a non-agression pact between us [/Secret] because if Austria started supporting Czechoslovakia in this war, it could be really bad for us [/End Secret] [Mod Response Needed]. We start talking about a "shocking interrogation" of one of captured Czechoslovakian [/Secret] Polish [/End Secret] troops, who participated in the Czechoslovakian offensive on Kraków in the beginning of the war. We also say that we will release the audiolog log to the public and tell why is this interrogation so "shocking" in some time, because we have to further investigate to confirm what the soldier said (e.g. by interrogating other captured soldier more), because we do not want to spread possible fake news [/Secret] You will be told what's going on with this intereogation and why is it so "shocking" when the time is right [/End Secret]. We thank Hungary for helping us in the war against Czechoslovakia and we promise them, that our promise of helping them out against Romania will be fulfilled (I wrote more about it before).
    • Mod Response: Austria says no. The Baltic Union announces that they will still be on guard, due to the possibility of Polish aggression towards them. Czechoslovakia publicly denounces the terrorist attack, calling it a "shaming of the true Czechoslovak peoples. The Czechoslovak population within Poland itself is discriminated in the light of the terrorist attack.
  • Flag of Sudan Sudan: Attacks proving successful, we send a wave. All three jets have not come back, so we think they have been destroyed or they are still going. They are far past borders, now, so we send a wave of 100,000 soldiers to break what's left of the line of Ethiopia. Operation Defenseline is going well.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: We begin talks with Argentinian officials. A complete takeover of all the Falklands is unacceptable but other deals may be negotiated. [Secret] A covert SAS mission is launched and culminates in the assassination of two major Argentinian generals and the president himself. The assassinations are made to seem as though they were perpetrated by rival Argentinian generals. [/Secret] As talks are ongoing, the Argentinians unexpectedly pack up and leave seemingly after receiving orders from high command. [Mod Response] Back home, there is growing national defense sentiment in the country with the military growing to a whopping 1.5 million personnel. All of our overseas military bases are 'restocked' with more personnel, ready to act in self defense. In other news, the Lunar and Martian Habitats are going well and mining on both of them is going fine. The NSA has recently received very promising data from the Venusian probes and we officially launch a five-year project beginning with the construction of a 20-man floating atmospheric research facility in Venuses atmosphere. This project will culminate in the beginning of the construction of a Venusian Habitat 5~6 years from now. In an unrelated development, we publicly propose to the many Pacific and Indian Ocean islands inviting them to join the United Kingdom. Together with other such territories, they will be jointly known as the British Overseas Island Territories. All inhabited islands will be given home rule and limited autonomy. All islands that join will be treated no different from current overseas territories and will receive all benefits including aid in times of need and military protection in this time of great need [Mod Response]. Lastly, we offer military support to our Canadian cousins to fight back the Cascadian invasion [Player Response]. We declare our neutrality in all other conflicts including those of the other American republics.
    • Mod Response: They do not accept. The assassination of the president and one general succeeds, but this results in the surviving general assuming leadership.



Shitstorm: Year III

Stalemate in the East African Front as the EAF and Mozambique don't get any further than current. Nigeria proclaims itself the Nigerian Empire, after annexing western Cameroon. Niger is attacked by Nigeria, Chad and Mali, although with less force as Mali is using most of its resources on facing off Algeria. Mogadishu is captured by Somaliland forces. Libya and Tunisia enter a union for protection, which soon includes Egypt. South Africa creates a pact with Namibia and Zimbabwe for defense purposes.

The American Republics in the north capitalize on Canadian disruption. Mexico invades Guatemala, provoking a response from nations in Central America and the Carribean. El Salvador, Honduras, Nicuaragua, Costa Rica and Panama unite to form the Federation of Central America to counter Mexican aggression, while also fending off Colombian interests in the area. Haiti merges with the Dominican Republic to form the Republic of Hispaniola.

Thailand actively participates in ground combat against China. Pakistan launches an attack on Indian-administered regions in Kashmir, followed by a counterattack into Hyderabad and Karachi.

Greece launches an attack on Macedonia, and demands for Turkey to cede Constantinople or face the consequences.

  • Flag of Benelux Benelux: The new union is a federal constitutional monarchy, much like the German Empire or the United Arab Emirates, consisting of the Kingdom of Belgium, Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We begin integrating our government and military institutions. The new Benelux Union Forces consist of some 120,000 personnel in total, after conscription. This is done to protect our borders from the new threats in Europe and maintain our sovereignty.
  • Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Prussia: We still do not get involved with any of the events happening worldwide, intent on staying neutral. A second quantum AI experiment is conducted, this time with more promising results. An algorithm that allows entanglement to simultaneously occur under the instruction of the AI.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: The government says to Greece, we will not give 'Constantinople' to them.We prepare ourselve for a full scale war. We are busy with recruiting new troops and sending to the Greek border, also tanks and artillery is send to the Greek border. Anti air defense is placed around Istanbul. The fleet is made ready and is send to the  Aegean Sea. We send propaganda throughout the country, saying that people should join the army. Greek are now discriminated, they are refused in the supermarkets, restaurants and other public areas.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Intent on staying neutral in most world conflicts, Britain does not attack anywhere. Nevertheless, the military capitalises on the Canadian 'disruption' and we march occupation troops down south from the fish farms where they were stationed before. An additional 20,000 troops, 60 tanks and 80 assorted military vehicles are shipped across the sea into the provinces/territories of Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Ontario and Manitoba via Hudson Bay. They then march westwards to secure western provinces. Everywhere the troops go, they assure locals and any surviving people of authority that they are here to protect them from foreign aggresors (This is the truth). War is NOT declared on any American Republic. Many defensive forts are constructed along the occupation zones as well as sea forts in the North Sea, Irish Sea and English Channel back home. We send diplomats to the American Republics informing them of our intent on occupying the Northern Provinces of Canada. The Southern Provinces (any province touching the former American border) besides Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba are beyond British protection (free game for the republics). Over in Europe, we officially declare neutrality and send diplomats to all European nations including Benelux to reiterate this fact. Since we cannot stop Prussia from its AI experiments, we request permission to join the research team under the banner of the Anglo-Prussian Scientific Council (APSC) established earlier. Up in space, work begins on expanding the orbiting station to include tourist centres and plans are underway for the orbiting station to eventually become an orbiting Habitat for scientists and tourists. On the Moon, Lunar Habs One, Two and Three are functioning well with Lunar Hab Three growing in size. British Lunar mining facilities number 67 separate facilities as of today. On Mars, Mars Hab One is growing ever so wonderfully with Martian Mining facilities numbering a whopping 6. Over in Venus, the floating research facility has finished construction and its 20-man crew have arrived. We expect results to come in soon.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: Our troops are on their positions, so we start Operation Unexpected Tyrant (It is well described in my post in previous turn). It is very well planned, so we hope it succeeds [Mod Response Needed]. Hatred towards Czechoslovakian people in our country after the attack is greater than expected, so to prevent it getting out of control our government states that "we are not against Czechoslovakian people themselves. What is our enemy is Czechoslovakian state as institution, not as a nation". We also offer Czechoslovakians living in Poland additional protection for free [Mod Response Needed]. First divisions of citizen militia are formed, together counting 25,000 troops. 5000 are sent to former Ukraine to provide further support for Hungarians fighting there. Another 5000 are sent to the front lines with Czechoslovakia (but not to the Bloodbath Corridor). 15 000 are sent on an expansion mission to the city of Brest in former Belarus [Mod Response Needed]. It is planned that in the next year they will be sent to the former capital of Belarus, Minsk.
    • Mod Response: Operation Unexpected Tyrant somewhat succeeds, breaking through the Carpathian Line and attacking Ostrava. A significant amount of the Czechoslovak population in Poland applies for protection, but this raises disapproval from the Polish themselves, receiving mixed messages on the nature of the aggression towards Czechoslovakia but not Czechoslovaks themselves. Minsk is taken, but an unknown combatant places the troops there on high alert after destroying two convoy vehicles.


Shitstorm: Year IV

The Congo invades Gabon. Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast have been annexed into Mali and Nigeria, the former proclaiming the Mali Empire. The capital of Niger, Niamey, has fallen to Mali, but military groups still fight in the eastern provinces against Chad. Somalia capitulates after severe bombings of their capital, but rebel factions rise up for control over the region, although united against the DAU. South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana form the South African Defense League as an upgrade.

The Second Khmer Empire and Vietnam merge to form the Indochinese Union, which fights alongside Thailand on the front lines. Malaysia and Singapore have sent support troops and maintain air superiority, but the advance of the Chinese is imminent. Pakistan and India have nukes aimed at each other, but do not fire anything yet. Skirmishes in the Kashmir region and the border occur.

Serbia annexs Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Croatian province of Dalmatia. Bulgaria has offered up support against Turkey for Greece, as well as Armenia. Kurdish rebels begin insurgencies in the eastern provinces of Turkey. Greece and Turkey observe multiple skirmishes in the Aegean Sea, and Turks are, in response, being increasingly discriminated. Greece is now true kebab remover.

An agreement between Transcaucasian nations and unrecognized states is achieved, drawing solid borders in hopes of everlasting peace.

Argentina attempts to invade Chile, but doesn't really make it past that long ass mountain range. Colombia demands that Venezuela join them, but there is no response as of now. Brazil decides that they have had enough, and invade Bolivia and Uruguay.

  • Algeria: Our government has had enough of Mali's empire, we declare war on them - sending over half of our troops to our border with them. We ask for help from our allies Germany and Sudan. [Player Response Needed]
    • '​'Prussian Dip: We agree to help.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We officially declare war on Bulgaria by invading them: 200,000 soldiers and 450 tanks are sent to the Bulgarian city of Burgas. 300,000 soldiers and 500 tanks are sent to Plovdiv. We bombard both cities. 300,000 soldiers are invading the islands Kos, Rhodos, Chios, Samos and Lesbos, the soldiers are supported by naval and aerial bombardements[Mod Response Needed].. We sent 100,000 soldiers to the Kurdish speaking part of Turkey to fight against the insurgents there. We ask the Kurds to stop these attacks if they do there will be soon independence elections[Mod Response Needed]..We ask the Abbasid Caliphate to help us against the Greek/Bulgarians and the Kurds [Player Response Needed].
    • ​Mod Response: Most of the invasions are successful, but are immediately met with fierce fire from Greek battleships. Greece and Bulgaria have set up a defense perimeter from Constantinople onwards, making it very hard to gain ground. The Kurds do not agree as they have requested referendums time after time only to be unmet by authorities everywhere they go.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: Our government states, that they were partially wrong understood last year, so they make a correction. "We are against Czechoslovakian state, and all Czechoslovaks who by any way support this bllody regime. Most Czechoslovakians cooperate with their government. But even they should be judged. Even the ones that we know for sure that are supporting this regime. You need to know, that our troops have already been told that if they commit any type of genocide or even not-accidentaly kill an innocent civilian, they WILL be judged, amd we WILL find them. Because Poles are a nation with honour. And agression towards people who we don't even know almost anything about and judging them only by their nationality is not honourable. We are against those, who support the Czechoslovakian regime. Yes, they are mainly Czechoslovakians. Yes, most Czechoslovakians probably do support that regime. But such violence we have witnessed is not the way. Remember, there are also some good Czechoslovaks. We are against them. But some of them also support us. And we have to know for sure when we judge them. Thank you." That's what our president said. We have finished arming 50,000 of our reserves. 10,000 of them wew sent to former Ukraine to provide further help to Hungary, and the rest is sent to the front lines in Czechoslovakia. Operation Unexpected Tyrant was a success, so we are currently carrying further offensive actions, also cooedinating our actions in the east with Hungary. Massive airstrikes accompany the battle of Ostrava. The battle however quick becomes a humanitarian disaster, with nearly 100 000 civils trapped in the besieged city, so we propose Czechoslovakia a six-month long ceasefire in the region (but only in the Ostravan region), so they can evacuate the civils from the city [Mod Response Needed] [/Secret] We are going to carefully observe Czechoslovakian actions when they evacuate the civils, in case we find something useful about their procedures [/End Secret]. We stop our expansion on former Belarus for a while, initiating assimilation campaigns there. Another 10,000 citizen militia has been formed. We send 3000 to Ukraine, 2000 to help control the situation around Minsk (we start worrying about that convoy), and 5000 to the front lines with Czechoslovakia. We start building another 25 PL-01 tanks. Ten are completed in 2059. We send one to Ukraine, one to Belarus and eight to the front lines with Czechoslovakia. We completed 'transformation' of some our old coal mines into renewable energy plants, successfully strenghtening our budget. The miners who are now hired in the new renewabke energy plants didn't start striking, and so far there was only one accident - a man broke both his hands while working in the new power plants. We were, of course, transported to the hospital and 'cured'. He has, of course, been paid. [/Secret] About that interrogation I mentioned a couple turns ago. One of the soldiers who participated in the initial 'Czechoslovakian' attack on Poland has been transferred to federal bunker, where he has been interrogated. Of course the federals knew about the whole action. During the interrogation (in his language, not Polish) the man stated that they were ordered to 'act like Poles'. He said that Czechoslovakian government planned the whole thing in the way that later they could safely state that it was in fact Poland who attack themselves. Of course some parts can be cut from the audiolog. The whole interrogation was carried on standard interrogation procedures, and the voices are slightly changed. The man will locked in the federal building for a long time, so that there is no possibility that someone somehow recognizes him for example on the street. He will be free, but only inside the federal building. He agreed to it. We plan to release the audiolog next time the Czechoslovakian government states that it wasn't them or that 'we lie' [/End Secret].
    • Mod Response: Czechoslovakia agrees.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: In Canada, we march 10,00 troops west into Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory with an additional 20,00 troops sailed in to reinforce them. As agreed with the American Republics, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan are left untouched. As of now we leave Quebec alone as there is a noticeable presence of Quebecois militia, presumably pursuing independence. We also march 10,00 freshly shipped troops into Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. With the occupation of North and East Canada established, we bring in British facilitators, humanitarian groups and retired politicians to rebuild the broken Canadian society. With things looking like there will be no more remnants of the former Canadian government institutions, British experts are called in to facilitate the formation of an emergency government of both Canadian and British people. Plans are made to make North Canada, as it will be known, into an official British sub-country with devolved government similar to Scotland or pre-independence Canada as the geographic distance requires such, by next year. The emergency government will be dissolved and elections will be held once rebuilding is complete which will probably be in 1.5 years. Preparations are made to reintroduce the Canadian Guard, the Canadian division of the British Armed Forces. Back home, support is wide and vocal for our "Canadian cousins". Very soon, every North Canadian will be a citizen of the United Kingdom. Welcome back! Elsewhere, the Lunar and Martian facilities are all running smoothly. On Venus, research data is being streamed back to the 2000 people back at mission control who are doing their best to construct Venusian Hab blueprints.


Shitstorm: Year V In an unprecedented turn of events, Mali has annexed all smaller nations south of it, and is closing in on Nouakchott. Nigerese military units in the northern provinces have surrendered to Chad, and the nation is split. The Central African Union is no more, divided between Nigeria, Chad and the Congo. The Congo itself reunites the "true provinces of the Congo", Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt undergo a unification, creating the Mahgrebian Federation in hopes of ending the conflict quickly.

Mexico and the Central American Federation duke it out in Honduras and El Salvador, while economically strangling Mexico via the closure of Panama Canal trade routes to Mexican ships. Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica and the Bahamas form the Carribean Pact.

Venezuela submits to Colombian demands, acheiving autonomy in the newly formed Gran Colombia. Stalemate in Patagonia as Argentina slows advances towards Chile. Uruguay is annexed by Brazil, but is still locked in conflict with Bolivia.

Croatia and Slovenia are annexed by Serbia, who now calls itself the Balkan Union. Albania is scared. Joint Greek-Bulgar attacks fend off the invasion of Plovdiv, and now work towards Constantinople. Armenia launches a campaign into the east of Turkey, supporting Kurdistan on the way. Hungary violates the six-month ceasefire by launching bombing campaigns on Ostrava, reigniting the war. Czechoslovakia releases a 125 second video clip showing Polish policemen assaulting confirmed Czechoslovaks in a nearby region, sparking outrage in Poland. Polish troops are completely kicked out of Minsk by a new nation called Ruthenia.

The Burmese government is evacuated to Bangkok after being kept in hiding. Thailand continues their assaults, and manages to gain some territories. The Indochinese Federation push Chinese forces out of Vietnam, but they continues their advance down Laos. Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei unite into the Malay Federation, and send more troops to the front lines. India and Pakistan are disappointed to find out their nukes don't work properly anymore, but still aim them regardless. Pakistan launches a massive campaign into New Delhi later this year, and they are still fighting through to there.

  • Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Prussia: Although suspicious of both Czechoslovakia and Poland, we do not do anything yet. [Secret] We launch an investigation into this matter, implanting spies in Prague and Warsaw. [End Secret] The third iteration of the quantum AI experiment takes place, and the results are implemented into the next update for AI systems nationwide. Research begins on obtaining our own Venusian colony. A hyperloop system is being planned to connect Kiel to Munich.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We propose a joint hyperloop research team between Prussia and the UK under the APSC. It will be jointly funded by both countries.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: As a way to break the stalemate between the CSA and us, we launch Operation Dragon:
    CSA Invasion Plans

    Red denotes troop movements, Blue denotes Naval Blockade.

    The entire amount of troops in this invasion is 2.5 million, as we enact a conscription law where all men must serve 18 months in the military, and women must serve for 12. [Mod Response on Invasion]
    • Mod Response: Although the CSA counters most of the invasion, it is considered successful as regions of Virginia have been taken. It is expected to gain more ground in the next few months.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The sub-country of North Canada is officially formed and is treated as equal status with Scotland. The emergency government is dissolved and the first North Canadian devolved-government elections are held. Unsurprisingly, a centrist technocratic party is elected majority, mirroring Westminster. As the new government overseas rebuilding and development, diplomats are sent to the American Republic requesting a non-aggression pact [Player Response]. It is revealed that the new North Canadian government has plans to develop and industrialize Hudson Bay. As the north of Canada is largely ice-free (thanks Global Warming), the North Canadian Trade Route is officially opened and we send diplomats to the Alaskan Republic requesting a trade partnership. No doubt ships will stop by Alaska before continuing on to Hudson Bay. Also, many private sector agricultural parks are built in the wilderness of northwest Canada and roads are built leading to Hudson Bay. As fish farms continue to expand higher up north, it looks like North Canada will be leading a resurgence in private sector agriculture and farming. As the Martian Mining facilities continue multiplying, the Martian Habitat is granted devolved government to manage local issues. On Venus, the British research station continues to turn up good data. A Venusian Habitat is imminent.
    • American Response: We agree to accept only in the event that all former US territory is left untouched by the British, and that we receive support against any foreign power attempting to invade former American states.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: We put our troops near Minsk on defensive positions and send diplomat to Ruthenia, to try to establish diplomatic relations between us and negotiate a peace treaty [Mod Response Needed]. We continue our offensive actions in Czechoslovakia and start planning another major operation. 5000 members of citizen militia has been formed over the last year. We send 4000 to Ukraine and 1000 to Czechoslovakia. We start building another 25 PL-01 tanks. They should be finished next year. We release the audiolog (described in my previous post) to the public as a response to Czechoslovakian video clip. We also claim that we are investigating the case with our policemen assaulting innocent Czechoslovaks.
    • Mod Response: The Ruthenians accept.


Mauritania is annexed by the Mali Empire. Sudan has annexed former South Sudan, but is pushed out of Eritrea. The UPE sign a non-aggression pact with the South African Defense League. The EAF begins pushing down against Mozambique.

Serbia annexes Slovenia and Croatia. Greece and Bulgaria push back Turkish troops to the city of Constantinople, while the Armenians have invaded a handful of provinces in the east. Iran announces support in the war against Turkey.

The Russian Civil War has solidified, forming the republics of Muscovy, Kiev, Circassia, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Stalingrad and other smaller states. India launches a counterattack into Balochistan. Extensive naval bombing of Karachi by the Indian navy. Iran also supports India in this conflict.

China has reached Vientiane despite ASEAN's best efforts. In response, the nations of Southeast Asia unite into a single entity to force China out of the region. Excluding the Philippines, all of ASEAN states are unified. Almost immediately, Yangon is retaken.

Bolivia is annexed by Brazil, and Argentina is next. Brazil also sends expeditionary forces to Angola to rid the region of populism. Gran Colombia signs a non-aggression pact with Brazil and calls it a day. Mexico and the Central America Federation meet in a stalemate, which is soon broken after extensive bombings by Mexico.

The CSA suffers the loss of northern province in Tennessee and North Carolina, and has launched a nuke at New York. Fortunately, this is shot down mid-flight.

In a concerning turn of events, the southern regions of Greenland have become ice-free this summer.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The warming of Greenland is both concerning and fortunate. With the industrialisation of Hudson Bay underway, the United Kingdom officially opens the North Canadian Trade Route, connecting East Asia to Europe via the Bering Strait and the North of Canada. A trade deal is signed with the Alaskan Republic allowing ships to stop of at Alaska and then visit Hudson Bay without any tariffs, local port taxes will obviously still be charged. With many immigrants pouring in from the former Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and a lack of interest on the part of the American Republics, North Canada marches troops into said provinces and makes them part of North Canada. Law and order, as well as local government is swiftly introduced. As of this year, the North Canadian Guard numbers approximately 320,000 personnel, mainly comprising members of the former Canadian Military. After much negotiation, Quebec is reinstated into North Canada, becoming one of its richest provinces. In space, Lunar and Martian mining continues smoothly. The orbiting Habitat is complete and a total of 2000 people currently live up there. On Venus, the research facility continues to stream back helpful data.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: Britain agrees to not tamper with the former American States and will "leave America to it". We in fact propose a military alliance between the UK and the American Republic where via North Canada Britain will assist the American Republic in reclaiming the so-called 'break away states' in the central regions of former America. [Player Response Needed]
  • Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Prussia: WIP
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: In Istanbul are soldiers preparing for urban warfare, many citizens want to fight and they are given weapons of all kind from shotguns to little knives everything that can be used as a weapon is used. Streeets are blocked by cars placed their by the population. Millions are prepared to die for Turkey and for Istanbul. On the walls of the Hagia Sophia there is written "Turkey never dies". We ask the Kurds,Armenians and Iranians to stop, if they stop the Kurds will receive independence. We send nukes to Athens, Plovdiv and Sofia.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: We have armed another 25 000 of our reservists, and finished building 25 PL-01 tanks. We send 3000 reservists and two PL-01 tanks to Ukraine and the rest to Czechoslovakia, mostly to Ostravan region. We have now control about 30-40% of Ostrova, but our progress is very slow. Even with Hungarian assist, soldiers are fighting for every room in every building on every street in Ostrava, usually without a clear outcome. Generally the whole front has stalled, maybe except eastern part of Czechoslovakia, where with Hungarian help we are able to make some minor advances. We initiate Operation: Downfall, which goal will be to completely encircle Ostrava once again (our previous siege has been broken a couple months back), and then, after a two month long heavy airstrikes and artillery bombardment, attack the city from all directions and finally take it [Mod Response Needed on the Outcome]. We see that the war in Czechoslovakia is hard and bloody, despite us currently having a slight advantage, so we raise our military funding to 7.3% of our GDP. We start building another 20 PL-01 tanks (ready next year) and 100 regular tanks and 150 artillery units (ready in four years). We begin working on improved military tactics. We also begin planning to improve our navy. Our next generation pulse rifles will finally be ready next year.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Republic of British Columbia: Former President of Canada and current president of British Columbia Laura Jade and surviving members of the former Canadian government after Operation Burnt Leaf and Cascadian attacks hide in a bunker in an unknown location. Very little of the military remains, and we struggle to protect our land. Citizens are advised to stay in their homes unless absolutely necessary.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: Two diplomats are sent to British Columbia to establish friendly relations. Possible collaboration is on the table.


With this turn, we officially surpass China World Map Game as the longest running map game on Future. Reeee

The nations formed after the end of the Russian Civil War meet in Moscow to draw up official borders, with the formation and recognition of the states of Circassia, Kiev, Caucasia, Ruthenia, Kazakhstan, Yakutia-Krasnoyarsk (Siberia), Muscovy, Volga, Tannu Tuva, the Ural Federation and Arkhangelsk. Hungary manages to sneak off with southwest Ukraine and Transylvania, thanks to Polish support. The Czechoslovak defenses finally break, with the Polish flag being raised over Prague and Bratislava. Czechoslovakia is then partitioned by neighbouring nations, specifically Poland, Hungary, Austria and Prussia, with Poland getting the biggest slices. The nukes headed for Athens and Sofia never make it, but Plovdiv suffers damage. Greek troops still reach Istanbul, and declare a ceasefire. In the east, Armenia and Iran begin their advance. The Kurds are finally swayed by the Turkish government, and stay put awaiting for independence. The Vecaslavian Union is proclaimed after Serbia formally annexes the last of Slovenia. Reports of genocide leak out, but cannot be confirmed. Iceland merges with Greenland, forming the North Atlantic Federation (NAF).

The CSA suffers the loss of Tennessee and North Carolina, but is made up for by an invasion of Arkansas. The United Kingdom, offering to build up British Columbia, exchanges regions in Alberta and the Northwest Territories for tribute, mainly in the form of a small tax. Alaska doesn't like this, and claims the Northwest Territories to be theirs. Mexico annexes El Salvador, and has reached Tegucigalpa.

Brazil liberates Paraguay from Bolivia and Argentina, and installs a puppet regime in Bolivia before going down to Argentina. Brazilian forces arrive in Namibia, bound for Angola, as part of a deal struck between Brazil and the SADL.

West Africa is now only constituted by the Mali Empire, Nigerian Empire and Chad, although the Maghrebian Federation seeks to change this. The EAF has retaken Dar es Salaam, but cannot push down any further. Mozambique sneaks behind Lake Victoria.

The Indian-Pakistani border fluctuates every 12 hours, but trends suggest Indian advance. Stalemate in Southeast Asia as ASEAN pushes back China to the Shan Plateau. Iran sends troops to secure regions in West Balochistan, catalysing Pakistani defeat.

The Arctic trade route is now a thing. Sad, but economical.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: As North Canada continues to 'rent' territories in Alberta to British Columbia, a total of 300,000 North Canadian Guard are mobilized. 100,000 are sent to British Columbia to assist them in pushing out the Cascadian invasion. Copious air support is offered as well to make up for British Columbia's presumably weakened Air Force. Missile usage is fairly common. An anti-ballistic missile protection system, commonly known as the 'Iron Dome' is set in the are around Cascadia to shoot down any large missile. [Secret] A covert GCSQ and SAS collaboration is targeting possible nuclear arms manufacturing sites in Cascadia with the aim of destroying as many as possible [Mod Response Needed]. [/Secret] In the Northwest Territories, approximately 50,000 soldiers already stationed there before these troubled times are fighting hard on the Northwest territories' western border with Yukon Territory. An additional 200,000 troops are sent to reinforce the line. North Canadian troops are also venturing across Nááts'ihch'oh National Park Reserve into southern Yukon Territory. This is not very difficult as Canadian troops have been training in these mountains for many years. [Mod Response Needed] Nearly a hundred assorted armored vehicles are deployed to carry troops swiftly into enemy territory. Military experts are describing the North Canadian strategy as the Blitzkrieg reborn. This is supported by additional RAF bombing campaigns, targeting enemy convoys before they reach any North Canadian platoon. Additionally, warplanes are engaging in arial fights with the minimal Alaskan Air Force and bombers are targeting military and air force bases. [Mod Response Needed] British warships in the Pacific are sent to the Bering Strait and the Gulf of Alaska, surrounding Alaska and cutting of all trade to Alaska. No ship shall enter any Alaskan port and must pass on to Hudson Bay. [Mod Response Needed] Britain is thankful Alaska has a fairly small navy and air force. In a trick straight out of the book, hundreds of thousands of pamphlets are dropped out of stealth planes into small Alaskan villages and native Alaskan communities to convince them to abandon their government's war mongering in favour of peace and stability. Any similar attempt by Alaskan forces is shot down and burnt. [Mod Response Needed] Outer space habitats continue developing as usual though it takes a sideline in the news as every news outlet is focusing on the biggest news story of the year. War is declared on the Alaskan Republic!
    • Mod Response: No missiles silos have been found in the area, leading experts to believe they are very well hidden or no longer exist. The conflict in Yukon does not get very far, as Alaskan troops have been living and training under the same conditions for decades. Despite this, some grounds have been made. Alaska receives support from the Far Eastern Republic in the light of British embargo. The Alaskan government smells something fishy and shoots upon any pamphlets from the UK.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We declare a ceasefire with Greece and Bulgaria, but Istanbul is still fortified and a lot of soldiers are present. we see the Iranian and Armenian advances in the east, so we send 200,000 troops to the eastern front. Kurdistan will receive independence IF the war is over.[Secret] we want that the Kurds ask to Armenia and Iran to stop.[/Secret] We send nukes to Yerevan, Tabriz and Teheran.
    • Just a notification, the Kurds have put their guns down and are waiting for independence. They can't influence Iran nor Armenia, much less tell them to stop.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Republic of British Columbia: We construct military equipment and put up a mandatory draft. Out of our eight million remaining citizens, three million men and woman are fit for service. We deploy 55,000 troops on the front lines to stop the Cascadian invasion. We buy old military equipment from other countries and begin tampering with the idea of scub missies. The Martian colony was finished in 2057, but has seen a lack of funding.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: With the same ~2.5 million soldiers that conducted the first invasion, we draft up and implement this second invasion plan:
    Ending the CSA

    Green- Occupation, Blue- Naval Blockade, Red- Troop Advancements

    [Mod Response Required] We treat occupied territories kindly, as we consider this military intervention a Reclamation, and not a conquest, and we try to avoid targeting civilian populations as much as possible, as to ease up more forces to go to the frontlines instead of in occupation to stop insurgency.
    • Mod Response: This manouever is successful, but a similar campaign is launched to reclaim North Carolina. Raleigh is taken within the year. The CSA Navy has set up a blockade ranging from Cuba to Florida.


Another day another dollar SFMG turn.

With the division of Czechoslovakia, peace (debatable) returns to Central Europe (mostly anyways). The Romanians don't like Hungary snitching their land, and decide to return the favor. Hungary calls to Poland for support. Albania experiences influences from Vecaslavia and Greece, and over time divides the population.

Iran and Armenia, having no reason to listen to the Kurds, presses on to Turkey. The Caliphate announces their support for Turkey without mentioning Iran. India makes great advances against Pakistan, assisted by Iranian acquisitions in the west. The Chinese Federation and Southeast Asian Union do not make any advances so far, as a stalemate has been reached in the Burmese and Indochinese fronts.

Brazil stations troops in Chile to prevent Argentinian advance, while solidifiying their current border. Their troops in Namibia launch an assault on Angola, giving the reasons of eradicating the danger of populism, but most speculate it is trying to expand its influence.

Over in Africa, the three populist West African states compile a great defense line to combat the Maghrebian Federation. Somalia is divided up by the EAF, Ethiopia and Somaliland. Populist insurrections in Zimbabwe and Madagascar occur.

Alaska and Cascadia call for a ceasefire, citing weather conditions that no one would want to fight in. California and Texas amass troops along their borders with Mexico.

Japan successfully creates a spacecraft capable of greater manouverability from pressurized jets of water.

Ebola outbreak in the Congo, after soldiers surveying an infected village brought the virus back to their base. Estimated nine dead so far.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The UK agrees to the Alaskan and Cascadian ceasefire on the condition that a strip of Yukon Territories' eastern border going from British Columbia to the Arctic is ceded to North Canada. In British Columbia, it is expected of Cascadia to cede the northern part of former British Columbia to the British Columbian government thereby giving them full control of the north of the former Canadian province [Mod Response Needed]. In other news, mandatory medical screening is placed on every passenger arriving in the UK from any sub-Saharan African nation. Screening must be conducted before arrival in the UK. Also, government attention is diverted back to space development as work begins on Britain's own water jet spacecraft as well as plans for an entire civilian space fleet.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: We begin a third assault into the CSA, this time with a goal of ending it entirely. This invasion of the CSA contains three million soldiers, 600,000 straight out of boot camp. We have 1.5 million of those inside armored divisions.

    Colors denote same as before

    We send one final ultimatum to the CSA to hopefully avoid more bloodshed: If you surrender now, unconditionally, we shall allow captured soldiers to go home in peace, and we shall not treat these states harshly. If you do not surrender, we shall lay waste to your major cities, execute all captured soldiers, and enforce occupation upon the former CSA. [Mod Response Required] Just like the UK, we now require screening of immigrants entering the US from Sub-Saharan Africa. Anyone who is found with the virus is quarantined, and if they die they are burnt into ashes. We begin researching the ability to use coilguns on tanks, which shall greatly increase the effectivity of our armored divisions.
    • Mod Response: The CSA do not agree to this, but there is overwhelming support from the population for peace. The Confederate government reluctantly agrees to the ultimatum, but demands higher autonomy under the American Republic.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We send the half of our army to the eastern front. We ask the Kurds to fight with us against Armenia and Iran, because when the war is over they will get independence. We send nukes to Yerevan, Teheran and Tabriz. [Mod Response' Needed]'
    • Mod Response: The nukes bound for Tehran and Tabriz do not make it, while one lands in Yerevan without exploding. Experts believe the reason for this is due to the age of these bombs and the conditions they were under since the Cold War. The Kurds agree to fight, but are quickly overrun by Iranian troops before they can do anything significant. Armenia annexes some provinces, and calls for a ceasefire.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Republic of British Columbia: We continue to construct new military equipment, and begin creating blueprints for scud missiles, President Jade has been quoted saying "Just because we're smaller and have less citizens, we still have some of the same capabilities of Canada" when asked about this she said "Our country still has control over 50% of Canada's former military, and 40% of Canada's former money." Similar to other countries, we have a mandatory medical screening from any sub-Saharan African nation.
  • Flag of Prussia 1892-1918 Prussia: Mandatory screening is implemented for any flights coming in from Sub-Saharan Africa, and medical teams are stationed at airports in the event of victims of Ebola coming in. We begin putting in research into a larger sized spacecraft, as well as the necessary propulsion systems required.


Shitstorm: Year IX

Alaska and Cascadia agree to the transferal of regions in Yukon and British Columbia to, well, British Columbia. The CSA is formally annexed by the American Republic, and in response, the rest of the former US states reassert their rights to independence and do not wish for war with the American Republic.

Iran presses further into Turkey, swarming the Kurd-dominant regions. The Abbasid Caliphate sends support to Iran to quell the Kurds, fearing succession of their own Kurdish population. Afghanistan decides to snitch some land from Pakistan in the north, but immediately gets dunked on in the south. India now controls the Kashmir region, but they do not intend to stop there, having struck a deal with Iran to deport all Muslim Pakistanis there once they annex their land. Turkey has run out of nukes left over from the Cold War.

Angola faces hard battle with Brazil, but gets pushed back in an unexpected turn of events. Brazilian convoys land on the coastline of Angola, reminiscent of the D-Day event in WWII more than a century ago. Mozambique pushes further into EAF after breaking through the stalemate. Dar es Salaam has seen an exchange of ownership for about five times in a week. Indian destroyers are seen cruising around the coast of eastern Africa after rumors of Hindu oppression in Mozambique leak out.

Hungary and Romania begin fighting over Translyvania again, with Romania calling for support as Hungary gains ground. Kiev and Bulgaria announce their support, but don't really do much else. Vecaslavia on the other hand, seeks to liberate Slavs in Hungary, and as such invades its southern regions.

  • American Republic flag American Republic:
    • American Economy: We begin construction of factories throughout the former Rust Belt, to accelerate the production of military supplies. After several sieges of CSA cities, we begin rebuilding the destroyed cities of New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, Wilmington, Savannah, and Miami.
    • American Military: We begin to include Southern States in the draft. We, however, exclude those who have fought against us as we promised to let Confederate soldiers go home. We send an ultimatum to Dakota and the Plains Confederation: Join us, or die. [Mod Response Required]
      • Mod: The Presidents of Dakota and the Plains Confederation take these ultimatums as not only a threat to their sovereignty, but to their citizens as well. The aggression shown becomes a large staple in the culture, which causes many citizens to enlist within the armies of Dakota and Plains Confederation, rallying large support for an invasion from them rather than awaiting an invasion.
        • American Response: We begin a buildup of troops on the borders with Dakota and the Plains Confederation. We order our soldiers to attack any military personnel within five miles of the border. They are also told to not attack any civilians as once again, we intend to reclaim lost land, and to re-integrate American Citizens. (secret) we plan to invade these two nations by the end of next year. Invasion plans are being drawn up now. (end secret)
  • 800px-Flag of Russia.svg Novgorod: A coup d'etat meant to end the failing and weak republic that was the government is successful, allowing for Gunin Ludomir Tikhonovich, a wealthy businessman, to become the current ruler of Muscovy. Although law was temporarily suspended, Gunin is proclaimed King of Novgorod and Russia itself. To stop a possible civil war to occur, King Gunin establishes a parliamentary, as well as the writing and making a new constitution so that citizens are guaranteed limited civil rights and liberties. The first thing he does is un-recognize many of the newer states that were declared successors to the Russian Federation. The military is reformed, bringing back the Imperial Russian Army and the Imperial Russian Navy. The army, within the current year, brings about a total of 95,000 through standard signing up and 170,000 through conscription of able-bodied citizens aged 17-25. The current population is 42.6 million. As a means of wanting to re-establish the Russian Federation, and having possibly the same goals as Muscovy, he speaks with the President of Muscovy and proposes a dualistic-union, in which they are economically, culturally, linguistically, and militarily united, however, retain proper governorship of each territories [Mod Response Needed]. A referendum is held in which King Gunin will retain the nations general neutrality within the war, however, this could change depending on the circumstances given in the foreseeable future.
    • Mod Response: Muscovy gladly accepts the proposal.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom:
    • North Canada: Since Britain's terms have been met, the attack on Cascadian territories is called off and the troops are sent to the border with the American Republics. An official border patrol armed force is formed with a total membership of 100,000. The strip of land in Yukon Territory ceded to Britain is immediately ceded to British Columbia, giving the access to the Arctic and forming a buffer zone between Alaska and North Canada. All territories formerly 'rented' to British Columbia in the Northwest Territories and Alberta are reclaimed.
    • Other News: As Arctic trade resumes as usual, arctic fish farms and agricultural parks are seen as ever more profitable. In space, work has begun on constructing commercial centres in the Lunar Colonies to encourage trade and tourism. A civilian space fleet both public and private is under construction. Private sector space companies receive a new set of laws and regulations to follow, updated from previous outdated laws.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: We finally finish the next generation pulse rifles, after a one year delay. They appear very promising, so we start their mass production. We also send some of this rifles to Hungary, so they can be field-tested. We also send some other military equipment to Hungary, as a support in their war. To further support the Hungarians, we send our air force to perform air strikes on enemy positions. All of military equipmemt we've started producing two years ago is now ready. The World War III is nowhere near the end, so we come up with an idea. We propose Spain, France, the UK, Prussia and the Baltic Union to be the founding states of an organisation called the United League of Countries (of course we will be the founding state too). We plan this organisation to be similar to former UN, and its first goal will be to end the World War III. Of course when we create the organisation, we will try to convince other nations to join it, so that it becomes at least as big as the the former UN [Players and Mod Responses Needed].
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We send as many soldiers to east Turkey as we can. We join the new U.N.


Shitstorm: Year X (Solace here, BTW)

Islam surpasses Christianity as the largest religion worldwide.

Rebellions begin to rapidly occur within the southern states of the American Republic, specifically in Miami. Drafted personnel from the southern states begin to attack northern officers and soldiers. Large stockpiles of weaponry are raided and a "New Confederacy" is promoted throughout the cultural aspect in Florida.

Many of the collective African states begin to lose power via their terrible economies. It should also be noted that the entire Congo nation has become a swarm of Ebola, with millions affected and thousands dying daily. The Maghreb Federation faces small Ebola outbreaks in Morocco and Algeria. Estimated 3.5 million dead.

New Zealand joins Australia.

Numerous independence riots begin in the Caucasus region, with Circassia losing territory to the self-proclaimed Caspian Emirate.

Switzerland begins an official conference to begin a possible end to the war, however, many of the belligerents do not care for this.

Citizens within Germany Prussia call for independence, such as the Kingdom of Bavaria, Saxony, Hannover, and the Rhineland. If not that, they wish to restore the German Empire or possibly the Holy Roman Empire. France and Spain see similar independence protests. Catalonia (Spain), Occitania (France), and Burgundy (France) become independent. Sicily attempts possible succession. Many of these independence wars are thought to be have been supported by Vecaslavia, however, there is no hard evidence to prove so.

Iran and the Abbasid Caliphate push far into Turkey, going all the way to Ankara near the end of the year. The Abbasid Caliphate becomes less and less powerful though, with many citizens wanting change.

Madagascar joins Mozambique.

Romania and Hungary continue fighting over Transylvania, while Kiev comes in and establishes itself as a third belligerent, attempting to take control of Transylvania for itself.

Brazil officially defeats Angola, marking not only an end to one of the more brutal and bloody conflicts within World War III, but also begs the question of whether the war should continue or not. Angola is to pay nearly 100,000,000,000 (100 Billion) USD to Brazil, which causes most of the economy within Angola to nearly collapse within the first few weeks post-war.

  • (flag isn't working. deal with it.) American Republic: With the thought of peacefully re-integrating the southern states into the union long dead, we send para-military officers in to suppress the waves of insurgency. We end the conscription law. However, many soldiers that are from the north continue to stay in it due to successful propaganda, (like this poster) -->
    Rebuild America poster
    and due to a common belief in revanchism. The former Canadian territories are admitted to the union as the states of St. Lawrence (Southern Quebec) and Acadia (Maritime Provinces). The southern states begin to see a reconstruction style occupation, as the new government comes to power, led by the new president Ashley Smith. She begins to travel the southern states, actually having been born in Alabama, she receives minimal, but better, approval in the south than the older government. She, however, has a massive rally in Savannah, Georgia. She makes a speech: "My fellow Americans. We all are different, in good or bad. We may think that our neighbors are strange and backwards people, but all that kind of thinking has led to is genocide, pain, strife, war, famine. Today I ask you, not in hopes to crush you into serving a, for several years, foreign government, but instead to bind together, strike out not against your neighbor on this beautiful planet, but instead pool your resources together with your neighbor, for the betterment of humanity itself, for the people of all nations, working together for the betterment of planet Earth, will be an unstoppable force, never able to be destroyed." This speech is given massive praise by both those in the north and the south, as people from all over the nation begin to help in the rebuilding and modernization of the country. Although several people still house resentment to the government, and the main conspirators in the Neo-Neo-Confederacy plot begin mysteriously disappearing as new roads seem to be being built quicker than ever (Maybe there's a connection there?)
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: As tensions cool off, the United Kingdom declares its official neutrality in World War III. In other news, Britain's civilian space fleet comprises two-passenger craft and multiple medium-sized space freighters with the fleet continuing to expand. Martian mining increases with a total of 17 separate facilities. In the Venusian atmosphere, work begins on the construction of the first Venusian floating Habitat. Back on Earth, experiments are conducted on the feasibility of sound, light, and energy based weapons with the possibility of energy based artillery being explored.
  • German Empire: With the calls for independence within Prussia, the government decides to form the New German Empire, the primary solution to our messy claims to independence. The hyperloop system connecting Kiel to Munich is finally complete, allowing for cross-country travel in record time. We test our first hydrojet spacecraft in Low Earth Orbit, and another on the surface of the Moon. Despite successes, we look more favourable towards a method of transportation that will allow for continuous propulsion across larger distances.


Shitstorm: Year XI The World War should be ending some time soon.

With fresh troops in Angola, Brazil expands its influence by invading the Congo. India expresses similar interests, and launches an expeditionary force to liberate Madagascar from the tyranny of Mozambique. The Tri-Central African States enter defensive measures, forming a naval blockade along the Coast of Guinea. The Ebola outbreaks kills another 20 thousand people in the Congo.

The war over Transylvania rages on, with regional powers supporting Hungary, Romania or Kiev. The Vecaslavian Union invades Albania, while Greece does the same. They split the nation similar to how Poland was split between the Third Reich and the USSR.

Iran and India meet in East Balochistan after months of fighting, and Afghanistan stole some northern Pakistani lands. Kasmir is fully Indian and Pakistan is expected to be destroyed soon. Iran and the Abbasid Caliphate no longer make advances in Turkey, and reinforces current borders. Greece takes this opportunity and invades beyond Constantinople. They meet Iranian forces in the north.

France manages to pacify rebellions in Brittany and Burgundy, but lose control of Occitania for a few months. Spain on the other hand, is falling apart. After Catalonia declared independence, Basque, Andalusia and Galicia followed suit, leading towards the Second Spanish Civil War. Portugal attempts to snitch Galicia, but changes its mind due to their constant demands for independence.

In the southern US states, a new movement rises, calling for the extermination of the Muslim threat to Christianity and the reinforcement of religious laws in America, and in turn, the world.

  • American Republic flag American Republic We refuse to throw government support into the southern Anti-Muslim Movement. In an interview, Ashley Smith is quoted as saying: "The American dream, at least since the Sixties, has been about all people, of all races, being able to come together. Heck, If sentient robots began appearing, I'd push to give them citizenship within the Republic." All government officials, actually, including southerners, condemn this movement, and some even begin to think of making the movement classified as a terrorist organization. 
    Rebuilt Atlanta
    The modernization process that we have begun taking has been going quicker than anticipated,with robot labor having massively sped up the progress as  private businesses take part, seeing an opportunity to build production facilities in America to bypass the massive tariffs on foreign goods. One example of a city that has been modernized is this image of Atlanta:
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Republic of British Columbia: We begin rebuilding by the construction of a new town called Jadeville, and a building similar to the white house is being built. We construct one hundred houses and a few small stores to begin with. The town is fully surrounded by military to prevent invasion or other threats. British Columbian citizens are united as ever, with everyone sharing supplies and helping each other out during the tough times, no matter the race or ethnicity.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We offer manpower and money to help the rebuilding of British Columbia. [Player Response]
    • British Columbian Diplomacy: We accept the response.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom:
    London of the future


    Green City

    Green City

    City square

    City Square

    With massive industrialization and simultaneous enforcement of environmental protection laws, it is becoming increasingly common to have automated industrial parks located at least an hour's drive away from major cities. With North Canadian cities expanding rapidly, more an more British citizens are migrating out of the British Isles and into Canada with the UK's total population standing at around 130 million with at least 50 million in the expansive region of North Canada. Many cities are beginning to look like they are out of early century sci-fi movies, for example London. Less industrialized towns (especially in North Canada) look more like this. Many new cities and old alike are beggining to inculde great squares as social locations and convenient gathering spots. Religious tolerance plays a big part in modern society with more religions preaching unity and peace and the 'common origin of all'. With violence set aside, the UK focuses on a more peaceful, progress-oriented future.
    • American Diplomacy: We send diplomats to London to discuss a possible alliance. (DM me in discord for more info.)
  • New Prussian Germany German Empire: Flights coming in from Central Africa are momentarily suspended. Research on AI makes a great leap, as the first instance where an AI has successfully navigated a supermarket while shopping is recorded in Dresden.
    • American Diplomacy: We invite Germany to the alliance we have proposed to Britain (Same as Britain)
      • German Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Yosemite: We are worried about Imperialists in America, so we draft two million soldiers into our army, out of a 75 million population. We also instate a law that gives tax breaks to couples who have three or more children. We ask British Columbia for an alliance, to secure each others sovereignty. [Player Response Needed] We also ask any non american republic/british owned lands to join us in creating an american union. [Mod Response Needed] We work on our space tech, as the Yosemite Space Administration is made, and we make a goal to put Yosemitian astronauts on mars by 2070. We also convince the companies in Silicon Valley to make exclusive tech for the government, and we work on cyberwarfare defences and weapons. [Secret] We also work on making a space station with a superweapon. [End Secret] We announce that we are willing to fight in World War III.
    • British Columbian Diplomacy: We deny the alliance.  
    • Mod Response: No one responds.


This is our 50th turn yay Shitstorm: Year XII

Brazil invades the Congo, with little to no resistance in infected areas. India manages to land in Madagascar, but has only taken the northern regions so far. Sudan joins the joint operative against the Maghrebian Federation, but takes hits from Ethiopia who capitalizes on the double front. The EAF is pushed back even more, and calls on support from anyone who is willing to help. India responds by launching naval raids along the Mozambique Channel. The Ebola outbreak in the Congo has somewhat slowed, but thousands are still dying.

Brazil manages to set up a puppet state in Argentina, via a coup d'état which disposed of the populist leader. Brazil begins setting up its own sphere of influence within South America, eager to expand their ideals.

The United States are never, ever, ever, getting back together.

The Caspian Emirate sets up a rebel group loyal to the Emirate in southern Circassia.

Iran is disgusted by their current borders, and purchases some land off Afghanistan and the Abbasid Caliphate.

India annexes what they control in Pakistan, and begin influencing Nepal and Sri Lanka, taking up the position as rival to an increasingly powerful Brazil.

An observation in Brazil and India show a pattern similar to what the US and China did earlier this century. Brazil comes up with original products, India copies them and makes them better. Fortunately, they learned from the Chinese not to blatantly rip off Brazilian franchises, setting up tech capitals within the nation with their innovative efforts of improving Brazilian technology.

The self-proclaimed "Knights of the South", make their first international appearance by crucifying a Muslim. This is met with international outcry, and condemnation circulates the media like wildfire.

  • New Prussian Germany German Empire: We are shocked by the events in North America, and actively condemn this disgusting act. In other news, we continue to invest in AI. The German LunarHab, now dubbed Lunstadt, stands at 100,000, and has been assisting the Lunar Habs of nations who have collapsed or have had transfer of ownership. We agree to an alliance with the American Republic. We send troops to support France in controlling rebellious territories.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: We officially condemn and arrest the leaders of "The Knights of The South" We declare it to be a terrorist organization, and anyone inside the group can be facing the death penalty. We also rework our justice system. Usage and or ownership of hard-drugs is legalized, however the selling, purchase, and or production of these is banned. Sexual Abuse is now mainly punished by chemical castration. People on death row only get 24 hours before they are executed, mainly by lethal injection, but if that is not available, firing squad is an option. This frees up many prisons, which we turn into communal housing for the homeless, where they are given jobs such as maintaining the housing of those who live with them, cooking for fellow residents, and/or producing goods for the populace. We begin mounting up troops along the border with Dakota, as our government openly questions their right as a sovereign state, as they have no national history, no distinct national identity, and act much as our own.
  • Yosemite Republic: A revolution happens, calling for more imperialistic government, while sticking to democratic views. We declare war on Seattle, sizing up our army to five million men, and send five million of them across the border into cascadia, using strategic bombers to destroy power plants, factories, and military bases. We send our navy up the coast into seattle for an amphibian landing into seattle, with 200,000 troops involved, as well as a naval barrage of Seattle. we use our semi-finished cyber weapons to take down the internet in parts of the country. [Mod response on invasion] We tell british columbia that we have no intentions of invading them, and that they are safe. Our space administration is doing good, despite a failure of a rocket. We make the silicon valley companies have 5% of manufacturing here in Yosemite, to lower the unemployment level. We also begin to fund casinos in Las Vegas, for tax returns to cover costs. Our economy is doing good, with manufacturing expanding, and profits from white collar companies growing. We ally ourselves with the American Republic in the Dakota "situation". We start work on laser weapons, and Microwave weapons. We continue our cyberwarfare development, trying to make a firewall.
    • Mod Response: Cascadia holds their defense, and launches bombing campaigns.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Britain strongly condemns the disgraceful actions of the 'Knights of the South' and outlaws potentially similar groups in the UK. In other news, Britain's AI program is not far behind Germany's though it is significantly more well regulated. Lunar and Martian mining activities receive a new boost what with peace times being reestablished. Construction of the Venus Habitat continues, it is estimated that the project will house 80 individuals by the end of the decade. The NSA receives an additional 500 million pounds in funding, mostly from space mining revenue. Experiments are being conducted on asteroid mining, mostly in the inner asteroid belt conducted by the newly constructed space experimental ship, a craft roughly the size of an antique space shuttle manned by three crew and mostly automated. It cannot stay away from base for more than three weeks without suffering a reduction in functionality and research is being conducted on extending its mission time-range. The Anglo-Prussian Scientific Council is renamed yet again to the Anglo-Saxon Scientific Council (ASSC). We invite France to join this scientific alliance [Mod Response]. The Royal Armed Forces remains at a total count of 1.5 million troops currently not engaged in conflict with ~200,000 troops in overseas territories and bases. North Canadian Border Patrol sends roughly 1000 officers to patrol the border with the American Republic. This is simply as a precautionary measure against potential drug trafficking across the border.
    • Mod Response: France joins the Council.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Republic of British Columbia: The construction of the new town of Jadeville is complete. The rebuilding of the Canadian Lunar Colonies is proposed to the new government, but with lack of funding the project is put of the back burner at the moment. Citizens begin asking the new government to rename the country back to Canada, but President Jade refuses to even think about the idea until the country begins to gain more of its land back. We send 20,000 troops to our southern border accompanied by 200 tanks and 500 assorted planes. We plan to take back the rest of British Columbia and eventually any Canadian land not owned by North Canada. We open our borders to any former Canadian citizens in the American Republic, Cascadian Territory, or Alaska. Border patrol is increased to 50,000 men. The new history books begin to role out, updating all the way up to 2066, and a new curriculum is implemented into Canadian schools. This curriculum expands the previous one added under the Scheer Administration, which added a more hands on experience to students. Our population rises up to 17 million after obtaining the new land, and previous Canadian citizens coming back. We test our first Scud Missiles, [Mod Response Needed on Test] Blue prints are designed to create a warhead similar to the MOAB.
    • Mod Response: The scud missile tests are successful on a 55% margin. Cascadia holds on to their Canadian territory, as does Alaska. They accuse British Columbia of warmongering.



Shitstorm: Year XIII

Alaska and Cascadia form the Bering Pact, which is soon supported by the Far Eastern Republic on grounds of support against imperialist powers.

Mexico launches an invasion of Southern California and Nevada, seeing most of Californian troops heading towards Cascadia. The Dakotan Confederacy proposes a union with the American Republic that would see both nations uniting under one entity. This is also supported by the Central States of North America.

In Siberia, the Former Russian Republics of North Asia is formed from a loose union of Russian states, which encompasses most of Siberia up until Arkhangelsk and Circassia.

The Vecaslavian Union is actively supporting warmongering within the conflict in Transylvania, where Ruthenia has joined in after consideration alongside Kiev.

Paraguay announces its support for the Brazilian cause, and becomes allies. Peru does the same, as does Chile. Gran Colombia furthers relations with Brazil.

Bhutan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan become aligned with India after diplomatic actions. The alliance between India and Bangladesh is somewhat strained as the prospect of India invading Bangladesh exists. In response, India forms the puppet state of Karachi.

The Congo makes great losses to Brazil, while India assumes full control of Madagascar and is currently moving into the African continent.

A Japanese and Brazilian colony is established on Venus similar to the UK's.

  • Flag of Senegal Senegal: Uprisings occurred in Dakar, led by Moussa Diakhite. People demand their independence back from Mali and call for their freedom. It was revealed that the uprisings carried out by Senegalese Free Movement, they want to liberate our beloved country from Malian tyranny. The SFM starts propaganda throughout Senegal and Gambia region, it is quite effective with 27,000 Senegalese people join the SFM. In the first, the uprisings were peaceful, but it becomes more violent, but civil war hasn't started yet (We don't want to start it), there are only some minor skirmishes between demonstrants/SMF members and polices. SFM asks for supports from Brazil, Democratic African Union states, and Maghrebian Federation [Secret] They want to buy weapons from these countries [Mod Responses Needed]. Weapons that they have is only stolen weapons (from government). They also start to buy weapons from black market. Training activities are held in forests. [End Secret]. In the speech, Diakhite said that, "We want independence! We want a better future, but you, Mali, ruined our happiness in the past. We are ready to fight if you, government, want a war. Senegal must be stand-alone!".\
  • American Republic flag American Republic: We tell Dakota and the CSNA that we would accept only if annexation into the republic and division into former states. We condemn the Mexican invasion of the Southern Republics, and ask them to, now more than ever, join the American Republic and help beat back the Mexican Imperialists. [Mod Response Required] We begin sending troops to ports along the gulf coast to plan invasions of Mexico.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Republic of British of Columbia: Citizens finally vote on a new flag, which consists of the colors of yellow and light blue with black lines and a sun. The light blue represents the stability and loyalty of the country, while the yellow symbolizes the happiness and intellect of the country and its citizens. The black X that goes across the flag symbolizes that the country is powerful. The sun in the center shows the beginning of a new day and that all that is bad is behind us. Citizens also vote on new senators, and new provinces are created. The entire southern half is the known as British Columbia, where as the top half is split in half again. The left part is the Yukon province, and the right part is Tremblay. The new capital building is constructed. The CSP begins building its new headquarters, and 500 different factories are built near our border with Alaska. We plan to send our first men to the martian colony by 2075, once our space program is rebuilt and rockets are constructed, after a very long hiatus of our space program. In case of invasion, the government gives every citizen an Ak-47 and training. A large box of ammo is delivered to peoples doorstep every month after they complete training. Finally, construction of a new school district in Jadeville begins.
  • The Great Empire of Yosemite: With mexico invading us, we size up our army to eight million and send three million down into Mexico. We tell mexico that invasion will lead to death, and to surrender. We pay the silicon valley companies to remove all services from mexico, and within days, mexico has no internet access, and all apple and Samsung phones brick. The algorithms controlling power plants, cars, water purification stations and dams die. we use our cyberweapon to destroy the government firewall, and leak secrets [Mod Response On Damage (dont be biased)] We continue our invasion of cascadia, despite mexicos invason. We ask British columbia if they want to help in the war with cascadia, promising them all of old BC exept south vancouver island. [Player Response Needed] We send three million troops into Mexico, and use the same strategies we did in the cascadian invasion. [Mod response on invasion] (im not trying to take all of america, just a part) Our weapon research is doing well, and our space program puts some astronauts on mars ahead of schedule. [Secret] We ask the american republic if they would like to re-unite america, with them getting the east and us getting the west, and being in a union. [End secret and player response needed]
    • Mod Response: The Invasion of Cascadia goes awry, but parts of British Columbia and Oregon are taken, as for the invasion of Mexico, due to the fact that troops could not be diverted to the Mexican border quickly enough, they push slightly into California, before troops arrive and stall the invasion. You have said that your rocket failed, so it is implausible that you could get men on mars within a year of having no working rocket.
    • American Diplomacy: We do not accept this proposal, as we intend to unite America under our banner.
    • British Columbian Diplomacy: We will help with the invasion, but we want South Alberta too.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: As of 2068, the UK has established 30 tech parks country-wide. Foreign influence over the British internet is at a minimum. The GCHQ has established a cyber-protection unit and cyber-intelligence is taking a front-line. In other news, the Venus habitat is complete and houses a total of 100 inhabitants. The habitat is expanding at a steady rate. Research into exploiting Venus's atmospheric gases begins. As science and technology progress, towns are becoming cities and cities are becoming megalopolises. As far, London(E), Edinburgh, Toronto, and Ottawa are megalopolises with each of them housing in excess of ten million people. Most if not all commercial farming is automated vertical farms. Seaweed farms in the ocean are also becoming more common as the range of products achievable with seaweed drastically increases. Experiments with energy-based artillery prove successful and it is implemented in the British Military. Aircraft equipped with energy weapons are also in initial production stage.


Shitstorm: Year XIII also 2069 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As Cascadia loses most of their British Columbian territory to, well, British Columbia, Yosemite hasn't broken into their US state tho. It should also be noted that half of the US now part of the American Union, with the American Republic at the helm. Cascadia makes a break for it and joins the American Union, leaving British Columbia their Canadian acquisitions and Yosemite in a confused state.

The Brazilians do not only send weapons to Senegal, they launch an expeditionary force to "liberate West Africa from these populists". Brazil controls most of the Congolese coast in a series of assaults, while setting up a puppet state in Angola. India manages to gain a strong foothold in Southeast Africa, invading the southern portion of Mozambique and parts of Malawi. The Mozambiqan capital is now in Pemba. The Democratic African Union actively calls Brazil and India for assistance, and they have answered positively.

Mexico calls for a ceasefire in the Californian front, and solidifies their borders. Meanwhile, the former Mexican president Juan Elegadro dies in office, allowing the democratic and conveniently pro-Brazilian Maria Pereira to take office.

Quebec requests higher autonomy from North Canada, and wishes to be their own administrative division like Scotland or Wales.

Iran becomes allies with India after their joint assault on Pakistan, followed by Afghanistan. Talks between India and the SEA Federation begin.

Translyvania is still a warzone. Deal with it.

The American, Chinese, Russian and Canadian lunar colonies are back online due to collaborative efforts from the nearby colonies of Australia, Japan, Brazil and South Africa.

India and Sweden have colonies on Venus now. Almost every rich nation also has a Lunar and Martian colony if ya didn't know.

  • Yosemite: With Cascadia running away like a loser, we incorporate our takings in oregon into the empire. We redirect our military to the Mexican border, ignoring their calls for ceasefire, with our president saying: "you can't try to invade someone, take one inch of land and ask for a ceasefire." We send three million troops to the border, and launch a full on assault, taking advantage of significantly diminished communications. [Mod Response Needed] We ask the American Republic if they could kick cascadia out of the American Union, saying that they need to take the beating that was coming for them. [Player Response Needed] Our space program continues, and better rockets are made. Our Microwave weapons are finished, and we deploy them in mexico. They use microwave beams to kill enemies. [Mod response on weapon effectiveness] The economy is doing well, and the three-child initiative brings the population up to 80 million.
    • American Response: We refuse to kick Cascadia out of the Union, and we send a message saying: Soon.
    • Mod Response: Mexico responds with fierce defense, and not one step further is made. Attempts at throwing microwaves at Mexicans, not matter how fancy, do not work.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: After extensive talks and a public referendum, the constituent country of Quebec is formed with equal status as Scotland or North Canada. Cooperation between North Canada and Quebec is incredibly high what with both being above a 'tense situation' in the south. Unity in cooperation! In other news, we declare neutrality in the American situation and do not wish to interfere... We propose non-aggression treaties with both Yosemite and the American Republic. [Player Responses] What we will say though is it would be appreciated if the British Colombian acquisitions could be returned to their rightful owner and cultural brothers British Columbia. Any decision is accepted... [Player Response] In space, Lunar and Martian progress is as usual. Plans are made for a second Martian Colony as the British Martian population numbers upwards of 10,000. Note: all three Lunar colonies are recognized voting constituencies with a total of five representatives from the Lunar Colonies and ten technocratic experts in Parliament. The technocrats have no vote but may speak in Parliament. The same is true for Mars though they only have one representative as their population is simply too small. The space station population, Venus Habitat population and any non-stationed space personnel are to register in their Earth constituencies and may vote electronically. The British Space Police Force (BSPF) is officially established as a force separate from other police forces though they still fall under the National Police Force as a separate division. The British Space Fire Fighters (BSFF) is also established as well as the British Space Emergency Service (BSES). These three forces will serve as the official forces of such kind in space both in landed and non-landed facilities in place of the provisional forces set up by local authorities. Space is becoming more organised. Lastly, we begin manufacturing Venusian-sourced gasses to be shipped back to Earth for commercial uses.
    • American Response: We return all territory from British Columbia and Alberta to British Columbia, excluding Vancouver Island. We also would appreciate you elaborate on the non-aggression pact, as we will not sign a non-aggression pact with Yosemite, however we will sign a non-aggression pact with you.
    • British Diplomacy: There will be two separate treaties, one between UK and you, and one between UK and Yosemite. They will be to secure peace between the UK and the various American Republics. What happens among them is not our concern.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: After formalizing the American Union, we come to the aid of the Cascadian Area, sending two million troops to fight against Yosemite. We begin sending supplies and colonists to our lunar colony, which due to the Goodwill of the Australians, Japanese, Brazilians, and South Africans; is back online. We also re-christen the colony New Pittsburgh, and it becomes a district much like the District of Columbia. Our project to build coilgun tanks is finished, and we send the first prototypes to the Yosemite front.
    Coilgun Tank

    Coilgun Tank

    We send diplomats to Brazil and Mexico, saying that we will throw our support behind them if they assist us in reclaiming the former American Republics. [Mod Response Required]
    • ​Mod Response: Mexico gladly accepts, having enough of California. Brazil accepts as well, and is very pleased to have a former superpower as its ally.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Republic of British Columbia: We send thanks to the countries that helped us put our Lunar Colonies back online. We finally send the first0 2000 people to the Martian Colony, way ahead of schedule. We construct 50 more factories in the northern territories. We change our plans about backing Yosemite and send a diplomat to the American Republic to discuss the possibility of a joint attack against Yosemite [Mod Response Needed]. Many Canadians laugh at Yosemite's microwave throwing party they held in Mexico, and send a diplomat to Mexico to become better allies [Mod Response Needed]. We build 400 scud missiles, although there is a high chance that only 220 of them will hit a target. They're built to hold up to five kiloton warhead, (although we don't have any nuclear warheads yet, but we do have a few dozen MOABs equivalent warheads and a few other non-nuclear warheads). We plan to build a better scud missile, with more accuracy within the next few years.


The Shitstorm is over. Clapping is in order.

The Congo surrenders after Brazilian and Indian advance overwhelm their defenses. Meanwhile, revolutions in the empires of Nigeria and Mali occur. Brazilian expeditionary forces land in Senegal, where they are welcomed to fight the Malian overlords.

A company in Brazil creates the first sentient Robot. This causes mass controversy on whether humanity has the right to create another sentient species.

Jewish revolts begin popping up in Arabia, as several Jewish leaders want independence from an Arab-Muslim state

Transylvania is no longer a warzone, as it is split between Hungary, Ruthenia and Kiev.

Gran Colombia and Peru ally with Brazil. India manages to become close friends with Ethiopia, the EAF and Somaliland.

An era of peace will be upon us now, having gone through the Third World War. The new League of Nations is formed by the great powers of Brazil, India, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Mahgrebia, Poland, France and Germany.

Birth rates rocket worldwide. What did you expect from the year 2069?

  • American Republic flag American Republic: With our strong allies Brazil and Mexico, we send ultimatums to Texas and Utah, saying that they ought to join us or face destruction of your whole country. [Mod Response Required] We begin mass production of our new Coilgun tanks, which we have christened the S-92. We send about 500 S-92s to Senegal to destroy the populist dictatorships. We begin working on using Anti-Matter in Warp Drive, and tests of this drive will occur in 2075. (but where, might I ask?) We also begin preparations for a Venus, which will be finished by 2077.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: In space, work begins on Britain's second Martian colony. On Venus, the habitat expands with a current total of 2000 personnel. The UK's space fleet numbers 60 craft and various functions though it is growing in size. In other news, as profits from outer space resource gathering increase thanks to a post-war boom in the economy, taxes are lowered further perpetuating the increase in commercialism and consumer spending. In the streets of major cities, there is large vocal opposition to the actions of Brazilian scientists in creating sentient robots. Some find it unethical, some think it is dangerous and the more educated feel humanity is not yet ready for this type of technology. While AI research continues, laws regulating and prohibiting artificial sentience are set into place. Britain strongly condemns Brazilian sentient robots and urge them to stop and pull the plug now before it is too late. [Mod Response] We begun research into warp-drives of antimatter the variety and release our first swarm of micro-satellites, devices smaller then the palm of a hand. Each device has a unique function ranging from sound to light sensitive instruments. We hope to discover more about deep-space this way.
    • Mod Response: Because the Brazilian Govt. did not create the robots, they cannot shut them off. The Brazilian government then suggests that you should be more open to new ideas, instead of being incredibly xenophobic.
  • German Empire: We officially launch our Venusian colony, which has been in the works for the past few years. Including running tests within the atmosphere, we also import gases back to Earth. We invest in space propulsion, hoping to get a viable method of long-term propulsion through space. Development begins on a fleet of small drones that can land on terrestrial planets and harvest their materials to make more of themselves, while exploring the sky in the process. Our Martian Hab expands in size, reaching 10,000 personnel.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held this year, with Akari Kobayashi from the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan winning, having defeated Seiji Hayashida from the Liberal Democratic Party. Emperor Naruhito passes away this year, and a state of mourning is held. Aiko becomes the new Empress of Japan. JAXA gains more funding, and plans to establish a base on Europa is planned in the near future. Meanwhile the colonies on Moon, Mars, and Venus are given official names: Niikagoshima (Venus), Hirosaki (Moon), and Matsushiro (Mars). Some cities, such as Hakodate, Sapporo, Wakkanai, Kōchi, and Kagoshima expand by incorporating bordering cities and towns. Plans to establish a megacity and merge the cities of Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe, along with the rest of the Kyoto and Osaka prefectures and parts of Hyōgo prefecture are made. Plans for Tokyo to absorb neighbouring prefectures are also made.


Sidewinder here.

The terms of the Treaty ending World War III are ratified in Zürich, Switzerland. For full details, please refer to the Treaty of Zürich.

India and Brazil cultivate their growing spheres of influence in Africa, and reach out to nations within their respective regions.

The new League of Nations experiences membership of most states, with their headquarters set up in Brasilia, Brazil.

The sentient AI from Brazil escapes the university it was created in, but is found somewhere in the Brazilian Highlands, reportedly self-terminated. Although not very damaging to the AI development sector, it still is a bit unsettling.

The Kurds rebel in the Abbasid Caliphate, followed by other minorities within the Arab state.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: "I told you so," says the British Minister of Technological Development upon hearing of the AI situation in Brazil. Not only is it unsettling that the AI has managed to evade security systems, it has killed itself, an event that points to unsettling conclusions over AI emotions. In lighter news, development of Hudson Bay continues with the region becoming very much more industrialized and developed. 60% of all food is home grown though up to 50% of home grown food is exported out so in reality Britain can be entirely self-sufficient should a food crisis erupt once again. In space, the British space fleet numbers 80 and the second Martian colony is built. The population of the Venusian habitat approaches 3000 and five new Venusian gas production facilities are constructed. Work on warp-drives continues while experiments on asteroid mining and the automation of existing mining facilities begins. On Earth, the UK holds the fourth Great Exhibition, inviting investors, startups, and tech companies from around the world.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Prime Minister Akari Kobayashi introduces new reforms and laws this year made towards the work culture. Among the issues addressed include: companies are barred from pressuring workers to stay late, workers are not allowed to work more than 48 hours a week maximum, employees are guaranteed several days off for holidays and vacation, women have the right to work and have equal rights and benefits. Daycares are also being set up so that women have a place to drop off their children. This move is welcomed by citizens across Japan. Meanwhile, the news in Brazil has some citizens worried about the AI, and some laws are proposed that would limit the AI and prevent them from being a potential threat. JAXA's plans to establish a base on Europa continues, with giving an estimate that one will be established by 2081. Niikagoshima sees little growth due to Venus' hostile climate, and as such the colony is made mostly into a research station. Matsushiro and Hirosaki are seeing slight growth, with Matsushiro having 1023 in population and Hirosaki having 777 in population. Tokyo is the first to make the transition into a megacity by 2074, and begins incorporating the entirety of Kanagawa Prefecture first. Saitama and Chiba Prefecture are expected to be absorbed in the following years. Hakodate and Wakkanai continue to expand, and are expected to absorb the rest of the Oshima and Sōya Subprefectures by 2074. Ishikari Subprefecture becomes the Sapporo Subprefecture after Sapporo had absorbed and incorporated all of Ishikari Subprefecture into its city.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Republic of British Columbia: Some citizens begin protests, saying they want their country back, and other citizens wants the military to just take the entirety of Alaska, for "unknown" reasons, The Canadian/British Columbian Department of AI Research and Development ups the spending and research of military equipment and clothes that are invisible to AI. We announce the incident in Brazil is why we banned the development of advanced AI long ago. We continue our development of new scud missiles.
  • Algeria flag Algeria/Maghreb Empire: While staying mostly neutral during WWIII, we are not without change. Now spanning most/all of Northern Africa, we reform into the Great Maghreb Empire. The Maghrebian Constitution is written, and in it, we make sure that all people have equal rights. We begin the development of  new weapons based off the designs we bought from Germany decades ago. The United Algerian Space Agency is reformed into the Maghreb Imperial Space Foundation (or MISF). With our original plan to send a man into space failed, we make new plans to send men to space by 2080. We also make plans to set up a space elevator by 2085, to help accelerate its construction, we ask to buy metals from Prussia. [Prussian Response Needed]
    • ​German Dip: We accept the offer.


Alaska builds up defenses alongside their border with British Columbia, preparing for war. The conflict between Mexico and California shifts, as Utah and Texas reintegrate into the American Union.

A growing call for British Columbia to take up a new name prompts the government to drop the "British" in their name at least.

India gains several allies, including DAU members and Oman. Relations between the EASC and India begin as well.

Brazil creates their own alliance, the Santiago Treaty Organisation, or STO. It is immediately populated by existing Brazilian allies and puppet states. This prompts India to form their own alliance, the Kolkata Security Treaty Organisation, alongside existing allies and puppet states.

Parts of the Zürich Treaty enter effect, including the division of West Africa into separate states, some occupational. Sudan surrenders most territorial claims and faces the annexation of some regions.

Brazil creates another sentient AI, this time it can't kill itself :)

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Prime Minister Akari Kobayashi introduces new reforms and laws this year this time curbing hate speech, and passes a law similar to Germany's Strafgesetzbuch law forbidding hate speech, and denial of Japan's war crimes are now forbidden and breaking the law is met with jail time. Whitewashing of history is also banned, and history textbooks must now cover the actions of Japan during World War II properly, similar to how Germany does it. A ban on the enshrinement of war criminals (especially the Class A war criminals) is also put into place. Yasukuni Shrine obeys the new law and de-shrines all war criminals, including the Class A war criminals. Prime Minister Akari Kobayashi also formerly apologises for Japan's war crimes and atrocities in the Second World War. These actions are welcomed by the Zainichi Koreans and Chinese in Japan, as are most of the Japanese citizens, who by now are really tired of parties like the Liberal Democrats who continue to act like Japan did nothing wrong. The nationalist and far-right politicians complains, but most of the citizens are really annoyed by them and just want the issue to be put to rest once and for all. Tokyo continues the transition, and finishes incorporating all of Kanagawa Prefecture, and begins incorporating all of Saitama Prefecture.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: We officially declare war upon Yosemite, citing Re-Conquest as our casus belli. 1500 S-92s are sent to the front lines, along with 1.6 million of our most elite troops,
    Invasion of Yosemite

    If you don't know what the colors mean, look in the archives.

    while the remaining troops, 900,000, are being sent as Garrison forces to ensure peaceful re-integration into the American Republic. [Mod Response Required] We continue to prepare for the launch of the Venusian Colony, and the American Strategic Space Forces are created as a sub-branch of the Air Force, much like the Marines are a sub-branch of the Navy. We send men and supplies back to our Martian colony, years after abandoning it. We begin to work on our first military space-fleet, which is going to be made up of the first American military Starship, which is being named the Savannah Class, after Savannah Hills, the leader of the first American lunar colony.
    Savannah Class Starship

    Computer Render of the Savannah Class Starship.

    We stay out of the STO, despite being a Brazilian Ally, as we currently cannot afford a possible war with the KSTO, as we are currently using most of our resources reclaiming the US
    • Mod Response: Due to the overwhelming support for the democratic cause of the American Republic, the Californian Empire slowly breaks down from the inside, before the Americans start advancing. Nevada has been reclaimed, and advance towards San Francisco continues.
  • Flag of Senegal Senegal Free Movement | West African Republic: After the treaty of Zurich is signed, we officially declare our independence as West African Republic. Before this, I will tell some round-up in 2069 and 2070. I will add more later...
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: In a joint speech to the public by the PM and King William, it is revealed that 30 of the 100 current British space craft are armed. During the same speech, it is announced the formation of the Royal Space Force. As of now, it contains all 30 of the armed ships. Production of dedicated space military craft is begun with an estimated 50 more craft by next year. 50 more navy vessels are sent to Hudson Bay and 300,000 troops are placed on high-alert. In other news, Britain successfully integrates laser pulse artillery [shooting high-energy lasers out of weapons] and begins manufacturing tanks and aircraft with said technology. While the technology is noticeably more expensive than old-school weaponry, the ammo costs next to nothing to produce as its Hydrogen base is plentiful and functions in space.


Stand by for map changes maybe tomorrow.

Several nations launch their space fleets, some commercial, some governmental, some military. The largest space fleet stands at 143 spacecraft by Brazil.

We're out of oil. Despite this, business continues as usual as no one really uses oil anymore.

Civil strife in the Abbasid Caliphate. Several factions rise up to fight for power, including the former house of Saud, Neo-Assyria, Hezbollah, the Emirate of Mecca, the Sultanate of Aden, the Emirate of Dubai, alongside several others.

  • New Prussian Germany German Empire: We officially launch our space fleet, establishing it as part of the defense branch as the Weltraumkräfte. Standing at 40 ships currently, we plan to expand this by the end of the year. Two new lunar colonies are being planned, and construction should be a lot easier with our current space fleet to assist. We send resources to the Mahgrebian Federation to assist them in the construction of their space elevator.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: We officially re-christen our Martian Colony as Freedom. Our invasion of Yosemite continues, as we implore resistance groups to join the American Armed forces, seeing as all people living in former US lands are already considered citizens.
    Polka Arrow California

    Invasion of Yosemite, Phase II

    [Mod Response Required] We have constructed 30 Savannah Class Starships, which we will launch as soon as the next 70 are built. We continue modernizing the US, with the Eastern Seaboard looking like something from a 20th Century Sci-Fi show, we begin modernizing the Interior of America, while also expanding Nature reserves.
    • Mod Response: Several resistance groups answer the call, accelerating the decline of California.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Prime Minister Akari Kobayashi together with JAXA begins planning of Japan's own space fleet for use of defence, as well as travel. Tokyo continues the transition, and finishes incorporating all of Saitama Prefecture, and begins incorporating all of Chiba Prefecture. As Tokyo is on its way being finished being turned into a megacity, the cities of Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe begins their plans of merging and turning into a megacity and sets 2079 as the official start date to begin the merge. Meanwhile, several new laws are passed restricting the abilities of AI so situations like what happened in Brazil two years ago does not happen. The Liberal Democratic Party begins to lose some non-right wring members as some goes their own way, or joins other political parities, as such the party no longer has a Big tent ideology. Nippon Kaigi also begins to fracture, especially due to several members being arrested for their continued hate speech and war crimes denial. Some new nature reserves are established and bans on construction of expanding into said nature reserves are put into place. Meanwhile, Matsushiro sees more slight expansion, and population now stands at 1273.
  • Flag of Senegal West African Republic: (Okay, the turns are running so fast, let me continue my story) ROUND UP: In 2069, the Senegal Free Movement (SMF) members raised their guns to fight the Malian tyranny, starting a civil war in West Africa. SFM members seized Dakar in three months. Another cities in Senegal and Gambia were also taken by the SMF: Saint-Louis, Touba, Tambacounda, Ziguinchor, and Banjul, thanks to Brazil for their supports. Next year, SMF continued to gain more lands, as of 2070, all of territories of former Senegal and Gambia are occupied by SMF. SMF also started to attack Bissau and Conackry in Guinea region, battles between SMF and Mali continued until the WWIII was declared to be ended. SMF was one of the participant in the Treaty of Zürich, which making way for Senegalese people to regain their independence. Discussions are held between representatives from Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, and Guinea-Bissau, making new decisions for name of the nation, West African Republic. West Africa, a known-name of the nation was born on 20 August 2071, the same date when Senegal proclaimed independence 111 years ago.... Louise Diarra was appointed as the first president of West African Republic, many programs are launched to rebuild the nation, focusing on economy.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM New Canadian Republic: Citizens vote on the new name of our country, and the most popular option is the most obvious option (obviously). We construct our first military space craft, the Vancin Class Star Ship, and we plan to construct ten of them by 2080. Vancouver and Richmond become one large mega-city. We send support to the American Republic with their war against Yosemite. We construct our first AI invisible tank and plan to run hundreds of tests within the next five years.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The Royal Space Force currently comprises 80 military spacecraft armed with laser based weapons. Each of the Lunar and Martian colonies open a small military community of around 1000 troops each and a military base is constructed on the Moon. When completed, it will house 10,000 full-time troops and will be the training ground for the British Army's Foreign Space Body Division (FSBD), the part of the British Army tasked with fighting on foot on foreign space bodies. An orbiting space base is built around Earth to train members of the Royal Space Force (RSF), the British Armed Forces' space division. They fight solely in Space Craft and delegate fighting on foot on foreign bodies to the FSBD. The Royal Space Force has a current membership of 40,000, similar to the RAF's membership count of 45,000. The total head count of the British Armed Forces, all divisions included is roughly 2.3 million from total UK population of 115 million. King William and the PM make a joint speech proclaiming that the UK isn't merely a country bound to Earth but that all citizens Earth or Space based are equal and that the UK is a post Earth-bound nation. Long Live the United Kingdom!
  • Algeria flag Maghreb Empire: With the Abbasid Caliphate in turmoil, we send out an announcement to the factions saying that if they join us, we will give them equal rights and representation in our government. [Mod Response Needed] We begin to up our military to two million, arming them with the weapons we bought from Germany. We make reforms to our education system to put it up to date with every other major country.  WIP
    • Mod Response: A few factions announce their allegiance to Maghrebia, mainly in the western regions.
  • Flag of Turkey  Turkey: Now the Abbasid Caliphate is decentralized we invade the former Turkish lands that are annexed by the Caliphate. '[Mod Response Needed] WIP'
    • Mod Response: A few regions are taken, but advance is halted by the newly declared Anatolian Republic.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: With the war over, we focus on improving our economy. Integration campaigns on newly annexed regions are generally successful. With our space industry very outdated, we realize that we will soon have the lower hand in every case. We start researching lunar colonies and working on improving our spaceships' designs. We also begin a project to upgrade our new-generation pulse rifles in order to keep them one of the best models in the world.


The Middle East becomes another warzone, with factions erupting chaos and disruption. Several states have already been established, including Anatolia, Mecca, Dubai, the United Sultanates of Oman, Neo Assyria, Damascus and several others. India and Brazil both pledge support to rebel factions on opposite ends, and begin assisting them.

Busan becomes an extremely developed economy, in a fashion similar to Singapore.

California is on the verge of surrender, and the American Republic is edging closecloser to San Francisco by the day.

A fledgling trade route is established between orbital stations and lunar colonies. This is expected to grow as time goes on.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held this year, with Akari Kobayashi being elected for another term. The Liberal Democratic Party, shortly after poor performance and results in the election, officially disbands and fractures into smaller parties. Japanese Kokoro sees the most rise in seats, being increased by 19. Two new political parities established are the New Renaissance party (ideology: Conservatism, Economic liberalism, Japanese nationalism; leans Centre-right), and the Liberal Republican Party (ideology: Conservatism, Economic liberalism, Anti-communism; leans right-wing). Komeito becomes the main opposition to the Constitutional Democratic Party, along with the Nippon Ishin no Kai. Tokyo finishes the transition, and finishes incorporating all of Chiba Prefecture. Tokyo is now officially a megacity by November. In Hokkaido, Hakodate and Wakkanai has incorporated all of Oshima and Sōya Subprefectures into its city, respectively. Plans for a space fleet for defence and travel are set into motion, and is set for completion by 2085.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Diplomats and investors go to Busan to establish better trade and diplomatic connections with the nation-state. With laser weaponry research fully complete, the Royal Space Force comprises 150 space craft of assorted function including troop transport and individual fighters. As time marches on, the Venusian colony reaches a population of 10,000 and is given two seats in Parliament and limited home rule by the technocratic Governor. An experimental mining craft is sent to mine an asteroid in the Asteroid Belt. In other news, we offer the various independent Pacific island nations the chance to join the UK. If they join, the UK will immediately send assistance to prevent the sea from ending said nations. [Mod Response]
    • ​Mod Response: They politely decline the offer, as they have acquired methods to survive sea level fluctuations.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM New Republic of Canada: We ask the United Kingdom to help us in a planned attack on Alaska [Player Response Needed]. We get our scud missiles ready for attack and our air-force does tests in case of attack everyday.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: In a secret meeting with the New Republic of Canada, British military generals discuss and agree to an attack and invasion of Alaska on the single condition of being granted the peninsula west of the towns Koyuk and Buckland, as well as the islands of Diomede and St Lawrence Island.
    • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canadian Diplomacy: We agree to these terms.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: To increase stability in our country, we begin preparing reforms to introduce a two-party system in our country. We also send diplomats to Busan and Japan in order to improve our relations and to open trade between us. We would also like to establish a research agreement between us [Player and Mod Responses Needed].
    • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Akari Kobayashi of Japan agrees to open trade and improve relations.
    • Mod Response: Busan agrees, too.
  • Flag of ColombiaGreat Colombia: After Venezuelan and Panamanian nationalist groups began to rebel against Gran Colombia, more than 160,000 troops attacked Panamanian and Venezuelan rebels [Mod Response Needed]. And then the province of Ecuador, began electoral elections of who would be the new governor. Juan Jimenez won a candidate loved by many who won two consecutive elections, but he was very hypocritical and that was not pleasant. President Marcos Talavera began to build several public schools in the nation. And other than that, Gran Colombia began sending space stations, and one was sent to Saturn to mine its metal-rich asteroids.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: We intercept the message of the British and Canadian plan of invading Alaska, and we launch a diplomatic protest, and ahead of this, we send the message to Alaska, and ask them to join us immediately for the safety of their own people. [Mod Response Required] We continue to march for reuniting the Continental United States, sending 50,000 more S-92 tanks to the front, as they, despite being incredibly able on the battlefield, are extremely cheap to produce. We begin adopting Lightning War tactics on the front to end the already exhausted dictatorship, and re-unite the Lower 48 under one banner. After experimentations with Anti-matter warp drive, we use some of the spare antimatter, 1.7 grams to be exact, to obliterate San- Francisco after telling citizens to flee the area through radio. [Mod Response Required] our Space Fleet is finally launched, with 76 operational starships. New Pittsburgh has reached a population of 15,000. It has not received representation in Congress yet, although the population is increasing dramatically. After a mass shooting in Charlotte, the second amendment, and by extension the whole constitution is being put into question.
    • Mod Response: Alaska promises their entry into the American Republic if they help them fend off British Columbia and friends.
      • American Response: We agree to these terms. We also ask Brazil for their support in this conflict, as they agreed to help re-unite the USA under our banner. [Mod Response Required]
        • Mod Response: Brazil would be happy to assist the reclamation of former American territory, but does not wish for direct combat themselves.
  • Indian Flag India: We send heavy military support to Middle East rebels, giving them 250 tanks, 200,000 men and 1000 aircraft. Our Venusian colonies receive modifications and 10,000 new citizens. We place 25% of our budget into infrastructure, building a new mega-city named Jayesh providing over 100,000 jobs in construction and soon providing ten million homes or more and at the minimum of 14 million jobs. Many new projects are started to not only create new jobs, but to modernize our country in more ways than one. Diplomats are sent to Canada and the United Kindom and are willing to help with the invasion of Alaska with no return for the offer. [Player Response Needed]. The military plans to build a new larger and more modern nuclear arsenal and hope this can be achieved by 2090.
  • Flag of Senegal West Africa: We continue to rebuild economy of West Africa, main roads are upgraded and greatly improved. Dakar, the capital, becomes economic and commercial center. Skyscrapers are started to be built, most of new high buildings are owned by private companies. This year, the government will focus on rebuilding in Senegal region and former capitals, such as Conackry, Freetown and Monrovia. Economy of the nation still gains foreign exchange from fish, minerals, agriculture, tourism, and service. The government have program to decrease unemployment rate to 5%, and to clear slums in large cities, such as Dakar, Conackry, Saint-Louis, Freetown, and Monrovia. Slum dewellers will be relocated to government's multi-story apartment. We also start to build residential area for slum dwellers. Military is also improved, we start recruiting unemployed citizens.


Shit's gonna get real again soon.

Brazil announces the successful containment of yet another antimatter storage facility, marking the existence of the fourth antimatter facility worldwide, and the second one in Brazil. The Indian antimatter storage facility is unveiled to the public shortly after.

Japan, France, Mexico and Iran announce their decision to invest in antimatter research, publicly listing scientific reasons.

The Abbasid Caliphate can barely hold on to itself, and at this point they're going to die. Breakaway states battle under the orders of their superpower overlords, as the Middle East devolves into the conflict that dominated its days in the late 20th century and early 21st century.

It should be noted that most nations have the capability to defend against nuclear attacks, as well as partially contain fallout using superconductive fence fields.

California is dead.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: With the announcement and investment of antimatter research for scientific research, several Japanese citizens see through this and do not take this well, and begin wishing for a neutral Japan. A few parties, such as the Japanese Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party began seeing rise in members due to their Pacifism ideology along with aiming for a restoration of Article IX for the Japanese Constitution. A few Constitutional Democratic Party politicians begin leaving to other political parties as well, though it still remains a majority in the house, for now anyway. A few local elections take place in a few prefectures and multiplicities, notably Hokkaido (with Sapporo, Hakodate and Wakkanai), Aomori, Kōchi (and Kōchi City), Niigata, and Okinawa, and sees victory for either the Japanese Communist Party (popular across Hokkaido, Aomori, and Niigata), or the Social Democratic Party (Kōchi, Kōchi City, Wakkanai, Okinawa, Sapporo). Meanwhile, Matsushiro sees more expansion, and population rises to 1653, while Hirosaki has a population of 1985.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: After several years of reunification and war, we have finally re-united the former American Republics under one banner. Our modernization of America moves into the western states, hoping to fully modernize our cities by 2080. The constitution that has governed America for almost 300 years begins to see massive revisions, with the Second Amendment being tweaked so that only rifles are legally allowed to be owned by citizens, and they are required to have at least one and a maximum of five. After our Antimatter bomb was dropped, we begin to produce it in vast quantity, (compared to what you could do right now) with us being able to create one gram of Antimatter per seven months. The use of Antimatter for peaceful usage also continues to be researched, as FTL travel like we have been researching, but also as a possible power source. New Pittsburgh climbs to a population of 27,500, while Freedom climbs to 10,000. Our Venusian colony begins its' final stage of preparation for habitation, which should be completed in three years. Many soldiers leave the army after California collapses and we annex it, however we still possess a large army of 2.6 million soldiers. After the first sentient AI is created in America, a law is passed giving Sentient AI manufactured in the Republic gains citizenship. Fortifications begin being built along the Canadian and British borders after several small skirmishes during the Alaska Incident. Another power source we begin to invest in is Fusion power, as studies have found that a resource abundant in Jupiter's atmosphere, Helium-3, can be used to create Fusion relatively easily and cheaply, to the point where free electricity would be a thing in the Republic.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: The government drops the "New Republic" and decide to go with just Canada. Our Lunar and Martian colonies gain seats in Congress, gaining four seats in the Senate for each colony, and one representative in the house. Each province territory or colony gets seats in congress. Each territory/province/colony gets one seat in the house every 400,000 citizens. We up military spending to $35 billion dollars and infrastructure up to $20 billion. Our population hits 17 million and Vancouver (which is now combined with Richmond) hits a population of four million. Our military is increased to 1.6 million soldiers. We start mass producing military equipment. The space fleets 5th vehicle is built and completed, and funding is put into a Venusian colony. The first presidential election of the new Canada is held and Laura Jade of the Republican Party wins by a landslide of 51% of the popular vote, and we don't have an electoral college. The Democratic Party nominee Samuel Lam says "I lost because I didn't tackle unemployment" which was a growing problem at the time. The senate becomes Democratic majority whilst the house is at a 80% Republican margin. We begin researching antimatter technology and ask to sign an agreement with the United Kingdom and India to do a joint research project [Player Responses Needed].
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We agree to research antimatter jointly.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: After extensive talks with America, Alaska and Canada, Britain annexes the peninsula west of the Alaskan town of Koyuk as well as the islands of Diomede and St Lawrence. The British Government respects American claims of the south coast of Alaska as well as Canadian claims of the rest of Alaska. Experts are sent in to establish British prescence and to integrate the territoty into the UK. Elections and a naming referendum are to beld next year. All troops on the American border are ordered to stand down. We mean America no harm.
  • New Prussian Germany German Empire: We announce our decision to invest in antimatter research as a means of spatial propulsion, with no military intent. We begin making preparations to launch a space station in orbit around Mars to serve as a docking station for incoming craft. 


Alaska is formally divided between the American Republic, Canada and the United Kingdom. Hawaii remains independent tho.

Brazil announces their plans to be the first to achieve interstellar travel, namely Alpha Centauri. It is expected to take a few good decades, but India begs to differ, announcing their own program.

The Abbasid Civil War basically turns into a proxy war between India and Brazil, supplying rebel factions with arms in hopes of gaining extra prescense in the region.

A new record of air travel has been set, with Tesla's Elon III travelling at 6000 kilometers above sea level at Mach 8.6, setting the fastest record for circumnavigating the globe using an unmanned craft.

Elephants are extinct now. I HOPE Y'ALL ARE HAPPY.

The President of Brazil releases a statement, detailing "we are no longer interested in the destructive prospect of nuclear weapons, and announce the total decommissioning of all Brazilian warheads. Let us enter a century without the prospect of nuclear war, as it so heavily dominated our last (century)."

The outbreak of Ebola is finally contained by international efforts.

  • American Republic flag American Republic: For the first time in decades, a new flag flies over the entirety of the American State: The Stars and Stripes. This causes mass celebrations within the streets, as due to the revanchism that everyone seems to have adopted. Despite being allies with Brazil, we continue to push towards getting to Alpha Centauri first. Our reports say that on a fuel of 17 grams of antimatter, we could reach Alpha Centauri in Three years. It would take us six years to accumulate this amount though, and it is not nearly as fast as our project wants to achieve. The entire project is expected to take until 2092, as we need to test this several times, however by this time we expect to have achieved the first Warp Probes, which shall be sent ahead of the manned mission to allow for pre-mission scouting. We have finally completed our project to modernize America, with all trains and subways being replaced with Hyperloops. We redistribute our soldiers to be guarding the Canadian and British borders, while as hurricanes have been on the rise for several decades, we come to the Caribbean with an offer. You may join us, and receive American funding for the rebuilding of your nations and disaster relief, or after the hurricanes destroy all of your production, we will seize your land by force. [Mod Response Required]
    • ​Mod Response: They join out of fear, as Brazil is increasingly throwing support behind the United States.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: In light of several protests and worries, Prime Minister Akari Kobayashi goes ahead and stops antimatter research. A law is passed banning all WMDs as well as the creation of any WMDs, and any WMDs Japan currently has will be taken apart (such as EMPs). The use of antimatter for any kind of weapons or military use are also banned. Approval ratings of the prime minister go up again following the bans. Meanwhile, the city of Kōchi expands to include a few more neighbouring towns and other cities within its prefecture. The Hokkaido Shinkansen begins extending its railway to reach all the way to Wakkanai. The Shikoku Railway Company begins seeing expansion of railway lines as well.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: We place a massive sheep farm near our border with America with a giant billboard saying "You've Been Attacked by Sleepy Sheepies!" Although the billboard is taken down and replaced within a day, the new one said "Sleepy Sheepies!" The new southern part of Canada is now the province of South Canada and the Alaskan territory is named, Alaska (kept it simple, kept it right). We continue to build large amounts military equipment either modern or old. We build 400 of America's old M1 Abrams although they're obsolete, they still work well.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The British Overseas Territory of Bering Alaska is officially proclaimed, known as Bering Alaska for short. Autonomy similar to Gibraltar is granted. In other news, plans for the world's first asteroid ship is underway. The general idea is to remotely obtain, terraform and outfit an asteroid into a civilian ship of epic proportions. When complete, this technology will largely be for interplanetary travel and transport. The possibility of having the space equivalent of an aircraft carrier is also on the table. Britain invests one billion pounds into the joint Anglo-Canadian antimatter research project and we invite Germany and France to join, with Canada's permission of course. The new scientific alliance will mark an era of scientific cooperation between these major regional powers. [Player & Mod Responses]
    • ​German Dip: We accept.
    • Mod Response: France accepts.
    • Canadian Dip: We will allow Germany and France to join.


The Abbasid Caliphate no longer exists, as factions have taken control of separate territories within the failing state. Strife still exists, mainly between the Brazilian-backed Kurds and the Indian ally of Iran. Tensions only rise after two Brazilian-supplied VTOLs are downed by Iranian forces.

Poland experiences riots in majority Ukrainian Territory. These are put down violently, but they spark a full on rebellion aiming for independence or high levels of autonomy.

A large typhoon strikes Indonesia, causing massive damage, hundreds of lives lost, and several islands in the archipelago are underwater. This is considered the largest typhoon / cyclone / hurricane ever recorded.

Newborn Males now have a dangerously low sperm count. Birth rates begin to decline.

Cacao Trees have been farmed to extinction as no new seeds are able to be planted as they are all put into chocolate. GOOD JOB. FIRST ELEPHANTS AND NOW CHOCOLATE.

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet has completely melted. Sea levels have risen several meters, causing nations that have not prepared to have coastlines swallowed

A French rocket crashes into Rio de Janeiro after miscalculations on flight trajectory. Brazilian Allies quickly impose sanctions on France.

  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: The Canadian government puts a mandatory order for all males of age 16 and above to donate as much sperm as possible to help if possible extinction of sperm. Scientists begin looking into alternatives to male sperm, but nothing is likely to come of it. With it becoming harder for people to have children, many orphanages are almost empty and some have closed down. Abortions are now illegal as to keep the population growing, even if it is slow. We double the size of our "Sleepy Sheepies" farm and wool becomes a very common thing in Canada. Quite a bit of our north Alaskan territory consists of factories because of the lack of people in northern Alaska. We put five billion Canadian Dollars into our antimatter research research project and will continue to place five billion into it annually.
  • US 56 Star Flag United States of America: After the Caribbean Annexation, we begin to build Hurricane-Resistant infrastructure inside the new territories. Our Venusian Colony is finally complete, and it is named New Richmond. We begin to encourage coastal populations to leave to extraterrestrial colonies or the interior of the country until seawalls can be built. This is expected to take 2-3 years. All of our power now comes from Renewable energy, and we begin pressuring other nations to switch fully to renewable energy as to stop climate change. We intervene directly in the Middle Eastern Conflict, supporting Brazilian Allies in the region to help consolidate this region under our control. We order our troops to attack any Indian or Iranian forces at sight following the downing of Brazilian VTOLs. We begin working on a project that, if successful, will save the human race from extinction. We call it Project Genesis, and it is a project to create Synthetic humans based off of the genes of two "parents" that shall be implanted into the mother and allowed to develop naturally from then on.
  • Indian Flag India: Ten billion Rupees (which have increased in value) are placed into the antimatter research project and France and Germany are welcomed into the research project. Military presence in the middle east increases drastically. Interstellar travel research becomes popular among space program and scientists. Similar to Canada, men must donate as much sperm as possible to the government for repopulation if the worst case scenario happens.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Worried about the threat of future sea level rises, the Government in Tokyo begins the move to Ina, Nagano, further away from the sea. Ina is also declared as the new capital of Japan. Plans to deal with all these invasive sea are underway, and large walls and dams are considered. Several major cities are underwater, such as Osaka, Okayama, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Niigata, and Saga. Sapporo is also heavily affected. Meanwhile the cities of Hakodate and Wakkanai, having been able to expand their infrastructure during the expansion, are able to keep most of their expanded cities intact, but lost their original core, and begin efforts to push the water out. With the threat of lower birth rates, the government also begins to encourage citizens to have children. Scientists also begin looking into alternatives to keep human civilization alive. Matsushiro and Hirosaki begin rising in population, due to the rise in sea levels having some citizens flee to the space colonies. Matsushiro now has 3285 while Hirosaki has 3519. The government allows free travel to the space colonies in light of the rising sea levels, and encourages those living in coastal areas to move to the space colonies for now.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: We give former Ukrainian territories high levels of autonomy and tell the rebels to cease hostilities as their demands have been met [Mod Response Needed]. These regions will now be called "Ukrainia" and will be an autonomous part of the Republic of Poland. We proudly announce that next year our scientific projects will finally be complete (improve new-generation pulse rifles and lunar colonies). Projects of our rockets (spaceships) have been improved and now are fully up to the modern standard. We also start a project to establish more renewable energy power plants. We estimate that when it is complete in three years, Poland will running entirely on renewable energy. Country-wide wifi is finally established. Our president, Grzegorz Kamczak, states, that the "technological boom" has begun in Poland and soon we'll be as advanced as other nations in the world (now most of our technology, except military and few other categories, is very outdated when compared to other developed nations. But this will soon change due to our efforts). 25 regular tanks are built, and our president states, that this is the final expansion of our army for a long time, and now Poland will focus mainly on research and bringing peace to our world. We start planning on upgrading our PL-01 tanks projects, but we do not plan to build any, only to upgrade the already existing ones when the improved projects are complete. We will do the same with our new-generation pulse rifles, when their improved projects are complete.
    • Mod Response: Majority agree to the terms provided, but a few extremists maintain their demands for independent Ukrainian regions.
  • New Prussian Germany German Empire: We begin projects similar to those in the US, Japan and Canada, as well as a genetic synthesis project aimed at restructuring the human genetic code to increase fertility. Sea walls are constructed in low lying coastal areas, as well as early warning buoys in Helgoland Bight and the Baltic Sea to protect against large waves. We assure to Brazil that the French missile strike was not intentional.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Investment into the joint antimatter research project is increased to 5B annually. In other news, 10B pounds is spent on reclaiming land/raising the land of the coastlines of the British Isles and any low-lying coastal areas in North Canada. The government offers tax incentives (to a point) for sperm donations. A new project is opened where the genes of parents will be artificially implanted into human eggs and placed into the mother. The only issue faced is that poor communities cannot afford this procedure. However, some say this is good as it will reduce poverty. In other news, manned missions to Titan begin in the hopes of colonising the moon. A robotic mission is sent to Phobos and Deimos to explore the possibility of outfitting the tiny moons into orbiting space stations and docking facilities. This comes hand in hand with the beginning of Project Outfitter, the official name of the British project to outfit extraterrestrial space bodies for whatever function including asteroid ships and moon stations. The Royal Space Fleet ios expanded to include a swarm of 5000 car-sized ships that act as one. It continues to be expanded.
  • Flag of Senegal West Africa: Moussa Diakhite, former leader of SMF and influential man during West African Civil War, from Social and Justice Party is elected as new president of West Africa. During his presidency, West Africa becomes more separated from Brazil's influences, but still develop good relations between two nations. When the news about missiles incident in Rio, we stay neutral, West Africa does not put sanctions on France. It is because we have good relations with both France and Brazil. Half of slums with semi-permanent buildings in Dakar are cleared, slums dwellers are moved into cozy multi-story apartments. These slums will be rebuilt as parks or new modern residential area. We start to build wall in coastal cities to hold the floods.



France offers compensation for the Rio incident, but relations still remain tense.

The largest geoengineering project is underway, aiming to "flood the Sahara" and bring back fertile lands to the increasingly desertified area. The Sahara Megalake Project is funded by prospective nations in West Africa and Brazil.

The civil war in the Abbasid Caliphate has somewhat solidified, but tensions remain high between the Arab states and their respective overlords.

The entire city of Venice is elevated to a height safe from rising sea levels, courtesy of a new project that elevates a settlement using hydraulics and superconducters.

Iran tells the United States to "stop waving your guns like maniacs. You've no right to be here, and we do not intend to repeat history.", citing conflicts in the Middle East earlier this century. Brazil does not comment on this, but sends a message to the United States, asking them not to accelerate this into an even larger conflict.

  • US 56 Star Flag United States of America: We agree to pull out of the Middle East. However, we do keep about 500 men in expeditionary forces to keep track of the conflicts and try to maintain peace. Progress continues on building Hurricane Resistant buildings and infrastructure in the Caribbean. The Caribbean territories are divided up into The Cuba Territory, The Bahamas Territory, The Jamaica Territory, the Hispaniola Territory (Haiti and The Dominican Republic OTL), and the Antilles Territory. (everything that was not mentioned, including Puerto Rico.)
    Hurricane Proof-City

    City of Havana, Cuba Territory, after being reconstructed to resist hurricanes.

    Our project to create Synthetic Humans has gone well, with experimentation set to begin next year. New Pittsburgh has quickly risen in population to 100,000 after refugees poured into the city after citizens were told to leave coastal cities for Extraterrestrial colonies. Freedom and New Richmond experience similar population influxes, with New Richmond becoming the fastest growing city in American history. Plans begin to be made on creating new lunar and Martian cities. These new cities are planned to be finished by 2082 due to the fact that they may be assembled on the surface of those extraterrestrial bodies. Mining begins on Mars and the Moon, with New Richmond becoming a "Space Drydock" of sorts. Our Space Force has reached 170 ships, with new designs being pondered with energy weapons. The CDC begins to work on the ability to prevent and cure cancer using nanobots that could be injected at birth. This is expected to be a few years away, and synthetic organs also begin to be developed.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held this year with Yumiko Ishikawa from the Constitutional Democratic Party winning. The Nippon Ishin no Kai sees a rise in seats due to its ideology of localism, and becomes the main opposition party. The Japanese Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party also gains several seats, while Komeito and Japanese Kokoro lose a few seats. Sea walls begin to be built and in some places, the sea water begins to be pushed out. Hokkaido's prefectural capital is moved to Wakkanai and Osaka Prefecture is dissolved and merged into Hyogo Prefecture. JAXA's plans to establish a base on Europa continues, and the first spaceships will be launched in 2080, and a base established by 2081. Scientists continue looking into alternatives to keep human civilization alive, and looks to synthetic humans. Project on synthetic humans begins after further research. Matsushiro and Hirosaki continue to see a rise in population. Niikagoshima also sees a slight rise as well, and its population is at 380. The development of space fleets begin to speed up slightly with a bit more funding, and now aims to be completed by 2083.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: Our country has a little to much wool, (what did you expect from a 10 square kilometer Sleepy Sheepie Farm?) so we start sending it up north for citizens that live in the harsh cold temperatures. We continue our research in Anti-Matter technology. We officially announce our Venusian Colony and will be complete in 2082. Our Martian Colony hits a population of 50,000 and our Lunar colony reaches 60,000. President Jade signs Executive Order 18 to build a seawall along the entire coast of Canada.
  • New Prussian Germany German Empire: Cross-genetic referencing is conducted on blood samples of senior citizens and the youngest member of their genetic lineage. Differences outside physical features or genetic disease within the genome are ignored, and the potential gene behind infertility is to be isolated. Infrastructure is redeveloped, allowing for easier expansion in high density urban areas. Antimatter research has proven successful, safely synthesizing 0.00000002 micrograms of antimatter in the facility at Darmstadt.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Project Outfitter successfully constructs the world's first asteroid ship, a small asteroid outfitted and transformed into a large transport ship capable of carrying thousands of tons of cargo. Work begins on a second asteroid ship, this one being a livestock transport ship to allow for livestock to be transported to space colonies for the first time en masse. On Phobos and Deimos, work begins in carving out underground stations and bases into the asteroid sized moons. The first British probe lands on Titan and establishes a base camp for a manned flight next year.


Project Megalake takes effect in the Sahara, with the detonation of miniscule antimatter bombs in several locations around the desert. Three depressions have been formed so far, and are designated to be flooded with water via canals. These depressions are known as Fezzan, Maghreb and Chad.

Brazil launches the first stage of their Alpha Centauri program, with the deployment of around 30 Von Neuman probes currently on their lunar colony.

Standard spacecraft can now travel to the Moon and back again 3 times thanks to newer models, while plans for private travel to Mars is under works by Tesla and their subsidiaries.

The last Cavendish banana tree succumbs to blight. The long, yellow and inappropriately shaped fruit we all know and love no longer exists. Attempts to recreate the Cavendish banana from existing, albeit shitty banana species is underway.

Several nations lay claims to asteroids in their own programs similar to the United Kingdom's, resulting in an extensive cataloging of asteroids followed by a surge of craft arriving for conversion or mining.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: With the construction of seal walls and sea water being pushed out, a few cities manage to start recovery efforts to restore the cities that were affected by the sea level rise. Niigata, Nagoya, Osaka, Saga, Tokyo and Sapporo all still have a good portion of their cities underwater, though with massive efforts to recover the cities, this should be resolved within the next few years. Hakodate and Wakkanai are able to recover their original cores of their cities, as did Kōchi and Toyama. Sado becomes the new capital of Niigata prefecture, having been moved from Niigata City. The project on synthetic humans continues, having decent results, and should become a thing by 2081.
  • US 56 Star Flag United States of America: Experiments on creating Synthetic Humans begin, using artificial wombs. These go surprisingly well, and are given to parents once they reach 2 months old. Tests in real wombs will begin in 2080. Our space program continues to flourish, with the new Lunar and Martian mining allows us to speed up the construction of seawalls, which are now finished, and coastal cities being repopulated. Socialist policies continue to be implemented, with free electricity, food, housing, transportation, and secondary education having been implemented. Education reform has been fully implemented, with education mainly being personalized for individual students, and being online. (Kind of like Khan Academy) As an effort to protect the populous of the United States, all new homes are to be installed with bunkers capable of withstanding a direct antimatter bomb, and many old ones being installed. This is mainly begun being put into practice as paranoia spreads because of the Alaskan Crisis. We send Diplomats to Iceland to discuss accession to the union (annexation) We propose that annexation would bring many advantages to the Island nation, as it would be protected from invasions from powers like Britain. [Mod Response Required] Funds continue to be poured into NASA, as prospects for an orbital station begin to surface. This would be a docking point for ships leaving and entering Earth, the main base of the Near Earth Fleet, and an excellent viewing point on how Canada is wasting their money on a sheep farm.
    • Mod Response: No.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: We complete researching lunar colonies and launch a mission to set one on the grey globe. Our new-generation pulse rifles are upgraded as they improved projects are complete. We start working on improving our PL-01 tank project. We estimate that it will take us about 2-3 years. We also begin working on a cell revitalization therapy - this enormous project, when completed, will significantly increase human lifespan. It is however very hard to complete, so we invite Germany, Busan, Japan, UK and the US to a joint research project [Player and Mod Responses Needed]. We also begin planning 'Operation: Gold Dragon', which goal will be to get rid of remaining extermists groups on Ukrainia. Most units participating in the operation will probably be part of air force, special forces or just a police - it will be a typical anti-terrorist operation. We ask the League of Nations for approval for the operation and ask them send an international force to assist us, at least by performing airstrikes on larger extermists' bases [Mod Response Needed]. We also grant 5 seats in our Sejm (a parliament) to the representatives of the autonomous region of Ukrainia. They will enter the parliement after the next election - which will take place in September this year. We also start medial campaigns to integrate our nations - from all regions, new and old. We do all these things to ensure that the Ukrainian groups who had put down their weapons will not join the extermists.
    • Flag of Japan Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Yumiko Ishikawa accepts the invitation for the research project.
    • Mod Response: Busan agrees to the proposal. The League of Nations permits limited military assistance to Operation: Gold Dragon.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: The seawall project takes full force with the first 100 miles complete. We wish to help Poland in their research project in expanding the human lifespan [Player Response Needed]. Operation Save the Fish has hit 2.5 billion fish of many different species and spanning all across South Canada. Plans are to release them when they hit 3 billion, although we're going to keep 200 million for more breeding. President Jade has announced she will not be re-running in the elections next year, which means the main Republican nominee is now Shawn Minister and the main Democratic nominee is Butch Yunger. Executive Order 21 is signed preventing private companies from transporting citizens to our space colonies to make sure the government knows who's going into space and knows what is in space. Executive Order 22 is signed the following day requiring background checks on anyone that enters the space colonies, trying to stop felons from entering space. The CSP sees a large funding boost, and they build 10 more Vancen Class Starships, which are deployed into space for the first time. Four of them are used for the protection of satellites whilst the others are used for peacekeeping.
    • Polish diplomacy: We accept your help and wish for a fruitful cooperation.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The Royal Space Fleet expands by another 2,000 car-sized remote controlled swarm ships. As Project Outfitters continues to work on the livestock transport ship, construction begins on 2 other asteroid ships, one for military purposes (space craft carrier) and another that will act as a mobile base for civilian space operations. Plans for dozens more asteroid ships are underway though reducing construction time is of foremost importance. Laws are imposed heavily regulating private space travel to the point of government monopoly to ensure all space personnel are documented to keep space safe. On Earth, 40 new private and government sea farms are built in the waters of North Canada supplying fish, seaweed, crustaceans and more to the Hudson Bay economic zone. Plans to export said food supplies will begin next year. On Phobos and Deimos, projections conclude construction will end by the middle of the next decade and will yield two orbiting space statins of epic proportions. Phobos will act as a civilian docking, refueling, offloading center so that ships may specialize in station-planet and station-space travel respectively thus reducing costs. Deimos on the other hand will be the single largest Space Force Base housing 3,000 of the 8,000 Swarm Fighters X as well as 2,000 personnel. A troupe of diplomats are sent to Greenland to discuss the possibility of entering a defense agreement (not joining the country) to protect each others interests in the Arctic. [Mod Response] Lastly, a troupe of diplomats are sent to America to try to resolve their perplexing obsession with the 'Alaskan Crisis' and their perceived yet non-existent threat from the UK. [Player Response (Just cool off please?)]
    • ​Mod Response: Greenland agrees to the defense agreement.
  • Indian Flag India: Plans for a seawall are carried out by the government providing over 500,000 construction jobs for citizens. The navy and air force see massive spending increases, with 6 new aircraft carriers and 70 new battle ships put into constructed for the navy and 2000 assorted heavy bombers and fighting jets. Diplomats are sent to Iceland and Greenland asking them if they want Indian military protection [Mod Response Needed]. 100 military space vehicles are built and launched into space. 56 are asked by the government to protect ally satellites and the other 44 are assigned to protect transport ships to and from Mars, Venus, and the Moon.
    • Mod Response: They respectfully decline, stating they can hold their own, but request a treaty that will call in India into wars they are defending against for trade access in the Arctic.


Greenland advises the United States to stop pursuing expansionist goals, and feels threatened themselves by the audacity of the United States to suggest annexation. Keep in mind that Greenland is a major trade power in the North Atlantic and Arctic Circle in comparison to the ice sheet it was earlier this century.

The Great Barrier Reef shows signs of recovery, which is the most promising news since every nation dropped the usage of oil as an energy source a few years back.

The Megalake Project is going smoothly, as water begins to pool in the depressions, and is expected to bring fertile lands to the Sahara for the first time in millenia. To maintain the relationship between the Amazon and the Sahara, the Western regions of the desert are left untouched.

Russia reforms itself into the Eurasian Union, comprising of most of its original states. It remains democratic, and establishes itself as a returning competitor of the United States. It also should be noted they have no relations with neither Brazil nor India.

Preliminary replicator technology is deployed in Venusian colonies, which allow for the synthesization of the gases in the Venusian atmosphere into a limited amount of resources, such as water or oxygen.

No one uses roads for driving anymore kek.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: The sea walls continue to be a success, as is the recovery of the cities along with draining of sea water. However, the newly established capitals for Hokkaido, Niigata, as well as the capital of Japan will remain in their new places instead of going back to its original capitals, even when the original capitals are fully recovered. Kōchi begins incorporating the rest of its prefecture into its city. JAXA's launches the spaceships this year, making their way towards Europa, with a base to be set up next year. With the growth and expansion of Matsushiro continuing, the Moriyama Prefecture is established with Matsushiro becoming its capital. The Hirakawa Prefecture is also established and Hirosaki becomes its capital.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: 5000 miles of 15,985 miles of the seawall is complete and more and more jobs are created through construction. Butch Yunger wins the election through a 88% vote and becomes the first Democrat President of Canada. Our Venusian Colony is coming along smoothly, and may be complete a year early. 10 more Starships are constructed, 4 are used for escorting convoys to and from Venus and 6 are used for peacekeeping. Operation Save the Fish hits 3.2 billion fish and 3 billion are released, one billion going to the Atlantic, one billion going to the Pacific, and one billion going to the Indian Ocean. The rest are kept for breeding again, and once we hit 3.2 billion again we will do the same as before. We begin the construction of our second Antimatter research facility and our first storage facility. Both facilities will be built just outside of Vancouver.
  • US 56 Star Flag United States of America: Major highways see conversions into Hyperloops, as no one uses them for driving. Ford, GM and Chrysler-Dodge see themselves being inadvertently shifted away from car production to the manufacturing of other things, especially military and space technology. We have discovered a way to bind only neutrons into a container which will allow us to store more antimatter. This was, however, not accomplished by the government, but by an independent company. We return the Greenlandic message of stopping imperial actions in the north Atlantic by sending them a postcard from Denmark, a gesture reminding them that not-so long ago they were still a colony themselves. We begin vigorously accepting refugees from flooded areas, quickly shooting up our population to 470 million. (50 million more than projected) We continue with our space program, now establishing a new deadline of colonizing Europa by 2090. This is expected to be impossible, but it's worth a shot.
  • Greece: As the next greek election rolls in, the world watches as Greek President Dimitri Anthes competes against APG and it's leader Anita Castellanos. After a long fought campaign, Anita loses the race though with her support still high, she holds rally's across the nation with her biggest yet in her representative seat in Sparta. With the help of what she calls her party police or the People's Army, or PS for short, help support in her rally which 500,000 people attended making it the largest rally in Greek History. Shouting and Cheers could be still heard from the outskirts with a splendid firework show being held following the rally. It was truly spectacular. News of voting fraud is found and traces back to the current administration. This causes a stir and a crisis ensues within Greece. Anita responds and travels to Athens to speak against the President until she is stopped by Greek Police and is arrested before she could even near the downtown area. She was arrested for causing a riot and involuntarily causing harm and injury. Unfortunately, she is sentenced to 30 years in prison. She begins to write a book and journal in the meantime called ο κοιμώμενος γίγαντας talking about how Greece can become a great power and it's destiny of greatness that continues to be crushed by poor leadership.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: An antimatter storage facility has been constructed to hold Britain's total of 8g of antimatter. 2 asteroid ships are now completed and 5 more are on the way for various civilian purposes. 2 asteroid space ship carriers are also under construction. A 3rd Martian colony is founded with the total British Martian population numbering 400,000. A total of 6 MPs each represent Mars and the Moon in parliament. A second Venusian colony is built to meet the increased demand for Venusian gases. The first Titan colony is founded and now houses 2,000 personnel. It is expected to grow steadily as hydrocarbon demand increases. The orbiting facilities on Phobos and Deimos are in their final stages of construction and will be functional by the end of next year. A massive orbiting space station is to be built above the UK over the course of 6 years and will be as large as a 2 cities side by side. This structure will be open to foreign as well as domestic craft and will act as a connection point between Earth-Station/Station-Space ships. It will also help increase government tax revenue.


The Arctic Circle increases with economic activity, as winter wields little to no ice anymore. Meanwhile at the opposite end of the planet, the melted ice sheets reveal a treasure trove of metals and fossils under the continent, spurring activity there.

Greenland begins increasing economic trade with India and the UK. Russia announces their decision to enter an economic pact with India, thus causing the Arctic Trade Circle to be dominated by the KSTO.

Brazil opens an outpost in Antarctica, followed by Argentina, Chile, South Africa and Oceania. Trade begins within these areas, and a trade route seems to be in the works.

  • US 56 Star Flag United States of America: Our Total space corps totals at 531 ships, divided into the Earthen, Martian, and Venusian fleets. Our population continues to grow massively, and is now expected to reach 500 million by the end of the century. Genetic science has given way to many new concepts following the ability to create Synthetic Humans. This has intrigued many scientists, who have begun researching the ability to use stem cells to reverse and stop the breakdown of telomeres (the ends of a chromosome), which could greatly expand or even remove the limits of human lifespans. Mass campaigns begin to stop drug usage and obesity within the United States, even though both have decreased dramatically from the beginning of the century. High-fructose corn syrup has been banned. Carbon Nanotubes have begun usage in many structures in the US, with first usage being in the seawall construction. Synthetic Food begins to enter the market, tasting exactly like regular food, but much less costly, time consuming, and with much less land usage. We begin phasing out regular food altogether in fact, as we can manipulate synthetic food to be extremely healthy, which shall also increase human lifespans. Coastal cities, while rebuilt and protected, have basically become the new Midwest, as many citizens are unwilling to leave their new homes. This leads to Midwestern cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Erie, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis becoming the new largest cities, which leads to jobs being filled up quickly as new homes need to be built, and those materials built, and so on and so forth. This leads to for the first time in over a century, a labor shortage.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: After the second Antimatter research facility, President Yunger signs Executive Order 27 installing antimatter proof bunkers to withstand a direct hit of an antimatter bomb the capacity of 3 micrograms. The seawall is complete, protecting the entire coast (except for America's parts) and all water is drained. Our Venusian colony is completed and has a population of 10,000 citizens. Congress takes advantage of a distracted GMO supporting President and votes on a bill to ban Genetically Modified Organisms, which in 7 days becomes a law in Canada. When a bill goes unsigned in one week while Congress is in session, it gets passed, if it goes unsigned by one week whilst Congress is in Recession, it gets VETOED. The antimatter storage facility is 50% complete and will be able to hold 6 grams of antimatter.
    • Such a level of defense is impossible as of this millenium. Try micrograms, as that is the capacity at which the most developed nations may produce per annum.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: A base is set up on Europa this year, and is named Kōriyama. The synthetic human project is a success and is now made widely available. Acura is merged into Honda, Scion and Lexus are merged into Toyota, and Infiniti is merged into Nissan. All former Acura, Scion, Lexus, and Infiniti will be rebranded as their parent company manufactures. Isuzu and Mitsuoka Motors merge into one, becoming Isuzu-Mitsuoka. Kawasaki and Mitsubishi begin creating their own spaceships, being the first private companies to do so. Synthetic food, while legal, sees little to no popularity in Japan, as many people still prefer real food. Ina, Nagano beings incorporating neighbouring towns and cities within its prefecture.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Laws are passed banning GMOs as the public is fearful of their 'unnatural' nature. In other news, the Royal Space Force expands to a total of 10,000 swarm ships and 350 manned fighters and transport ships. Development is underway to construct 1,000 remote controlled aerial vehicles (RCAVs) for the Royal Air Force. 2 Antarctic colonies are founded simultaneously, one in Coats Land and one in the former Ronne Ice Shelf. A military outpost is built on the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. No land claims are made... yet. Plans are very much underway to build 3 more Antarctic colonies along the Weddell Sea coastline. In space, the total asteroid ship count is now 6, 3 civilian and 3 military. 6 more are under construction. Phobos officially opens as a civilian orbiting trade port and foreign ships are allowed usage with a customary port tax. Deimos is also complete and houses 3,000 of the 10,000 swarm ships, as well as 80 manned fighters and a handful of transports and assorted military space vessels.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: We establish our first Lunar colony, which population is currently 56 (but still rising). We announce that improved PL-01 tank project will be ready next year. We have finished replacing our power plants with renewable energy power plants, and the country is running entirely on renewable energy. We plan on establishing our first Martian colony in 1-2 years, and on sending 2 colonization missions to Saturn's 53rd moon Aegaeon in 2-3 years. Due to this moon's small size (diameter-600 meters) and lack of gravity our bases there will resemble space stations sttached to the surface. 3-5 years later we plan on sending another 3 colonization missions there, and 2-3 years after that, on building a big dome around the entire globe. Later, possibly, we will proceed with filling the dome with oxygen and further terraforming Aegaeon. First Hyperloon route, connecting Warsaw to Kraków, is finished, and construction and planning of another ones is underway. We proudly announce that the research coalition focused on creating effective cell revitalization therapy is currently consists of: us, Japan, Busan and Canada. Due to reesablishment of Russia as a superpower we invite the Russians to this coalition [Player Response Needed]. We start constructing Sea Walls in the whole Pomeranian region. They should be ready in 3-5 years. We also begin drying the already-flooded regins (there aren't much of them, but still there are some; this process will probably finish in 1-2 years, and will be repeated every year until the Sea Walls are complete. Then it will be repeated for te last time). We thank the LoN for granting us limited support for Operation: Gold Dragon. We plan that, with international support (LoN) we will try to locate extermists' outposts and extermists-held locations and take them out be executing Special-Ops missions or, in some cases, storms by the police. We will only perform aistrikes and drone attcks on major extermists' bases, amd only them will be attcked by our military. We move two divisions to Ukrainia, but immediately inform the government of the autonomous region of Ukrainia that the divisions are there only to combat the extermists are no threat to the autonomy of Ukrainia. We start medial campaigns against the extermists and ask other countries to do the same [Player and Mod Responses Needed]. Limited international support granted by the LoN will of course also participate in storming some of the extermists major and minor ourposts. We launch the Operation: Gold Dragon and hope it succeeds [Mod Response Needed]. We start planning on building the modern version of zeppelin, for touristic and, possibly in few decades, military purposes (for now we do not plan on expanding our army for a while). Tge projects should be ready in 2-3 years, and building first 10 of this new zeppelins will probably take us 3-7 years (we do not know exactly because their projects aren't completed yet). We also state that we will most probably support Greenland in case of their military conflict against the US (but only if the US will be the agressor. Otherwise we will probably stat neutral or support the United States). We also ask Greenland if they would like to sign a defensive pact with us [Mod Reaponse Needed]. We start planning on creating our own alliance in eastern and, possibly, partially or completely (but that's unlikely) central Europe. But we do not plan to execute these plans enytime soon and there is a big probablility that we will never execute them at all.
    • Mod: Other nations begin campaigns to end extremist movements, although there have not been any major extremists groups surfacing since the white supremacists that were dealt with by the American Republic. Operation: Gold Dragon goes as expected. Greenland accepts the defense pact.


Operation: Gold Dragon falters a little, as ambushes sever supply lines to conflict zones. Although it is unknown how the rebels obtain information about the operation, but an investigation points to an apparent Indian spy leaking out information.

Connection speeds up to terabytes become commonplace.

Antarctic provinces owned by sovereign states give rise to the Antarctic Trade Route, similar to the one in the Arctic, and mainly used by the southernmost nations.

Unsurprisingly, due to emissions having slowed greatly, with the major players having made theirs non-existent, Climate Change begins to reverse, with sea levels said to fall to 2017 levels in 30 years.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held this year with Yumiko Ishikawa from the Constitutional Democratic Party winning a second term. The Constitutional Democratic Party also gains a few seats again, due to their quick response in dealing with the sea level issue, among other things. Nippon Ishin no Kai remains popular, and have gained a decent amount of votes from citizens in the former Osaka Prefecture. Komeito lost several seats and now only have seven, the lowest that Komeito has ever held in the House of Representatives. The Japanese Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party, who have also formed a coalition with each other, remain the third biggest opposition. Okayama, Fukuoka, Aomori and most of Osaka have been largely recovered by now; while Niigata, Sapporo, Nagoya, Saga, and Tokyo still have parts of their cities in water, but have been recovering quite well thanks to the sea walls, and the invading water has shrunk by around 47%. JAXA begins making other plans on establishing more bases on a few more of Jupiter's and Saturn's moons, particularly Mimas, Enceladus, Callisto, and Io, though have no plans on establishing them any time soon. With the base on Europa a success, plans to turn Kōriyama into a full fledged colony is made. Moriyama Prefecture continues expanding on Mars, and two new towns are established outside of Matsushiro (though both border the capital directly), Kosaka and Numazu. Hirakawa Prefecture also expands, and three new neighbouring towns are established outside of Hirosaki proper: Narumi, Sotogahama, and Toyosato.
  • US 56 Star Flag United States of America: Our new Martian and Lunar cities have been completed, and they are named: New Charlotte (Lunar), New Boston (Lunar), Olympus (Martian), and New Portland (Martian). We refuse to recognize any Antarctic claims, as it is supposed to be a nature reserve. We instead begin setting up outposts on Eastern Antarctica as a way to protect it from any nation who wishes to exploit the Southern Continent. With DNA samples from extinct animals and plants, we begin trying to clone these animals and reintroduce them to the wild. This is expected to take three to four years. Our global emissions, while being the largest on Earth a century ago, is now non-existent. After much debate, we agree that it is time to cease cooperation with Brazil, instead pursuing self-interests and ending the Second Cold War.


Due to recent tensions over the Middle East, the Arctic Trade Route and Poland cause escalation between the two hyperpowers of Earth. Brazil sends an ultimatum to India, demanding they withdraw apparent support for Ukrainian extremists and the retraction of Middle Eastern and Greenlandish protection. India responds by sending their own ultimatum, demanding the withdrawal of Brazilian prescense from Africa, while defending their position by claiming the protection of African Indians there.

Siberia, although remaining unaligned, sign a few trade deals with India and its allies which effectively solidifies their further control over the Arctic Trade Route.

Vecaslavia becomes the first true fascist state in Europe after several decades, in a coup détat. They advise neighbouring nations to either submit to their demands, or become fascist and be allies. Greece responds fiercely, as does Bulgaria. Romania on ther other hand, seems open to the idea.

With rising Russian influence, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark unite, becoming the Nordic Union. Latvia and Lithuania express interest in joining.

A revolt begins in Gran Colombia. The state's controlled territory is quickly diminished to Colombia and Panama.

A small terrorist group seizes power in Abu Dhabi, claiming to be the rightful rulers of the Arabian state. They stage terrorist attacks in Paris, New York City, Tokyo, Munich, Mumbai, Calcutta, Rio De Janeiro, Brasília, London, Toronto, and Vancouver. No one knows how they secured funds for this, but speculation arises that it came from Russia, as they were the only major country not hit by this wave of attacks.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Prime Minister Yumiko Ishikawa condemns the attack on Tokyo, and begins tightening security across Japan. Aid and support is sent to the areas affected in Tokyo. Meanwhile, in light of increasing tensions around the world, Kosaka in Moriyama Prefecture on Mars is made a secondary capital, in case a deadly war breaks out on Earth. A few space fleets for both military and travel are finally here, available and ready to go. The Japanese Space Forces is established, and begin tightly guarding Japan's space colonies on Mars, Luna, Venus, and the Kōriyama base on Europa. More space fleets are also being built. Moriyama Prefecture and Hirakawa Prefecture continue expanding and growing in population, especially in light of increased tensions felt in the world. Meanwhile, Toyota releases a special 100th anniversary edition of the Toyota AE86 to celebrate its popularity from the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Unlike the original though, it runs on renewable resources instead.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: Medical camps are set up all around the sight of the attack, with supplies being distributed everywhere. The building under attack was the Vancouver City Hall, which destroyed the entire building killing all government officials inside. The military plans to send a full military strike at the terrorist group soon, but Generals want to construct more military equipment. The President speaks at the sight, AKA “Ground Zero”. Over 180 buildings saw damage, and over 240 buildings lost all of their windows. Many Politicians see this as a chance to improve their chance of being elected in 2085, and one Republican named Stewart Lee Wallis writes a book talking about the attacks and explain how they could have been prevented, and how they could be prevented in the future. Many Canadian, most of them being victims of the attacks, begin supporting him and telling him to run for President. He gets over $10 million Canadian dollars in donations from citizens, but he sent that money to help the victims.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Security is drastically tightened country-wide with foreigners requiring heavy screening before being allowed entry into the country and important landmarks, buildings and gathering places are placed under police protection with armed and unarmed drones being deployed en masse (~2,000 units in major cities). Generals, politicians and the government recognise that this is not an existential threat nor is it a declaration of war. However, these terrorists must face justice swiftly and deftly. The United Kingdom proposes a joint Anti-Terrorist Offensive (ATO) league of nations willing to participate. Any and all nations regardless of political or cultural differences are encouraged to put their differences aside for this one time and join the fight against terrorism once and for all. [Mod/Player Responses] In less dreadful news, Britain owns 12 asteroid ships, 6 for military purposes and 6 for civilian purposes with each military ship housing 2,000 of the now total of 15,000 swarm ships. On Earth, the Royal Air Force expands to include 5,000 new remote-controlled planes and the Army follows suit with 10,000 new pieces of ground vehicles, 5,000 of which can be or are entirely remote operated. All of this is in preparation for a joint or solo -if nobody wants to help me- offensive against the Arabian terrorists. To be clear, Britain will be working with Arabian officials to jointly put down these terrorists.
    • Polish diplomacy: We will join the ATO and help you in your help for Arabia, in exchange for limited air and advisory support for Operation: Gold Dragon.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We agree to Polish terms. We encourage other countries to join this coalition.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We will join ATO and assist you on an attack on the Arabian terrorist.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: We engage more forces in Operation: Gold Dragon and start sending some fake convoys, reducing the chance of the extermists' raids hitting the real ones. We tell India to stop helping the extermists. We also immediately send our diplomats to the Scandinavian Unionto help maintain friendly relations between our countries. We have finished drying the already-flooded regions of our country. The procedure will now be repeated every year until our Sea Walls are completed. Our research coalition (composed of: Busan, Japan, Poland and Canada) will begin researching the cell revitalization therapy this year. Due to the project being very herd to accomplish, we will only finish in about 7-8 years. A new Hyperloop route is completed, connecting Kraków to Szczecin and construction of more is underway. All our PL-01 tanks were upgraded last year. Population of our lunar colony is currently 107 and still raising. Our first Martian colony is established and its population is currently 13 (but raising). Projects of first two colonization missions to Aegaeon are completed, and they will be launched next year. First prototype of our modern version of zeppelin is build. Altought satisfying, we still need to do some minor changes to the project. It will be completed next year, and building of first 10 modern zeppelins will start the next year. We also express interest in joining the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Indian antimatter research team, but do not officially apply for membership yet. Our president says that as recent terrorists attackes were executed by a group that is in fact a government of a country (the land around Abu Dhabi), it can be easily understood as a declaration of war. We also declare national mourning for one week to show solidarity with our brothers in other countries. All of our projects started two years age are being planned or already executed.
  • Hellenic Greece: A new government is put into place following the fall of the former greek government after a coup was held led by Anita, a spartan politician and controversial fascist believer and on this day, took down the government led by 3,000 men and women of the military and 15,000 supporters which also helped her escape prison. In the end she executes all of the former leaders and places herself as the new leader and Vasilissa in the new fascist state after placing drastic reforms following the coup. A large percentage of the budget is put into the military leading to about 30,000 new recruits. The Orthodoxy becomes a state held and secretly funded religion in a new Greek Orthodox United Church System. With these drastic reforms, roads become better made. Life in Athens prospers. Sunni Muslims begin to be targetted following an attempted attack by a group of terrorist who tried to storm the Athens Fascist Parliament and successfully killed 80 men and women who'd worked in the parliament including 30 representatives of Greece. A curfew is put in place in Athens as many grieve the lives lost by the terrorist attack and call upon Anita the first Fascist Leader and founder of the new government to react. Border Security is tightened. We Request to meet with German Officials and Leaders next year to discuss relations and to discuss the recent attacks across the world. (Player Response).
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: Despite differences in political ideologies, Britain extends a hand of peace and cooperation towards the new Greece. The PM offers to hold talks with Greek leader Anita on various topics. [Player Response]
    • Hellenic Greece Diplomacy: Anita agrees to meet with Great Britain to better relationship and trust for one another.
    • German Diplomacy: We agree to discuss relations with Greece, despite them being fascist.
  • US 56 Star Flag United States of America: Despite the bombing of the Empire State Building, we continue to take in as many flood refugees as possible to fill the work gap left by our own aging population. We however, stage bombing campaigns against Abu Dhabi, and plan a military invasion sometime soon. All options are open, including Antimatter weapons. Taxes are raised to contribute to national defense. This causes slight protest, but since almost everything is already provided for with taxes, the anger is minimal. This raises our defense budget to 3.7 trillion dollars, once again putting us on top for military spending. We implement a flat tax rate of 30% as to be able to provide housing, education, food, clothing, electricity, etc. With renewed strength and vigor in the Armed Forces, we begin rebuilding our navy, with several Aircraft Carriers, Battleships, Destroyers, and Submarines being built. This is expected to put us up as the 3rd most powerful military on Earth after their completion, behind Brazil and India.
  • New Prussian Germany German Empire: Investigations are launched in the wake of the Munich Bombings. Despite significant structural damage is suffered by Munich buildings, major monuments and towers are not badly affected. Education is reformed to promote a new mindset for the youth, emphasizing on endeavors in outer space and the scientific sector. We have successfully built up our space fleet, now comprising of 200 craft. As a reminder, the German Empire is not fascist if anyone is asking. We stick to our neutrality in the light of recent events, but announce our admission into the ATO.


The Second Cold War has officially started, with Brazil and India at odds over influence and economic control, in contrast to the conflicting ideologies that sparked the last Cold War. Historians are calling this the Cold World War I, which in itself was a conflict of power and influence to some extent.

After a coup détat in Bulgaria, the nation turns fascist, followed by Romania. The Fascist Union of the Balkans is formed, comprised of the Vecaslavian Union, Hellenic Greece, Romania and the Tsardom of Bulgaria. So far they haven't done anything evil, but are looking to expand their influence into Asia Minor and Eastern Europe.

The Brazilian Space Fleet regularly patrols their lunar colonies and those of their allies, supposedly halting craft coming in from any nation in the KSTO for inspection, while allowing neutral craft to go through undisturbed. This raises criticism from India and its allies, which in turn begin patrolling the Arctic Trade Route, treating Brazilian trade vessels in similar fashion.

Brazil and India try to gain footholds of influence in Europe, resulting in Portugal, and Spain joining the STO, and with Catalonia, Basque, Galicia, Valencia and the Baltic Union joining the KSTO. Indian influence pours into the UK, while Brazil strengthens relations with Poland by helping them in Operation: Gold Dragon.

India denies involvement with Operation: Gold Dragon, while China accuses Poland of stealing the name Golden Dragon (the latter is a joke, don't take it seriously).

The League of Nations desperately tries to maintain the global situation and prevent it from spiralling out of control.

Brazil announces their antimatter stockpile of 12 warheads, while India announces 11. Russia currently has 4, and the US has 3, courtesy of their bigger counterparts.

  • US 56 Star Flag United States of America: We begin vastly expanding our Antimatter arsenal, while despite that we have fewer warheads, ours are more advanced and with a higher yield than others. We are expected to produce antimatter warheads as fast as we expanded our nuclear arsenal by 2090. We have built three Carriers, five Battleships, 16 Destroyers, and 27 Submarines from shipyards in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Tampa, Miami, Savannah, Charleston, Norfolk, Washington DC, and Halifax. Factories in several cities have been producing tanks at an alarmingly fast rate, with 650,000 tanks having been produced over the past few years. Our Air-Force has been being transformed into mainly drones, with about 500,000 drones either ready for combat or in reserve in case of one being destroyed. Our Space Force has seen a new ship take over main operations, the Lockheed-Martin SPG-67 Heavy Attack Starship.
    Lockheed-Martin SPG-67 Heavy Attack Starship

    Lockheed-Martin SPG-67 Heavy Attack Starship

    Of which we have 79, along with 183 Savannah Class Starships. With these new starships, Orbital Bombardment of Abu Dhabi begins, turning the entire area into a large crater. We have finished with making out population safe from attack, with antimatter shelters being installed under every home. With modernization complete, we begin building public works, such as completing Mount Rushmore, adding the chests of the Presidents and building a monument of an astronaut holding the American Flag on the moon, to symbolize that we were the first to land there.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: With America's growing military, we decide it is best to invest more in military too, putting 250 billion Canadian dollars into military spending, and we build 15,000 tanks, 10,000 new aircraft, and 12,000 new naval craft including 10 new aircraft carriers and 1000 Destroyers. The Vancouver City Hall rebuilding project begins, building a much more modern and much more protected city hall, including an antimatter shelter. Our antimatter storage facility is complete, and we hope to build our first warhead by 2088. We cut funding to Operation save the fish, decreasing spending down to 200 million Canadian dollars yearly. We wish to become better allies with America, and we send two diplomats to Washington DC to discuss neutrality or even becoming possible allies, mostly in the interest of not getting destroyed by 650,000 million tanks. [Player Response Needed].
    • American Response: We agree to the alliance.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We propose a peace pact between us neutral states.
  • Hellenic Greece: Anita and her one-party system forms the court of Constantinople with the capital being moved to the location and removing the label of Istanbul. Bridges and international transport from Constantinople to Athens begins to be built. Our Navy is redeveloped with mostly silent submarine research being made. Anti-matter begins to become a major interest within the Fascist State. A hired committee of 89,000 Scientist from within the nation including many mathematicians begins developing an antimatter producing machine. The New low level biased state funded news company called Good Day Greece! gains massive popularity with a new branch planned to be launched next year in Bulgaria and Romania. The source becomes extremely popular. The unemployment rate drops and more jobs are made. Constantinople is transformed into a great city with many educational institutions being made. A space agency is started with satellites and a fly-by around the moon colonies being planned to be produced in 4 years. A tank begins to be developed named the "Imperial Giant". This development should take several years. 40,000 men and women are drafted into the military. Anita goes to Britain and Germany this year bringing hope for the new Greece. A secret operation begins to be made to work on expansion and control across Asia Minor is made called Operation Leviathan. Anita responds to the attack and starts slowly lifting the martial law and curfew brought upon Athens. Sunni Hate Groups arise with designated safe-districts being made for Sunni Communities. Anita responds in an internationally televised speech. She is given the script for the speech. Following this she looks down at it and rips it up live on camera. she says "a real leader does not use scripts". Following this she gives a speech. " My fellow Muslims, Turks, and Greeks. Here we come today to stand together as one." as screes play her delivering the speech outside, she surprises the nation. she walks to her balcony in Constantinople and moves to a mic sitting outside. the crowd reacts hysterically with many yelling and cheering. "As a new era of manipulation has begun, i must say i am angry! I am angry that 2 powers are running the globe! I am angry that Brazil and the Cow Worshipers have spread their reaches to the point that we are slowly becoming surrounded. We have viewed our neighbors wealth deplete to sustain the wealth of their puppet masters such as India. The people are suffering! As our world is changing, it is changing for the worst. Pakistan, rise up for your beliefs! Latin America, rise up for your culture! You should not be run secretly by the South American Portuguese! Slowly you will be eaten away and all of the glory days that you have remembered will be lost! The same nearly happened to the Motherland! We knew as a people, we were destined for power and greatness! Not shame and to be puppets! I must say India, you've done a good job at spreading your government's influence across the seas, but it must come to an end! I must not be the only one that believes in this. No... THE WHOLE WORLD BELIEVES THAT YOU ARE WRONG! YOU HAVE BEEN A VIRUS! A BUG! THAT MUST BE SQUASHED AND ELIMINATED! i BELIEVE IN A UNITED WORLD, BUT NOT ONE WHERE OTHERS ARE TREATED IN SUCH AN UNFAIR MANNER! NOW RISE UP FOR YOUR HOMELAND! RISE UP FOR YOUR CULTURE! RISE UP AGAIN THIS FOUL TYRANNY THAT HAS PLAGUED THE NATIONS OF THIS WORLD FOR TOO LONG!" With a nation in shock but with joy and support to our new female leader, we wait to see what the world has to say.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We propose a non-aggression pact to secure peace between us.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: A breakthrough is announced, the first weaponsizable anti marry has been generated. An antimatter warhead is expected by next year. Britain is strongly against the use of antimatter weaponry and has created antimatter weapons purples to put MAD into effect. In other news, the Royal Space Force expands tremendously, with a whopping 100,000 swarm ships being created. In addition to that, the Royal Air Force expands to include 100,000 drones. The Army commissions the production of 500,000 200,000 new tanks, most stationed in military bases in the North and South of North Canada. The Army also invests heavily in VTOL and hovercraft technology with the vast majority of the new tanks having the capability to fly just above the ground for up to 4 hours thereby increasing mobility. 10 new asteroid ships are commissioned, 6 of them for military purposes. The Navy is expanded to include 80,000 small, remote-controlled assault craft as well as the already present 400 assorted traditional navy ships. Al craft are armed with state of the art laser weaponry. The military budget is increased to 2.8 trillion pounds to protect the country and deter other nations in the light of recent tensions. Last but not least, Britain declares its official neutrality in the Second Cold War and trades freely with any and all nations. British ports are havens of free trade in a time of tension. Safety precautions are taken through the country to protect the citizenry. The country attempts to be the 'second coming of Switzerland', a trap-laden neutral state. Britain sends a troupe of diplomats to the U.S. and Canada to negotiate a peace treaty and possible alliance of non-aligned nations. [Player Responses]
    • American Response: After much debate, we agree to the alliance, while we also demand that North Canada be slowly relinquished to Canada, with Quebec becoming independent, and you keeping the Arctic Archipelago and Newfoundland and Labrador.
      • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: North Canada is non-negotiable, however peace is of paramount priority. No need for aggression.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: With the Second Cold War going on, the government of Japan refuses to take a side, and pursues more neutrality policies. However, the government will remain in the East Asian Security Council, for now. The House of Councillors election takes place, and both the Social Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party rises more in seats, especially due to their Pacifism ideology, and becomes the main opposition, while Nippon Ishin no Kai loses several seats and becomes third opposition. The Constitutional Democratic Party, while still maintaining a majority, also loses a few seats. Kawasaki and Mitsubishi have successfully created their own spaceships, and also establish their own private space travel services. They also begin creating their own space fleets. Toyota releases a 100th anniversary edition of the MR2, for similar reasons as the AE86 last year. In light of the new popularity, Toyota announces that it will bring back both models into production, though will obviously run on renewable resources. The AE86 though will be in limited production and will be produced until 2087. The release of both cars also saw a resurgence of sports cars, and the Subaru Impreza WRX line of cars, which is still active and has already ran on renewable resources for a long time now, becomes popular again. The car companies of Japan also begin plans of establishing a plant in both Moriyama Prefecture and Hirakawa Prefectures, to supply cars to the people living on both Mars and Luna.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We propose a peace pact between us neutral states.


At this point Brazil and India are fighting an economic battle, lashing out sanctions where possible. Due to the LoN's best efforts, most of these are striked out, preventing further economic fallout.

Lunar exports are temporarily cut off due to the swarms of Brazilian and India craft swarming each other's colonies. This leads to the birth of the Extraterrestrial Colony Peace Pact, in which colonies whose motherlands are at war are not obliged to fight each other in a Lunar theatre.

Many nations pick a side in the Second Cold War, but several remain neutral including the likes of Japan, the Nordic Union, Italy, Germany, Oceania, Busan, Korea, Hawaii and several others.

Brazil launches the first interstellar mission, with approximately one million probes 3 centimeters long to Alpha Centauri. The probes will manoeuvre throughout the system in a few decades, sending back information on the planets there. India follows up with their announcement that they're almost completed with the same project, expecting it to reach the star system faster when it is deployed next year.

  • US 56 Star Flag United States of America: We stop all lunar trade with both Brazil and India, as they are inadvertently causing an economic meltdown in the districts, as trade cannot flow from the moon due to these disastrous policies. We begin installing weapons systems outside the Lunar, Martian, and Venusian districts. We begin to arm our merchant ships to, if needed, fire upon interfering ships, pirate fleets, and space debris. We admit the Caribbean territories as states adding three more stars to the Stars and Stripes. After much trial and error, synthetic humans have become available to the common people. It is free, as we need to keep the population growing. This will also allow us to eradicate genetic diseases like Down Syndrome and Sickle Cell Disease, although parents may choose to opt out of this if they so choose. We officially leave the Second Cold War, and begin pursuing non-alignment, although we do maintain friendly relations with both India and Brazil, in hopes that if one invades us, the other shall come to our aid.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: Our lunar colony has a population of about 250 colonists, and our martian colony - of about 50 colonists. We set up 2 outposts on Aegaeon - their total population is currently 20. We start planning 3 more colonization missions to that moon and later building a dome around it - it will have thousands of small engines on every squere meter, which goal will be to stabilize the dome so that it won't be destroyed by e.g. some random small meteors. We also plan to put oxygen into the dome when its done. We have finished building our Sea Walls and the procedure of drying the already-flooded regions is repeated for the last time. We have finished changing our moddern zeppelins' projects and started construction - first 10 of them will be ready in about 5-6 years. We continue Operation: Gold Dragon and thank the UK for support. We ask them if we are still going to invade Abu-Dhabi, since US basically bombed it out of existence [Player Response Needed]. We also want to strenghten our ties with the UK, since we clearly do not want to become a battlefield of first proxy war in the Second Cold War. We are proud to announce that the research of cel revitalization therapy is going well, because of great cooperation between the members of our research coalition. A Hyperloop route to the city of Grodno is finished, and we start preparing to build another one, this time connecting the capital of Ukrainia, Lviv, to Warsaw, but first we ask the government of the autonomous region of Ukrainia for their opinion about the project [Mod Response Needed]. We also plan to build the Hyperloop route connecting Szczecin to the German capital Berlin, which would be one of the first international Hyperloop connections. We ask Germany for their approval of the project and for possible cooperation in building that Hyperloop route [Player Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Ukrainia accepts the proposal on the opportunity of economic growth.
    • German Dip: We accept the proposal.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We will not invade Abu Dabhi as it no longer exists. However, there will be air strikes, spec ops, and ground campaigns on a smaller scale than initially planned to take out remaining terrorists. Additionally we are worried over the alarmingly large number of civilian casualties and offer help to anyone we meet. Poland is invited to join in the campaigns. Poland has our thanks as an ally in East-ish Europe.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Prime Minister Yumiko Ishikawa accepts the British offer of the peace pact from last year. Hirakawa Prefecture takes a economic downturn due to trade being heavily hindered. The Japanese Space Forces continue tightly guarding Japan's space colonies on Mars, Luna, Venus, and the Kōriyama base on Europa. Plans to turn Kōriyama into a full fledged colony are now underway. Mazda reveals a new generation of the RX-7, with the looks of the original and will come with the old pop-up lights, and is set to be released next year. Moriyama Prefecture expands as population continues to increase. Daihatsu, Toyota, Honda, and Mazda begin building their first factories in Moriyama Prefecture, with Suzuki, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Isuzu-Mitsuoka to follow suit later. ASCII Media Works, Bandai Namco Holdings, and Sony also announce plans to set up a regional headquarters in Moriyama Prefecture at some point.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: Scientists begin experimenting with the idea of giving babies an injection when they're young, which would multiply their semen count yearly to help prevent human extinction. This has gone nowhere and no one expects it to even be remotely possible by Canadian Scientists until the new century. We begin building our first antimatter warhead, and our second antimatter storage facility is being constructed in the same compound as the previous one. 20 new starships are built, mostly for transporting our shuttles to and from the moon and mars. We decide to accept the Uk's peace pact.
  • Hellenic Greece: With a new year, a new rising trend becomes prominent in the Greek economy. With us being a bit behind in space exploration and technology, more of our budget is pushed towards developing a space station to be used and flay around several planets recording visual data. This ship is planned to be created in three years. As Operation Leviathan is pushed even farther, our military begins producing 100's of tanks in factories across the nation with 35,000 more troops joining the military. All Private Banks are shut down. Another attack from Sunni extremists occurs in Athens leading to a second lockdown. This gives Anita no other choice but to secure sunni safe districts with Prison Streets being made for Sunni Muslims suspected or condemned of planning attacks against the nation. 30,000 are imprisoned so far. Living conditions are marginal but some are treated poorly while others are sent to the annual Rhodes Survival Challenge where they fight to survive for 12 months. Orthodox Churches become more common across the nation. 70 communist rioters are imprisoned for 12 years with others executed for plotting and discussing attempts to cause physical harm to many leading fascist officials. These events are swept under the carpet by much more good news. A state runned airship company is made carrying 900 people in one of the largest blimp-like structures ever made. flights from Greece to Germany are the most common. New light is shed upon the successful storage of antimatter for 3 hours giving scientist a chance to study the creation. Green House factories are developed to rapidly grow and harvest many raw goods across the country such as sugar, spices, and a variety of other foods and plant based products and raw material. We decide it is in our best interest to help each other out in keeping neutrality with one another within this cold war. With this being said, we agree to create a non-aggression pact with Great Britain. Anita request to visit the United States President to discuss relations with each other (player response).
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Diplomatic unites are sent to India and Brazil assuring them of our neutrality and we ask them to leave our colonies alone. With a total of 22 asteroid ships, 12 of them for military purposes, asteroid ship construction slows down but does not stop. Britain's first antimatter warhead is successfully constructed thus putting MAD into effect for the UK. A recent survey has shown that religion especially among youth is seeing a resurgence. Many experts attribute this as partly due to nostalgia of a 'bygone time' and partly due to a rise in globalist patriotism. Cameron era liberal-conservatism is back. A second Venusian colony is constructed and Venusian trade is revitalised after a few years of stagnation. Gaseous fuels prove very profitable. The number of MPs representing Mars, Venus and the Moon all increase as a redrawing of voting districts takes place. As the Martian and Lunar colonies are large enough, both planetoids each get an inter-colonial democratic devolved government to address local issues. Last but not least, all colonies of populations larger than 100,000 are designated 'regions' as 'colony' no longer seems appropriate for such large populations.


Several nations begin implementing antimatter warp technology in their space programs. Although it does not truly warp the fabric of spacetime, it creates dents in it that is sufficient enough to accelerate craft to higher speeds, currently at 0.2 times the speed of light. Nations fully implementing this technology include Brazil, India, the US and Russia.

Brazil and India finally stop stalking each other on the Moon, courtesy of the Extraterrestrial Colony Peace Pact.

Anatolia and several other nations speak out against Hellenic Greece for their actions against Muslims. India does not act extensively, but asks for Greece to stop messing about, promising them support before the Brazilians come knocking.

Synthetic humans become a thing in other developed nations, but remain rudentary at this stage.

Brazil reaches out to several European states, mainly aiming to expand their influence before India does so first. So far, only Ireland, Benelux and Hungary respond positively.

  • Hellenic empire flag Hellenic Greece: As the punishment of Sunni Muslim believers continue, we limit the program of imprisonment allowing 3,400 prisoners to leave due to a court hearing finding them not guilty during the Sparta Trials. During the trials though, 1,800 were found to be convicted after finding out that they were a part of a terrorist organization named the Greek Jihadist. They plotted several attacks including the ones that took place not too long ago leading to the deaths of innocence. This leads them being sent into exile on roads not to participate in the competition but just to be abandoned there with 600 of them shot. As a new group of communist riot across the nation causing havoc and death to 300 citizens and bystanders, 600 are put to trial and are executed. Besides this, new government factories open up while life becomes more sustainable. Operation Leviathan is almost ready to be unleashed but we wait till our new class of tanks are released next year. Our first satellites are launched with successful results. These will be used to survey the earths atmosphere and take images of star systems. A family of satellites plan to be released in 3 years. Anti-matter containment is reached with 20 large capsules of the material being stored in a secret underground base in Greece. An underground testing site begins to be made. As the Greek Economy grows, Constantinople is transformed into the City of Patriotic Delight and Architecture. A World Trade Center Complex begins to be built which plans to release the tallest building in the world standing 5,000 feet high and being one of the most expensive complexes in the world. Cago Inc. begins producing much of the military arsenal of weapons and vehicles adopting the tank project. 600 Cago-2's are produced to compete with many other aircraft's. An armada of 1,800 Naval Vessels begins to developed which should be completed in 8 years. Nuclear Power Plants become more popular as a safer source of emerge with more mountainous areas using Wind Power. Sunni Safe Districts prosper significantly with many Sunni Muslims thriving in the area. A Sunni State Mosque is built for their worship as a gift by Anita becoming the largest Mosque in the nation. The approval rating of Anita rises to 89.7% as she becomes known as The Woman With an Iron Fist.
  • US 59 Star Flag United States of America: We launch the Voyager III probe, which contains a sub-warp drive. It is the fastest probe ever built by humanity, however it is sufficiently slower than models predicted. It is expected to reach Proxima Centauri in five years, and where it shall survey the area, and determine where manned missions should take place. We ask Guyana, and Hawaii to join us, as they are either being swallowed by lava and water, or Brazil [Mod Response Required] After a ship is destroyed along the Greenlandic Coast, we demand they allow us to annex them as payment, or we shall invade and annex them by force. [Mod Response Required] We continue to pursue neutrality in the cold war, but begin focusing on our interests instead of keeping the international community happy, considering that we are largely self sufficient following the first shipments from the Extraterrestrial Districts. After the popularity of cars begins to rise again thanks to the Japanese companies, Ford, GM, and Chrysler-Dodge begin producing cars again. roads also begin to re-open to cars, after they were mainly transformed into large walking areas and hyperloops. This causes the unemployment rate to drop to the lowest it's ever been. After several months of debate, the Second Bill of Rights is passed, following what FDR proposed in the 1940s. We officially convert to the Metric System, making the Metric System universally adopted by all nations of the Earth.
    • Mod Response: Due to Greenland having virtually no military, they reluctantly agreed to annexation. Hawaii joins the US as a state, but Guyana joins Brazil instead.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held this year, and Rikako Nishimoto from the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan manages to win against Suzuka Watanabe from the Social Democratic Party in a close election. The Constitutional Democratic Party lost a few more seats, and are now only ten seats ahead of the Social Democratic Party-Japanese Communist party coalition combined. Nippon Ishin no Kai lost a few seats as well, but still remain a major party, especially in the former Osaka, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitama Prefectures. Komeito falls further, now having only one seat. The Liberal Republican Party however gains three seats, now having five. Hirakawa Prefecture's begins to recover economically after what happened last year. Daihatsu, Toyota, Honda, and Mazda begin building factories in Hirakawa Prefecture as well. Mitsubishi and Kawasaki does the same, though also builds their own spacial airport as well, alongside their other major industry factories and regional headquarters. Mazda releases the new generation RX-7, and as expected, it sees success with the sport car culture revival. The government of Japan, after a debate within the National Diet, a law is passed banning antimatter for use in anything, along with research of antimatter. However, not wanting to be left behind in potential expansion outside of the solar system, research in using other materials for spacecraft that is not antimatter is underway. Nuclear is a potential option, however, distrust in nuclear is still high and will only be used if no other alternative is found.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: We begin researching and developing synthetic humans, and scrap our idea of semen multiplying at birth. Our navy builds 400 more destroyers, seven new battleships and another aircraft carrier whilst our air-force builds 1,200 new aircraft. Vancouver City Hall reconstruction is complete, and nearby buildings are done with reconstruction and repairs. We decide our old skyscraper which managed to become the tallest building in the world for a certain amount of time we must avenge this. We plan a skyscraper 5,309 feet tall and it will be in a complex of 10 buildings. Most of the project is funded by private companies, with government officials supervising. 11 billion Canadian Dollars are placed into the project by the private companies and five billion Canadian Dollars are placed into the project by the federal government. The complex will be built in Vancouver, the new capital of Canada.


Brazil begins questioning the US on their loyalty to the Brazilian cause. They also reach out to Canada and request an economic treaty. India continues expanding their influence across the world, taking Papua New Guinea, the Crimean Emirate and Ruthenia under Thier wing.

The oldest fusion reactors are decommissioned, with new ones under construction.

There is rising discrimination towards synthetic humans, especially from conservative groups.

Switzerland informs Canada and Greece that they are both too late, as they have completed a 1700 meter high Zürich Tower, and that they should use metric units now.

The largest volcanic eruption occuring this century is recorded off the Aleutian Islands Chain, 5.9 on the VEI scale.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The British Space Forces expands to include an additional 200 manned craft. A 13th asteroid ship is complete with it being dedicated to civilian usage. Another asteroid ship is scheduled and will be used for military purposes. After some time of latency, the National Space Agency receives a boost in funding and announces its next big step in space innovation. Project Space Miner is launched, with the function of mining asteroids for valuable minerals. It will function by means of a series of unmanned spacecraft that will work in tandem to attach to and mine a selected asteroid. Construction and usage of 10 unites of said technology will start by 2090. It is expected asteroid ships will be used as a home base for said craft. The British Government extends an olive branch to the United States. Britain proposes a trade deal between our countries to secure our economic ties and to reiterate our friendship. [Player Response] Lastly, the United Kingdom reaches out to both Brazil and India to secure economic ties and to reiterate the UK's neutrality in the Second Cold War. [Mod Responses]
    • American Diplomacy: In a meeting at our embassy in Britain, we agree to the economic agreement and a reinstatement of the "Special Relationship".
    • Mod Response: Brazil and India both agree, relying on trade to cut each other off economically at full capacity.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: With the volcanic eruption off the Aleutian Islands Chain taking place, flights in Japan are disrupted for a while. Daihatsu, Toyota, Honda, and Mazda factories in Moriyama Prefecture are built and their cars begin production. Toyota will also release the AE86 in Moriyama Prefecture, and once the factory is built, in Hirakawa Prefecture as well; and will see a few years of production in limited amounts in both. The AE86 production on Earth is extended for two more years. Many cities, especially major ones, have recovered thanks to the sea walls, and all the sea water has finally been pushed out. Reconstruction is underway for the restored areas. A law is passed, protecting synthetic human rights, alongside LGBT.
  • US 59 Star Flag United States of America: After several years of implementation of socialist policies to eliminate poverty while keeping competition alive, the poorest 10% has finally come out of poverty, as wages have finally been adjusted for inflation. New legislation has passed, making it illegal to run for re-election if the US debt is above 20% of the GDP, and halting budget changes until this is reached. We begin prosecuting those who openly discriminate against synthetic humans, as the first of them begin to enter the school system. We have continued to modernize and build new Antimatter warheads, practically putting us in an arms race against India and out former ally Brazil. Action is taking for disaster relief within the Aleutian Islands, with major contributions from several churches and non-governmental organizations. However, plans are made to possibly convert this active volcano into a geothermal power plant. The USSF continues to enlarge, now containing 537 operational ships, with expansion of the fleet believed not a luxury, but a necessity. Integration of Greenland and Iceland begin, with Iceland's many volcanoes used for geothermal energy, with Greenland using mainly Hydro-power. The other branches of the military continue to be expanded, with the US Navy quickly approaching supremacy with what some experts call "overbuilding", where the US Fleet is smaller than both the Indian and Brazilian fleets, but much more modern. Some speculate that the US is going to become what everyone thought China would become before it collapsed, with "American Patriotism" at an all time high, with some surveys reporting that no person in the survey thought that the country was going in the wrong direction. We also implement an asteroid mining program, with new revenue pouring in to the government from this. The US federal budget this year has become a massive 12.6 trillion USD, with NASA, Healthcare, and the Military taking up the largest chunks. (In that order).



Brazil and India not only pursue an economic and a space race, but also compete in the largest space fleet. New ships are added almost every week, making spacecraft the new nukes in the Second Cold War.

The global workforce experiences a surge, along with an increase in unemployment.

The Arctic freezes at the very north for the first time in decades, trapping a few ships in the unpredicted ice. Trade routes are adjusted to correct this.

The ash cloud from the Aleutian eruption blankets a large range over several Pacific nations, including the Far Eastern Republic, Canada, the United States, British North Canada, Japan, Korea, Busan and Manchuria, with particles being recorded as far south and west as Oceania and India.

India announces that they are focusing on a program to remove the ash cloud before it disrupts entire ecosystems, and begins ash collection via specialised drones.

Indian and Brazilian space fleets begin to have skirmishes in lunar orbit. War seems to be inevitable at this point, according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, who despite the end of the Atomic Age, continue to update the Doomsday clock.

  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: The first responders have worked hard this year escorting people to hospitals after breathing in too much ash from the ash cloud, and the military is deployed to escort supplies to citizens, who are advised to stay in their homes. Similar to India, we wish to remove the ash cloud. We plan to build over 50 new military starships so our space convoys can get to the Moon safely. Astroid mining begins, which brings in new money for the federal government, and our GDP finally reaches what it was, at roughly 1.57 trillion Canadian Dollars. This years budget is 550 billion Canadian dollars, with the military being the largest section of the budget at 125 billion Canadian dollars, followed by health care at 75 billion Canadian dollars.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: We declare neutrality if war occurs between Brazil and India and ask the UK for defensive pact between our countries to protect ourselves from one of the two superpowers trying to expand into our territory prior or during the hypothetical war (of course we'll aid UK if they get attacked too) [Player Response Needed].
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We agree to a mutual defence pact though of course peaceful resolution of a crisis will always be our first course of action.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: With the blanket of ash clouds seemly not going away, plans to deal with it is made so to make Japan's skies clear and safe. More starships/space fleets, both by the government/JAXA and by Kawasaki and Mitsubishi are being built in plans to mass evacuate if necessary. Moriyama Prefecture and Hirakawa Prefecture continue to grow and expand, with a few new towns established in each. More effort to turn Kōriyama on Europa into a colony is made, in hopes to have a new, safer place away from the tensions. A base on Mimas is also considered by JAXA, and plans for one begins, with the base to be set up by 2097.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The British Government launches Operation Clear Skies. One billion Pounds is devoted to this programme with the aim of clearing the Arctic Circle of ash and debris. Britain invites Canada, the Far East Republic, Russia, the Nordic Union and any interested countries to join this project. [Player/Mod Responses] In other news, security patrols of British space cargo begins, to protect from pirates. The British Space Police Force embarks on a campaign to eradicate space crime. Non-lethal techniques are employed as much as possible. Thanks to the illegality of synthetic humans and sentient AI, unemployment is not nearly as high as in other countries. However, a programme is initiated to allow educated peoples the opportunity to go overseas to study and work and learn of foreign technologies. Plans are made to host the 4th Grand Exhibition next year where all nations are invited to participate. Lastly, Britain proposes a non-aggression pact as well as an economic trade pact with Russia. [Mod Response]
    • ​Mod Response: The Far East Republic, Nordic Union, Siberia and Russia agree to the joint operation. Russia agrees to the terms.


The first extraterrestrial battle takes place, as Brazilian and Indian spacecraft enter the largest skirmish seen so far, ~100 kilometers away from the Moon. Several casualties have been recorded, mostly involving injuries sustained from impacts and one caused by a faulty escape pod. Two Brazilian ships are damaged while 4 Indian craft retreat to their lunar docking station for repairs.

The Arctic ice sheet comes creeping back, threatening the Arctic Trade Route. This is seen as a major economic blow to India and their allies.

10 billion humans. Good job everyone.

Due to the ash cloud over a significant portion of the Earth, a cooling period is observed, causing winters to come back to certain areas, the first snowfall many will see in their homes.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: The government of Japan offers the British help in their project of clearing ash and debris. [Player Response] Okinawa Prefecture sees snow for the first time again in so many years. Due to a more rough winter this year, many snowploughs are out to clear the roads across Japan. Hokkaido and Tōhoku sees a more harsh winter, with blizzards plaguing several areas. Kantō and most of Chūbu also see a harsh winter, and the Pacific side of Chūbu Region sees some trouble in dealing with the snow, unlike the part of the region on the west side of the Japanese Alps, where they have more experience.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We graciously accept Japanese help and offer many thanks. Clearing the ash cloud will benefit all.
  • Hellenic Greece: As we begin to finish off developing our naval armada, we begin doing drills off the coast of Anatolia. More support and fighter aircraft is constructed with many more factories being built. Our announcement of building the world's very first Space Elevator is made to the Balkan Union but is kept secret to the world due to reasons of keeping a low profile and avoiding competition and interference. The large counterweight parts are launched this year with assembling already beginning immediately following the launch. A rare snowstorm brushes Turkish Greece with plows being used to clear out the 20 inches of snow that accumulated near the mountainsides while children celebrated with glee at the site. We begin to crackdown further on the Sunni Extremist cases freeing over 20,000 people but imprisoning 40,000 more for alleged positions and sympathy for the terrorist. Sunni safe zones continue to thrive though with Sunni's feeling really secure and protected. A sunni multi billionaire opens up a headquarters in Constantinople and receives a deal from the government to help build armored vehicles and other vehicles for government or military purposes. A bombing attempt is foiled to blow up the world trade center complex with the culprits being linked back to a terrorist cell in Sparta. A battle between the local militia and the cell begins. In all, 89 terrorists are captured with 130 killed. 15 are suspected to be missing an award is put out for 14 million USD to find the terrorist or any hint exact location that could help authorities capture the criminals. Robots are used more now especially in the WTC Complex. A sister building begins to be standing at 6000 ft in height in order to compete with the Swiss skyscraper but also not to be too tall to the point that breathing problems become an issue due to low oxygen the higher up you go.
    • Note: Another country has built a space elevator already though I can't remember which country it was. Your elevator is the second.
  • US 59 Star Flag United States of America: We continue to produce starships, with about one being produced every two days. We order our ships to attack Brazilian and Indian ships if they come near our extraterrestrial districts in combat, to protect the lives of our people. Counting Sentient AI and Synthetic Humans, we have reached a population of 520 million, with a majority of this growth coming from the fact that population statistics have been counting all citizens and immigrants, regardless of corporeal form. NASA begins construction of a Space elevator, while completely unaware of the greek elevator. We instead of using manufactured counterweights, drag an asteroid to the site, while the carbon nanotube structure is to be constructed and sent for assembly by 2090, with assembly to be complete in 2092. We begin planning an orbital station around Jupiter, for now just given a generic designation, like many of our Districts were before completion. More and more people begin to leave our earthen areas, leading to a skyrocket in population in the districts. We begin constructing extraterrestrial drills, hoping to train some forces for defense of the districts, if they are needed.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The Arctic Ash Clearance project is making headway with 500 drones deployed to clear the skies with chemicals. Another 1B pounds are devoted to the project. The National Space Agency is allocated a total of 1T pounds from the national budget of 5.5T pounds. Project Space Mine is going smoothly with the first 10 teams of automated spacecraft constructed. 5 asteroids have been mined so far and an estimated 15 more units are expected to be built by the end of the next 5 years. Each unit working on an asteroid will be able to fully exhaust a small asteroid in roughly 2 years and can mine a medium sized asteroid in 4 years. Instead of pursuing space elevator technology, the NSA is working on a technique of surface to station travel that will cost a minimal amount of money. Secondly, Earth Orbiter 2 is launched. That is, the second Earth orbiting space station. It will be based of the original Earth Orbiter (which currently houses 5000 permanent residents and acts as a trade point for all nations) but will be twice as large. It is roughly shaped like the Star of David and will house 8000 personnel as well as be able to cater to 500 craft at a time of various sizes though of course asteroid ships are unable to dock being the space equivalent of an aircraft carrier.


History is made as the Indians arrive at the Alpha Centauri system before anyone else, marking mankind's first step into the next frontier. More nations begin preparing their own interstellar probe fleets, and Brazil announces their arrival later this year.

Mineral deposits are found on Mars, leading to the allocation of mining areas for governments to find metals for their own projects. Brazil and India are the main 2 nations facilitating this, looking over their separate hemispheres and occasionally attempt to steal each other's allocation.

Global temperature goes down by 0.6 degrees Celsius, prompting governments to prepare for ecological changes in a way that has not been dealt with before in this magnitude. Many are calling it global cooling, and some groups deny this, citing the heatwaves in India and elsewhere.

The Arctic Trade Route is severely impacted by the global cooling, as more shipping routes are blocked by ice.

The ash cloud is significantly cleared up by the efforts of several governments, allowing sunlight to come through normally, but global cooling does not seem to be heavily hindered.

Brazil annexes Suriname, Guyana and Guiana, sparking outrage from India "in the defense of the Hindus living there". Brazil responds with an offer to release Pakistan, Madagascar, Mozambique and Sri Lanka as independent states, causing risen tensions between the two.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held this year and after another close election, Suzuka Watanabe from the Social Democratic Party manages to win this time, beating Rikako Nishimoto from the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan. The Constitutional Democratic Party also lost a few more seats, now having three seats behind the Social Democratic Party-Japanese Communist Party coalition. Plans to bring back Article 9 are made immediately, and a public referendum will be released next year and a vote in the National Diet as well. Japan also begins to prepare itself for the ecological changes that the global cooling will bring. Meanwhile Toyota releases a new generation of the Toyota Supra, and is released on Earth and in Moriyama and Hirakawa Prefectures. A few race tracks such as the Suzuka Circuit, Tsukuba Circuit, and Fuji Speedway have been restored and opened to motorsports and also to the public, only on days when no major race or event is going on. Kōriyama has been turned into a full fledged colony now, and begins seeing slight growth, with population at 37.
  • New Prussian Germany German Empire: We celebrate the next step of humanity, and announce plans for a space station. Changes in infrastructure are approved to combat the effects of global cooling and the winters that are the coldest on record. Heating units are installed in vertical farms, and trade routes are redirected to a safer configuration while keeping the cost low.
  • US 59 Star Flag United States of America: In a total humiliation of NASA, the Indians have reached Alpha Centauri one month before Voyager III completed it's mission to Alpha Centauri. Plans are sped up for our Manned Mission to Alpha Centauri III, as breakthroughs have been made in FTL travel, although it ISN'T POSSIBLE YET we have made it possible to travel at 50% the speed of light, (which is possible according to Real Life Lore) allowing us to get to Alpha Centauri in two years. This is untested in large scale, however, with deadlines approaching fast, we have had the consent of the families and the astronauts to proceed next year with this.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: With efforts to clean up the atmosphere proving fruitful, the situation in the North is still looking bleak. With that being said, 2 things are put into motion. 1. Large heating contraptions are placed into Hudson Bay to warm the coast and routine tugboat patrols clear up the Bay Area and the highest trafficked trade routes. 2. The United Kingdom propose a joint railway project titled the 'Anglo-Canadian Arctic Railway' that will traverse Canada and North Canada starting at the Bering Straits, passing through Hudson Bay, and ending in New Foundland. The project will be a hyper loop capable of handling thousands of tones of cargo a minute and will create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Construction will begin immediately upon approval by Canada. [Player Response] In other news, Earth Orbiter 2 is underway with it being 30% complete. Two more years and the station will be open for business. With Martian mining seeing a resurgence, the fourth Matian Habitat is opened with a current population of 5,000 though it is growing exponentially. 2 more asteroid ships are constructed to meet demand for civilian usage especially along the space trade routes. Thanks to the fourth Great Exhibition, renewed interest and investment in the British tech industry has seen a blooming of startups and entrepreneurs as well as renewed enthusiasm among government scientists. With that being said, the UK proposes a joint warp drive research mission with Germany and France. This mission will be to construct the neccesary parts for a manned mission to Alpha Centauri. [Player/Mod Responses] As any form of industrial action in Alpha Centauri is by all means unprofitable, this will merely be a scientific mission.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We accept the proposal.
    • German Dip: We accept the proposal.
    • Mod Response: France accepts.


Pro-Indian rebel groups begin to rise in Maghrebi Egypt and Libya, prompting Brazil to begin sending assistance to the Maghrebian Federation.

Project Megalake is a confirmed success, with droughts being eliminated and "reverse desertification" as the Central African climate comes creeping back up the Sahara. It kinda looks a bit green too.

Colonies experience a surge in immigration, as the baby boom of 2069 looks to the stars for jobs. The economy improves worldwide too.

Siberia becomes the Soviet Socialist Republic of Siberia after an election results in the communist party rising to power, commemorating the pick-up of communism from 100 years ago, where and when their predeccessor fell apart.

The Arctic continues to freeze over, with many seriously planning long-term alternatives to an Arctic Trade Route.

The wooly mammoth is officially resurrected, thriving in the increasingly cold Siberian tundra at a population of 5,000 and counting since their introduction a few years back.

  • US 59 Star Flag United States of America: A surge in tourism occurs on Mars as the first manned mission/colony to Alpha Centauri is launched. It goes at a constant speed of 25% of the speed of light. (I checked with Sidewinder, this is all good with him.) Hopes are high on this mission, because of ~20 years of planning and construction. It's engines are powered by an antimatter core, which shall annihilate normal matter shot into the stasis container, releasing immense amounts of energy. Other ship systems are powered by a Helium-3 Fusion Reactor. Food is replicated by re-organizing packs of organic matter. The crew of 100 (astronauts and families), is given enough organic matter packs to sustain them for 16 years, until we are able to reach them with cargo. This trip will take four years to reach the planet in the habitable zone of the system, in where we shall survey the planet, and determine a spot to land. The colonists are also equipped with two auxiliary craft, for defense and as getaway vehicles if they need them. The main ship is equipped with a drill, so they may mine asteroids and comets on the way there for resources to establish a permanent settlement on the planet. They shall also, along the way, lay transceivers to boost transmission signals and collect info on the expanse between stellar systems.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: After a few years of staying to ourselves with our information, we are proud to announce, winter has returned to many sections of Canada, and the Alaskan Province is a very harsh place to live at the current time, with temperatures reaching down into the lower teens and two days have been recorded where the temperature has -15 degrees Celsius. With the return of the wooly mammoth, Canadian Scientist begin attempting to bring back the dodo bird. The first synthetic humans are created in Canada, and they are protected under the Canadian civil rights act. An AI supporting activist group starts protesting in the streets of Vancouver demanding advanced AI to be legalized once again, but the government holds out strong. We build our third Venusian colony, which creates thousands of construction jobs and will home over 80,000 people when finished, and providing just a little under 75,000 jobs. The logging industry comes back to Canada in full force with the return of winters, meaning people need heat, and wood heat is efficient, easy, and cheap. Our population reaches 32 million citizens, balancing out back to what it used to be even more. The Canadian section of the 'Anglo-Canadian Arctic Railway' sees extreme progress in the first year, which is a first for a project in Canada. Finally our Sheep farms in southern British Columbia are destroyed in a fire.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: The referendum to restore Article 9 takes place this year. The public referendum results are in and sees extremely high support in restoring Article 9, with 85% in favour. However in the National Diet, the referendum failed to gain two-thirds majority, due to the Constitutional Democratic Party and minor parties (such as the Komeito and Liberal Republican Party) objecting; while Nippon Ishin no Kai was split on the issue with some supporting it, and some objecting it. The majority of the public is very disappointed at the parties that opposed it, particularly the Constitutional Democratic Party. No one is surprised at the minor parties that voted against it, as it was expected due to their more conservative and nationalist stance that a bunch of them have. Also disappointed herself, Prime Minister Suzuka Watanabe plans to hold another vote for the restoration of Article 9 several years from now, though doesn't set a date at the moment. With immigration to both Moriyama and Hirakawa Prefectures being high, more new towns and small cities are established in both, and both also expands quite a bit as well. Kōriyama also grows slightly, now having 113 in population. Research for using other materials that is not antimatter to power spacecraft continues, with gridded ion thruster, hall-effect thruster, pulsed plasma thruster, and pulsed inductive thruster being looked into. Meanwhile, JAXA continues with plans for a base on Mimas, though also looks to Neptune's natural satellite Triton and Pluto with plans to establish a base there sometime in the late 2100s to early 2110s.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The 'Anglo-Canadian Arctic Railway' sees massive progress with 70,000 people working on the project already. The British side is allocated 16B pounds and is expected to be completed in 3 years. In other news, Britain invites Canada to the warp-drive research project. [Player Response] Earth Orbiter 2 is 70% complete with it expected to be completed next year. An unmanned mission to Alpha Centauri is launched with estimated arrival in 4.5 years thanks to constant acceleration at 12Gs. Robotic contraptions controlled by AI will set up a base upon arrival.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We accept the invitation.


Conflict erupts in Maghrebian Libya and Egypt, as the rebels begin to...well...rebel. India supports these rebels on behalf of furthering their influence, but Brazil responds with aid to the Maghrebian government.

It snows in New Zealand. Citizens are shook.

The Vecaslavian Union enters a defense pact with India, followed by the rest of the Fascist Balkan nations.

Cities grow in size to accommodate larger populations. Economic growth sees an increase in almost every nation.

  • Flag of Poland Poland: All our modern zeppelins are ready, and are useful in expanding our tourism. Our Mars colony has a population of 106, and our lunar colony has a population of 1002. We have currently 5 bases all around Aegaeon, with the last colonization missions taking place a few years ago. Population of Aegaeon is currently 52. We start planning the dome which we plan to build around Aegaeon. It will hae thousands of small engines in its every sguere metere to stabilize it. Roofs of some of our settlements on the moon will be connected to the dome, so you can actually enter Aegaeon through airlocks when we put atmosphere into the dome. We expect that the plans of the dome will be finished in around 5 years. Almost all of the country is currently connected to Hyperloop, with last routes being under construction. Our connection from Szczecin to Berlin, finished a few years ago, is one of the first if not the first international connection in the world. We proudly announce, that our research on cell revitalization therapy will be finished next year, and we thank our allies (the ones who we were working with [on that therapy]). We also announce, that Operation: Gold Dragon is almost over, whith only a few minor outposts owned by the most radical extermists remaining. We thank the government of the autonomous region of Ukrainia for brilliant cooperation and we announce that we will withdraw most of our units stationed in the region early next year. We send formal apologies to the government of autonomous region of Ukrainia for stationing much of our troops there for quite a long time. But we promise, that soon only the original numner of troops will remain in the region, with all additional troops being planed to be called back, starting the next year and finishing in 2-3 years, or when the extermists' are finally fully destroyed. We send a diplomat to the UK to improve our relations, as we really do not want to be part of the Second Cild War [/Secret] but we do not want to officially declare neutrality until the extermists are finally completely destroyed either, because we worry that India or Brazil may support them in the response. But later we plan to officially declare neutrality in the Second Cold War [/End Secret].
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Mitsubishi releases a new generation of the Lancer Evolution, the Evolution XI, in light of the car's 100th anniversary. Sales for the revived Lancer Evolution line are high, and competes with the Subaru Impreza WRX STi. Meanwhile, a race track is planned for both Moriyama and Hirakawa Prefectures, and the Super GT series expresses interest in expanding there in the future. The race tracks in the nation see decent activity, aside of motorsport events, with many races being held by sports car enthusiasts, and the money that is used to pay entry into the tracks goes into maintaining the tracks. After being put on hold for 15 years since 2077, the Hokkaido Shinkansen goes back to extending its railway to reach all the way to Wakkanai, and the Shikoku Railway Company also starts to expand their railway lines across the island to reach more places. Sapporo also becomes a major city again on Hokkaido, having fully recovered from the sea level disaster. Hakodate and Wakkanai remain major economic centres on the island, though Sapporo is catching up.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Earth Orbiter 2 is officially opened for business. 60% of the Anglo-Canadian Railway is complete with 100,000 people working on the project. A warp drive test proves successful and estimates place a ship capable of 30% light speed a maximum of 3 years in the future. 2 more asteroid ships are built bringing the national total to 26 ships. All 3 Martian colonies fall under the jurisdiction of the constituent government of British Mars, similar to Scotland. Simultaneously, all 4 Lunar colonies fall under the jurisdiction of the constituent government of the British Lunar Territories, similar to North Canada, Scotland, etc. Westminster still holds national power. A second colony is constructed on Antarctica with a military base being built between the two colonies to secure the surrounding waters.


Room temperature superconductivity has been achieved in Austria. Quantum computers see a rise in usage, as conventional computers are slowly being phased out.

In a scientific report released by Brazilian scientists, it is reported that out of 200 simulated battles between AI soldiers and human soldiers, 153 were won by humans. This leads experts to believe that if nations were to implement robotics in warfare, it would have to be controlled, or led by a more advanced AI.

Many nations in Africa are released from a roughly 20 year occupation period, but still led by their puppeteers of Brazil and India.

Radio contact between the Alpha Centauri explorers and mission control has been lost. It is currently unknown what caused this, but theories relating to electromagnetic pulses, solar interference and other spatial anomalies have been drawn up.

Hyperloops are the new trend.