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Italy proposes a worldwide system of weather satellites to allow humanity control over the weather, which has evidently become more violent in the past years, Ice Age notwithstanding. Several other nations back this idea, and a worldwide system is seen as an international effort.

More fighting occurs in the First Martian War, as dubbed by the media as multiple colonies and states try to defeat the Republica de Martia, which is now reduced to about 64% of its original size.

The most advanced AI in existence, named Descartes, is unveiled at the 2138 London Tech Expo by Aperture Industries. They claim it is able to think like a human, or mimic one to the best of its abilities.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held with Ichirō Otsuka from the Progressive Party winning another term. The Progressive Party, however, lost two seats while the number of seats for the Japanese Communist Party stayed the same. Nippon Ishin no Kai lost only one seat and the Social Democratic Party lost four seats. The New Human Kokoro Party gains seven seats. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ichirō Otsuka disagrees with Italy's proposal and continues to pursue weather control technology that would be solely controlled by Japan, for weather control only in Japan; and warns the possibility of a worldwide system could be used by nations to ruin other nations and regions, among other things.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Two important things occur this year. First and foremost, a second offensive is launched against Republica de Martia, involving nearly 80,000 personnel as well as 150,000 craft making up the bulk of the invasion force. Cities and outposts are strategically targeted with advanced laser weaponry so as to create minimal damage and to reduce civilian casualties. Secondly, a new government agency is created, the National Discovery & Exploratory Starfleet (NDES). With the National Space Agency having been disbanded decades ago when the United Kingdom transitioned into a Solar-system wide nation, thus rendering a space agency redundant, the NDES has been created to be the United Kingdom's forefront in civilian space exploration and discovery. As of 2138, Starfleet consists of 20 Discovery-Class exploratory vessels with a minimum crew of 150 and a maximum crew of 800, 100 unit-carriers, smaller ships designed to carry Starfleet units of around 15 to 20 people, and four Asteroid-Class command ships that serve as mobile command posts for Admirals, etc. Under construction are three Discovery-Class ships a year for the next two years, as well as three Colony-Class ships a year for the next five years. With a mandate of exploring the cosmos and building colonies, Starfleet garners wide-spread public support and approval. Missions to various star systems are planned for Starfleet next year and Starfleet serves as a symbol of science, discovery and peace in a time dominated by interplanetary militarisation.


Several nation pursue more advanced weather satellites, using them for either themselves or a joint usage between multiple nations.

Experts believe the First Martian War will be over by the mid 2140s, perhaps earlier. Support is waning for the "ultra-hispanic" regime.

Winters become colder. Very much colder, with some regions reporting a 3ºC drop in temperature from normalcy.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: The nuclear powered warp drive prototype is created and is launched in Minami-Tori-shima. [Mod Response on the test] Meanwhile, with the experiment of recommended speed limits on highways being successful, all highway speed limits are changed into recommended speed limits, though German-style road laws of speed limits begins to take action. A similar experiment for outside the highways is planned at a later date. Hokkaidō and Tōhoku have noticeably colder winters, with reports of a full 3ºC drop than normal winters. Construction on weather control technology satellites begin. The first Touhou Project film is released, and as expected, is successful and gets great reviews in the nation.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: This year, Starfleet expands to include 50 Colony-Class starships and 25 Discovery-Class starships. Ten of the Discovery Ships are launched to the Alpha Centauri system to chart out the system in great detail and to scout out potential colony areas. Five Discovery-Class ships are launched to the outer solar system and the Kuiper Belt to map them out respectively. All Discovery-Class ships are equipped with antimatter warp drive. In other news, 35 Colony-Class ships are employed to supply colonies and to ferry cargo and personnel. Starfleet ships do assist government corporations. With the sudden drop in temperature on Earth, the local governments of Scotland, England, and North Canada take rapid action to protect their populations and crops. North Canada sees a massive surge in demand for vertical farm heaters while the British Isles imports a massive 15 million heating units. The wool industry also sees a surge with Martian-Made wool shipped to Earth to supply the surge in demand fro warm clothing. Last but not least, an additional 550 million pounds is poured into training and equipment for rebel forces and British troops on Mars. Talks begin among various rebel groups with the UK as mediator, in the hopes of setting up a stable, democratic government in the war-torn Martian nations. [Secret] It seems the rebel groups want to form two or three separate Martian countries, at least one of which seeks complete independence, though the British mediators are skeptical of its ability to hold its own, economically. [Secret]


The Japanese nuclear warp-drive is successfully tested, accelerating the test craft to 1.1 light speed. The only issue is that it is now in orbit around Neptune.

The topic of Solar System exploration is brought on the table. In the light of recent British efforts to fully explore the Solar System, the International Committee On Systemic Exploration, or ICSE, is formed to fully map the local system completely.

Astronomers are beginning to seriously considering changing Earth and the Moon's official designations to something more unique, perhaps Terra and Luna.

South America, Egypt, South Africa, India, Manchuria and Oceania activate the International Weather Satellite System. It is a joint venture between the aforementioned nations.

The Martian War ends as Republica de Martia is annihilated in their bastions on Mars. War crimes are exposed, and the guilty are punished with exile. Many celebrate this turn of events, even those in Iberian and South American colonies.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Although now in orbit around Neptune, the success of the nuclear warp-drive is celebrated. Research and experiments continue for nuclear warp-drives, and will undergo several more tests before a full-fledged spacecraft powered by nuclear warp-drives will be considered. A second prototype is planned to be built in 2145. Plans are made to get the prototype back, and research into an autonomous spacecraft begins, as sending human-driven spacecraft to retrieve it would prove dangerous. Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage servers are officially closed, having now 3517 players remaining prior to closing; and many of the remaining players have now moved on to The Idolmaster: Trillion Live!.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The British public seems resistant to changing Earth and the Moon's names. In other news, the British Starfleet officially joins the ICSE. To be clear, Starfleet remains solely under British jurisdiction though it actively contributes collected data to the ICSE database. Starfleet is expanded to include 40 Mapper-Class ships each with a crew of 40 ~ 50 people. The main function of these ships is to, as the name suggests, map the Solar System. Thirdly, the squadron of Discovery-Class ships dispatched to the Alpha Centauri system are consistently reporting back to headquarters. Speaking of headquarters, the official headquarters for Starfleet is a new purpose-built orbiting city above Earth. It is relatively small with a permanent population - staff and family members - of roughly 10,000. Starfleet HQ contains both the administrative and legislative HQ of Starfleet, as well as three shipyards for manufacture, refitting, and repairs. Last but not least, British troops move to the perimeter of all former Salvatore Martia colonies. This is to respect the sovereignty of said colonies. The British Army and Air Force provide humanitarian aid to any and all requiring it. Following the surrender of Salvatore Martia, all enemy officials are rounded up and deported to Earth to stand trial for their war crimes. Civilian diplomats and mediators are sent to the colonies to assist and mediate the discussions being held now on Mars. As of now a full two-thirds of the colonies have chosen to return to their former countries with autonomy. However, one-tthird of the colonies wish to declare independence in the form of two separate countries. [Mod Response]


Two new nations are now on Mars. With six independent states on the planet, the United Nations of Mars is formed.

A proposal from the 21st century to terraform Mars resurfaces. It details the placement of a large dipole magnet, ranging from 1~2 Teslas in strength and place in L1 orbit around Mars. It is theorized to cause a domino effect leading to the gradual terraforming of Mars.

The effects of the Ice Age begin to wane in Patagonia, Australia, Northeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Sahara and Southern Africa. Winters are less harsh.

By the discretion of the International Astronomical Union, the Solar System will be renamed to the Helios System, the Earth to Terra, and the Moon to Luna.

The ICSE lays out their proposal for intrasystemic exploration. From 2141 to 2150, the Inner Solar System is to be actively charted. Smaller vessels seeking some extra cash may contribute to exploration efforts.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Visitors to Japan from nations in North and East Asia no longer require a visa of any kind. The last of toll roads are now closed down. After a passing of a bill, the Sea of Japan is to be officially referred to as the East Sea, and textbooks as well as documents and such in Japan that feature/reference the sea begin to be changed to the East Sea. The experiment of recommended speed limits in the rest of Japan such as cities and towns begins, and if successful, will be permanently implemented.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The United Kingdom continues to refer to the Solar System, Earth, and the Moon as such, due to their longstanding cultural impacts. In other news, the government launches its own section of the global weather satellite system, hoping to ease the Ice Age pummeling Britain's Earth countries. Diplomatic efforts have begun with the UNM and Britain is n friendly terms with all six independent Martian states. Earth-Martian trade couldn't be stronger. Starfleet continues mapping the Outer Solar System and Alpha Centauri. This year, three Discovery-Class ships are sent out to Barnard's Star, and four Discovery-Class ships are sent out to Sirius star system.


The effects of the Ice Age are noted by the public by now. Global temperature has risen from -5˚C to -3˚C overall within the past few years.

A project is planned for the implementation of an artificial magnetic field for Mars. Several nations prominent in the technology and space logistics scene are called in to help.

Refugees fleeing from the Martian War have invoked their right of return, an estimated 534,000 are on transit to Mars from their respective refugee nations or colonies.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held with Ichirō Otsuka winning a third consecutive term. The Progressive Party gains a seat, as does the Japanese Communist Party. Both Nippon Ishin no Kai and the Social Democratic Party loses six seats. The New Human Kokoro Party gains ten seats. The weather control technology satellite is finished construction and is launched. Unlike several other nations, the weather control satellite is mostly used in attempts to lessen the damages caused by Typhoons that hit Japan. It is used to also lessen the effects of the Ice Age somewhat, particularly in Hokkaidō and Tōhoku, but still keeping snow for many to enjoy. Much of the government looks in disgust in the idea of rewarming the planet, as does several citizens. JAXA gains more funding, as Prime Minister Ichirō Otsuka continues pushing for nuclear warp-drive in hopes to reach places outside of the Solar System sooner than later. Autonomous spacecraft research is going well, with one to be built by 2144 due to bigger funding.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The British public, understandably stressed by the Latino Martian refugees and their unfamiliar culture and language, are mostly relieved they will be returning to Mars. Britain assists these refugees with transport ships and final rations. By the end of the year, British Armed Forces have moved out of occupied territories and returned to garrisons on Mars and Earth. In other news, Britain chips in two billion Pounds into the Terra-forming of Mars, joining 60 other countries in the effort. However, the British government is more focused on making a Martian protective magnetic field than it is completely transforming Mar's surface. This is of course due to Britain's perfected atmospheric protection dome technology that is used to form enclosed atmospheres around British cities on Mars. Thirdly, upon the suggestion of he British Space Trade Agency, the now neglected StarGate Horizon is dismantled and a replacement star gate - StarGate Exploration is constructed, with a starship capacity of 100 medium sized trade ships per hour. StarGate Exploration connects to the Alpha Centauri system where colonists have successfully begun mass mining of Proxima Centauri B. Thanks to the efforts of Starfleet, two new colonies have been founded on Proxima Centauri B with the long-term plan to unite them all under a Proximan constituent country. The Starfleet Discovery missions to Barnard's Star and Sirius Star System report back with new maps and information. Plans to set up a colony in each system are on the table for the future. Last but not least, Starfleet's Science Division gets its own orbiting facilities separate from HQ to encourage and increase new technological developments to lower the cost of space travel.


The orbit of Mercury is noted to be almost completely mapped. The received information is collected in a data library, available for the public to view.

The 18th Star Gate is declared open by Russia. It is expected to ease intra-system traffic towards the Outer Planets.

The topic of the boundaries of asteroid mining comes into question after 12 mining ships are found collecting metals from asteroids within the territory of the Russian Asteroid Federation of Petrachov, presumably illegally.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: The experiment of recommended speed limits in cities and towns are also successful, and begins to be permanently implemented. The Self-Defence Forces sees a slight budget cut. The small military presence on Takane and Akishima are moved to Fujiwara and Akita, respectively. Japanese Spacecraft continues to be guarded by the Space Self-Defence Forces despite threats in space seemingly have declined.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: By January Earth Ship Alexander is finally operational and is officially given under League of Nations' jurisdiction. During a raid on some gang's hideout, our special police forces find an operational nuke, which is a huge shock. After safety tests it is joins our arsenal and is the first nuke in polish arsenal ever. We, however, promise to disarm it. The process will start next year and finish in 2145. Approval for pan-humanism reaches 89%, which means that this is the second most united time in their history (the first was in about the middle of 20th century, when approval for communism reached 99,98%; but these polls were probably rigged while the current ones are not). We are really looking forward to unification with Franco-Iberia.
  • US Flag SFMG United States of America: By now we have produced 50 warp capable craft, and have been working on several jumpgates (Star Gates are called jumpgates in the US). Nationalism has been on the decrease for decades now, and the Unification Party has established itself as a political dynasty, much as the Democratic-Republicans of the early 1800s. We reestablish the border with the Canadas past the Great Lakes as being the 49th parallel. However, we keep Vancouver Island.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Among other things that occur this year, a new colony is founded in the atmosphere of Jupiter, due to a massive rise in demand for gasses - largely for use in StarGate manufacture and operation. The new colony is named Island of Blue, after its blue-metal exterior. Secondly, legislation is passed ensuring that British ships do not mine in areas who's sovereignty is respected by the United Kingdom and the same can be said for foreign ships attempting to mine in British space and territory. Starfleet and the mission to Barnard's Star report much success as 20 6% of the system has been mapped. All information gathered is uploaded to public databases. Speaking of public databases, the GCHQ, Britain's cyber-security and national communications agency has set up the Public Domain of Intellectual Knowledge. A system of databases spanning the Solar System, with much data being recorded on multiple different databases to speed up connection times system-wide.


After years of preparation, Franco-Iberia and the CEF begin the process of unification. Italy will also be included in this, and will form the European Federation formally.

The prospect of a united North America is not that far off, experts say. All three nations residing in the continent could form a powerful entity comprising of two superpowers and Canada.

Due to opposition from several nations, it is decided that all nations operating weather satellites must not intentionally alter the global average temperature beyond  -4˚C, unless it is warranted due to a severe disaster.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: The autonomous spacecraft is built, and is tested; if successful another one will be built to retrieve the nuclear warp-drive prototype that is stuck in orbit around Neptune. The second nuclear warp-drive prototype begins construction, and is still set to launch in 2145, hoping it won't get stuck in orbit with a planet. The government of Japan agrees to not warm the average global temperature above -4 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, English taught as a foreign language is at its lowest point, with Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and surprisingly enough, Polish being more popular to learn. Korean and Mandarin continue being the most popular foreign languages being taught.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: We show interest in uniting North America, as long as the Canadian government is still in control of its nation. Terra and Luna are still called Earth an the Moon because no one in Canada thought this change was necessary. We test our first warp drive because we still show interest in reaching Alpha Centauri [Mod Response Needed]. We begin building a Super Star Destroyer which is five kilometers wide and ten kilometers long with 800 meters in height. This project will take 8-13 years at the rate of Canadian engineering speed, but cannot begin until the Canadian Space Program have finished their Warp Drive research and Development project. The large point of this ship is to carry from place to place smaller ships, and house many important space officials. This ship will include a warp drive and once completed, will be able to reach Alpha Centauri in 30 hours (travel at one light year every six hours). The ship will be a back and forth carrier bringing well needed supplies, and allowing more humans and animals to reach the Alpha Centauri colonies. A military on mars begin construction, Canada's first non-earth bound military base that is not a vehicle. One for Venus, Pluto, and Eris are all planned for the next five years. After high demand, the Senate votes and lifts the heavy restrictions blocking commercial creation of AI, and use of advanced AI in businesses and homes.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: Britain inquires as to the nature of the Super Star Destroyer and as to whether it is armed and militarised. (PS. We have StarGates and warp drives are still pretty expensive so most ships simply choose to use StarGates while warp drives are mainly used by frontier ships and military craft). [Player Response]
    • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canadian Diplomacy: It is armed with small weapons as to defend the ship.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The UK is open to the idea of a North American entity. However, the sovereignty of the UK must be respected at all times, similar to what the Canadian president has said. Second and more importantly, the UK is very much not an Earth-only nation. It is a Union of countries stretching many planets and planetoids and it would be unfair to assume the UK is mainly in North America. However, a regional entity (kinda like the EU with less bureaucracy) is definitely possible as it would help trade and cooperation in the region. In other news, the British population has hit a milestone at 1.5 billion people in the Union, with one billion of which residing out of Earth, proving that the UK is not Terracentric. Next, Starfleet declares the beginning of construction of a new colony on Proxima Centauri B called Blackmouth. With three (soon four) trade and mining hubs thriving on the Proxima B surface, the territories of Britain on Proxima B are collectively declared the constituent country of Proximz. Seeing Proxima Centauri and Alpha Centauri as the new frontier in space colonisation, Britain builds its second StarGate called StarGate Discovery, also leading to Proxima Centauri.
  • US Flag SFMG United States of America: We propose a union of states, called the North Atlantic Union, which would in its fullest extent include the US, Canada, the UK, All of Mainland Europe, and much of North Africa. It would be a supranational governing entity, which would have authority over all its members, but all decisions would be voted upon in a North Atlantic Council, which would be held in Brussels. [Player/Mod Response Required]
    • Mod: Franco-Iberia, Ireland, Italy and the CEF are open to this idea and show support for it, while others, like Switzerland and the UK are not so approving.


With the maintenance of the average temperature at -4˚C, experts predict the Ice Age will last longer than forecast, but humanity has already prepared for it.

The second Japanese nuclear warp drive is much more successful, in the sense that it functions as planned and brought back its predecessor.

In the light of globalist actions by Western nations, the African nations and some in Asia begin experiencing globalist movements themselves.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: The success of the second nuclear warp-drive is celebrated. By orders of Prime Minister Ichirō Otsuka, a spacecraft with nuclear warp-drive begins construction in aims to travel to Lalande 21185, and report back. Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Subaru, and Yamaha all work together along with JAXA in collaboration to build the ship, and with funding by the Japanese government as well, in hopes to have it launched by 2149. Also, the research of the nuclear warp-drive are made into public domain. Plans to travel to Barnard's Star are abandoned, and plans in proposal to go to Alpha/Proxima Centauri are also abandoned. Distrust and scepticism towards the West and US still remain high by many citizens and politicians alike, including some pan-humanist supporters and some members of the New Human Kokoro Party. Independence continues to be enjoyed and preferred by citizens and politicians alike (except pan-humanist supporters and New Human Kokoro Party obviously), with 67.7% support. However, interest in a united East Asia at the very least sees a bit of support. Prime Minister Ichirō Otsuka follows in line with Honoka Saotome's stance, in that Japan will not discuss talks of unification will not happen, unless proposed by others.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The government has proposed plans to build the beginnings of a Dyson Bubble. The precursor to a Dyson Sphere, a Dyson Bubble is a series of solar collecting modules scattered in orbit around the Sun. Together, they would collectively generate enough power to power a planet in real time. The British government encourages as many nations as possible to take part in this endeavour. [Player/Mod Responses] In other news, Starfleet builds its first Mothership-Class spaceship, Mother ship for short. As the name implies, it is a mothership differing from conventional asteroid ships in that they are not made of asteroids but are in fact the reassembled parts of a disassembled asteroid, forming a massive, fully man-made mother ship. This ship will aid in housing smaller ships and can act as a mobile base of operations for Starfleet, with a crew of 5000.


Ireland participates in the unification process in Europe, which is expected to be completed in 2148.

Several nations announce their interest in the construction of a Dyson Bubble. The future nation of the European Union is one of those interested.

Byzantium enters negotiations with Franco-Iberia, the CEF and Italy on the topic of further European unification.

South Africa: Supreme dDctator Jim Biden orders the military to mobilize along the boarder with Botswana, he then orders a draft to be enacted and orders a full refit of the military, the economy is booming with the amount of jobs created by the need for military technology.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Ichirō Otsuka announces his retirement from politics and won't be running again. Elections are held with Manami Kasagi of the Progressive Party winning. Both the Progressive Party and Japanese Communist Party loses three seats. Nippon Ishin no Kai gains five seats, while the Social Democratic Party loses eight seats. New Human Kokoro Party gains nine seats. Manami Kasagi continues Ichirō Otsuka's plans. Three more orbiting cities are planned for Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune respectively. The Bandori! mobile game surpasses The Idolmaster: Trillion Live! in players, having twenty-five million players. The Idolmaster: Trillion Live! has twenty-two million players, while Love Live! School Idol Festival has dropped to twenty-nine million players.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Work begins on the Dyson Bubble, a dozen solar generators at a time are placed into orbit around the Sun. Starfleet reports back from Barnard's Star, having successfully mapped 40% of the system. Plans are underway to colonise the system. In the outer solar system, a new colony is constructed in the atmosphere of Uranus and Jupiter each. They serve as a testament to the massive amounts of gas required by StarGates and warp drives. Gas is the most common material converted to antimatter. Last but not least, legislation is passed forcing all antimatter production facilities to move to outer solar system moons with no civilian populations by 2155. This is to protect the public from the dangerous facilities.


South Africa suffers from several sanctions against it, followed by their removal from the African Regional Military Alliance.

Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola and Barotseland unite to form the Union of South Africa in response to the sudden actions of South Africa.

Negotiations for Central Asian unification by several nations in the region are underway, mediated by Russia and Byzantium.

The unification of Europe is joined by Byzantium.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: The new orbiting cities of Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune begin construction named Sakauchi, Yachiyo, and Nishiumi respectively. Plans to begin mining uranium in space is made, along with prohibiting areas where its under jurisdiction by nations and administrative divisions of nations. Uranium is also only allowed to be used in warp-drives and absolutely nothing else, with a ban imposed preventing its use in anything other than warp-drives. Meanwhile, mining in Japan and its Autonomous Prefectures in space are banned, with huge fines imposed to those who violate it.
  • South Africa: The South African government reaches out to Canada for military help claiming "if Canada is willing to help they will be rewarded with land and trade [player response needed], in response to sanctions South Africa updates its missile defense systems to the Zulu 15 missile defense system in hopes of avoiding missile strikes.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: A recent government poll has shown that patriotic pan-humanism is seeing a resurgence. That is, the public has become more open to the idea of an inter-governmental union of autonomous nations. As such, the PM proposes a Union between English-speaking nations (any who wish to join) that will have a light central government and guarantee autonomy in the majority of policy making (kinda like a better EU but for all English speaking nations). [Mod/Player Responses] In other news, 856 of 11,000 satellites required for the Dyson Bubble have been put into orbit and 60% of the Barnard's Star system has been mapped.


The United States and Canada are interested in joining this Anglo-Union. Other states such as Oceania are open to the idea, but do not see it as viable due to geographical distances.

The USA (South Africa) imposes an embargo on South Africa, unless it agrees to end such militaristic actions. Madagascar joins the Union as well.

The European Union is formed, uniting most of the continent.

Russia begins negotiations with the other former Russian states to reunify, as do several nations in Southeast Asia and China.

Following the actions taken by Japan, the usage of uranium outside a list of purposes is banned.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: The Spacecraft ship is nearing completion and is set to launch next year towards Lalande 21185 with using a nuclear warp-drive. The spacecraft itself is named Nozomi (のぞみ; Japanese for "Wish" or "Hope"). The mining for uranium in space begins for use for warp-drives, and avoids areas where its under jurisdiction by nations and administrative divisions of nations. Life expectancy, with cell revitalisation therapy, is at 191. The current population is at 503.79 million citizens, with more than half in space, and the Autonomous Prefecture of Miyazawa having the highest population among all Japanese Autonomous Prefectures in Space as of latest census.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Following the successful installation of the necessary infrastructure, Dyson Bubble construction speeds up exponentially. As of December 2148, 2300 solar satellites have been installed into orbit around the Sun. Each satellite measures 200 metres across and has a total solar-absorbent surface area of 10,000 sq metres, with the dimensions of 50 x 200 metres. As of this year, 80% of the Barnard's Star system have been mapped. Experts estimate that by the end of next year, Barnard's Star System will be fully mapped. Meanwhile, the entirety of the Alpha Centauri star system has been mapped. In other news, Starfleet sets up a permanent orbiting outpost in the Sirius star system to aid exploration and mapping. Last but not least, the PM continues to hold talks and visit countries, pushing for the Anglo-Union. (I mean seriously, if no one want's to post anymore can you just let others post in your stead?)
  • Flag of Europe European Union: Most of the year is spent integrating old European Societies and organisations, creating the UESP (United European Space Agency), merging ministries etc. and setting up regional governments (which is important since, as you know, our government isn't very centralised). First European elections are sheduled for the next year (in 2148 the country was ruled by an institution named Temporary Council). The European Constitution is created and approved. We continue helping the UK in the construction of their Dyson Bubble.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: Despite popular belief, we do not show interest in joining the Anglo-Union. The construction of the Super Star Destroyer commences despite Canada not yet perfecting warp drives. Instead, the Maple star gate begins production to help take the SSD to Alpha Centauri. We put sanctions on South Africa, and send 3 aircraft carriers and 12 destroyers with 2,000 troops to ensure South Africa doesn't pull anything. Canada has a population of 312,300,000 with a little over one third in space. This year all Profits from mining astroids go into the federal budget raising it up 6 billion Canadian Dollars. Finally, Social Security sees a 250 billion dollar increase.

2149 Edit

Sindh and India re-unite after the long stalemated war comes to an end. Russia reunifies, and China is expected to re-unify next year.

South Africa is surrounded at all sides. Protestors demand South Africa to stand down and try to unify Africa peacefully.

Barnard's Star is fully mapped, which makes scientists celebrate.

Experts still believe humans can achieve Type 1 status by the second half of the 22nd century.

The Anglo-Union will start accepting non english speaking nations, if they agree to teach english as a second language in all schools.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Scientists rejoice at Starfleet's success at mapping Barnard's Star. However, colonisers also groan at a sad truth, it has been confirmed that Barnard's Star does not have any planets within it's habitable zone. (This is true IRL btw) Nontheless, Starfleet has discovered that Barnard's Star is orbited by a single massive asteroid belt, probably debris from a failed attempt at planet building. (This part is not confirmed IRL but then again not much about Barnard's Star is confirmed). As a result, Starfleet prepares to colonise said asteroid belt.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: The Spacecraft ship Nozomi is completed and later in the year, is successfully launched, and is headed towards Lalande 21185. The main goals of this is to map out the area as well as planning an orbiting city to be built there. Future plans to go to both Ross 154 and Luyten 726-8 are also made. Meanwhile several more spacecraft begin production, all fitted with nuclear warp drives. Absolute neutrality continues to be in place, along with staying out of all organisations except the League of Nations. The orbiting cities of Fujiwara, Akita, Narumi, and Chihaya begin to transition into being mostly civilian cities, though a small military presence continues to remain for security reasons. A new web-based Idolmaster game is in the works, and will be similar to The Idolmaster: Shiny Colours; and also features new characters, along with existing characters.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: Canadian scientists construct and launch one weather satellite. The SSD's shell is completed, and the interior begins to be built. Five more colonies are planned for Venus, three of which will become provinces, one will be a military base, and the other will be a mining hub. Three new colonies will be built one mars, all of which will be provinces. Two antimatter facilities will also built on the Uranus's moon of Belinda. A antimatter warhead storage facility will be built in the following years. This follows President Conway's Executive Order 981, which orders all antimatter facilities and warhead storage facilities to be removed from Terra. This years space budget is 1.1 trillion Canadian Dollars, a 200 billion Canadian Dollar budget increase from last year, with the extra money going into the colonies, and the facilities. In the military world, Canada has 20 air craft carriers following last years budget increase, and soon following the space fleet will receive 8 new dreadnoughts. When asked about military expansion, president Conway responded with "The world is in peace, which means no one is prepared for war. Being prepared gives us an advantage.". Finally, Maple Star Gate is 25% complete.

2150 Edit

The Pentagon was hacked, with important information about the United States in the hands of a growing unnamed terrorist organization. Not much is known about them at the time, but it is known they have a fair sized space fleet.

Every developed nation that has a presence in space can reach Alpha Centauri.

Japan is the biggest video game creating country in the world.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held with Akiko Numakura from the Japanese Communist Party winning. The Progressive Party loses twenty-one seats while the Japanese Communist Party gains three seats. The Social Democratic Party loses six seats. Nippon Ishin no Kai gains five seats while New Human Kokoro Party gains nineteen seats. The orbiting cities of Sakauchi, Yachiyo, and Nishiumi are finished construction and are opened. Although the nuclear warp-drive works successfully, some Progressive Party members begin to question if it can even go as fast as antimatter warp-drives; while others question if the nuclear warp-drive equipped spacecraft will even make it to its destination to far-away places with enough supplies. Antimatter and wormholes still remain very taboo in both public and government (aside from some Progressive Party members). Meanwhile, cyber security is increased and a move to physical information on paper for confidential and other non-public domain information is also made as it's deemed better and can't be hacked into. Team Shanghai Frontier releases a Phantasmagoria of Flower View style Touhou Project game this year.