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The Brazilian Civil War comes to an end, as the fascist government is removed from power and substituted with a democratic and pro Pan-American government. The situation in Mexico is still tense, as US forces proceed to siege Mexico City.

The Fascist Union of the Balkans reaches out to the Alash Orda, to establish relations as both are fascist states.

The United Nations of Europe (UNE) is formed by France, the Roman Union, Iberia, Germany, Benelux, the UK and the Nordic Union.

Arabia sends military assistance to Iran, while dispatching diplomats to calm ethnic strife in conflicted areas. Meanwhile, Anatolia diplomatically annexes Turkey in an agreement.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The United Kingdom offers to be the host for the UNE headquarters. [Mod Response] In other news, the mission to Alpha Centauri has finally arrived. A scientific camp is set up immediately and experiments and trials of all sorts are conducted in preparation of a larger mission to Alpha Centauri. 2 new cities have begun construction in the atmosphere of Saturn and are expected to be completed by 2113. They will be harvesting gasses and will also function as trading ports. Lastly, we enter talks with New Zealand to discuss unification. Unification will guarantee constituent country status and devolved government as with every other constituent country in the UK. Joining the UK will guarantee safety, security and prosperity for New Zealand. Culturally speaking, New Zealanders will not lose their native culture and in fact the rest of the UK may have a thing or two to learn from them. [Mod Response]
    • ​Mod Response: New Zealand doesn't exist anymore. France respectfully declines the offer, as the headquarters of the UNE is currently in Paris.
  • Alash Orda: We welcome all member states of the Fascist Union of the Balkans with open arms, as they are fellow fascist nations, and therefore, our friends. We ask for embassies with all member states of the Fascist Union of the Balkans, as well as an alliance if possible (Mod Response Needed). Meanwhile, Tamara Khan declares war on the Semireche government, making a speech “The corrupt Semireche government will not stand much longer. They have ignored the wishes of their people, and chosen to remain independent rather than come under the protection of the mighty Alash Orda. They have asked for war, and we will bring it to them. Had this corrupt government listened to the people, unnecessary bloodshed could have been avoided. So now I, Tamara Khan, warn you. Your foolishness and stubbornnes will drag you, your people, and your nation to ruin. Surrender now, while your nation is still whole”. 220,000 people are drafted into the army, bringing the size of the army to 300,000 troops. 100,000 troops are told to defent the border from Semireche incursion, while the rest of the army are told to charge into Semireche territory as fast as possible, and take the Semireche capital, Ust-Kamengorsk, preferably by June of 2109 (Mod Response Needed)They are warned not to kill more people than is necessary, to show the Semireche populace that the Alash Orda are not a bunch of bloodthirsty, murderous barbarians (the Semireche government has often used this stance as part of their propaganda), but a kind and benevolent regime that the Semireche populace would be better off living under. (Secret) The brightest minds of the Alash Orda are tring to engineer nuclear bombs from the huge amounts of uranium in the Alash Orda, as well as antimatter weapons. We estimate this will take between 10 to 20 years (End Secret).
    • Mod Response: The Fascist Balkan nations accept.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: JAXA plans a future mission to Barnard's Star with no set date for the time being. Meanwhile the tests for the pulsed plasma thruster have decent results, though it is not certain that it can be used for long space travel beyond the entire Solar System. Tests on both Gridded ion thruster and pulsed inductive thruster will begin next year. The Idolmaster: Mecha Stage and The Idolmaster: Trillion Live! are both released and see popularity in the nation. Okinawa Prefecture experiences snow once again, though it quickly disappears after two days. Parts of Shikoku and Southern Honshu see snow, with Osaka, Takamatsu, and Tsu getting a decent amount of snow.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: 12,000 Paratroops are dropped into Madagascar along with 250,000 troops, 220 aircrfat and 21 naval craft to obtain the antimatter warheads on the island and bring peace to the island, similar to what the UK did to east Canada during times of unrest [Mod Response on Invasion and Antimatter Retrieval Mission]. The CSP lands on Eris for the first time, and we immediatley plan for a colony. We now have 38 antimatter warheads due to an up in production. Of our 3.2 trillion USD GDP and 2.1 trillion USD Budget, 600 billion USD are put towards our 2,607,600,000,000 USD debt. Radical Entirtainment releases a trailer for another game, "An Unsettled India" which is about Indian Soldiers trying to fight the Anarchists. The game is a singleplayer stradegy game with the length of 180 hours.
    • Mod Response: In an unprecedented turn of events, there are no warheads in Madagascar. The base originally housing the warheads is found, but has been abandoned and apparently raided.


France begins reaching out to African states, furthering their sphere of influence. They also begin furthering relations with the United States.

Authorities in Madagascar begin a nationwide search for the antimatter warheads, as neither they nor the Indian government know of their whereabouts. This causes a panic, as antimatter weapons are missing and may be in the hands of terrorists.

Chile and Argentina begin talks to unify Patagonia under one state.

The first 28G phone is released, while quantum computing is widespread, replacing convetional computers at last.

  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: The special forces ups their presence in Madagascar, and background checks are run on every citizen. 120 more tanks and 1,400 AFVs are sent to the nation and another 12,000 soldiers solely for peacekeeping. We tell the Madagascar government the Canadian government has no plans in invasion or harming the government [Secret] All lies and propaganda started by President George Jade to gain their trust. [/Secret]. Troops are also deployed in the former Pakistan to help India regain land in return for the western half of the nation [Player Response Needed]. The CSP builds our first colony on Eris named CSP-0001 and every none residential colony will be named this. Our Massive Orbiting City is finished, with citizens moving to it next year. A Large Orbiting city is planned for Neptune by 2115 and it will be named the Artful Dodger. A new video viewing platform called FreeBubble and is designed for free speech, and only porn videoes can be removed from the website. Most Canadians use the site and create videos. The site also advertises small channels first, as to get more variety of content out to people.
    • Indian Diplomacy: We agree to these terms.
  • Flag of France France: We propose a full alliance with the USA (player response needed). We also begin construction of a trade hub class colony orbiting Jupiter to improve relations between the already existing lunar colonies near the planet. We give Madagascar financial aid in finding their lost warheads. The new president begins reading up on world history, as he somehow has no idea as to anything that has happened in the last 92 years
  • Indian Flag India: We declare war on Sindh and tell them that India will regain Pakistan entirely. We send 560,000 troops into the nation along with 1,000 tanks and 12,000 drones. We invade them from our east border and the troops march into Badin. [Mod Response to Invasion]. We propose that Madagascar comes back to India, but instead of being a state becomes an independent nation similar to the way the United Kingdom operates. [Mod Response Needed].\
    • ​Mod Response: Madagascar respectfully declines the offer, but would look favorably upon better relations. Meanwhile, the invasion of Badin is considered a success.
  • sindh: Sindh hints tension with the remaining parts of india, calls for an alliance between the states of Punjab, Pashtoonistan, Balochistan and Kashmir, along with bangladesh. [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED TOWARDS ALLIANCE]. any other nations that are willing to join this alliance are welcome. This alliance will ensure prtection for any nation that feels threatened by india. [mod response needed]. 
    • ​Mod Response: Bangladesh, Pashtoonistan and Kashmir decline the offer, while Punjab accepts and is drawn into the Indian-Sindh War. Balochistan sends support but does not want to get involved.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Tests on both gridded ion thruster and pulsed inductive thruster begins this year. Love Live! School Idol Festival reaches 30 million active players on the Japanese server. Sunrise and Lantis begins preparing for next year, as it will be the 100th anniversary of Love Live!. The Moriyama Republican Party continues gaining more in popularity, especially after a local Prefectural election which saw the party having a decent amount of votes, though didn't win.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: In a massive diplomatic effort, the British Government proposes (separately) a unification of the UK with Australia, Papua New Gunea, and various Pacific Island nations. Unification will guarantee safety, security and prosperity for all nations involved. [Mod Response] Next, the PM decides to hold talks with the French leader to strengthen relationships and deliberate a military alliance. [Player Response] Thirdly, the British Space Forces commission an additional 3 asteroid carriers along with 5,000 new swarm fighters per new asteroid ship in a bid to expand the Space Force. Lastly, plans are made for the world’s fire independently orbiting space station that will orbit the Sun between the inner asteroid belt and Earth. It will be beyond massive and house over 1 million people with a docking capacity of 700 medium spacecraft and 10 asteroid ships. Construction begins next year and will take approximately 5 years before humans may inhabit it and 10 years before final completion. The station is designed in a modular fashion meaning repairs and renovations are simple. It also enables later additions to the station to be added on seamlessly.
    • Mod Response: Oceania further declines, and requests that the United Kingdom does not make such ambitious requests in the future. Technically the European Federation that exists between France and the UK is counted as a military alliance, so it is not needed to ask for another.


Kinda tired of this. So, uh, get ready. - Solace

Made the turn easier on players, lest they may not be able to handle this much shit. - Sidewinder

The Western United States (whatever the Western States are) declare independence. Mexico gets back it's northern and originally held territory via an invasion in blitzkrieg fashion.

Stock markets crash worldwide and interstellarly leading to a banking collapse and the exhaustion of federal loans. The loss of private equity make it impossible for liability corperation to function, leading to a global and deep depression. Many blame the current US President.

The Roman Union collapses following this depression, however, regionalist and private military organizations begin to rise, and large revolutions begin to occur throughout all of Europe and Northern Africa.

Anarchists, terrorist groups and other organisations rise up in nearly every country following the stock market crash, causing large amounts of damage and the near collapse of less-prepared states, especially in Africa and Asia. Meanwhile, European and American states begin to suffer insurgencies aiming to topple the governments they consider weak and replace them with their own loyalists.

The colonies of several nations announce their secession, and regional alliances are formed between these independent colonies on planets like Mars and Venus, and moons.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Honoka Saotome of the Japanese Communist Party announces she won't run in the election. Elections are held and the Nippon Ishin no Kai gains a huge amount of seats, and Katsutomo Esashi, leader of the party, wins the elections. The Japanese Communist Party loses a lot of the seats, and becomes the third major party, behind the Constitutional Democratic Party. The Pan-Humanist Party dissolves after a huge decline in the Pan-Humanist ideology after the global economic collapse among other things. The Japanese Republican Party has risen to five seats, but still remain an outcast by the majority. Revitalisation of the economy is underway, and jobs begin to be created by both the government and Japanese companies alike, along with policies aiming to restore economic stability. The new policies put in place back in 2098 remain in effect as well, however. Celebration of the 100th anniversary of Love Live! takes place, and is celebrated by fans, ASCII Media Works, Sunrise and Lantis. While Hirakawa and Moriyama are recognised as independent as they are self-sufficient enough, the remaining colonies are not recognised, as they are took weak and small to survive on their own, and Prime Minister Katsutomo Esashi aims to bring them back into the nation; though will have them gain re-independence in the further future once they proven themselves to be self-sufficient like Hirakawa and Moriyama. Japan is relatively safe since the ban on any and all WMDs back in 2076, as well as the complete deconstruction of any existing WMDs since the ban. The Self-Defence Forces are put on high alert and are ready to defend Japan, in case anything does happen. Underground bunkers are made free to use by the government, and they are subsidised as well. Neutrality continues to be enforced at all costs as well.


The inital chaos experienced in the previous year dissipates after nations take their own individual measures to balance the situation. The Second Great Depression is a thing now, and although the risk of large scale revolutions has gone down significantly, riots occur from time to time all over the world, and militias are coming out of the shadows.

Nothing too serious happens in the Nordic Union because Scandinavian prosperity and shit. Germany experiences a few neo-nazi movements popping up, as well as Poland and Ruthenia. The fascist Balkan nations use this to strengthen their hold on their respective nations, seizing the economy with an iron fist. A few nations turn to communism, seizing the means of production and mediating it, as evident in several African and Asian nations. Insurgency occurs in British Northern Canada, Oceanian New Guinea, Occitania and Arabia.

Many nations do not recognise the independence of their colonies, with some going to the extent of taking them back by force when diplomacy failed.

Italy further collapses into several states, similar to its counterpart during the Middle Ages.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Despite the Nippon Ishin no Kai having a majority, they work together with the Japanese Communist Party in dealing with the Second Great Depression, though aside from that both have their differences. The Japanese Communist Party also remains popular despite losing several seats in the election of last year, and Honoka Saotome remains a major politician within the party as well as the leader of the party. Prime Minister Katsutomo Esashi kindly asks all former Japanese colonies in space, except for Hirakawa and Moriyama, to rejoin Japan, and also promises to give them some more autonomy in exchange. [Mod Response] [Secret] In case the diplomatic actions are unsuccessful, Prime Minister Katsutomo Esashi begins preparations to take them back by force. [/Secret] Osaka Prefecture is also restored after having been merged with Hyogo Prefecture back in 2078; and have pretty much recovered from the floods for a while now. Talks to restore the Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitama Prefecture from Tokyo fails as the current Tokyo Governor, Atsuhiko Hanazawa, declines in having Tokyo split.
    • Mod Response: All but Niikagoshima accept the offer.
  • Sindh: So far things have been pretty stable in Sindh. the nation wants to form an alliance with Japan. [PLAYER RESPONSE REQUIRED]. the alliance will help improve trade between Sindh and Japan, and provide prtoection during a situation of war. MOst probably Punjab and Balochistan will also join in this alliance. We hope to recieve a positive response from Japan and send them our best regards. Meanwhile President Imran khan has announced to send a man on the moon, at mars, saturn, and venus by the year 2120.
    • Flag of Japan Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Katsutomo Esashi declines the alliance, as Japan has moved towards full neutrality since 2084, and as such, remains out of alliances in general.
  • US 66 Star Flag United States of America: With the majority of our military still under our jurisdiction, we hit back hard against the Western States, with over 3.7 million soldiers hitting back against the states. We launch airstrikes against these states, and also send an ultimatum to Mexico, saying that either they return all territories they have gained, or have the American flag flying over Mexico City after a few Antimatter Strikes. [Mod Response Required] We send space marines to secure the outer colonies, and supplies are sent to the colony on Alpha Centauri. (sorry for the short turn, but i gtg)
    • Mod Response: Mexico says they don't give a shit.


Mexico and the US go to war. Again. Mexico manages to invade New Mexico and Texas with support from the Western States of America, while throwing American soldiers off in the north. Mexico announces their alliance with the WSA, as well as the deployment of supposed anti-antimatter defenses. Physicists question the latter statement. This bloc appears to be strong, but the US citizens are willing to fight and as such conscription rates increase.

A few colonies make it back into the hands of their mother nations, but these are relatively new ones. Old colonies still stand their ground for independence, especially those established in the early 21st century on the Moon and Mars.

Revolution occurs in France, springing in Paris and sweeping the nation by force. At the end of it all, a new imperial government is established, similar to previous revolutions, but without the beheading of the previous government.

Arabia rides out the chaos by centralising their own economy and sustaining self-sufficiency to an extent at which they were able to escape with minimal impact.

  • Flag of Poland Poland: We (together with the USA) have finished working on modernised nano-tech cell revitalization therapy. It proved to be very effectin, and if the therapy is applied regularly and the patient takes proper medicines, his/her lifespan can increase up to even 190 (average) - 210 years (maximum). Now we begin working on making the therapy avaiable to everyone, and not only the richest citizens. Most of Polish colonies have already rejoined our country, as didn't have many at all (fun fact: colonies on Aegaeon seceeded as one state, and for the time they were independent this state had a whole moon within its borders, which made United Aegaeon Outposts [name of the state] the first ever human country to have an entire globe within its borders). In our elections which took place one year ago, a Pan-humanist party won (64% of popular vote). Pan-humanism is spreading fast in Poland and its growth hasn't decreased since the begginning of its rise to popularity at all. We propose to start preparing the Unification treaty of the United Nations of Europe (my note: I won't volunteer to control it unless noone else volunteers) [Mod and Player Responses Needed].
    • Mod Response: With the current unrest in Europe, unification will have to wait.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Prime Minister Katsutomo Esashi decides to leave Niikagoshima be and respects their decision. Meanwhile all the Japanese space colonies that rejoined are made Autonomous Prefectures and are allowed to have more say and allows them to pass their own laws, among other benefits similar to a Special Administrative Region. Kawasaki and Mitsubishi begin building regional headquarters in Matsuura, Hoshitsuki, Miyazawa, and New Kōchi; with several other Japanese companies planning the same thing at a later date. All the regional Japan Railways companies merge into one large company, named simply the Japan Railways Group.
  • Australia Oceania:  Although we have lost our Lunar and Martian colonies, we propose the "Melbourne Pact" to ensure good relationships with our Oceanian brothers out in space. [Mod Response Needed] As a result of losing our Lunar and Martian colonies, we begin the construction of a Low-Earth Orbit space station that is to be completed in the next decade. Following British attempts on neo-imperialism we propose an alliance between ourselves and Canada to ensure the safety of our sovereignty. [Player Response Needed]
    • Canadidan Diplomacy: We agree to the alliance.
    • Mod Response: They accept.


France emerges from their revolution, still in turmoil but stronger than before. They begin attempts to stabilise the situation in Europe to the best of their ability, and French troops are commonly seen on peacekeeping missions throughout the continent.

Iran gives independence to Kurdistan, although under the influence of the Iranian state, and by extension Arabia. Similar to France, Arabia too focuses on stabilising their region of influence, especially in nations like Egypt and Anatolia, which have just come out of great internal conflict.

The United States launches 3 antimatter warheads at Mexico, but all are intercepted and denonated mid-air. The result is a massive shockwave that ripped throught the atmosphere, downing a few Mexican and US aircraft. Vibrations from this are felt as far as the Balkans. Mexico declares that they do not consider antimatter weapons a threat any longer.

It is currently unknown by what means Mexico uses to intercept antimatter warheads, but the secrecy of the state and its inner workings makes it very hard to find out.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: With a recent election bringing in a new administration, all Integral Areas of the United Kingdom rejoin the Union. This is because the new PM and his administration are mostly born in space. This change in direction for the country is greatly welcomed by the constituent governments who jointly declare that the only reason they succeeded in the first place was a general feeling of a lack of representation. Now however, the United Kingdom of Planets, Moons, and Stations can truly call itself a nation not bound to Earth alone. Secondly, the new PM, reflecting the very open-mined and apologetic British public formally apologies to nations that the previous administration attempted to subjugate. The PM offers to visit each nation to strengthen relations. [Mod/Player Response] Lastly, a new embassy is built and a new diplomatic team is sent to France to reestablish friendly relations. [Mod Response]
    • ​Mod Response: France welcomes the diplomatic offer.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Love Live! School Idol Festival celebrates the 100th anniversary of the game, and awards current players five 10+1 scouting tickets, twenty-five scouting coupons, 100 gems, and the availability to choose any three Ultra Rare cards for free. All cities and towns in the restored Osaka Prefecture are merged into Osaka proper, to reduce overlapping bureaucratic organisations of Osaka Prefecture and the city of Osaka; as what was proposed roughly 100 years ago under the Osaka Metropolis plan and by the Osaka Restoration Association. Snowfall slowly starts becoming more of a common thing in parts of Southern Japan, all the way up to Tottori, Okayama, Kagawa, Tokushima, and parts of Kōchi. Meanwhile the rest of Southern Japan further beyond the Prefectures (and city in the case of Kōchi) mentioned, snow is still occasional to rare for now.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: We send 50 KT antimatter warhead into the center of Sindh [Mod Response on Strike]. We still hope to our fair share of Pakistan and we're not letting this hope leave our minds. We build three aircraft carriers. We ask Washington State, Oregon, and Idaho to join Canada to provide protection from the United States and ensure that its citizens are well taken care of. [Mod Response Needed]. The Artful Dodger is finished ahead of schedule. We hit a population of 95 million citizens across the galaxy. Finally, the CSP begins making plans to reach Alpha Centauri.
    • Mod Response: These states respectfully decline, but secretly send a note that says "please let us back into the US the Mexicans are behind this". The antimatter bomb hits the city, killing approximately 11 million civilians instantly. This sparks international outcry, and calls for antimatter disarmament ring out.
  • Sindh: sindh balochistan and punjab ask canada to consider negotiating the deal to attack and instead would like to ask for its support to attack india which is full of uprisings at the moment and riot. we will be canada 50 billion dollars for the next 20 years in response to the help. we think this would be great for the two nations because India is on the verge of rebellion due to lack of control and has alot of land. (mod and player response required due to absense of india for the last ten years.)
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We refuse to attack our ally India (and India has been absent for 4 turns).
  • Indian Flag India: Most rebellions have agreed to return to the government in return for their states to become puppet states. We send 250,000 more soldiers into Sindh acompanied by 1,250 aircraft. Badin is still under Indian Military. The new troops head into Sanghar to invade the city [Mod Response on Invasion].
    • ​Mod Response: There is no more city, as all the Canadian antimatter strike left is a gaping hole measuring tens of kilometers in length.


International criticism of the Canadian bombing of Sindh skyrockets overnight, with many emphasizing the serious effects of antimatter bombs and pushing for antimatter disarmament.

With a show of force by Canada in South Asia, nations begin to form pacts the keep each other safe, some allying with Iran or Arabia.

Rebel factions spring up in the Western States, fighting for the reunification with the United States.

Gran Colombia facilitates a coup in the Central American Federation, replacing it with a pan-Americanist head of state and immediately mobilising troops to liberate the rest of Central America from Mexico. Meanwhile, naval raids on the Mexican coast by American forces are mostly successful.

  • US 67 star flag United States of America: 3.6 million soldiers are sent to the front with the WSA and Mexico. They are ordered to treat all captured soldiers fairly, as this could mean the final unification of the Americas, as said by the Pan-Humanist John Albert. Antimatter bullets begin to be produced, which could disintegrate a tank with one bullet (backed up by Real Life Lore). More things happened, but that was the major stuff
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held with the Japanese Communist Party becoming the lead party again, and Honoka Saotome becomes Prime Minister again. The Constitutional Democratic Party remains the second largest, and the Nippon Ishin no Kai follows closely behind in third place. The city of Tottori incorporates the cities and towns within Tottori Prefecture into the city proper, and are turned into wards. Sonoda, Hoshitsuki, Matsuura, and Miyazawa see some expansion in terms of land area and population.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: An experimental asteroid ship with the capability to reach Alpha Centauri within 1 year is launched. If it succeeds, they will be mass-produced for use in industrial activities in Alpha Centauri as well as the transportation of goods back and forth as mass transportation will make the operation profitable.


As the armies of America close in on Mexico and the Western States, the Western States experience a revolution in favor of removing the, as it seems, false government implanted by Mexico. The Western States are easily taken back into the United States, with resistance movements aiding the cause. Meanwhile, Mexico City is being closed in by American forces, and the fascist government is caught trying to sneak out by hyperloop.

After a series of meetings, the nations of South America come to an agreement and establish the first continental nation of the Republic of South America. North America is expected to follow, along with Europe.

Nationalism continues to rise in Africa and Central Asia, and skirmishes between minor states are increasingly common as well as concerning. Organisations call for larger powers to intervene before the situation gets out of hand.

France continues to grow more powerful in Europe and has a certain degree of influence of most Western European nations. It also has worked closely with the United States on dealing with Mexico, leading to friendly relations between France and the American nations.

  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: After the results of the antimater warhead in 2113, George Jade is beatan by Walter S Jager in the the Republican Primary and becomes president, giving George only 3 terms in total. Walter is the fifth President of Canada. After George's too long of a rein, the first amendment of the new constitution (estabilished in the 2060s) is made, making it so presidents can only serve two terms. President Walter apologizes to Sindh, but recomends that they, and the rest of former Pakistan surender and rejoin India [Mod Responses Needed]. Military sees a massive spending increase, with $550 billion Canadian Dollars being put into the budget this year. Finally, Canada becomes a full open market health insaurance nation. This cuts the last bit of spending in the health care market for the federal government. This year, Canada is officaily out of its 1.8 trillion dollar debt. We tell the world that we are not in South Aisa for any reason except to help our ally India restabilize and regain land. "An Unsettled India" is anounced to be cancelled.
    • They don't.
  • Sindh: we refuse to be treated this way and together we sindh, balochistan and punjab demand that the league of nations protect us independent states from Canada and India who are after us and help us form into one nation. [mod response required] we think we have alot of similarities with each other and allowed to form one nation and remain seperate from india.
    • Mod Response: Balochistan and Punjab prefer not to be associated with Sindh, and focus on improving relations with India as to not suffer the same fate as Sindh. The League of Nations enter a voting session to decide on the future of South Asia, and come to the conclusion that Sindh should enter peace negotiations with India to prevent further bloodshed.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Kyoto absorbs all cities and towns in its prefecture, becoming the fifth city to do so. Tests on both gridded ion thruster and pulsed inductive thruster are successful though still unsure if it can be used for very long space travel. Two space probes are planned for a mission to Barnard's Star using gridded ion thruster and pulsed inductive thruster. The Idolmaster: Trillion Live! reaches ten million players, and is competing with Love Live! School Idol Festival; though the latter continues to be more popular. Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage slowly loses players as many turn to the The Idolmaster: Trillion Live! instead. An official Touhou Project Anime is announced to be in the works.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: With the tests of the asteroid ship being largely successful, it arrives at Alpha Centauri and with it's 200 strong crew, begins work expanding the base in Alpha Centauri. In other news, the PM sends a diplomatic team to the Republic of South America to establish friendly ties. The United Kingdom has no intention on giving up it's sovereignty what with the hundredth anniversary of it's 'Independence Day' from the former EU coming up. Nonetheless, in a televised speech meant to address the formation of the Republic of South America, the King and PM proclaim their continued commitment to solar-wide cooperation. Lastly, the 2 colonies on Antarctica are revived and set up as the frontier of Green Colonization, a concept based on colonization with the environment in mind. A military base is built nearby with 2,000 troops stationed there. You know, just in case.
    • FTL is not possible as of this century.
  • US 66 Star Flag United States of America: We ask the nations of North America to join us, in order to reach the first step in Pan-Humanism. [Mod Response Required] We begin a bombing campaign on Mexican hideouts, hoping to end this war once and for all [Mod Response Required] more will happen when we get that FTL drive we never got.
    • Mod Response: The Mexican bombings are successful in pushing closer to victory, and allied forces surround Mexico City. The Central American states comply with the United States, and agree to join once they are done with Mexico.


Mexico surrenders, more out of the brink of revolt rather than the circumstances of the war around it. The territories are annexed into the United States, which in turn united with the rest of Central America to form the Federation of North America. Canada and North Canada are expected to follow.

Fascism somehow sparks in Africa, with movements that have a certain Hispanic influence.

In South Asia, several of the minor states seek out cooperation with India and/or Iran to prevent their annexation, which has succeeded to some degree.

More details are received from the Alpha Centauri colony. It seems the planet they have landed on is surprisingly more habitable than previously thought. They request supplies and the components for structures, and a seed vault to fill the planet with trees in the future.

  • US 73 Star Flag United States of America: With the addition of Central America as states, and the former Mexican States being re-organized into territories for eventual statehood, Congress celebrates in Washington as a step towards Pan-Humanism has been achieved. (Secret): Troops are stationed along the borders of the Canadian Nations to forcefully integrate them into the Union if needed. (End Secret) The name Federation of North America was voted upon, but due to the US containing at least 60% of the population, it is repulsed for keeping the name. Also due to the possession of Guyana, making the US own the only area of South America not in the South American Federation. Plans are made for a return to the Alpha Centauri Colony. With the Fascist movements springing up in Africa, several people suspect that mexican minister of war Antonio Gutierrez and several senior staff members of the Mexican Army escaped by boat to West Africa. (Secret) There is sufficient evidence to support this, so several agents from the CIA are sent to West Africa and surrounding nations to gather intelligence on these movements, and if they have a connection with the minister of war, report back to the US (End Secret) [Mod Response on Intelligence Gathered] NASA begins seeing signs of Radio Waves from Tau Ceti V through their SETI program. These are clearly signs of a possible civilization on this planet.
    • Mod Response: Intelligence reports confirm that the Mexicans are behind the recent spread in fascism in Africa.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: All troops are pulled out of Asia. We have 4 million troops as of this year, and another 1.2 million in reserve. We refuse to join the Federation of North America, and after this anouncment, five new ship yards are built in the pacific made solely for the production of naval craft. The CSA and CSP form into one entity (because our leaders forget about the CSA for about 100 years).
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We request a mutual defence pact.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: The New Human Kokoro Party is formed, with the same ideologies as its predecessor (see 2102 for the party's ideologies), however it is still weak. Independence and status quo continues to be favoured by a large majority of the population. Mandarin and Korean become popular second languages to learn, while English as a second language had declined somewhat. With a world unification looking possible in the future, the National Diet begins to work together to prepare for eventual unification in case situations might arise where Japan might be forced into it one way or another with no way out, and hopes for a peaceful transition if it comes to it instead of a violent one, and a referendum will be planned as well so the citizens of Japan will have a major say. With Empress Atsuko frequently interacting with the public more so than past Emperors and Empresses, the monarchy sees high support in keeping.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: The new updated cell revitalization therapy is now widely available in our nation, and life expectancy reaches 189 years for women and 185 for males. We share this new cell revitalization technology with the rest of the world (except the African countries that we think could have nazist movements in them), so that not only us and the US have this technology, but we first ask the US if they agree with that idea [Player Response Needed]. We again announce that ww fully sipport the unification of Europe and propose that we start writing Unification Treaties, as the unrest in Europe is largely over [Mod and Player Responses Needed]. We also begin upgrading our military. Most of our next-generation pulse rifles are upgraded this year, and thus they remain one of the best in the world. We also start upgrading our PL-01 tanks and other vehicles and weapons and our military tactics. This process is expected to be done by 2117.
    • Mod Response: Germany, Scandinavia and Austria agree to begin working on an Eastern European unification treaty.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Satellite imagery and local reports confirm that American Troops have been stationed along the border of the Canadian nations. This information is revealed to the world drawing international condemnation. Pan-humanism is peaceful and not forceful, anything else is tyrannical and wrong. The United Kingdom masses it's troops in self-defence with a total of 4 million troops including all military branches. The Royal Navy, Army, and Air Force have readied their autonomous and remote controlled vehicles numbering in the hundreds of thousands to defend the country. The United Kingdom proposes a mutual defence pact with Canada to protect our nations against foreign invasion. [Player Response] A request for military support if necessary is also sent to Russia. [Mod Response] The UK will not invade any country unless forced to do so in self-defence. Preparations are made just in case. The Navy and Air Force are greatly expanded with 12 new shipyards built and mainly autonomous and remote-controlled craft being built in the thousands. The public is uneasy but defiant, united, and deeply patriotic. Ironically, attempts at pan-humanism by other countries have only made the UK less receptive to the idea of giving up independence.
    • Mod Response: Russia is happy to help.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We agree.


South America offers to purchase Guyana for 15 million USD equivalent, for the sake of unifying South America in its entirety.

War breaks out in Central Asia between two nations, Samarkand and Kyrgyzstan, supported by Syrdarya and Tajikistan respectively. Other nations are being slowly drawn in as the conflict grows.

NASA reports the radio signals it received as a false alarm, confirming the signals came from a malfunctioning probe.

France offers to mediate the issue preventing the unification of North America, making appeals to Canada and North Canada to merge into the Federation with more autonomy as an option.

Studies show that Japanese and Korean citizens push for a pan-Asian state the most, with movements calling for a unified East Asia.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: A referendum is held and the public have voted. After the recent show of aggression and the willingness of Americans to impose order by force, the British public has chosen NOT to join the North American Federation. As a precautionary measure, research into antimatter defence systems is accelerated to it's final stages and preliminary construction begins. In other news, the British Antarctic Colonies report a boom in population as more people move there to find work. The Antarctic Colonies prove to be shining examples of Green Colonisation. Both colonies are on track to becoming a constituent country. The nation refuses to build any more antimatter warheads, keeping with global convention and firmly against WMDs. Nevertheless, the nation's Dead Man's Hand system is still in place meaning any use of antimatter warheads against the country will result in the launch of all 300 antimatter warheads into the world, ending it.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: 800,000 troops are deployed on our border with America. 560 tanks and 5,000 AFVs accompany them. We build two more airfields on our border. We build 40 more antimatter warheads ignoring previous requests to end our antimatter program. 
  • Flag of Japan Japan: While Pan-Humanism ideology continues to be weak as a whole, there is some interest in a united East Asia at the very least by several citizens. Prime Minister Honoka Saotome, while interested in the idea, will not be the one to discuss talks of unification unless brought up and proposed by other East Asian governments; and says that such a state should not be dominated by any one nation and that the nations involved and its citizens should have an equal say and equal rights. She also hopes for future peace in the East Asia region. Neutrality continues to be the official policy in all cases. The first season of the Touhou Project Anime airs, focusing on the events from the games from the PC-98 Era. A race track begins to be built in Matsuura, Hoshitsuki, and Miyazawa.
  • US 73 Star Flag United States of America: We refuse to sell Guyana, and send several thousand troops as expeditionary forces to the state as a precaution to a possible invasion. Former Mexico is proceeding into statehood rapidly, with the territories expected to become states by 2120. We do not agree to letting Canada join the US with autonomy. Reverse engineering begins to take place on the Mexican derived Antimatter Neutralization Weapon, or ANW. We begin construction of a umbrella of prototype ANWs, known as the Antimatter Warhead Immediate Protection System, or AWIPS. The American Space Protection Fleet absorbs the Air Force, and all branches of the military now have Space Capabilities. With Mexican escapees having started Fascist movements in Africa, we send ultimatums to these nations to turn over the fugitives, or risk total war with the greatest military power on the planet. [Mod Response Required]
    • Mod: The African nations explain that they will not submit to American hegemony, and properly establish ARMA (African Regional Military Alliance), in case of an attempted American invasion.
  • Flag of Greece Greece: Hegemony and control over the Eastern Mediterranian Sea following the collapse of the Roman Union has allowed the state to remain very powerfully economic. President Agathe Gavras envisions the re-imergence of Greek hegemony over the entire Mediterranian, and begins this motion by funding pro-Greek relations with northern African states. The current population is 34,500,000, with the National Army supporting a soldier count of 250,000. Nationalism and a general dislikement of the United States is implemented in propoganda spread throughout the state, and the US Embassy and other military bases are sent back to the United States. Due to the civil unrest and disorientiation of Sicily and a proper nation helping them, President Agathe sends in 50,000 to stop the conflict [Mod Response Required].
    • Mod Response: Nationalist factions in Sicily welcome the Greek support, while the others see it as a declaration of war, in which France is called in to intervene.

2118 Edit

The Republic of South America inquires the Federation of North America on what terms would they be willing to return Guyana to its rightful owners.

With Greek support, Sicily manages to stabilise itself, but the nationalism presiding in the Balkans and East Mediterranean is seen as a roadblock on the way to European hegemony under a single prosperous state, one that is already being worked towards by nations like France, Poland and Scandinavia.

Majority of nations in Africa join the ARMA, except for a number of Central African states, who make their own separate alliance tailored to alarming fascist ideals.

It should be noted Mexico did not use any advanced technology in intercepting the antimatter warheads, but rather used drones to keep the warheads in the air until their core stasis batteries depleted, Angels and Demons style.

  • Flag of Greece Greece: With the stabilization of Sicily, and President Agathe's belief of a greater Greek state, a puppet government is put in place designed to slander and propogandize about the hegemony the United States has over Europe and how France, Poland, and Scandinavia are "puppets" of the United States. The economy continues to rise through colonial mining, of which Greece has achieved un-noticably sometime in the past (because if most European nations can do it, how hard could it be?). A new regional bloc is created out of the Greek hegemony over Sicily, known as the East Mediterranean Regional Alliance. Neighboring nations like Bulgaria, Ukraine, South Ossetia, Georgia, Turkey, Armenia, Pontus, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Tripoli-Libya, and Tunisia are invited, and since they are mostly forgotten about nations that the United States has not helped during their collapse, their joining shall be quick [Mod Response Required]. President Agathe see's the United States financial support of the New Human Kokoro Party in Japan as proof of American control over the world, and spreads this information throughout all outlets in South and Eastern Europe. A military alliance in the form of a "gentleman's agreement" is proposed with Russia-Novgorod [Mod Response Required]
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held with Honoka Saotome of the Japanese Communist Party winning another term, and she announces that it will be her last term as well. The Constitutional Democratic Party gains several seats again, while Nippon Ishin no Kai loses several seats. The Japanese Communist Party gains three seats. The New Human Kokoro Party is represented in the National Diet, though has only one seat and are still weak. The laws of succession to the Japanese Throne are changed to officially allow for females to be included, and also officially allowing for the imperial family to adopt. Although females had ascended to the throne since Empress Aiko, no official change was made until now, and the rule had fell out of use since Empress Aiko. The Touhou Project Anime, being very popular among the fans of the Touhou games and manga, sees a second season airing, and future seasons in development and also based directly from the games; with a plan to air a new season each year.
  • US 73 Star Flag United States of America: With the blatant ignorance by African nations, seeing that top strategists say that the US would win any conflict in the region, however costly. We do not intervene, however, we implement sanctions on all sovereign states in Africa. We state to the South American Federation to back off from Guyana, as the state shall never be turned over to them, under any circumstance. We continue a military build up of our borders, with some seeing this as a possible route to uniting the entire Western Hemisphere under our banner, however, our intentions still remain to maintain the current borders. We condemn Greek action in Europe, seeing it as an affront to World peace. We begin actively supporting the New Human Kokoro Party in Japan, openly stating that it could do massive good to Humanity, and we also begin funding their campaigns.

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