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2028 Edit

Another day, another PICKLE RICK!!!! Solace here to do the new turn.

Irish citizens continue to emigrate out of Ireland, while the government continues to be seen as corrupt.

The cultural change from the European Union to the Intermarium has caused a large counterculture, with citizens still still talking about the "European Union", not the "Intermarium". Citizens also see this as Europe destabilizing due to Muslim's, and citizens begin to publicly discriminate against the refugees.

The current ruling party of Canada, the Conservative Party, consider whether or not severing ties with the UK and forming a republic following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Although peace had been achieved for a short period, the War in Donbass reignites after the Donetsk Regional State Administration Building is sieged and nearly burned down by supporters of the Donetsk People's Republic.

After a plane crash in Seoul that left one adult women dismembered from her body, a prosthetic body was created that allowed her to live a normal life and have enhanced physical features, creating the first real cybernetic human.

Holographic advertisements become a staple in large cities like New York City, Tokyo, and numerous cities in China (Because China is overly modernized and industrialized).

  • Flag of GermanyGermany: In an attempt for modernisation, holographic billboards begins entering large cities such as Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. Fusion technology research is currently going at full speed, with changes to infrastructure in preparation for fusion technology. As of 2028, the electric car industry is generating 11% more revenue than it did a decade ago, adhering to our goal of the elimination of fossil-fuel based cars by 2040. Chancellor Hubertus Heil announces that the Intermarium is not caused by the scrapping of the EU, but rather a "better, stronger, upgraded European Union". He adds that refugees have nothing to do with this decision, but rather focusing on a united Europe. With the upcoming 2029 elections, Chancellor Hubertus Heil has announced he will be running for a second turn.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The British Royal Family embarks on a tour of Canada, taking part in many activities with local communities across Canada. Prince Harry and Prince William have been seen taking part in charity runs and visiting schools. King Charles addresses the Canadian Parliament as a whole in a move seen as promoting the benefits of staying in the Commonwealth Realms. In other news, many moderate Muslim organizations hold public rallies with supportive Churches and together make speeches and answer questions in an effort to promote intercultural ties among British people. Technology rapidly advances in the private sector with many motorway billboards replaced by holographic versions. (Due to cultural and architectural differences), holographic advertisements are uncommon in city centres. Research into holographic phones and screens is rapidly underway in the private sector with many tech think tanks expecting results soon. Also, in reaction to the news of cybernetic use in South Korea, a massive anti-cybernetic rally is held in London. After speaking with their constituents, politicians have come to the realization that people, specifically working class and middle class people, are worried cybernetics may giver rise to heightened class-difference and social injustice. It seems conservatives and working-class people can finally agree on something, cybernetics is bad. New legislation is underway.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China: Holographic billboards and displays are installed all across major cities along with the government funding of new mega tall skyscraper projects and modernizations to city life. Especially in Beijing. Certain roads in Beijing are starting to be installed with magnetic charging technology prototypes aimed to keep electronic cars charged as they drive, eliminating the need for charging ports. This experiment will be followed along with major car companies who seem to be interested in the technology. Former president Xi Jinping founds a major government owned cybernetics company which is currently producing cybernetic human body parts and organs. As of now the parts are very expensive but within the next 3 years the company is aiming to mass produce cybernetic body parts to be regularly available to hospitals in major Chinese cities, and export them for profit. Sea barriers and anti flood adaptions are becoming popular in our coastal cities, and weather systems are advancing to predict the harsher weather systems caused by global warming. Firearm technology research is aloted a bigger portion of the military budget. The diplomats who were sent to Damascus propose an embassy in the city. [mod response needed]. Immigration security standards now includes screening for biological deseases or weapons. This applies to trade shipmeants as well.
    • Mod Response: An embassy is constructed in Damascus.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: King Felip VI criticizes the German government's decision to simply recreate the EU, as even though the EU relies strongly on the German economy, it should be discussed with all EU members whether or not the organization ought to be reformed. But, he says, with Spain, France, Italy, and the UK out of the EU, it does not concern him that much. He also states in his interview that the Spanish Navy is getting more development than the other branches because "we Spaniards have always been a maritime nation, and the Armada has always been the pride of the kingdom." This year the Navy has received two new frigates, with one to enter the service next year, and four corvettes have been laid down. The Spanish Navy continues developing the F110 Ferdinand Magellan-class frigate together with the Portuguese Navy. Meanwhile, the Army is building the first prototypes of the Leopard 3E tank and the Spanish Air Force is thinking of a replacement for the Typhoon. Meanwhile, the government of Prime Minister Calderón has resigned and been replaced by an independent politician Sebastian Zaragoza, as none of the political parties have been able to obtain a majority on their own. The King has stated that he personally appointed a nonpartisan premier since none of the parties have gained the full trust of the people judging by election results. Polls show that his decision is generally approved of. Prime Minister Zaragoza said he will largely continue to policies of his predecessor and will also focus on improving Spain's infrastructure. As part of this the first modernization projects in major cities including Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, Palma, Bilbao, Alicante, and others are getting holographic signs. The government has been criticized for not doing as much to research AI and cybernetics, but continues on its current course.

2029 Edit

Another day, another user gets coloured comments and username. Sidewinder creates this year's turn.

Ireland is kicked from NATO for possessing and using biological weapons. Mass emigration occurs, with many leaving Ireland to Europe and North America.

Coordination of several Pakistani ports confirm that the ISX arms trail originates from the Middle East. Many Chinese users rant about the scums that fund the ISX, and that they will do horrible things in return. Several Chinese officials also announce that action will be taken on the states responsible for funding the terrorist organisation.

Robotics and AI advances again, with robot kitchens and intelligent traffic lights becoming common in nations like Japan, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

North Korea launches a missile that lands in an uninhabited island within the vicinity of Hokkaido. Japan threatens to retaliate, with North Korea saying it is a show of force to the world. International intelligence begs to differ, confirming the missile trajectory was disrupted mid-flight, suggesting a massive North Korean fuck-up.

  • China: We are concerned and outraged at the new discovery working with the Pakistanis highlighting an arms trail coming from the Middle East. Peng Liyan states "The cowardly nation responsible for this unacceptable act must reveal itself or face the shame of being uncovered by investigators" during a press conference. The Damascus embassy is fully staffed and and an embassador is appointed. The Syrian embassador holds a meeting with Syrian leader ship, discussing a Chinese funded modernization of the city Damascus (subway systems holographic billboards ect) and exclusive trade deals, arm deals and protection. In return we request an small airbase just outside the city, which will be under supervision of Syrian generals housing Chinese fighter jets. This of course comes with a shared non hostile airspace over Syria. We also propose installing a new generation missle defense system in the city that tracks motion and heat when shooting down rockets. This comes at a price tag of 20 billion to us should the Syrians except.[Mod response needed] The North Koreans sign another 5 year oil buying counteract, and negotiators are sent to North Korea and Japan to attempt to diffuse the situation. 60 new and upgraded armed drones are added into the air force and another 20 are being purchased from an American arms company. After completion next year, the South China Sea space launch center will be accepting funds from donors and world science commissions interested in reaching the moon, and perminantly settling there. Our best scientists and engineers are well funded and working hard toward this goal. A new bullet that's charged with electrity as it fires out the firearm is capturing attention in the military community. Firing ranges are dedicated to test these out and perfect them. They will need a new gun shape and design to work, which is being worked on currently and results will be available to the public in 2034. The woman who crashed and got cyberneticly replaced in South Korea is interviewed alongside Xi Jinping, now CEO of cybernet Inc on a Chinese media show. The appearance along with advertisements and public positive campaigning increase the popularity of cybernetics across China. Next year we will be prepared to allow medical companies to produce cybernetic body parts as well. The first 1,000 people using these are already living normal lives in the public. It will take some time before they are commercially available though, only because we only see fit that they are only used by those who need it. [Secret] Kim jung un is given access to the "dragon" fund, allotted 400 million a year [Secret]
    • ​Mod Response: The Syrian government gladly accepts, strengthening ties between the two nations.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Before the 2029 elections, Chancellor Hubertus Heir falls sick, dropping out of the elections but replaced by another in the Social Democratic Party, candidate Vincent Schrade. Vincent Schrade goes on to win the elections, and continue the goals set by his predecessor. Modernisation continues, with holographic advertisements becoming commonplace, and taking root in mobile phones as well. The transition from EU to Intermarium is expected to finish within the next few years or so. Robotics imports from Switzerland are growing, as are AI imports from Poland. The economy is expected to be reformed towards a system that processes robotics and AI smoothly. We condemn the North Korean missile launch, stating that "even if it was not meant to hurt anyone, they went against the promise of ending missile testing". New reforms are set in place to hopefully increase the population.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: The government continues to develop our infrastructure and promote big families. Another frigate is completed and enters the Armada. We ask the Chinese if they would like to hold a joint naval war drill in the South China Sea between the People's Liberation Army Navy and the Spanish Navy. [Chinese Response] The Spanish Army is testing units of the Leopard 3E while the Air Force is still researching a successor to the Typhoon. Spain asks fellow Spanish-speaking nations of Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay to create a new League of Hispanic Nations, which will essentially include cultural, economic, and military cooperation between member states. As part of this, all member states of the League will be willing to come to each other's assistance during times of crisis. However, it is not entirely a military agreement and promotion of increased economic and cultural/educational ties are the main goals of the League. [Mod Response]
    • (Chinese Diplomacy) We would be glad to hold the drill and we send 5 destroyers to the South China Sea to participate. We are careful not to accidentally trigger war with the foreign navies there so we warn 12 days ahead
    • Mod Response: Many of the states tell Spain to give them some time, however, announce that they will most likely accept the alliance. The only problem being that leaders are still speculative about the economic and military cooperation. And also, this is basically already a thing.
  • Flag of France.svg-0 France: We announce that finally, all of the Muslim-refugee populace has been expelled from France. Infrastructure is improved immensely as technology grows, and it is announced that the Fifth Republic of France will be reformed into the Kingdom of France, with gradual reforms beginning this year and ending in 2032. Numerous protests begin with citizens claiming that "France is losing it's democracy!", however, none of which have turned violent. Alfred Boisselot, the current President of France, is revealed to become the King and will be given the titles of Leader of Paris and Procurator of the Free World. A study found by the government concludes that poverty has nearly ended, with .2% experiencing the social status of "Lower class". The private sector has grown due to the more educated individuals establishing numerous successful "Mom and Pop" businesses. The first prosthetic human limb, an arm, is created for the first time in France (although it already happened worldwide). Self-driving cars begin to dominate the roads. The first development of 3D printed house's are underway.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: After a remodeling of fiscal policy, the government uses excess funds to reopen 3 navy vessel construction sites and begins construction of 2 new battleships and an aircraft cruiser. 4 new destroyer ships are built in remaining ship yards with the construction of more gunboats, amphibious assault craft and destroyers on the way. All new ships are to be nuclear powered. 2 new nuclear powered submarines are a possibility as well. In other news, self-driving cars become common sights in big cities with politicians beginning to doll out necessary regulation. AI home assistants are more and more common as AI and electronics becomes integrated in homes.

2030 Edit

Another day another person calling me and asking if this is the Krusty Krab. Sidewinder here doing the turn.

Fusion technology begins to take preliminary tests in a few nations, namely Austria, Italy and New Zealand.

NATO and the UN order the Irish government to step down, or face the consequences.

Pakistani intelligence narrows the ISX arms trail to originate from four possibility nations: Iran, Oman, Iraq or Saudi Arabia. The Iranian and Omani governments are under question by international organisations assisting the investigations.

India surpasses China in terms of population, standing at 1.401 billion as of 2030.

Many Sub-Saharan African nations have been lifted up to middle-income status, as extreme poverty is slowly being eradicated.

  • Flag of Spain Spain: WIP
  • Canada: We're proud to announce Prime Minister Andrew Scheer has signed the "Canadian Military Expansion Act" which raises Canada's military budget from 15.7 billion dollars to 57 billion dollars. Prime Minister Scheer was quoted saying "We need to increase our military power if we're serious about the North Korean and Ireland situations." [Secret] Prime Minister Scheer and his generals have drafted out war documents in-case a war is broken out between them and the UK when Canada severs the ties and become a Republic. [Secret] The Canadian royal navy has begun multiple drills in case of a war in the east. Holographic billboards are rare in Canada, but as time goes by, more and more will pop up. By 2033 Canada will begin designing robot kitchens for all the government buildings. 
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: Fusion technology is slowly becoming a reality. We place sanctions on Ireland, restricting them financially until they give up or another nation takes action.


Must...keep...moving... New turn by Sidewinder to keep things going.

Fusion technology is now a reality in several nations.

SpaceX and Boeing have launched their missions to visit Mars, currently locked in a commerical space race. India announces it will follow-up soon with a mission of their own. Russia shares the same goals as of current, not wanting to lose another space race.

A NATO-led coalition is sent to Ireland to overthrow the government. Equipped with protective gear, they begin making their way to Cork, with British support expected to come in from Northern Ireland.

The Syrian Civil War officially ends, with Bashar al-Assad retaking his position as dictator. This pleases Russian President Vladislav Surkov to no end as well.

  • Flag of Spain Spain: We are pleased to announce that the majority of the Muslims who have arrived in Spain since 2015 have been repatriated. Meanwhile, another four corvettes have joined the fleet, while five corvettes and a new frigate have been laid down, the final ships being built as part of the Armada-2030 plan, according the the Spanish Navy General Staff. Meanwhile, the population of Spaniards has also increased over the past decade with policies in place to financially encourage families to have children and to have traditional households. King Felipe VI announces that Spain's involvement in the invervention in Ireland will be limited, so far we have only deployed the 41st Escort Squadron of the Spanish Navy to provide naval support to the NATO operation. It includes one Oquendo-class destroyer, three Santa María-class frigates, and six corvettes. [Secret] The intelligence services, along with some of the government, begin to organize a propaganda campaign to make Spaniards more right wing and nationalistic. [/Secret]
  • Flag of France.svg-0 France: Final touches are placed on the drafted constitution that will turn the Fifth Republic of France into the Kingdom of France. A new flag will also be adapted to better support the image of French royalty. President/King Alfred Boisselot marries Catherine Coulomb, a wealthy and cultural model from Austria, and later in the year, gives birth to Hebert Boisselot, who will be the first successor to his father. The "Grande Armée" conscription of males aged 18-30 ends at a total 600,000 active peace time soldiers, and 1,000,000 reserve/inactive soldiers. [Secret] We begin to promote/fund pro-nationalism groups in our neighboring countries of Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. [Secret] We ask the neighboring nations of Monaco and Andorra to join our nation, promising autonomy in politics [Mod Response]. We expand the French navy by numerous warships and battleships, as well as increasing our air force to better compete with more militarized nations (ie USA). To dispute the problem in Ireland, we send 20,000 troops, also commit large naval bombardments of numerous ports, and the air force begins to deploy large amounts of bombs on military bases in an attempt to quickly destroy any and all of their military in an effort to capitulate the current government [Mod Response Needed]. (To better simulate what is happening, think of Pearl Harbor but with more Japanese troops invading and their navy coming as well)
    • Sidenote: Sidewinder, I will do the next turn.
    • Mod Response: Although the Principality of Monaco has close ties to France, its ruling family, House Grimaldi (who ruled the country since 1297), petitioned heavily against this proposition and the rich living in Monaco do not want to be subjected to France's stricter tax laws. Andorra is divided because only a small percentage of the population identifies as French and the President of France is only one of the two heads of state, along with a Spanish bishop. Currently both Monaco and Andorra are debating this proposal but the chances do not look good at the moment. The French military and other allies overwhelm the Irish defense forces, destroying essentially their entire navy in port while the army is not adequate to respond to the large foreign invasion. The Irish government is forced to capitulate after a couple of days, but the military action on European soil - particularly in Western Europe - has caused a controversy throughout the continent.
  • Canada: We've sent 10,000 troops to Ireland to help Nato overthrow the Irish government. We've begun researching fusion technology but this won't become a reality until 2040. Our Military has begun building 1000 Leopard 2A5 tanks and the project will be completed by 2036. We've given 100 million dollars to India to help fund their space program in the hopes Russia will lose once again. Prime Minister Scheer and Parliment have decided to leave the common wealth and become a Republic. [UK Response Needed]
    • Flag of UK UK Diplomacy: The government in Westminster wishes to express extreme concern at the idea of leaving the Commonwealth. After so many years of being part of the same British family, of being strong allies, cousins even, the idea of leaving is disturbing at least. Westminster proposes a referendum on the issue to get the true values of the Canadian people.
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: As part of NATO, we launched some of our soldiers into Ireland. We also begin to research in fusion power and begin to develop better AI, in which we ask for help from Germany & Austria for the former and the UK for the latter (mod/player decision). In large cities like Bergen and Oslo, holographic advertisements become more and more common. Cars are purely electric (although we still have oil?) and we also spend more for the environment. Technology is about to go crazy: We begin to make phones as thin as about 0.5-0.8 mm, about the thickness of a piece of glass. Also we start in researching computers that use multiple virtual screens (like stuff in sci-fi films).A tad bit of military: We ask Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Finland for a mutual land army drill (mod/player decision).
    • Mod Response: Finland and Denmark accept, but Finland is confused as to why they asked twice.
    • Germany: We send data on the correct fusion process requirements and the materials needed to Norway, and wish them good luck.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: as more and more ships are added to the Royal Navy, the Air Force is greatly expanded as well as the Royal Army. Military spending doubles overnight. Troops are marched south of Northern Ireland and ordered to occupy cities and towns on the way to the capital. An occupation is likely. Military exercises with Germany are increased [Player Response Needed] and Navy exercises are more frequent as well. Fusion research is looking promising and the Green Grid is almost here. UAV tech is increasingly researched with suicide drones being built. The British Space Station is complete and scientists are sent up to research space technology.
    • Mod: Since when did you start building the Space Station?
    • German Diplomacy: Joint military operations in Scotland, Bavaria and the North Sea are agreeably beneficial to both nations.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Preparations for the 2032 Munich Olympics are underway. Fusion power is officially a reality and reactors are constructed throughout the nation. Following the trend set by Norway, German phone companies begin modelling thinner phones, with longer lasting batteries. Nationwide WiFi is being carried out, with WANs being set up. Modernisation continues, as cities grow larger than ever. Construction begins on the Hamburg Monolith, which is estimated to be a full 1107 meters high when finished, making it the tallest structure in Europe. With skyscrapers in cities averaging at 700 meters and higher, this should be relatively doable. Electric car sales are at an all time high, with petrol fueled cars expected to be phased out relatively soon. Companies like Volkswagen and BMW have already stopped production of fossil fuel based vehicles. 

2032 Edit

Another day, another Social Justice Warrior watching CNN. Solace here to do the new turn.

With the Irish government properly capitulating and further collapsing, it is replaced by a more nationalist state similar to the Kingdoms of Spain and France.

With Syria having been restored and with the large decline of support for ISIL, Iraq becomes a "hotspot" for the new wave of Islamic terrorism, with Kurdish, Sunni, Wahhabi, and Shia groups fighting for dominance in the region.

In addition to the Middle Eastern crisis, Afghanistan's government is overthrown by Taliban forces and remaining ISIL soldiers. It becomes the Islamic State of Afghanistan, an absolute monarchy based around extreme and direct Sharia law. Taliban forces in Pakistan, although slowly declining, have control over large portions of the nation, and is expected that it will collapse in the future and be replaced as well.

India successfully launches their first large-scale satellite into orbit.

  • Flag of Spain Spain: The King's privy council holds a debate and decides to leave NATO permanently. The idea is presented to the Cortes Generales, although it is more of a formality since the King could use his powers to push it through even if they voted against if he wanted to. He believes that NATO is outdated and that a new, European-led military alliance should be formed. In other events, the King reactivated the rank of Captain-General, which was previously only used as a formality and held only by the reigning monarch. Alejandro de Salazar is promoted to Captain-General of the Navy, Ferdinand Ramon y Fortes is promoted to Captain-General of the Army, and Vito Pavia de Albuquerque is made Air Captain General. Meanwhile, Spain remains largely neutral in regard to Afghanistan and Iraq. However, we do offer to send a 400-man training mission to help instruct the Iraqi Army if their government wants. [Mod Response] The Spanish government does not see any benefit in allowing another Syria to happen. We finally construct the first 30 models of the Leopard 3E tank, which is still in the testing phase, and for now, the Leopard 2E is the main battle tank of the Spanish Army. The Air Force stopped its research into new aircraft and will continue using Typhoons for now. Meanwhile, the King is aging and there is a rumor that he might follow the footsteps of his father, Juan Carlos, and abdicate in favor of his heir.
    • Mod Response: The Iraqi government gladly accepts.
  • Canada:  After one of the tensest elections in Candian history Prime Minister Scheer is elected for another term. The Candian citizens also voted against leaving the Commonwealth but did vote to become a Republic. The first election of the Republic will be in 2035 because the Presidents term is 5 years so starting an election in a multiple of five is easier to remember the presidential election years. The Canadian citizens also voted to focus heavily on education, military, and the environment. We continue to work on AI and the Candian tech industry is booming adding over 1.2 million jobs in the first four months.A new Candian car company is founded that focuses on affordable solar cars and has already created 300,000 jobs. By 2034, this number should quadruple. We are also proud to say most power plants are being replaced with solar and wind farms adding an additional three million jobs. We continue to pump out the Leopard 2A5s and we pull the remaining Canadian troops out of Syria and Ireland. Fusion research is sped up and will become a reality in 2036 now. Although the innovation in Canda is low, the citizens are content at the moment.
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi arabia:We are busy fertilizing the Arabian desert. We have tried to make our economy less petroleum based. And our unemployment rate has fallen to 5%. We have a population of 40 million. Near each port city is a desalination plant. Scientists start researching Nuclear Fusion Technology. The people has lost confidence in the king, Anti-monarchy protests in our country are suppressed.
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: With Germany's help we begin to start working on fusion energy. The research of thin phones are at the testing stage, with prototypes already being produced. The government now prioritzes more in military and education, and sales of electric cars are at an alltime high. Our economy is still rising, partly due to oil sales, but as the use of oil being less and less common, we aren't sure what we should do with the oil.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: The 2032 Munich Olympics are a major success, garnering 5.6 million USD equivalent in profit. With the Intermarium nearly fully integrated, we invite the nations of Norway, Albania, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Iceland to join the Intermarium. [Mod/Player Response Required] We also state that there will be no equivalent of the Schengen Treaty in the Intermarium, and as such the crisis in Greece a while back won't happen again. AI development continues.

2033 Edit

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE'S JOHNNY Actually it's just Sidewinder going the turn.

North Korea launches a nuclear missile at Seoul, but is shot down by Japanese missile defense systems before it reaches the city.

With support from the Islamic State of Afghanistan, insurgency in Pakistan reaches tipping level, which is expected to escalate into a civil war soon.

SpaceX is the first corporation to land on Mars, beating Boeing in its corporate space race. The international race between Russia, India, China and the US is in its planning stages, which is predicted to be "the corporate space race on a much larger scale".

The ISX trail is reignited, and the Chinese-Pakistani investigations are overclocked.

  • Flag of Canada Canada: Our military continues to strengthen by the day. More and more of the Leopard 2A5s are rolled out. Our population is increased by 10 million, and the military personnel is now at 400,000, almost a 300,000 troop increase. We send 9,000 troops to the Korean border and our new fleet of Corvettes to accompany them. We put sanctions on North Korea and threaten war. We also order an aircraft carrier to be built to help strengthen the navy. The new Republic is underway and Parliment has voted on over 30 new changes. We partner with a new Canadian tech company Maple Fusion INC to help progress the Fusion research, begin renovating government buildings to add new AI. Maple Fusion INC. also begins building satellites and researching rockets. Maple Fusion begins selling computers, phones, and tablets, better than what is being produced now to help fund the space program. We're now 100% renewable energy and have begun exporting energy to other countries. By 2040, Maple Fusion INC hopes to begin mission into space and to the ISS.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: We condemn North Korea for a planned attack on a sovereign state, and place severe sanctions on them. Drone technology is now commonly utilised in emergency services. The reforms implemented a few decades back to increase population is paying off, as the ethnic German population rises. We plan for a German mission to the Moon and possibly Mars, with the Aerospace Centre in Cologne being upgraded to feature a launchpad for future missions.
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: Our fusion power is now under preliminary stages and some buildings in Oslo are powered by fusion power. The phones that we've been researching has been released, which we named Nphone (Norge-phone) and we only distribute it along Scandinavian nations at first. We are also developing two seperate AIs, one for domestic purposes and one for military. The government has also started investing in space technology. Regarding Germany's invitation to the Intermarium, we gladly accept.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Some Spanish firms begin researching commercial 3D printers. Meanwhile, the planning for the design of the new Ferdinand Magellan-class frigate is completed with the Portuguese. With the success of the "Armada 2030" plan, the Spanish Navy General Staff proposed a new plan, the more grandiose "Armada 2050" plan, which calls for the construction of at least 15 of such ships. His Majesty, King Felipe VI signed off on the admiralty's plan proposal this year. However, there is still rumor that the King may step down in favor of his heir due to his advanced age. We propose a joint naval drill with the Portuguese Navy off the coast of Gibraltar for next year. Meanwhile, the Navy also deploys its Pacific Squadron to the Indian Ocean, where off the coast of Pakistan we offer to assist the Pakistani government by launching missiles at known Islamist hideouts and camps. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Pakistan gladly accepts, and provides Spain with a map of known bases.
  • 30px Kingdom of Ireland: We our shocked by North Korea and our plotting on overthrowing there government.
  • Flag of UK United Kindom: Fusion technology is a reality and the Green Grid is complete. The UK is now officially a fully-green nation. Following through with long term plans, petroleum cars are on a severe decline with many electric car companies taking advantage of this new market opening. In other news, troops withdrawn from Ireland are mostly returned to barracks however a company of at least 2000 men guard the Irish-NI border permanently, establishing the Irish Watch with the motto "The Irish are Coming". As the military grows in size, troops numbering a 1000 are sent to Japan along with high-tech defense systems in an attempt to help a friend and forge greater ties in the East, [Mod/Player Response]. Three aircraft carrier is also in the works. Plans for a mission to the moon and Mars are simultaneously occurring with a rising sense of tolerant, cross-cultural nationalism.
    • Mod Response: Japan accepts the support.

2034 Edit

Another day, another image of life spent on the front lines of German-occupied Greece in Discord (Colored). Solace here.

Pakistan accepts Spain's offer for helping them (sorry for missing that)

The ISX influence brings along an abundance of newly created terrorist organizations following their general lead. The following Islamic State's that have been acknowledged are [the Islamic's States of] Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, and Indonesia, with the largest one in terms of territory being Indonesia and Russia.

Fusion power is nearly accepted by all nations, with many leaving Oil as a source. Of course, there is criticism over the acceptance of it. The criticism rises after a meltdown of a Fusion Center occurs in Zurich, Switzerland.

Discrimination against modified humans begins to occur worldwide.

North Korea begins placing troops on the demilitarized zone, which is seen as a sign of aggression.

  • Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia: Oil prices drop and so does our economy, many neighbors are now in an economic crisis, the government had previously made the country and the economy less petroleum-based but this is still a blow in the face because oil makes 40 % Of our GDP and 90% of our exports. [Secret]Now are economy is dropping, we cannot fully fund the Islamic State's so we only fund the Russian and Turkish ones.[/Secret] We ask to the USA and their allies to help us in this economical problems.[Player Response Needed]
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Fusion reactors pop up all over the nation, and phase out most energy sources. Solar energy is still used in remote areas, while nuclear fission reactors are being decommissioned. Chemical research begins on locating the hypothetical "Island of Stability". We condemn the Islamic States, all of them, for being a threat to peace and that "such actions will no longer be tolerated". We urge the United States and their allies to resolve the Korean Crisis, with humanitarian aid prepared to be sent across to South Korea in the event of an all-out war.
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: Fusion power becomes to be more and more popular to an extent that other large cities such as Bergen, Stavanger or Trondheim are mostly powered by it. Of course, there are certain safety precautions to prevent a meltdown. The Nphone is released to the UK and continental European countries, and the sales help our economy a lot. The virtual screen computers are in use in research facilities. We construct more ships to strengthen our navy, and more and more advanced military equipment are in use. With the existence of fusion power, fusion weapons are also began to be researched. Our armies are set in a ready state in case of a war that any of our allies got into. We also ask Scandinavian nations (Denmark, Sweden, Finland & Iceland) for a military alliance, which will be called Nordic Pact. [Mod/Player Response Needed] As the time passes, we start to build a satellite to space, which will possibly be completed in 2-3 years.
    • Mod Response: The governments of Denmark, Sweden, and Finland agree to join the Nordic Pact, but Iceland decides against it since they do not have a military and are pacifistic.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: The project to increase the nationalistic leanings of the population has seen some success, and support for the current government is pretty good. However, King Felipe VI decides to abdicate from the throne this year due to his age, in favor of his daughter, who is coronated this year as Queen Leonor of Spain. This happening increases people's interest in the monarchy and is celebrated with a large military parade in Madrid, along with smaller parades throughout the country. We invite royals from all over Europe to attend the coronation. She appoints a new prime minister in the form of Alejandro Carrero Blanco y Villa, 4th Duke of Carrero Blanco, a descendant of a Francoist era prime minister. Meanwhile, we continue researching nuclear fusion, which will be used to power the Ferdinand Magellan-class frigates. The Spanish Pacific Squadron sees its first deployment by carrying out missile strikes on terrorist positions throughout Pakistan. The aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias, escorted by a task group of three destroyers and six frigates, joins the Pacific Squadron, from where Spanish aircraft carry out precision bombings against terrorist targets in coordination with the Pakistani Air Force.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Thanks to laws and regulations, modified humans are only the result of medical necessity. Recreational modification is illegal. In light of realisations that modification could be used by enemy soldiers, work on exoskeleton type suits for the Royal Army, Navy, Air Force. A special body hugging suit for mobility is designed for the SAS. Suits are expected to be completed by 2038. As a reaction to possible North Korean aggression, troops stationed in Japan are sent through many more training exercises with their Japanese counterparts [Mod/Player Response]. A convoy of 2 cruisers, 2 destroyers and 4 frigates are sent to Indonesia to help defeat extremists via guided-missile operations.

2035 Edit

Another day, another nationalist reform. Solace here.

The Islamic State continues to further their territory. Map soon.

Czechia and Slovakia will hold a referendum next year deciding whether or not to conjoin once more.

North Korea, for the most part, as settled down back into the "Hermit Kingdom".

Greenland officially leaves the Kingdom of Denmark, becoming a republic. Similar reforms are expected in Iceland next year.

  • Canada: We pull our troops and navy out of South Korea and continue to strengthen the military. We've begun building two new aircraft carriers to add to the fleet and a new type of bombing plane (no name yet). Fusion power is very close to being completed and more and more people are moving to Canada. During the first presidental election, Prime Minister Scheer has been elected as the first president and a new congress was voted for.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Development begins on the space program to get Germans on the Moon and Mars. A feasible set of missions are planned for 2040 and beyond, with a drone sent to the Moon in advance to scout a settlement location. As to not allow North Korean attacks on foreign soil, successful or not, sanctions are stacked on the Hermit Kingdom. Zeppelins begin leaking back into the sky as an alternative to air travel. AI systems become commercially available, resulting in widespread use of robotic kitchens, effectively ending the restaurant industry. Popular establishments still live on, as human-made food is still a thing. The tallest building in Europe, the Hamburg Monolith is constructed. The effects of global warming can be already seen in our coastal areas with increased flooding, so preventive measures have been taken. Leon Friedrich is elected as Chancellor in the 2034 elections, and takes office this year. He promises to strengthen the Intermarium, and lead Germany into the new age of AI. 
  • Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia: We still export oil because countries need it to make plastics.[Secret]The king has an hidden bunker in the desert if there happen any anti-monarchy revolutions or invasions of foreign countries.[/Secret] The government invests in new technologies to solve the problem of sand/duststorms. They are a major problem in our country with every year 100's of deaths and much damage to buildings. We ask Intermarium if we could join them.[Mod/Player Response Needed].
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: As effects of global effects become more clearly realized, we take preventive measures to make sure cities such as Bergen or Oslo won't get sunk. Investment in this section is increased due to the fact that global warming could potentially delete most of important Norwegian cities. Fusion rifles are currently available as prototypes. By now it is estimated that about 45-55% of Norway is powered by fusion energy. Oil is still relevant because we need it to make plastic. 
  • Flag of Iraq Iraq: While still somewhat war-torn in the northern regions, we have, for the most part, stabilized. Our current population is 60,000,000, and so far have begun the process of restructuring much of Baghdad and the areas destroyed in the aftermath of the War against Terrorism. We begin to futurize our state to the extreme's, promoting tourism. President Muhammad ibn al-Nasir, a descendant from the 34th Abbasid Caliph Al-Nasir li-Din Allah, begins to promote capitalism and a closer relationship with Syria and Jordan. [Secret] We begin to promote insurgency groups in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait [End Secret] Our military consists of 340,000 active troops, and begin conscripting citizens to hopefully increase our military superiority in the Middle East. 
  • Flag of Japan Japan: After our long period of hibernation, it has been a fair while since we have engaged in foreign affairs. Our technology, isolated from the outside for more than a decade, has remained advanced, more advanced than any other country. We begin welcoming businesses back into the country, after a new leader is elected. This will help businesses who work in the automotive and appliances area, as many of our companies have gone bust. WIP brb I focked up
  • New Mughal Empire (New) | Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Old)
    • Government:
      • Nationalist Coup: Ye we get coup'd by Nationalists because rebel problems blah blah blah.
      • Economy: We still export what oil we have and we get rich WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
      • Laws
        • Conscription: Ye we recruit more people
    • Population: 232,915,717
    • Military: We have men and they are fighting
      • Military Operations: Ye we push back the rebels and the taliban
    • Diplomacy
      • China: Yo China, ally us and help fight these rebels. You know also later we can invade India together and we can split the land.
    • Research and Other Shit: we start to go green and what-not. also we research New smart electric grid or whatever.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Ocean fortresses are constructed along the coast roughly 8 kilometers out at sea with roughly 15 kilometers in between. Funds for such a project are acquired via the newly nationalized fossil fuels industry. With the development of holographic screens and contact-lens based Augmented Reality, the workforce is revolutionized. Tourists can be seen walking the streets with nothing more than glasses displaying information whenever requested. People are able to pull up holographic screens out of specially designed ear cuffs at a whim, making work on the go extremely easy. These new technologies help boost the economy greatly. Seeing this, the government funds a new science and development branch in partnership with many free market firms. The future is on its way!

2036 Edit

Another day, another Quavo feature. Solace here.

Syria becomes war torn once more and a hot spot for insurgency. Similar instances begin to occur in Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

Iceland leaves the Kingdom of Denmark.

Muslims uprisings begin to occur in Germany, Albania, and Sweden.

China surpasses the United States in terms of a having a "more developed economy".

  • Flag of Iraq Iraq: With Syria falling once more into chaos, we send 130,000 troops in as a means of effectively securing the Syrian government and to stop the Islamic State from re-emerging [Mod Response Needed]. WIP
    • Mod Response: After 2 months of fighting, the already weakened Syrian forces capitulate, while a peace treaty is underway.
  • Canada: We finish our research in Nuclear Fusion and begin researching a full functioning space program, with the hopes to land on the moon by 2041. We Send 14,000 troops out to Syria and focus more heavily on our economy. Schools start using more hands on learning techniques in hopes to help kids become more intelligent. Our navy begins building our third and fourth air craft carrier and 100 more destroyers. We ask Japan to do naval drills with us to strengthen both of our navies. [Japanese Respone Needed] Finally, we begin building a skyscraper 3,023 ft tall, which will be the HQ for all of Canada's international relations and national economy HQ. The construction will be completed in 2047 and will be the tallest building in existence. The building is designed to withstand 5 kilotons of blast force on the foundation and 3 kilotons of blast force anywhere else.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The MoD continues expanding the navy with 3 more aircraft carriers, numerous other minor craft and accelerates research into VTOL troop transport, bombing, and fighter aircraft. Rudimentary laser technology is made standard on all new ships and more advanced laser research is underway. The space programme is also accelerated, men must be on the moon by 2040. More ground and aerial drills are proposed with Germany [Player Response Needed]. Space elevator research is greatly increased and the possibility of mining asteroids is researched by government agencies. Muslims are placed under close but not invasive watch with many Muslim groups campaigning against uprising. The government funds such groups. Moderation is key.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: The government ask for peace talks with Muslim uprisings [Mod Response Needed]. Prime Minister Martin Andersson said, "We gave everything what you need, we allow you to build mosques, we build Islamic school. We don't limit your freedom, you have improved well, so why you do this?". This uprisings have increased popularity of nationalist Sweden Democrats, with nationalist groups are formed by civillians, with another demonstrations are held on roads of Stockholm and Malmo to counter the uprising. Security is greatly increased, with polices is often patrolling many cities, as well as military. In other news, a converted-Muslim from Social Democratic Party, Oliver Ali Ericsson, gains popularity and he likely run for next election, many people expect him to stop the uprisings. Remaining Muslims who are against the uprisings, along with Nordic liberals, form an organization named Peace and Liberty for Sweden (Ericsson is also member of this organization), they will co-operate with the government to help them solve the conflict. Hate crimes are increasing as well, mostly conducted by alt-right, neo-Nazi, and nationalist (to Muslims); and Muslims (to LGBT people). We continue to train our astronauts for their mission to the Moon.
    • Mod Response: The Muslim's declare that they are being discriminated throughout all of Sweden, and often times forced to leave certain areas due to not being allowed to learn/dine there.
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: The virtual screen PC becomes available for the rich. We start researching on a new smart electric grid, commerical 3D printers and a space program to the moon. Some fusion rifles are in use, but further research is needed to ensure safety. By now about 70% of Norway is powered by fusion power, which includes northernmost cities like Tromsø. [Secret] We ask the United Kingdom if we can buy some VTOLs. [/Secret]
    • [Secret] Flag of UK British Diplomacy: The government agrees to sell VTOLs when research is completed (~3 more years). Further talks about details when research is complete. [/Secret]

2037 Edit

Another day, another "Another day" meme. Solace here.

The insurgents in Saudi Arabia gain more territory, while large suicide bombings are reported to be hitting government buildings. Insurgency begins to appear in Lebanon.

Russia officially plants their flag on the Moon. India does so later.

South Korea develops and releases the first, official robot with AI.

The first Quantum computer is developed in the United States.

Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda unite to form the East African Federation.

  • Flag of Iraq Iraq: We begin a prolonged occupation of Syria, to make sure it doesn't fully fall back into being war-torn. We send 150,000 to Jordan in an effort to get the same results like we did in Syria.
    • Flag of Syria Iraqi Syria: Reconstruction begins. We militarily go into Lebanon and begin re-occupying them through a militarized effort between us and Iraq in hopes of quickly defeating the insurgents there. We total 200,000 troops so far in Lebanon.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: With Muslim uprisings occurring, we offer negotiations to cease hostilities. Development of AI continues, and a quantum computer framework is being worked on, following the footsteps of the US. Driverless vehicles enter experimental stages, with fully independent driverless vehicles offering experimental taxi services in cities. Research in magnetism and its applications is growing, as patents for a maglev car are sent to the government at least once a month. Development of the German space program is growing at a steady pace, with missions to the Moon being planned for 2040. A colony on the Moon is in the stages of pen and paper, but is expected to take form in reality soon.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: The New Prime Minister has made great changes in Japan, causing Pollution to be at an all time low, and crime to be significantly reduced. A Law has also been passed banning the production and sale of new Gasoline and Diesel cars from 1/1/2045. More money is put into JAXA, to ensure our Manned Mars mission is launched by 2040, however, the mission to Ceres is delayed until 2049, with an inhabited mining and research station set up in the years to follow (2050-2053). The mission to Europa is now planned for 2067, with a base to be built in 2074. WIP
  • Canada: Our new skyscraper begins and is moving along smoothly, Maple Fusion begins building the first rocket of the Canadian Space Program (CSP). Hands on education is implemented in 95% of Candian school districts. We begin investing heavily in education and a new law is passed to make Robots with AI illegal in Canada.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: With major protests against the legality of robots with high-level AI, the level of sentience legally allowed to be possessed by robots or any form of AI is limited to simulated sentience. The British mission to the moon is expected to blast off by 2040 and the plans for asteroid mining have entred the production phase with preliminary tests expected by 2041. A joint moon colony with our increasingly close friend, Germany, is proposed [Player Response]. Automated flying drone taxi services are commonplace after the technology is purchased from Taiwanese team Ehang. Research into a centralised, automated driving system for the whole country is underway with promising results.
    • German Dip: We gladly accept the proposal and begin working on the technology needed.
  • Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia: We improve our security level. We place far more soldiers around government buildings. Meanwhile our army is fighting these rebels, everyone who is helping the rebels will be killed. The army is increased to 1 million soldiers. We think Iran and Russia are funding these terrorrists. A space program is made, the Saudi Arabian Space Program. Its purpose is to build a rocket that will fly to the moon. It is calculated the rocket will be finished in 2042.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We continue developing nuclear fusion technology and want to soon start the first prototype of the Ferdinand Magellan-class frigate. Queen Leonor has spent the past two years establishing her political position in the country, while Prime Minister The Duke of Carrero Blanco, Grande of Spain, has largely continued the policies of his predecessor. We continue to promote Spanish nationalism and quash any separatist movements. Meanwhile, the Spanish Army receives new Leopard 3E tanks, for a total of 80 main battle tanks. We ask Russia if we can purchase the Sukhoi Su-57 PAK FA as our new fighter to replace the Typhoon for the Spanish Air Force, as we are long overdue in developing our air fleet. [Mod Response] The Spanish Navy's Principe de Asturias carrier task group returns to the homeland from Pakistani waters while the Pacific Squadron goes back to its base in Luzon, Philippines, after the end of operations there. The Navy General Staff begins planning for a new aircraft carrier to be built as the Principe de Asturias is too old and needs to be decommissioned in the next few years.
    • Mod Response: The deal is signed for a 2.3 billion USD equivalent. 
  • 800px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway: Our developed domestic AI is finally put into use in aspects such as security and assistance. The Norwegian Moon Mission by the Norwegian Interstellar Agency is expected to lift off by 2041. By now, almost all of Norway is powered by fusion power. We also construct more ships and build tanks & jet fighters based on old versions but upgraded drastically, with notable differences are that they are more versatile and stronger and are fusion-powered. Low-end fusion pistols are now used by some military personnel.
  • Puerto Rican Republic: After an increase in Puerto Rican Nationalist Party and the election held this year for the next Presidency, Orlando Figueroa II becomes the 2nd President of an independent Puerto Rico. This becomes quite controversial but with military and police control due to his covered profile as a drug lord, he begins to install a more powerful military. He signs an executive order that will improve Puerto Rico's economy and start a boom in what is now called "the Puerto RIcan War Machine". Factories like Viva Libre in Ponce open up to produce ammunition and tank's such as a new designed tank created by Pablo Burgos an engineer from the San Juan School of Technology and Science. In the meantime a government funded space program is created and the construction of the Libre I begins which will be a satellite used for mapping the solar system and help find far away planets. With this development, the economy booms by 30% and life in Puerto Rico evolves for the better. In the meantime, the national debt continues to be maintained and is expected to be non existent in 2 years. Police Brutality and racism among Africans increase and homosexuals are sent to "institutions" to teach them how to be heterosexual. Those who fail are never seen again and Orlando begins to due tours where his party and the people are invited to these events where he holds speeches and they do the national salute. A flag change is beginning to be worked upon for the island nation. Hate for the Dominicans, our closest neighbor grows and with that, tensions begin to build. A naval carrier is being constructed named the PRS ALbizu Campos which will be used to carry fighter planes which also begin to be massively produced. A new national park system is implemented protecting much of the island's lands while development and modernization grows with traditional designs staying in place in order to preserve the Puerto Rican culture. Robots begin to quickly be developed with the hopes of a creation of AI as well in the next 3 years for the use of growing crops and average everyday tasks. Some fear of obs being lost but many are just pushed into a more engineering direction. A car company opens up in hopes of developing self driving vehicles and help design military ones as well. The companies name is Orovehicle inc. 3,200 of the homosexuals sent to these institutions "go missing".
    • American Diplomacy: The USA does not recognize the PRR. We condemn the government's brutality, racism, and homophobia.
    • Swedish Diplomacy: Swedish government condemn racism and homophobia in Puerto Rico, they also still don't recognize the Republic of Puerto Rico.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: Another anti-discrimination legislation is passed, with: conducting hate crimes would be jailed for up to 10 years and fined for 100,000 krones; expulsion of certain groups would be fined for 20,000 krones. Minority groups are given more rights, and anti-discrimination campaign is spreaded throughout the country. New program is launched by the government, "Sweden, Land of Freedom" to campaign against discrimination. We continue to develop our technology, we ask Germany to continue our partnership in researching new technology, and start more closer partnership in space programs, as well as cultural development [Player Response Needed]. We also ask the UK, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and South Korea to be research partners. We begin to set plan for Moon mission, it will be launched between 2041-2045. In military, production of military equipment is continued, with plan of building first aircraft carrier is announced.
    • German Dip: We gladly accept the proposal.

2038 Edit

Another day, another #FREETAYK. Solace Here.

Mexico and Cuba recognize Puerto Rico.

The Islamic State of Hijaz is created. Citizens across all of Saudi Arabia pledge their allegiance, making it hard to figure out which ones are legit and which ones are not. Also, it should be noted that younger citizens seek the abolition of the Saudi monarchy and creation of a republic, which in turn begins large protests in Riyadh.

Jordan and Lebanon are occupied by Iraq.

Canada's banning of AI Robots proves controversial, but nonetheless begins a large argument.

Czechoslovakia begins to make nationalist reforms.

  • Flag of USA United States: With the creation of an unauthorized, non-recognized nationalist country in the American territory of Puerto Rico, we begin to prepare for war. Our president condemns Mexican and Cuban recognization of the PRR. We condemn Iraqi occupation of Jordan and Lebanon. We recognize the Islamic State of Hijaz. We begin to prepare for a Martian Landing in 2040. We've made significant progress in depleting carbon usage in the US. We ask to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. [Mod Response Needed] We enroll more people into our military, aiming to increase our active military to 2 million (4x that of our military in 2017) and our reserve to 3 million.
    • Mod Response: They allow you back in.
  • Flag of Iraq Iraq | FbGvmH4 Assyria: We begin the annexation of Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon following occupation of all states following a resurgence of terrorism. Presidents of Lebanon and Syria shall continue to have secular authority over their respective regions, with the Hashemite Kingdom also having the same freedoms. As per the agreement, Iraq shall be renamed to Assyria. We recognize the Islamic State of Hijaz [Secret] And support them financially and logistically [End Secret]. We call a proper meeting among Saudi Arabia and Iran to properly end the Sunni-Shia split in hopes of properly unifying the Middle East [Mod/Player Response Needed]. WIP
    • Mod Response: Iran strongly opposes the proposal, but sulkily agrees to the meeting.
  • Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia:We fight these Islamic state rebels with our whole army. The protests are supressed, the police kills and arrests anti-monarchy protesters. The king flees to his secret bunker. Scientific advancement is halted because the laboratories are attacked by islamic state. The government wants to negotiate with the islamic state, we want to know what their intentions are. Maybe they just want an islamic state of saudi arabia, if the saudi arabian independence is respected and it not will be annexed by another country .We want to meet the Iraqi government and the Iranian government.
  • Canada: The Engineers of the Candian International Economic Center have proposed 2 more buildings to be built, the military headquarters, and the education headquarters. The Military headquarters would be 2,901 feet tall, and the education headquarters would be 2,654 feet tall. Every building would have rescue helicopters on the top in case of emergency. Protests break out about the banning of AI robots, with people saying it's the future. [Secret] Canadian generals begin to train their men to fight robots [/Secret]. Maple Fusion continues to progress in the space program and the first test rocket is constructed. Canada recognizes PRR as a country, but will stay nuetral if a war does happen. Finally With the upcoming elections in 2040, a lot of analysts are saying President Scheer will not win.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We do not recognize the Puerto Rican government as an independent state, but we condemn the United States for its imperialism regarding Puerto Rico. We then shamelessly prepare our carrier strike group for a last sortie before the Principe de Asturias is decommissioned, a journey to the Caribbean Sea. [Secret] Our government wants to take advantage of the situation to take control of Puerto Rico, which is mostly Spanish-speaking. This action is approved by the Queen and was proposed by the prime minister, on behalf of the military/nationalist factions. [/Secret] The Spanish Navy deploys its carrier group, along with several troop transports carrying about 2500 Marines, off the coast of Puerto Rico. Spain insists that we are here to help stabilize the situation and serve as a neutral arbiter. We demand the Puerto Rican self-proclaimed government allows Spanish troops to enter the island as peacekeepers. [Player Response]
    • Puerto Rican Diplomacy: It is decided to not except the offer as Puerto Rico can stand on it's own without Spain. 
  • Puerto Rico Imperio Flag Puerto Rican Imperio: The Puerto Rican Republic is dismembered and is renamed and restructured as the Puerto Rican Imperio with Orlando Figueroa II now becoming the first Senor of the Puerto Rican free state. With this new government, Orlando is ruler until death and his main advisors are elected by him and a small Parlamento consisting of about 60 men and women. Also, a single party system is put in place with the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party being the only possible party to be apart of when it comes to international voting. State governors, on the other hand, are elected by the people. In the mean time, this also allows a change when it comes to discrimination.  Homosexuals are not to be sent to "institutions" if they are not openly homosexual or have been caught in act of these "practices". Homosexuals that continue to be open with their sex life are sent to institutions where some continue to go missing and others just come out "straight". When it comes to hat against non-Puerto Rican Africans, there is no control on people being openly racist but killing or harming of these peoples are illegal. This becomes the beginning of a Dictatorship of the Puerto Rican Free State and surprisingly people find it appealing. In the meantime, many promises are made to the people which include higher wages and better qualities of living plus enough jobs to cover the majority of citizens. Every island citizen is also granted a good education with college admission costing at max 20,000 pesos per year. Talking about pesos, that form of currency is established. These Pesos come in forms of "Paper Money" or coins. The Carrier nears completion and an order are made for 360 fighter jets and several bombers to be manufactured across the island's many factories. Research on self-driving cars continue and in the meantime, a Nuclear Program is started and plans to have a working ICBM in the next 3-4 years. Drafting begins for the Puerto Rican Military and by the end of the year, 33,000 men between the ages 20-36 join the military. Training begins and a march for the first set of the representing manpower of Puerto Rico is broadcasted to the world marching through the Capital of San Juan while doing the nationalist salute with a line of tanks and missiles plus army vehicles in between. During this, the nationalist banners are shown on screen and the United States flags are torn down. Crowds of people can be heard and seen doing the Nationalist salute and cheer. Our Space Program also continues to be a great success and Space Exploration Research continues on. Hopes of establishing a base on the moon grows and research to send a handful of astronauts into space are worked upon. Police Brutality eases slightly but maintains to be a problem. A US advisor to Puerto Rico is killed in a shooting in Ponce due to the Puerto Rican Cartel but they are never caught due to the connections of the Police and the Cartel that have been established and with the secret former leader of the Cartel now the leader of the nation. Research on better medications to deplete the effects of diabetes begins. Oil Rigs begin to be constructed around Puerto Rico and we offer a Trade Deal with Iran for oil [Player Response]. Christian Ruiz is elected as the Prime Minister of Puerto Rico and hopes to reach out with other nation's across the globe to work out relations.' Puerto Rico request Mexico and Cuba to join their faction called Hispanos Unidos [Mod Response]
    • ​American DIplomacy: We condemn the rogue government's tearing of US flags, and the shooting of a US advisor.  We threat to use action, unless the Puerto Rico allows the US to reclaim sovereignty over the island. In return, we will make Puerto Rico the 51st State. (We also open our borders in Florida to anyone, including LGBT people living in Puerto Ricos, seeking refuge from the regime)
    • Puerto Rican Diplomacy: The LGBT are allowed to leave the island if they chose and we would like to cooperate wit the US over this. For the shooting of the US Advisor, it was condemned and his time a full thurough investigation shall be held. it is decided to stay out of the US and will stay this way till recognition is given. Following this, the Senor holds a press conference in which he states "the people have spoken. We will not rejoin the US Yankees and be chained to the walls again. Their reign of tyrany by the Americans in the motherland is over!".
    • US Diplomacy: You've based a government in American territory, no. (SECRET - We send people to infiltrate the Puerto Rican government)
  • Flag of Japan Japan: JAXA begins building specially made telescopes in order to find life on other planets and moons, and it will start searching next year. The automotive industry has 7 years to begin producing only electric vehicles. Mazda has already completed this task, providing extremely popular vehicles to the public, especially the famous Mazda 6, and CX-5, in production since 2002 and 2012 respectively. The prepping for the Manned Mars Mission Continues, until the launch in 2040. Experimentation with Quantum Mechanics and Matter-Antimatter Engines begin. We officially begin designing possible conceptual "Space Ships". Japan's first Planetary satellite, Akihito I, is launched to orbit Mars.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The automotive industry officially ceases to sell fossil fuel powered cars in the UK. Also, research into the possibility of joining existing vehicles into a centralized automatic driving system is intensified. Holographic screens are becoming cheaper as Capitalism does it's magic and it is becoming more and more common with many schools using the technology in 3D displays and hands-on exploration modules. A new era of learning and information is born. Medicine, engineering, aviation and many other industries are quick to catch on to this new and astounding technology. Progress is made on the joint moon colony with Germany as plans begin to be inked. A preliminary mission to the moon sends an unmanned probe to scout out suitable locations for such a colony.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: Following the footsteps of many industries, the sale of petroleum-fueled carsis banned and is taken off production lines. Decommissioning of coal, oil and gas plants begin, and off-shore oil rigs are taken apart. 3D displays become more common, similar to VR technology approximately two decades ago.

    Leopard III concept art.

    Maglev vehicles are currently on the drawing board, but nothing is certain yet. Chancellor MarkusShicklgrüber,elected last year, announces plans for the militarisation of Intermarium member states "to combat domestic and foreign threats".As he makes this statement, a range of newly designed military vehicles are being rolled out nationwide. Panzer MK VIIs and Leopard IIIs phase out the outdated tanks, while the more advanced Falke-44 controls the skies.

2039 Edit

Another day, another creative mod event meant to expand your mentality and open your third eye. Solace here for a long turn.

The Saudi King and many of his royal family are killed following a massive protest in Riyadh due to the suppression. The newly created state of Al-Hasa retains the Saudi legacy and ideals, and is seen as the remains of the Saudi monarchy.

Counterculture begins to appear among more "redneck" citizens due to the near complete phasing out of gas-powered cars and gas in-general.

The biggest peace talk begins between Iraq and Iran in hopes of abolishing Sunni-Shia hate.

Nobody really wants Puerto Rico to be the 51st state anymore. Citizens appear annoyed.

The United States recognizing the Islamic State of Hijaz causes large amount of controversy and gets citizens very angry.

Iran accepts the deal, also recognizing Puerto Rico as independent.

American imperialism begins to dilute citizens into protesting and occasionally, rioting.

A Spanish patrol boat carrying 2 important generals and 1 admeral is destroyed near the Peurto Rican coast. It is assumed that the boat was destroyed by Puerto Rican military. The nationalist Spanish citizens protest that Spain now interfere in the US-Puerto Rico crisis.

Nobody calls it the Intermarium, and is still culturally known as the European Union.

France invades and annexes Andorra.

Ukraine annexes Moldova and Transnistria following a referendum.

A central African Federation is proposed between the Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Cameroon, and Nigeria.

Mexico and Cuba are declared allies of Puerto Rico, and advises the United States to not attack Puerto Rico or face invasion.

The United Kingdom is, for the first time in recorded European history, is recognized as the "poor man" of Europe, following Brexit and a slowly declining influence.

Laos and Cambodia unite and declare a second Khmer Empire. This is unrecognized by the UN and NATO.

  • FbGvmH4 Assyria | 780px-Flag of al-Qaeda in Iraq Abbasid Caliphate: Talks begin with Iran. A de facto treaty is created. We see the collapse of Saudi Arabia as a sign of how weak a monarchy is in the modern age. The capital is placed at Baghdad. We announce that we have been co-operating with the ISX for the duration of the past years so we may establish a caliphate. We then annex the Islamic State of Hijaz, and declare the Abbasid Caliphate. As a Sunni-led Caliphate, the Caliph is to be elected, with the current President, Muhammad ibn al-Nasir, becoming the first Caliph until an election is held post-treaty. Work In Progress.
    • Sidenote: Y'all didn't see that one coming, huh?
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden:
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Al-Hasa: Losing almost our entire country has severely frustrated the population. We blame the USA and Intermarium because they did not help us. Across the new country there are many anti-USA protests. We found in a little village a member of the royal family who could escape from 'the royal genocide'. Dammam is our new capital. Scientists are investigating 3D printers who can print food. We recognize Puerto Rico as an independent state. The current population in Al-Hasa is 10 million.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: We back our ally, the United States, and refuse to recognize the independence of Puerto Rico. We warn Mexico and Cuba not to interfere with a simple problem, which is nothing to do with them. Nuclear Weapons are officially banned in Japan, and new weapons are developed to replace them in the military. The Mars mission is launched at the end of this year, carrying 4 Japanese astronauts, set to plant our flag on the red planet. Meanwhile, we begin building a satellite, Akihito II, set to orbit Jupiter, in order to further study the planet and its moons. The population of Japan has now stabilised. Matter-Antimatter Engines and Quantum Mechanics continue to be experimented with. WIP
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Quantum technology is expected to kick into full gear by the turn of the decade. The population growth has finally seen a significant rise since 2020, and we hope to maintain it for a while. Preparations begin for the first manned German mission to the Moon. Fusion plants have now replaced approximately 60% of the nation's energy sources, and due to the extra energy produced, an international grid is proposed within the Intermarium. [Mod Response Needed On Reception of the Proposal] The autobahn sees an upgrade, as the old network of highways undergoes repairs and upgrades.
  • Flag of USA United States: WIP
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Taking advantage of a declining economy and increasing unemployment, tech companies spawn across the UK furthering research into Antimatter, Quantum technology, and Space technology. As of March this year, fusion technology has become the largest supplier of energy to the grid at roughly 53%. Research into 3D printing technology produces many fruitful results in medical, engineering, emergency and manufacturing fields. With the development of 'integration modules' allowing vehicles to integrate into a centralized flying car driving system, commercially available flying cars flown by the system are available and more and more people now fly to work without need of a flying licence. Research in the private sector into flying transport vehicles is underway with many seeing it as the future of cross-country goods transport. In other news, VTOLs become the standard form of aircraft in the Air Force with all military aircraft able to hover. [Secret] The government agrees to sell a maximum of 20 VTOLs to Norway but not the designs as they will remain a classified military secret [Player Response]. [Secret] The government offers to sell VTOLs to Germany in return for the sale of Leopard IIIs to the UK [Player Response]. A manned mission to the moon is launched as a follow up to the recent unmanned mission to the moon. Space research is intensified with the British Space Station being constructed with the added functionality as a space-based launch/dock area for spacecraft. In other news, Great Britain will hold the Second Great Exhibition next year with the aim of attracting foreign investors. This is in line with the government's aim of rebounding out of this recession as the tech capital of Europe or even the world. God save the King and Long live Great Britain!
  • Canada: Fossil Fueled powered vehicles are still legal because some people can't afford to buy a new vehicle. More strict laws are passed concerning AI, and citizens are required to have a permit to own advanced AI, and another permit is needed to operate it. Only companies are allowed to possess advanced AI at the moment. The Military begins defense drills in case of an AI take over. The military has created doors invisible to AI and hopes to begin designing military uniforms, tanks, bombers, aircraft carriers, and other machinery that AI can't see. The Candian International Financial Center is built up at a massive rate and the construction will now be complete in 2043. We ask the United States to work with us to create moon and Mars colonies [United Sates Response Needed]. 
  • Flag of Spain Spain: The sinking of a Spanish vessel by the Puerto Rican military causes outrage among nationalists and the government. King Felipe VI addresses the nation, stating that Spain must retaliate for such actions by the "terrorist groups in control of Puerto Rico." The Spanish squadron off the coast of the island — consisting of the Principe de Asturias, three guided missile destroyers, six frigates, and several amphibious landing and other support ships — carry out missile strikes against Puerto Rican military and government targets. Meanwhile, a force of 2500 Spanish Marines is landed at the capital, the port of San Juan, to take control of the city's government buildings and other vital infrastructure. We urge the populace to not resist, and also ask Mexico and Cuba — our allies in the Organization of Ibero-American States — to also support our intervention. The Spanish government declares that we are liberating the Puerto Ricans from their tyrannical terrorist regime. [Mod Response] Meanwhile, the military prepares to send additional reinforcements in the form of 5000 Spanish Army troops, escorted by several frigates and destroyers. In the homeland, we begin phasing out gas-vehicles and now have holographic signs in major urban centers. We continue researching nuclear fusion technology.

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