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Shitstorm: Year XIII

Alaska and Cascadia form the Bering Pact, which is soon supported by the Far Eastern Republic on grounds of support against imperialist powers.

Mexico launches an invasion of Southern California and Nevada, seeing most of Californian troops heading towards Cascadia. The Dakotan Confederacy proposes a union with the American Republic that would see both nations uniting under one entity. This is also supported by the Central States of North America.

In Siberia, the Former Russian Republics of North Asia is formed from a loose union of Russian states, which encompasses most of Siberia up until Arkhangelsk and Circassia.

The Vecaslavian Union is actively supporting warmongering within the conflict in Transylvania, where Ruthenia has joined in after consideration alongside Kiev.

Paraguay announces its support for the Brazilian cause, and becomes allies. Peru does the same, as does Chile. Gran Colombia furthers relations with Brazil.

Bhutan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan become aligned with India after diplomatic actions. The alliance between India and Bangladesh is somewhat strained as the prospect of India invading Bangladesh exists. In response, India forms the puppet state of Karachi.

The Congo makes great losses to Brazil, while India assumes full control of Madagascar and is currently moving into the African continent.

A Japanese and Brazilian colony is established on Venus similar to the UK's.

  • Flag of Senegal Senegal: Uprisings occurred in Dakar, led by Moussa Diakhite. People demand their independence back from Mali and call for their freedom. It was revealed that the uprisings carried out by Senegalese Free Movement, they want to liberate our beloved country from Malian tyranny. The SFM starts propaganda throughout Senegal and Gambia region, it is quite effective with 27,000 Senegalese people join the SFM. In the first, the uprisings were peaceful, but it becomes more violent, but civil war hasn't started yet (We don't want to start it), there are only some minor skirmishes between demonstrants/SMF members and polices. SFM asks for supports from Brazil, Democratic African Union states, and Maghrebian Federation [Secret] They want to buy weapons from these countries [Mod Responses Needed]. Weapons that they have is only stolen weapons (from government). They also start to buy weapons from black market. Training activities are held in forests. [End Secret]. In the speech, Diakhite said that, "We want independence! We want a better future, but you, Mali, ruined our happiness in the past. We are ready to fight if you, government, want a war. Senegal must be stand-alone!".\
  • American Republic flag American Republic: We tell Dakota and the CSNA that we would accept only if annexation into the republic and division into former states. We condemn the Mexican invasion of the Southern Republics, and ask them to, now more than ever, join the American Republic and help beat back the Mexican Imperialists. [Mod Response Required] We begin sending troops to ports along the gulf coast to plan invasions of Mexico.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Republic of British of Columbia: Citizens finally vote on a new flag, which consists of the colors of yellow and light blue with black lines and a sun. The light blue represents the stability and loyalty of the country, while the yellow symbolizes the happiness and intellect of the country and its citizens. The black X that goes across the flag symbolizes that the country is powerful. The sun in the center shows the beginning of a new day and that all that is bad is behind us. Citizens also vote on new senators, and new provinces are created. The entire southern half is the known as British Columbia, where as the top half is split in half again. The left part is the Yukon province, and the right part is Tremblay. The new capital building is constructed. The CSP begins building its new headquarters, and 500 different factories are built near our border with Alaska. We plan to send our first men to the martian colony by 2075, once our space program is rebuilt and rockets are constructed, after a very long hiatus of our space program. In case of invasion, the government gives every citizen an Ak-47 and training. A large box of ammo is delivered to peoples doorstep every month after they complete training. Finally, construction of a new school district in Jadeville begins.
  • The Great Empire of Yosemite: With mexico invading us, we size up our army to 8 million and send 3 million down into mexico. We tell mexico that invasion will lead to death, and to surrender. We pay the silicon valley companies to remove all services from mexico, and within days, mexico has no internet access, and all apple and Samsung phones brick. The algorithms controlling power plants, cars, water purification stations and dams die. we use our cyberweapon to destroy the government firewall, and leak secrets [Mod Response On Damage (dont be biased)] We continue our invasion of cascadia, despite mexicos invason. We ask British columbia if they want to help in the war with cascadia, promising them all of old BC exept south vancouver island. [Player Response Needed] We send 3 million troops into mexico, and use the same strategies we did in the cascadian invasion. [Mod response on invasion] (im not trying to take all of america, just a part) Our weapon research is doing well, and our space program puts some astronauts on mars ahead of schedule. [Secret] We ask the american republic if they would like to re-unite america, with them getting the east and us getting the west, and being in a union. [End secret and player response needed]
    • Mod Response: The Invasion of Cascadia goes awry, but parts of British Columbia and Oregon are taken, as for the invasion of Mexico, due to the fact that troops could not be diverted to the Mexican border quick enough, they push slightly into California, before troops arrive and stall the invasion. You have said that your rocket failed, so it is implausible that you could get men on mars within a year of having no working rocket.
    • American Diplomacy: We do not accept this proposal, as we intend to unite America under our banner.
    • British Columbian Diplomacy: We will help with the invasion, but we want South Alberta too.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: As of 2068, the UK has established 30 tech parks country-wide. Foreign influence over the British internet is at a minimum. The GCHQ has established a cyber-protection unit and cyber-intelligence is taking a front-line. In other news, the Venus habitat is complete and houses a total of 100 inhabitants. The habitat is expanding at a steady rate. Research into exploiting Venus's atmospheric gases begins. As science and technology progress, towns are becoming cities and cities are becoming megalopolises. As far, London(E), Edinburgh, Toronto, and Ottawa are megalopolises with each of them housing in excess of 10 million people. Most if not all commercial farming is automated vertical farms. Seaweed farms in the ocean are also becoming more common as the range of products achievable with seaweed drastically increases. Experiments with energy-based artillery prove successful and it is implemented in the British Military. Aircraft equipped with energy weapons are also in initial production stage.


Shitstorm: Year XIII also 2069 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As Cascadia loses most of their British Columbian territory to, well, British Columbia, Yosemite hasn't broken into their US state tho. It should also be noted that half of the US now part of the American Union, with the American Republic at the helm. Cascadia makes a break for it and joins the American Union, leaving British Columbia their Canadian acquisitions and Yosemite in a confused state.

The Brazilians do not only send weapons to Senegal, they launch an expeditionary force to "liberate West Africa from these populists". Brazil controls most of the Congolese coast in a series of assaults, while setting up a puppet state in Angola. India manages to gain a strong foothold in Southeast Africa, invading the southern portion of Mozambique and parts of Malawi. The Mozambiqan capital is now in Pemba. The Democratic African Union actively calls Brazil and India for assistance, and they have answered positively.

Mexico calls for a ceasefire in the Californian front, and solidifies their borders. Meanwhile, the former Mexican president Juan Elegadro dies in office, allowing the democratic and conveniently pro-Brazilian Maria Pereira to take office.

Quebec requests higher autonomy from North Canada, and wishes to be their own administrative division like Scotland or Wales.

Iran becomes allies with India after their joint assault on Pakistan, followed by Afghanistan. Talks between India and the SEA Federation begin.

Translyvania is still a warzone. Deal with it.

The American, Chinese, Russian and Canadian lunar colonies are back online due to collaborative efforts from the nearby colonies of Australia, Japan, Brazil and South Africa.

India and Sweden have colonies on Venus now. Almost every rich nation also has a Lunar and Martian colony if ya didn't know.

  • Yosemite: With cascadia running away like a loser, we incorporate our takings in oregon into the empire. We redirect our military to the mexican border, ignoring their calls for ceasefire, with our president saying: "you cant try and invade someone, take 1 inch of land and ask for a ceasefire." We send 3 million troops to the border, and launch a full on assault, taking advantage of significantly diminished communications. [Mod Response Needed] We ask the american republic if they could kick cascadia out of the american union, saying that they need to take the beating that was coming for them. [Player Response Needed] Our space program continues, and better rockets are made. Our Microwave weapons are finished, and we deploy them in mexico. They use microwave beams to kill enemies. [Mod response on weapon effectiveness] The economy is doing well, and the 3 child initiative brings the population up to 80 million.
    • American Response: We refuse to kick Cascadia out of the Union, and we send a message saying: Soon.
    • Mod Response: Mexico responds with fierce defense, and not one step further is made. Attempts at throwing microwaves at Mexicans, not matter how fancy, do not work.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: After extensive talks and a public referendum, the constituent country of Quebec is formed with equal status as Scotland or North Canada. Cooperation between North Canada and Quebec is incredibly high what with both being above a 'tense situation' in the south. Unity in cooperation! In other news, we declare neutrality in the American situation and do not wish to interfere... We propose non-aggression treaties with both Yosemite and the American Republic. [Player Responses] What we will say though is it would be appreciated if the British Colombian acquisitions could be returned to their rightful owner and cultural brothers British Columbia. Any decision is accepted... [Player Response] In space, Lunar and Martian progress is as usual. Plans are made for a second Martian Colony as the British Martian population numbers upwards of 10,000. Note: all three Lunar colonies are recognized voting constituencies with a total of 5 representatives from the Lunar Colonies and 10 technocratic experts in Parliament. The technocrats have no vote but may speak in Parliament. The same is true for Mars though they only have 1 representative as their population is simply too small. The space station population, Venus Habitat population and any non-stationed space personnel are to register in their Earth constituencies and may vote electronically. The British Space Police Force (BSPF) is officially established as a force separate from other police forces though they still fall under the National Police Force as a separate division. The British Space Fire Fighters (BSFF) is also established as well as the British Space Emergency Service (BSES). These three forces will serve as the official forces of such kind in space both in landed and non-landed facilities in place of the provisional forces set up by local authorities. Space is becoming more organised. Lastly, we begin manufacturing Venusian-sourced gasses to be shipped back to Earth for commercial uses.
    • American Response: We return all territory from British Columbia and Alberta to British Columbia, excluding Vancouver Island. We also would appreciate you elaborate on the non-aggression pact, as we will not sign a non-aggression pact with Yosemite, however we will sign a non-aggression pact with you.
    • British Diplomacy: There will be two separate treaties, one between UK and you, and one between UK and Yosemite. They will be to secure peace between the UK and the various American Republics. What happens among them is not our concern.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: After formalizing the American Union, we come to the aid of the Cascadian Area, sending 2 million troops to fight against Yosemite. We begin sending supplies and colonists to our lunar colony, which due to the Goodwill of the Australians, Japanese, Brazilians, and South Africans; is back online. We also re-christen the colony New Pittsburgh, and it becomes a district much like the District of Columbia. Our project to build coilgun tanks is finished, and we send the first prototypes to the Yosemite front.
    Coilgun Tank

    Coilgun Tank

    We send diplomats to Brazil and Mexico, saying that we will throw our support behind them if they assist us in reclaiming the former American Republics. [Mod Response Required]
    • ​Mod Response: Mexico gladly accepts, having enough of California. Brazil accepts as well, and is very pleased to have a former superpower as its ally.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Republic of British Columbia: We send thanks to the countries that helped us put our Lunar Colonies back online. We finally send the first 2,000 people to the Martian Colony, way ahead of schedule. We construct 50 more factories in the northern territories. We change our plans about backing Yosemite and send a diplomat to the American Republic to discuss the possibility of a joint attack against Yosemite [Mod Response Needed]. Many Canadians laugh at Yosemite's microwave throwing party they held in Mexico, and send a diplomat to Mexico to become better allies [Mod Response Needed]. We build 400 scud missiles, although there is a high chance that only 220 of them will hit a target. They're built to hold up to 5 kiloton warhead, (although we don't have any nuclear warheads yet, but we do have a few dozen MOABs equivalent warheads and a few other non-nuclear warheads). We plan to build a better scud missile, with more accuracy within the next few years.


The Shitstorm is over. Clapping is in order.

The Congo surrenders after Brazilian and Indian advance overwhelm their defenses. Meanwhile, revolutions in the empires of Nigeria and Mali occur. Brazilian expeditionary forces land in Senegal, where they are welcomed to fight the Malian overlords.

A company in Brazil creates the first sentient Robot. This causes mass controversy on whether humanity has the right to create another sentient species.

Jewish revolts begin popping up in Arabia, as several Jewish leaders want independence from an Arab-Muslim state

Transylvania is no longer a warzone, as it is split between Hungary, Ruthenia and Kiev.

Gran Colombia and Peru ally with Brazil. India manages to become close friends with Ethiopia, the EAF and Somaliland.

An era of peace will be upon us now, having gone through the Third World War. The new League of Nations is formed by the great powers of Brazil, India, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Mahgrebia, Poland, France and Germany.

Birth rates rocket worldwide. What did you expect from the year 2069?

  • American Republic flag American Republic: With our strong allies Brazil and Mexico, we send ultimatums to Texas and Utah, saying that they ought to join us or face destruction of your whole country. [Mod Response Required] We begin mass production of our new Coilgun tanks, which we have christened the S-92. We send about 500 S-92s to Senegal to destroy the populist dictatorships. We begin working on using Anti-Matter in Warp Drive, and tests of this drive will occur in 2075. (but where might I ask?) We also begin preparations for a Venus, which will be finished by 2077.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: In space, work begins on Britain's second Martian colony. On Venus, the habitat expands with a current total of 2,000 personnel. The UK's space fleet numbers 60 craft and various functions though it is growing in size. In other news, as profits from outer space resource gathering increase thanks to a post-war boom in the economy, taxes are lowered further perpetuating the increase in commercialism and consumer spending. In the streets of major cities, there is large vocal opposition to the actions of Brazilian scientists in creating sentient robots. Some find it unethical, some think it is dangerous and the more educated feel humanity is not yet ready for this type of technology. While AI research continues, laws regulating and prohibiting artificial sentience are set into place. Britain strongly condemns Brazilian sentient robots and urge them to stop and pull the plug now before it is too late. [Mod Response] We begun research into warp-drives of antimatter the variety and release our first swarm of micro-satellites, devices smaller then the palm of a hand. Each device has a unique function ranging from sound to light sensitive instruments. We hope to discover more about deep-space this way.
    • Mod Response: Because the Brazilian Govt. did not create the robots, they cannot shut them off. The Brazilian government then suggests that you should be more open to new ideas, instead of being incredibly xenophobic.
  • German Empire: We officially launch our Venusian colony, which has been in the works for the past few years. Including running tests within the atmosphere, we also import gases back to Earth. We invest in space propulsion, hoping to get a viable method of long-term propulsion through space. Development begins on a fleet of small drones that can land on terrestrial planets and harvest their materials to make more of themselves, while exploring the sky in the process. Our Martian Hab expands in size, reaching 10,000 personnel.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held this year, with Akari Kobayashi from the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan winning, having defeated Seiji Hayashida from the Liberal Democratic Party. Emperor Naruhito passes away this year, and a state of mourning is held. Aiko becomes the new Empress of Japan. JAXA gains more funding, and plans to establish a base on Europa is planned in the near future. Meanwhile the colonies on Moon, Mars, and Venus are given official names: Niikagoshima (Venus), Hirosaki (Moon), and Matsushiro (Mars). Some cities, such as Hakodate, Sapporo, Wakkanai, Kōchi, and Kagoshima expand by incorporating bordering cities and towns. Plans to establish a megacity and merge the cities of Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe, along with the rest of the Kyoto and Osaka prefectures and parts of Hyōgo prefecture are made. Plans for Tokyo to absorb neighbouring prefectures are also made.


Sidewinder here.

The terms of the Treaty ending World War III are ratified in Zürich, Switzerland. For full details, please refer to the Treaty of Zürich.

India and Brazil cultivate their growing spheres of influence in Africa, and reach out to nations within their respective regions.

The new League of Nations experiences membership of most states, with their headquarters set up in Brasilia, Brazil.

The sentient AI from Brazil escapes the university it was created in, but is found somewhere in the Brazilian Highlands, reportedly self-terminated. Although not very damaging to the AI development sector, it still is a bit unsettling.

The Kurds rebel in the Abbasid Caliphate, followed by other minorities within the Arab state.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: "I told you so," says the British Minister of Technological Development upon hearing of the AI situation in Brazil. Not only is it unsettling that the AI has managed to evade security systems, it has killed itself, an event that points to unsettling conclusions over AI emotions. In lighter news, development of Hudson Bay continues with the region becoming very much more industrialized and developed. 60% of all food is home grown though up to 50% of home grown food s exported out so in reality Britain can be entirely self-sufficient should a food crisis erupt once again. In space, the British space fleet numbers 80 and the second Martian colony is built. The population of the Venusian habitat approaches 3,000 and 5 new Venusian gas production facilities are constructed. Work on warp-drives continues while experiments on asteroid mining and the automation of existing mining facilities begins. On Earth, the UK holds the fourth Great Exhibition, inviting investors, startups, and tech companies from around the world.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Prime Minister Akari Kobayashi introduces new reforms and laws this year made towards the work culture. Among the issues addressed include: companies are barred from pressuring workers to stay late, workers are not allowed to work more than 48 hours a week maximum, employees are guaranteed several days off for holidays and vacation, women have the right to work and have equal rights and benefits. Daycares are also being set up so that women have a place to drop off their children. This move is welcomed by citizens across Japan. Meanwhile, the news in Brazil has some citizens worried about the AI, and some laws are proposed that would limit the AI and prevent them from being a potential threat. JAXA's plans to establish a base on Europa continues, with giving an estimate that one will be established by 2081. Niikagoshima sees little growth due to Venus' hostile climate, and as such the colony is made mostly into a research station. Matsushiro and Hirosaki are seeing slight growth, with Matsushiro having 1023 in population and Hirosaki having 777 in population. Tokyo is the first to make the transition into a megacity by 2074, and begins incorporating the entirety of Kanagawa Prefecture first. Saitama and Chiba Prefecture are expected to be absorbed in the following years. Hakodate and Wakkanai continue to expand, and are expected to absorb the rest of the Oshima and Sōya Subprefectures by 2074. Ishikari Subprefecture becomes the Sapporo Subprefecture after Sapporo had absorbed and incorporated all of Ishikari Subprefecture into its city.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Republic of British Columbia: Some citizens begin protests, saying they want their country back, and other citizens wants the military to just take the entirety of Alaska, for "unknown" reasons, The Canadian/British Columbian Department of AI Research and Development ups the spending and research of military equipment and clothes that are invisible to AI. We announce the incident in Brazil is why we banned the development of advanced AI long ago. We continue our development of new scud missiles.
  • Algeria flag Algeria/Maghreb Empire: While staying mostly neutral during WWIII, we are not without change. Now spanning most/all of Northern Africa, we reform into the Great Maghreb Empire. The Maghrebian Constitution is written, and in it, we make sure that all people have equal rights. We begin the development of  new weapons based off the designs we bought from Germany decades ago. The United Algerian Space Agency is reformed into the Maghreb Imperial Space Foundation (or MISF). With our original plan to send a man into space failed, we make new plans to send men to space by 2080. We also make plans to set up a space elevator by 2085, to help accelerate its construction, we ask to buy metals from Prussia. [Prussian Response Needed]
    • ​German Dip: We accept the offer.


Alaska builds up defenses alongside their border with British Columbia, preparing for war. The conflict between Mexico and California shifts, as Utah and Texas reintegrate into the American Union.

A growing call for British Columbia to take up a new name prompts the government to drop the "British" in their name at least.

India gains several allies, including DAU members and Oman. Relations between the EASC and India begin as well.

Brazil creates their own alliance, the Santiago Treaty Organisation, or STO. It is immediately populated by existing Brazilian allies and puppet states. This prompts India to form their own alliance, the Kolkata Security Treaty Organisation, alongside existing allies and puppet states.

Parts of the Zürich Treaty enter effect, including the division of West Africa into separate states, some occupational. Sudan surrenders most territorial claims and faces the annexation of some regions.

Brazil creates another sentient AI, this time it can't kill itself :)

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Prime Minister Akari Kobayashi introduces new reforms and laws this year this time curbing hate speech, and passes a law similar to Germany's Strafgesetzbuch law forbidding hate speech, and denial of Japan's war crimes are now forbidden and breaking the law is met with jail time. Whitewashing of history is also banned, and history textbooks must now cover the actions of Japan during World War II properly, similar to how Germany does it. A ban on the enshrinement of war criminals (especially the Class A war criminals) is also put into place. Yasukuni Shrine obeys the new law and de-shrines all war criminals, including the Class A war criminals. Prime Minister Akari Kobayashi also formerly apologises for Japan's war crimes and atrocities in the Second World War. These actions are welcomed by the Zainichi Koreans and Chinese in Japan, as are most of the Japanese citizens, who by now are really tired of parties like the Liberal Democrats who continue to act like Japan did nothing wrong. The nationalist and far-right politicians complains, but most of the citizens are really annoyed by them and just want the issue to be put to rest once and for all. Tokyo continues the transition, and finishes incorporating all of Kanagawa Prefecture, and begins incorporating all of Saitama Prefecture.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: We officially declare war upon Yosemite, citing Re-Conquest as our casus belli. 1500 S-92s are sent to the front lines, along with 1.6 million of our most elite troops,
    Invasion of Yosemite

    If you don't know what the colors mean, look in the archives.

    while the remaining troops, 900,000, are being sent as Garrison forces to ensure peaceful re-integration into the American Republic. [Mod Response Required] We continue to prepare for the launch of the Venusian Colony, and the American Strategic Space Forces are created as a sub-branch of the Air Force, much like the Marines are a sub-branch of the Navy. We send men and supplies back to our Martian colony, years after abandoning it. We begin to work on our first military space-fleet, which is going to be made up of the first American military Starship, which is being named the Savannah Class, after Savannah Hills, the leader of the first American lunar colony.
    Savannah Class Starship

    Computer Render of the Savannah Class Starship.

    We stay out of the STO, despite being a Brazilian Ally, as we currently cannot afford a possible war with the KSTO, as we are currently using most of our resources reclaiming the US
    • Mod Response: Due to the overwhelming support for the democratic cause of the American Republic, the Californian Empire slowly breaks down from the inside, before the Americans start advancing. Nevada has been reclaimed, and advance towards San Francisco continues.
  • Flag of Senegal Senegal Free Movement | West African Republic: After the treaty of Zurich is signed, we officially declare our independence as West African Republic. Before this, I will tell some round-up in 2069 and 2070. I will add more later...
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: In a joint speech to the public by the PM and King William, it is revealed that 30 of the 100 current British space craft are armed. During the same speech, it is announced the formation of the Royal Space Force. As of now, it contains all 30 of the armed ships. Production of dedicated space military craft is begun with an estimated 50 more craft by next year. 50 more navy vessels are sent to Hudson Bay and 300,000 troops are placed on high-alert. In other news, Britain successfully integrates laser pulse artillery [shooting high-energy lasers out of weapons] and begins manufacturing tanks and aircraft with said technology. While the technology is noticeably more expensive than old-school weaponry, the ammo costs next to nothing to produce as its Hydrogen base is plentiful and functions in space.


Stand by for map changes maybe tomorrow.

Several nations launch their space fleets, some commercial, some governmental, some military. The largest space fleet stands at 143 spacecraft by Brazil.

We're out of oil. Despite this, business continues as usual as no one really uses oil anymore.

Civil strife in the Abbasid Caliphate. Several factions rise up to fight for power, including the former house of Saud, Neo-Assyria, Hezbollah, the Emirate of Mecca, the Sultanate of Aden, the Emirate of Dubai, alongside several others.

  • New Prussian Germany German Empire: We officially launch our space fleet, establishing it as part of the defense branch as the Weltraumkräfte. Standing at 40 ships currently, we plan to expand this by the end of the year. Two new lunar colonies are being planned, and construction should be a lot easier with our current space fleet to assist. We send resources to the Mahgrebian Federation to assist them in the construction of their space elevator.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: We officially re-christen our Martian Colony as Freedom. Our invasion of Yosemite continues, as we implore resistance groups to join the American Armed forces, seeing as all people living in former US lands are already considered citizens.
    Polka Arrow California

    Invasion of Yosemite, Phase II

    [Mod Response Required] We have constructed 30 Savannah Class Starships, which we will launch as soon as the next 70 are built. We continue modernizing the US, with the Eastern Seaboard looking like something from a 20th Century Sci-Fi show, we begin modernizing the Interior of America, while also expanding Nature reserves.
    • Mod Response: Several resistance groups answer the call, accelerating the decline of California.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Prime Minister Akari Kobayashi together with JAXA begins planning of Japan's own space fleet for use of defence, as well as travel. Tokyo continues the transition, and finishes incorporating all of Saitama Prefecture, and begins incorporating all of Chiba Prefecture. As Tokyo is on its way being finished being turned into a megacity, the cities of Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe begins their plans of merging and turning into a megacity and sets 2079 as the official start date to begin the merge. Meanwhile, several new laws are passed restricting the abilities of AI so situations like what happened in Brazil two years ago does not happen. The Liberal Democratic Party begins to lose some non-right wring members as some goes their own way, or joins other political parities, as such the party no longer has a Big tent ideology. Nippon Kaigi also begins to fracture, especially due to several members being arrested for their continued hate speech and war crimes denial. Some new nature reserves are established and bans on construction of expanding into said nature reserves are put into place. Meanwhile, Matsushiro sees more slight expansion, and population now stands at 1273.
  • Flag of Senegal West African Republic: (Okay, the turns are running so fast, let me continue my story) ROUND UP: In 2069, the Senegal Free Movement (SMF) members raised their guns to fight the Malian tyranny, starting a civil war in West Africa. SFM members seized Dakar in 3 months. Another cities in Senegal and Gambia were also taken by the SMF: Saint-Louis, Touba, Tambacounda, Ziguinchor, and Banjul, thanks to Brazil for their supports. Next year, SMF continued to gain more lands, as of 2070, all of territories of former Senegal and Gambia are occupied by SMF. SMF also started to attack Bissau and Conackry in Guinea region, battles between SMF and Mali continued until the WWIII was declared to be ended. SMF was one of the participant in the Treaty of Zürich, which making way for Senegalese people to regain their independence. Discussions are held between representatives from Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, and Guinea-Bissau, making new decisions for name of the nation, West African Republic. West Africa, a known-name of the nation was born on 20 August 2071, the same date when Senegal proclaimed independence 111 years ago.... Louise Diarra was appointed as the first president of West African Republic, many programs are launched to rebuild the nation, focusing on economy.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM New Canadian Republic: Citizens vote on the new name of our country, and the most popular option is the most obvious option (obviously). We construct our first military space craft, the Vancin Class Star Ship, and we plan to construct ten of them by 2080. Vancouver and Richmond become one large mega-city. We send support to the American Republic with their war against Yosemite. We construct our first AI invisible tank and plan to run hundreds of tests within the next five years.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The Royal Space Force currently comprises 80 military spacecraft armed with laser based weapons. Each of the Lunar and Martian colonies open a small military community of around 1,000 troops each and a military base is constructed on the Moon. When completed, it will house 10,000 full-time troops and will be the training ground for the British Army's Foreign Space Body Division (FSBD), the part of the British Army tasked with fighting on foot on foreign space bodies. An orbiting space base is built around Earth to train members of the Royal Space Force (RSF), the British Armed Forces' space division. They fight solely in Space Craft and delegate fighting on foot on foreign bodies to the FSBD. The Royal Space Force has a current membership of 40,000, similar to the RAF's membership count of 45,000. The total head count of the British Armed Forces, all divisions included is roughly 2.3 million from total UK population of 115 million. King William and the PM make a joint speech proclaiming that the UK isn't merely a country bound to Earth but that all citizens Earth or Space based are equal and that the UK is a post Earth-bound nation. Long Live the United Kingdom!
  • Algeria flag Maghreb Empire: With the Abbasid Caliphate in turmoil, we send out an announcement to the factions saying that if they join us, we will give them equal rights and representation in our government. [Mod Response Needed] We begin to up our military to 2 million, arming them with the weapons we bought from Germany. We make reforms to our education system to put it up to date with every other major country.  WIP
    • Mod Response: A few factions announce their allegiance to Maghrebia, mainly in the western regions.
  • Flag of Turkey  Turkey: Now the Abbasid Caliphate is decentralized we invade the former Turkish lands that are annexed by the Caliphate. '[Mod Response Needed] WIP'
    • Mod Response: A few regions are taken, but advance is halted by the newly declared Anatolian Republic.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: With the war over, we focus on improving our economy. Integration campaigns on newly annexed regions are generally successful. With our space industry very outdated, we realize that we will soon have the lower hand in every case. We start researching lunar colonies and working on improving our spaceships' designs. We also begin a project to upgrade our new-generation pulse rifles in order to keep them one of the best models in the world.

2074 Edit

The Middle East becomes another warzone, with factions erupting chaos and disruption. Several states have already been established, including Anatolia, Mecca, Dubai, the United Sultanates of Oman, Neo Assyria, Damascus and several others. India and Brazil both pledge support to rebel factions on opposite ends, and begin assisting them.

Busan becomes an extremely developed economy, in a fashion similar to Singapore.

California is on the verge of surrender, and the American Republic is edging closecloser to San Francisco by the day.

A fledgling trade route is established between orbital stations and lunar colonies. This is expected to grow as time goes on.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: Elections are held this year, with Akari Kobayashi being elected for another term. The Liberal Democratic Party, shortly after poor performance and results in the election, officially disbands and fractures into smaller parties. Japanese Kokoro sees the most rise in seats, being increased by 19. Two new political parities established are the New Renaissance party (ideology: Conservatism, Economic liberalism, Japanese nationalism; leans Centre-right), and the Liberal Republican Party (ideology: Conservatism, Economic liberalism, Anti-communism; leans right-wing). Komeito becomes the main opposition to the Constitutional Democratic Party, along with the Nippon Ishin no Kai. Tokyo finishes the transition, and finishes incorporating all of Chiba Prefecture. Tokyo is now officially a megacity by November. In Hokkaido, Hakodate and Wakkanai has incorporated all of Oshima and Sōya Subprefectures into its city, respectively. Plans for a space fleet for defence and travel are set into motion, and is set for completion by 2085.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Diplomats and investors go to Busan to establish better trade and diplomatic connections with the nation-state. With laser weaponry research fully complete, the Royal Space Force comprises 150 space craft of assorted function including troop transport and individual fighters. As time marches on, the Venusian colony reaches a population of 10,000 and is given 2 seats in Parliament and limited home rule by the technocratic Governor. An experimental mining craft is sent to mine an asteroid in the Asteroid Belt. In other news, we offer the various independent Pacific island nations the chance to join the UK. If they join, the UK will immediately send assistance to prevent the sea from ending said nations. [Mod Response]
    • ​Mod Response: They politely decline the offer, as they have acquired methods to survive sea level fluctuations.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM New Republic of Canada: We ask the United Kingdom to help us in a planned attack on Alaska [Player Response Needed]. We get our scud missiles ready for attack and our air-force does tests incase of attack everyday.
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: In a secret meeting with the New Republic of Canada, British military generals discuss and agree to an attack and invasion of Alaska on the single condition of being granted the peninsula west of the towns Koyuk and Buckland, as well as the islands of Diomede and St Lawrence Island.
    • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canadian Diplomacy: We agree to these terms.
  • Flag of Poland Poland: To increase stability in our country, we begin preparing reforms to introduce a two-party system in our country. We also send diplomats to Busan and Japan in order to improve our relations and to open trade between us. We would also like to establish a research agreement between us [Player and Mod Responses Needed].
    • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Akari Kobayashi of Japan agrees to open trade and improve relations.
    • Mod Response: Busan agrees too.
  • Flag of ColombiaGreat Colombia: After Venezuelan and Panamanian nationalist groups began to rebel against Gran Colombia, more than 160,000 troops attacked Panamanian and Venezuelan rebels [Mod Response Needed]. And then the province of Ecuador, began electoral elections of who would be the new governor. Juan Jimenez won a candidate loved by many who won 2 consecutive elections, but he was very hypocritical and that was not pleasant. President Marcos Talavera began to build several public schools in the nation. And other than that, Gran Colombia began sending space stations, and one was sent to Saturn to mine its metal-rich asteroids.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: We intercept the message of the British and Canadian plan of invading Alaska, and we launch a diplomatic protest, and ahead of this, we send the message to Alaska, and ask them to join us immediately for the safety of their own people. [Mod Response Required] We continue to march for reuniting the Continental United States, sending 50,000 more S-92 tanks to the front, as they, despite being incredibly able on the battlefield, are extremely cheap to produce. We begin adopting Lightning War tactics on the front to end the already exhausted dictatorship, and re-unite the Lower 48 under one banner. After experimentations with Anti-matter warp drive, we use some of the spare antimatter, 1.7 grams to be exact, to obliterate San- Francisco after telling citizens to flee the area through radio. [Mod Response Required] our Space Fleet is finally launched, with 76 operational starships. New Pittsburgh has reached a population of 15,000. It has not received representation in Congress yet, although the population is increasing dramatically. After a mass shooting in Charlotte, the second amendment, and by extension the whole constitution is being put into question.
    • Mod Response: Alaska promises their entry into the American Republic if they help them fend off British Columbia and friends.
      • American Response: We agree to these terms. We also ask Brazil for their support in this conflict, as they agreed to help re-unite the USA under our banner. [Mod Response Required]
        • Mod Response: Brazil would be happy to assist the reclamation of former American territory, but does not wish for direct combat themselves.
  • Indian Flag India: We send heavy military support to Middle East rebels, giving them 250 tanks, 200,000 men and 1,000 aircraft. Our Venusian colonies recieve modifications and 10,000 new citizens. We place 25% of our budget into infastructure, building a new mega-city named Jayesh providing over 100,000 jobs in construction and soon providing 10 million homes or more and at the minimum of 14 million jobs. Many new projects are started to not only create new jobs, but to modernize our country in more ways than one. Diplomats are sent to Canada and the United Kindom and are willing to help with the invasion of Alaska with no return for the offer. [Player Response Needed]. The military plans to build a new larger and more modern nuclear arsenal and hope this can be achieved by 2090.
  • Flag of Senegal West Africa: We continue to rebuild economy of West Africa, main roads are upgraded and greatly improved. Dakar, the capital, becomes economic and commercial center. Skyscrapers are started to be build, most of new high buildings are owned by private companies. This year, the government will focus on rebuilding in Senegal region and former capitals, such as Conackry, Freetown, and Monrovia. Economy of the nation still gains foreign exchange from fish, minerals, agriculture, tourism, and service. The government have program to decrease unemployment rate to 5%, and to clear slums in large cities, such as Dakar, Conackry, Saint-Louis, Freetown, and Monrovia. Slum dewellers will be relocated to government's multi-story apartment. We also start to build residential area for slum dwellers. Military is also improved, we start recruiting unemployed citizens.


Shit's gonna get real again soon.

Brazil announces the successful containment of yet another antimatter storage facility, marking the existence of the fourth antimatter facility worldwide, and the second one in Brazil. The Indian antimatter storage facility is unveiled to the public shortly after.

Japan, France, Mexico and Iran announce their decision to invest in antimatter research, publicly listing scientific reasons.

The Abbasid Caliphate can barely hold on to itself, and at this point they're going to die. Breakaway states battle under the orders of their superpower overlords, as the Middle East devolves into the conflict that dominated its days in the late 20th century and early 21st century.

It should be noted that most nations have the capability to defend against nuclear attacks, as well as partially contain fallout using superconductive fence fields.

California is dead.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: With the announcement and investment of antimatter research for scientific research, several Japanese citizens see through this and do not take this well, and begin wishing for a neutral Japan. A few parties, such as the Japanese Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party began seeing rise in members due to their Pacifism ideology along with aiming for a restoration of Article 9 for the Japanese Constitution. A few Constitutional Democratic Party politicians begin leaving to other political parties as well, though it still remains a majority in the house, for now anyway. A few local elections take place in a few prefectures and multiplicities, notably Hokkaido (with Sapporo, Hakodate, and Wakkanai), Aomori, Kōchi (and Kōchi City), Niigata, and Okinawa, and sees victory for either the Japanese Communist Party (popular across Hokkaido, Aomori, and Niigata), or the Social Democratic Party (Kōchi, Kōchi City, Wakkanai, Okinawa, Sapporo). Meanwhile, Matsushiro sees more expansion, and population rises to 1653, while Hirosaki has a population of 1985.
  • American Republic flag American Republic: After several years of reunification and war, we have finally re-united the former American Republics under one banner. Our modernization of America moves into the western states, hoping to fully modernize our cities by 2080. The constitution that has governed America for almost 300 years begins to see massive revisions, with the Second Amendment being tweaked so that only rifles are legally allowed to be owned by citizens, and they are required to have at least one and a maximum of 5. After our Antimatter bomb was dropped, we begin to produce it in vast quantity, (compared to what you could do right now) with us being able to create 1 gram of Antimatter per 7 months. The use of Antimatter for peaceful usage also continues to be researched, as FTL travel like we have been researching, but also as a possible power source. New Pittsburgh climbs to a population of 27,500, while Freedom climbs to 10,000. Our Venusian colony begins its' final stage of preparation for habitation, which should be completed in 3 years. Many soldiers leave the army after California collapses and we annex it, however we still possess a large army of 2.6 million soldiers. After the first sentient AI is created in America, a law is passed giving Sentient AI manufactured in the Republic gains citizenship. Fortifications begin being built along the Canadian and British borders after several small skirmishes during the Alaska Incident. Another power source we begin to invest in is Fusion power, as studies have found that a resource abundant in Jupiter's atmosphere, Helium-3, can be used to create Fusion relatively easily and cheaply, to the point where free electricity would be a thing in the Republic.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: The government drops the "New Republic" and decide to go with just Canada. Our Lunar and Martian colonies gain seats in Congress, gaining 4 seats in the Senate for each colony, and 1 Representative in the house. Each province territory or colony gets seats in congress. Each territory/province/colony gets 1 seat in the house every 400,000 citizens. We up military spending to $35 billion dollars and infrastructure up to $20 billion. Our population hits 17 million and Vancouver (which is now combined with Richmond) hits a population of 4 million. Our military is increased to 1.6 million soldiers. We start mass producing military equipment. The space fleets 5th vehicles is built and completed, and funding is put into a Venusian colony. The first presidential election of the new Canada is held and Laura Jade of the Republican party wins by a landslide of 51% of the popular vote, and we don't have a electoral college. The democratic party nominee Samuel Lam says "I lost because I didn't tackle unemployment" which was a growing problem at the time. The senate becomes Democratic majority whilst the house is at a 80% Republican margin. We begin researching anti-matter technology and ask to sign a agreement with the United Kingdom and India to do a joint research project [Player Responses Needed].
    • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: We agree to research antimatter jointly.
  • 30px United Kingdom: After extensive talks with America, Alaska and Canada, Britain annexes the peninsula west of the Alaskan town of Koyuk as well as the islands of Diomede and St Lawrence. The British Government respects American claims of the south coast of Alaska as well as Canadian claims of the rest of Alaska. Experts are sent in to establish British prescence and to intergrate the territoty into the UK. Elections and a naming referendum are to beld next year. All troops on the American border are ordered to stand down. We mean America no harm.
  • New Prussian Germany German Empire: We announce our decision to invest in antimatter research as a means of spatial propulsion, with no military intent. We begin making preparations to launch a space station in orbit around Mars to serve as a docking station for incoming craft. 


Alaska is formally divided between the American Republic, Canada and the United Kingdom. Hawaii remains independent tho.

Brazil announces their plans to be the first to achieve interstellar travel, namely Alpha Centauri. It is expected to take a few good decades, but India begs to differ, announcing their own program.

The Abbasid Civil War basically turns into a proxy war between India and Brazil, supplying rebel factions with arms in hopes of gaining extra prescense in the region.

A new record of air travel has been set, with Tesla's Elon III travelling at 6,000 kilometers above sea level at Mach 8.6, setting the fastest record for circumnavigating the globe using an unmanned craft.

Elephants are extinct now. I HOPE Y'ALL ARE HAPPY.

The President of Brazil releases a statement, detailing "we are no longer interested in the destructive prospect of nuclear weapons, and announce the total decommissioning of all Brazilian warheads. Let us enter a century without the prospect of nuclear war, as it so heavily dominated our last (century)."

The outbreak of Ebola is finally contained by international efforts.

  • American Republic flag American Republic: For the first time in decades, a new flag flies over the entirety of the American State: The Stars and Stripes. This causes mass celebrations within the streets, as due to the revanchism that everyone seems to have adopted. Despite being allies with Brazil, we continue to push towards getting to Alpha Centauri first. Our reports say that on a fuel of 17 grams of antimatter, we could reach Alpha Centauri in Three years. It would take us six years to accumulate this amount though, and it is not nearly as fast as our project wants to achieve. The entire project is expected to take until 2092, as we need to test this several times, however by this time we expect to have achieved the first Warp Probes, which shall be sent ahead of the manned mission to allow for pre-mission scouting. We have finally completed our project to modernize America, with all trains and subways being replaced with Hyperloops. We redistribute our soldiers to be guarding the Canadian and British borders, while as hurricanes have been on the rise for several decades, we come to the Caribbean with an offer. You may join us, and receive American funding for the rebuilding of your nations and disaster relief, or after the hurricanes destroy all of your production, we will seize your land by force. [Mod Response Required]
    • ​Mod Response: They join out of fear, as Brazil is increasingly throwing support behind the United States.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: In light of several protests and worries, Prime Minister Akari Kobayashi goes ahead and stops antimatter research. A law is passed banning all WMDs as well as the creation of any WMDs, and any WMDs Japan currently has will be taken apart (such as EMPs). The use of antimatter for any kind of weapons or military use are also banned. Approval ratings of the prime minister go up again following the bans. Meanwhile, the city of Kōchi expands to include a few more neighbouring towns and other cities within its prefecture. The Hokkaido Shinkansen begins extending its railway to reach all the way to Wakkanai. The Shikoku Railway Company begins seeing expansion of railway lines as well.
  • Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.48.15 AM Canada: We place a massive sheep farm near our border with America with a giant billboard saying "You've Been Attacked by Sleepy Sheepies!" Although the billboard is taken down and replaced within a day, the new one said "Sleepy Sheepies!" The new southern part of Canada is now the province of South Canada and the Alaskan territory is named, Alaska (kept it simple, kept it right). We continue to build large amounts military equipment either modern or old. We build 400 of America's old M1 Abrams although they're obsolete, they still work well.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The British Overseas Territory of Bering Alaska is officialy proclaimed, known as Bering Alaska for short. Autonomy similar to Gibraltar is granted. In other news, plans for the world's first asteroid ship is underway. The general idea is to remotely obtain, terraform and outfit an asteroid into a civilian ship of epic proportions. When complete, this technology will largely be for interplanetary travel and transport. The possibility of having the space equivalent of an aircraft carrier is also on the table. Britain invests 1B pounds into the joint Anglo-Canadian antimatter research project and we invite Germany and France to join, with Canada's permission of course. The new scientific alliance will mark an era of scientific cooperation between these major regional powers. [Player & Mod Responses]
    • ​German Dip: We accept.
    • Mod Response: France accepts.
    • Canadian Dip: We will allow Germany and France to join.


The Abbasid Caliphate no longer exists, as factions have taken control of seperate territories within the failing state. Strife still exists, mainly between the Brazilian-backed Kurds and the Indian ally of Iran. Tensions only rise after 2 Brazilian-supplied VTOLs are downed by Iranian forces.

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